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  1. Bet that wore out several Bendix gears. Wow Ben
  2. Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend

    What a wonderful setting! Nice crowd, beautiful cars, and the views'. It is views such as this that show what I missed as a truck driver. Much better than the Interstates and cities. Ben
  3. Mid 20's timing cover oil leaks

    Hugh, I agree with Lief. If you want to use a new type seal, a sleeve over the pulley shaft is in order. Ben
  4. Flxible bus engine

    Explain! What is "the rest of the story"? Ben
  5. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Agree! Gary, in the words of an old trucking song "### put 'em all to shame". Never again should anyone claim it should take years for a restoration. Ben
  6. first drive this year

    I do not know where you are garnetkid, but I LIKE IT. Beautiful car in a beautiful setting. WOW. Ben
  7. Help Identify?

    Agreed. Ben
  8. vacuum control

    Depending on size needed, how about an old shoe? Ben
  9. My "new" 1941 Buick Roadmaster 71

    Amazing. Simply amazing. Ben

    And to think I KNOW those two rascals. And both have ridden in George. I am honored and blessed. Congrats on Senior, Brian. Ben
  11. Chavis garage

    Yeah, we NEED an update!. Garage is looking good. Ben
  12. Matt, I agree with the starter ring assessment. Mine was worse than that and cleaned up nicely. The rear main seal appears to be dry and that is good. Ben
  13. Straight 8 top speed

    Thanks Ply33. You are cubing HP, are you not? C Carl said "as the cube of speed". Ben
  14. Side Mirror Date Decoding

    The nut behind the wheel? Ben
  15. MrEarl's stuff @Hershey

    Won another over, Dale. Ben