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  1. Not sure on Stanleys but at the last Stanley museum auction in August there was a tank that was described as White that had a Triumph gauge.
  2. Rambler/Jeffrey meeting at Hershey

    The Rambler/Jeffery Hershey meeting will be held on Thursday at 2:00 in the afternoon. Once again Reggie Nash offered to host the meeting and his spots are RWM 6-16 in the Red field. I wonder what car Reggie will be bringing this year? I hope to see you there.
  3. 1904 something or other (Berwick)?

    The car was in our local state swap and sellers guide over the winter. I emailed and got a youtube video. I have an unrestored 1910 Maxwell AA (2 cylinder) all apart. The axles and the frame were a dead ringer for Maxwell, circa A series, 1909-1912. There was a drive chain that went through the round driveshaft hole of the rear axle, the arrangement didn't match to me. The body appeared to be made of plywood and was much bigger and didn't fit to the frame too well at all. I was told that the car was an electric but I got no sense of what the electric motor was. I presume it was newer. I don't believe the car was originally 1904 or electric.
  4. Hello again, A copy of the Stanley Museum auction catalog is on the Stanley Museum website. A link is enclosed below. The photo enclosed here was from last night's steam team meeting and is of the 30 hp Stanley engine in the auction. Thank you.
  5. Went to the Thursday night Stanley Museum steam team meeting and got a glimpse at the catalog in progress. It has 4 Stanley cars for sale on the cover and in the auction is a 30Hp engine and a couple of of 20HPs. The auction is August 5 and the catalog has to go out for printing soon for it to be ready. I'm sure that the Stanley Museum would be happy to accept pieces up for auction but they probably wont make it into the initial printed catalog. There is always a few extra pages that seem to be photocopied and added. Also please don't forget the Stanley Museum steam seminars August 2-4 and the Vermont steam tour August 6-11. Thank you.
  6. Bosch Dual Mag. switch needed

    Hello Al, Keep an eye out on ebay, they show up every once in a while.
  7. 1903 Dedion Bouton project in Christchurch New Zealand.
  8. maxwell 2 cylinder engine parts whanted

    Hello Johan, Quite a project you have there ahead of you. Suggestions, I think you need to find out what year most of your Maxwell stuff is including the engine. Your hood former looks 1908 and older but I don't recognize the seat. What is the serial number off the engine case? What is the wheelbase of the frame? I don't see any running board brackets or step plates. It's hard to make a guess from one big photograph of a lot of parts and Maxwell did a fair amount of changes and they had different sizes. I suggest you join the Yahoo Maxwell group and ask for help in identifying your project. Some of these guys have also gone through what you are trying to do. More photographs would be a great help. You could also talk with Merle Simonsma. You could go on the Maxwell group and get his contact information. Somewheres I saw a photograph of Merle finding his first Maxwell back in 1948 and he's been collecting part and restoring cars ever since. He collected parts when Maxwell was junk. See you on the Maxwell group website.
  9. Holsman engine, 1908 high wheeler

    Yes, I still have it. Ben
  10. Thirty years ago I went to the local car electrics place in town and asked if he had any 6v bulbs. He said no one asks any more for them, what did I need them for. I said my 26T coupe. He said he also had one. So I went to visit his house a mile away and the car had been pulled up into the top of his barn. He said he was missing the intake, exhaust manifold and the carburetor and if I had them, he would gladly swap it for this old extra rear axle he had. It was a Ruxtell and at that time before new repros were being made, they were being advertised for $700. My conscience wouldn't let me do it though, so I told him what he had and gave him a carburetor and intake manifold. Went to the Charlotte Autofair 20 years ago and found a small pile of a dozen emblems, mostly new repro acid etched nameplates for inserting into hubcaps. One however was an early round North Carolina state registration tag that you would nail onto your wooden firewall and with that plate's number you made your own leather license plate using metal numbers you would put on the front of your house for the post man. I asked how much and got told $2. I then made a small pile of other stuff and was told $3 and then took the whole pile and as I didn't leave I guess he figured he could gouge me, $5.
  11. Maine carriage company

    The F.O Bailey company in Portland Maine is still around in some form. I believe they are into real estate now. The local mom and pop store in my old home town was about a 100 years old when it closed last year. When I was a kid they had old style glass display casses with brass F.O.Bailey tags. I believe the company was very old even when the automobile first started out and they tried to get into the car manufacturing business but quickly became dealers for various brands. Not sure but I think they also opened up a high end garage in the early car days.
  12. Looking for 09 to 13 chassis I believe on another website you said this manufacturer made a body for a Chalmers. Your Chalmers chassis is back at the old place. oldnrusty1
  13. maxwell help needed

    My 1910 Maxwell AA project has 1904 written on the side of the lower body. Everybody wants their car to be older than it is.
  14. 1906-10 rear touring body

    Hello Green Dragon, Thank you for the heads up on Mason. I'm a little perplexed though. The fella I got the seat from said he got it out of an old barn in central Maine, circa 1970. I'm presuming the seat sat in that barn for years. I was looking on the internet for Masons and found that the majority of their sales were closer to their area of manufacture. I didn't see any east coast owners and Maine would be unheard of. Does the compartment door, bottom front, match? Ben
  15. 1906-10 rear touring body

    Hello, can someone identify the 1906 to 1910 touring rear seat? Thanks