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  1. 1925 Dodge dash info

    He sent an email this morning saying that after some deliberation he will likely paint it black along with the garnish moldings.
  2. 1925 Dodge dash info

    Here are two which are body colour, however, it doesn't mean they were born like that.
  3. 1925 Dodge dash info

    A friend is restoring this one. His dash had a very heavy handed grain applied to it. I was just checking for him. I loaned him my woodgraining kit and he very well might try to grain it properly.
  4. Was the '25 dash body color, black or woodgrained.
  5. Where could I find this. I'd like to build a model of one. Scan of exploded diagrams from either parts manuals or shop manuals help + dimensions. Or, as an alternative, where is there one on display that one could go photograph and measure? Thank you, Pat
  6. Interesting Railroad car

    Thank you sir.
  7. Interesting Railroad car

    What do you experts figure this is?
  8. ID please

    Added photo of engine at Mark Gregory's request.
  9. ID please

    Mark, it is about 100 miles from here, near Matheson, ON. I'm sure it is for sale as the farmer parked it mext to the highway. He likely found it in the back forty. I can try and find out who owns it.
  10. 1931 Reo - Confirmation needed

    I saw this car along the road today. I pegged it as a 1931 Reo with an older hood and a replaced grille fabric. How close am I? Thank you.
  11. ID please

    Saw this on the side of the road. Looks to me like a 31 with a replaced grille fabric and an older hood. Any guesses?
  12. Try this:
  13. At the suggestion of member R1Lark, here is a model of a 62 GT Hawk I recently completed.
  14. Old Dodge parts

    Thank you Mr. Keiser. I'll forward this to the guy who was asking. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a Merry Christmas.
  15. Old Dodge parts

    Is there a list of suppliers for Old (1920's) Dodge parts? Thank you, Pat