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  1. 2000 camaro front brakes

    its a good swap.nothing on the car is modified so it could be back stock in the unlikelyhood they become collectable.so is the 1996 rear eldorado brakes eventhough i haven't figured out to make that look stock.the only thing id like to change is the severe front dive when i hit the brakes.i changed all four struts last year so i wonder if maybe the front springs are bad.
  2. 2000 camaro front brakes

    i got a spare from a 2004 bonneville it fits fine and clears everything.it fits in the hole in the trunk by compressing the foam a little.
  3. Front Brake Upgrade. - Is it worth it?

    i bought a spare out of a 2004 bonneville today at pull a part.it clears both my front and rear brakes with an eighth inch to spare.an eight inch spacer behind it would give plenty of clearance.its a 16.its about an inch taller than the reatta spare so it fits in the trunk hole by compressing the foam.
  4. True 1 of 1 Reatta for sale

    i have the mazda sunroof with a reatta panel in mine.works good.
  5. True 1 of 1 Reatta for sale

    lol.it looks great in the pictures.except the hubcaps.
  6. F/S Mazda sunroof, A-pillar (grey) Factory Serv Man

    be aware that the mazda panel will work on a reatta but sticks up a little in the middle.
  7. Headlight switches available '90 and '90-93

    you don't do 88-89 switches?
  8. Reatta Silver Star Headlights

    i saw them.i guess i won't drive the reatta on rainy days....
  9. Reatta Silver Star Headlights

    where do i get those?my car is undrivable on a rainy night.
  10. Wheels and offset confusion , where is Confucius ?

    don't cut a whole coil off.i did that on a camaro and it dropped about three inches.try a half coil first.
  11. Cargirl update & question

    36 thousand...thats porsche money.
  12. Just got back

    ive still never found a reatta in a junkyard and ive looked.i can't even find same year rivs.
  13. Speak(er) Up

    my cassette player reverses every second so i had to leave it unplugged.i made a lexon plate that bolts in where the player was and mounted a usb port and phone mount on it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N6S2SNM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. carpet

    i guess close enough blue would be good enough.i might try it.
  15. carpet

    its in good shape but i tried to dye carpet in a camaro once and it came out all stiff.