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    I am in LOVE again! Ben
  2. Buicks and the Great Outdoors - Camping and Trailering

    Agree. '42 Limited. The Suburban looks to be in the early '50s. Look, Dale , another Visor Ben
  3. 1953 Buick Special no turning over?

    4 gauge? Lord yes, replace it. Your local parts store probably does not have it. If there is a tractor supply or farm equipment store handy , try them. 2 gauge would be too small for me. Double aught [ OO] is a bought right. At least as large as your thumb. You will be amazed at the difference in performance. Ben
  4. Head Gasket Sealer

    I have never used sealer on a head gasket. Never. Ben
  5. 1953 Buick Special no turning over?

    Welcome, RJ. Two thoughts come to mind. Both to do with battery cables. 1st is do you have the proper cables? I am willing to bet the positive cable is a 12V cable, about the size of your pinky. Should be at least a 1 gauge, better to be a oo gauge. 2nd is the cables may be corroded at the ends. Try this. Clean both cables at the battery. Clean the battery posts'. Clean the other end of both cables. Hook everything back up and try. By the way, I like to see about 7 to 7 1/2 Volt at the battery. Stay with us. Where are you? Ben
  6. Is this a Buick convertible and if so what is the model and year?

    Buick for sure. 1940, I believe. Ben
  7. 1940 BUICK SPECIAL sidemount fender car-$13,900

    Needs a VISOR! Ben
  8. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Terrain really changes after crossing the mountain. I always thought it looked other worldly. Ben
  9. Mike, I have known folks who claimed they work and others who cried foul. Concept sounds good. Personally, I prefer spin balance. On the vehicle, if possible. Ben

    Very pretty! Lady is all right, too. Ben
  11. Balancing is GOOD. I had tires on my semi trailers balanced. Always thought it payed off. Ben
  12. Anyone seen this exhaust deflector

    Seller did not think folks would notice! He did not know our keiser31. Ben
  13. 1967 Electra Convertible Suspension & Rear Springs

    Doug, what were/are the symptoms that lead you to believe springs are necessary? I don't know about your shop manual, but the '50 manual gives directions for measuring spring height . Worth doing to be sure. If factory height is still there, and ball joints and bushings are in spec, perhaps a set of air shocks or air overloads, which fit in the rear springs, would work. My thoughts. Ben
  14. Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend

    OK, I will ask. What is the story on the spigot on the Ford radiator cap? Ben