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  1. handmedownreatta

    Hi! New to Reatta. Brake trouble. Hard to find parts.

    cadillac wheels fit well and look better.
  2. handmedownreatta

    Hello you sexy thing!

    im not loving the white seats and door panels.
  3. handmedownreatta

    A tip regarding seats and repairs.

    unfortunately for me there are never reattas in the local yards and rivs are the wrong color.[i haven't seen a riv lately either]
  4. handmedownreatta

    Wire connectors

    im surprised the heat needed to melt the solder doesn't 'fry' the rubber.i may need to get some.
  5. handmedownreatta

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    mine too since the ac died.
  6. handmedownreatta

    D-A-N-I-E-L is a GREAT MAN!

    mine fit great.
  7. handmedownreatta

    Antennae is bent

    i disconnected my antenna and used the wire to power my bluetooth adapter.i just can't listen to the constant commercials on fm anymore.
  8. handmedownreatta

    Need a engine 1988 Buick Reatta

    i think the 1990 engine is different but someone will say for sure.i would try to find a whole riviera or similar car for the engine.
  9. handmedownreatta

    Did you know?

    i think a lot of reattas get scrapped when the transmissions go bad.it costs more to rebuild them than the car is worth.
  10. handmedownreatta

    Aftermarket radio

    crutchfield says it won't fit a reatta but fit a 1990 rivera which should be the same.i don't know either way.
  11. handmedownreatta

    Two Reattas for sale on Copart

    always on the wrong side of the country.
  12. handmedownreatta

    Aftermarket radio

    theres this...https://www.crutchfield.com/p_068NEWPORT/RetroSound-Newport.html?tp=5684&avf=Y not my first choise.btw if a radio has audio inputs its easy to add bluetooth.i did on my 89 reatta radio.the aftermarket used to make din 1.5 radios but quit for some reason.i have a very nice pioneer in my van complete with xm satelite radio.
  13. handmedownreatta

    Sticking Calipers - Brake Pump?

    before i paid 400 dollars id convert it back to master cylinder/power booster from a 90 riviera.but im sure someone will help you.
  14. handmedownreatta

    1988/89 Door Handle Strap

    i think it would look better if it was aluminum and had an allen head screw.
  15. handmedownreatta

    What did you do to your Reatta today? <ongoing thread>

    so i can remove the amber bulb for my abs?i thought it was soldered in.i was trying to avoid using black tape.