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  1. 1912Staver

    Teens, 20's Buick Water Jacket Cover??

    Probably a push rod cover. Buick used them in the late teen's/ early 20's . Greg in Canada
  2. 1912Staver

    Help Me ID These Traction Bars

    If you had a first gen. Mustang and a V8 they were pretty well a must, Even with an auto the wheel hop is alarming. With a standard V8 it is possible to break leaf springs . They are the most important change Shelby made on the 1st. gen GT 350's. Greg in Canada
  3. National built many very nice; high quality cars, however post WW1 they rapidly faded. And very few survivors are around today. Greg in Canada
  4. 1912Staver

    1932 Packard 902 5-passenger (Victoria) Coupe

    Yes, on the Cadillac it looks very nice. 1929,30,31 ? Greg in Canada
  5. On the vehicle ferry I recently retired from, the Deck Officer in charge of loading must pay constant attention to the tide if it is falling. As the tide falls the clearance for tall vehicles reduces due to the increasing angle of the loading ramp. One of the last vehicles to be loaded this particular sailing was a car transporter with a load of new vehicles destined for Vancouver Island. A brand new Ford PU. was on top , at the end of the trailer. Huge bang and crash! The roof of the PU. hit the top of the car deck. Smashed the cab and broke all the tie downs pulling the truck off the transport trailer and landed upside down on the car deck. Quite the mess! Definitely a write off. And a bit of a red face for the loading Officer. {not me, I am a Engineer} Greg in Canada
  6. Looks like a National rad shell. Very distinctive curves to the top of the Radiator opening. Greg in Canada
  7. 1912Staver

    New Trend on eBay?

    Thanks , I have been having the same problem. I get fed up and just exit ebay, I was hoping ebay might be keeping track of such behavior and reconsider the "improvement". Greg in Canada
  8. 1912Staver

    Canadian 1914 Ford Model T True Canadian Car

    Thanks Ken. I looked in McCalley's big black book however he does not mention them. Probably another of those things impossible to know with 100% certainty after all these years. Greg
  9. I worked at a GM dealer out here on the west coast in the late 70's. Most of the new vehicles were sent out by train. Lots of minor damage , bumpers rubbed, grills bumped, the odd bumped panels. And bullet holes now and then, the cars on the train made a tempting target as they crossed the empty expanses of the prairies. Greg in Canada
  10. 1912Staver

    Canadian 1914 Ford Model T True Canadian Car

    Hi Ken, do any of the original cars you know of not have them ? Is it a matter of some have them and some don't or did all the Canadian cars in a the late brass era have them ? Greg
  11. 1912Staver

    1960 MGA Restoration

    I usually just carefully silver solder worn/ elongated holes in the choke levers. then take them back to round with a fine rat tail file. An hour or so of careful work and they are ready for another 25 years service. They always seem to have a fair bit of wear. Greg in Canada
  12. 1912Staver

    Canadian 1914 Ford Model T True Canadian Car

    Mine are just the ordinary ones. They came from a Canadian swap meet however there is no way to know if they came from a Canadian car. The odd U.S. car has made its way into Canada over the decades. Greg in Canada
  13. 1912Staver

    Canadian 1914 Ford Model T True Canadian Car

    I have a few fenders from this era. I will have a look if any have that style bead.. Greg
  14. 1912Staver

    Grandpa's first car

    Odd that only one side is curved. Bent perhaps? Greg
  15. 1912Staver

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I hope the roadster/ speedster body got saved. Even mounted on a Packard or Cadillac chassis it would make a very nice car. The lines are great. Greg in Canada