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  1. 1912Staver

    Need id on this Transmission

    Yes VW, later style for CV joints rather than swing axles. They are worth at least $100.00 to a VW guy. Greg
  2. 1912Staver

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    That's going o be a great shop. Did you compare the cost of a steel building ? Your structure is large enough there might not have been a big difference in price. Greg
  3. 1912Staver

    collector cars in California fire

    A major factor in tree growth is water. The areas of California that feature scrub are too dry for trees to grow. It's not just a matter of mowing down the scrub and planting trees. you would also have to irrigate anywhere you expected the trees to survive. Essentially impossible, California is running out of water to irrigate cropland let alone forest. Here in coastal British Columbia, several hundred miles North of California we have lots of water. Greg
  4. England, Lotus and Lister and USA, Kurtis and Scarab
  5. 1912Staver

    collector cars in California fire

    Sorry, I didn't say what I meant clearly. I intended to say some nearby trees. Certainly quite a few trees are burned. But the fire behavior is often quite erratic . A single house is sometimes untouched while several nearby will be totally gone. Town sites such as Paradise are probably not part of any forestry management. And often a great part of the attraction of this sort of location is the feeling of living very close to the forest. But we should never forget that serious fires have been part of this ecosystem for hundreds of thousands of years. I live in a quite similar area of mixed forest and cleared farmland. I am far enough North that the fire hazard season is limited to July -August- September. But during the dry part of the year fire awareness is vital. Greg
  6. 1912Staver

    collector cars in California fire

    Unfortunately in drought conditions like California is seeing for the last several years almost anything can fuel a wildfire. Blaming poor forest management is probably a bit misguided. Looking at photo's of Paradise Cali. numerous structures are burned to the foundation and nearby trees are untouched. The southern fires are probably burning more grass than anything. Short of denuding large swatches of costal and near costal inland California to sandy desert if the conditions are right there will be catastrophic fires. Large expanses of drought stricken lands plus high winds and a source of ignition are a combination that is far more powerful than all the firefighter's and aerial tankers in the world. Greg in British Columbia, where we have a serious wildfire problem as well.
  7. 1912Staver

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    The why is, from my point of view at least , that each and every addition made perfect sense at the time. The price was right, the new addition provided something needed in terms of the overall goal { perhaps the wire wheel car was bought strictly on the basis of using the wheels on another car, just as an example}, and the person had to one degree or another "the space". But yes , the overall goal does have a habit of evolving over time. And if there is no compelling reason to sell sometimes the previous acquisitions pile up. Possibly the owner had intensions of returning to the previous project, and like will happen to all of us just ran out of time. The overall scenario happens to many of us. Greg
  8. 1912Staver

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    The older thread is to me the most informative. It has information that seems very unbiased about the uncompleted Tuckers. Greg
  9. I had a shelter logic. Seemed good however here in the Pacific North West when we get snow it is often quite wet / heavy. The structure was only 6 months old when a unusually heavy overnight snow fall occurred . When I went out in the morning to have a look the tubular framework had collapsed causing significant tearing of the cover. In short a dead loss. Greg
  10. 1912Staver

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    I hadn't read Matt's thread until now, it sounds like he has gone through a very frustrating experience with his car. I am glad to hear his luck is starting to turn around and he has had a better time with it lately. My situation is different than most forum members. Anything I buy in the U.S. faces a number of add on costs, exchange on my near junk bond status $ is the biggest hit, but there are additional costs at the border as well. So I always try to find as low a up front cost purchase as possible. I figure , probably wrongly , that I can always improve the car down the road and you never know the exchange might not be as painful at some time in the future. If I looked for a better example the transaction would never happen as the all in cost would add up to a figure I would never be able to swing. I am putting a deal together on a Washington State car at the moment, it's from the 70's so not really relevant to a thread about pre-war Lincolns. There is a spare parts package available with the car that would long term probably pay off, however I am more or less forced to turn down that option in order to keep my all in price to something manageable at the present time. I figure that getting the car itself is the main concern , I can always acquire parts as needed, even if over all the cost is a bit higher. It is this sort of situation that makes unrestored project cars at least seem interesting to me. Greg
  11. 1912Staver

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    I have to say I am a bit puzzled by some of the comments. Is this not a vintage car forum', are these not vintage cars ? Are vintage Lincolns such a common item that many would have them cherry picked and scrapped ? There are probably more early Lincolns in this one building than in all of Canada. Is the attitude expressed here just a reflection of an abundance of riches ? Not every old car needs to be Pebble Beach quality. I am sure at least a few of these cars could be tidied up enough to re-enter the hobby as survivor / frequent user quality cars. Do you people have any idea of what qualifies as restorable here in Canada, Australia, New Zealand ,England, Europe ? Greg in Canada
  12. 1912Staver

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    Or tow truck conversions. I always thought it would be nifty to have a big sedan tow truck rig. Quite common at one time but very few were saved. Greg
  13. 1912Staver

    Year make and model

    You might want to try a camera, phone pictures often end up like this . Are we looking through a bathroom window ? Greg
  14. 1912Staver

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    There are lots of buildings like that for sale near me. The only hold back is that they are ALL 1,2,3-5 million$. Makes cars look dirt cheap. Greg in Canada
  15. 1912Staver

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    Carl , as usual you have hit the nail on the head. Here in Canada the decline is if anything slightly ahead of that in the U.S. The wealthy are of course just as wealthy as ever. But they are not the people generally interested in project cars unless we are talking about extremely high end cars. So 90 % or so of project cars are facing a very uphill market. Greg in Canada