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  1. MORE, MORE! Ben
  2. Tis with the correct tool! Ben
  3. Doug, the fan under the passenger seat is the heater. The hood opening from the side was from 1941 through 1952. Packard used that for a few years as well. It can be good or bad, depending on circumstances. If you have a shop manual,, good for you. The wiring diagram for each model is in there. Answers a lot of questions. Ben
  4. Thank you, 1939_Buick. Not what I wanted to hear, just what I needed to hear. Ben
  5. Hi folks I have a couple transmission mount,/thrust mount I need identified . Hoping someone with a parts book can do the honors. Also hoping these are correct for my car. #s molded into the rubber: 111441 HR and 1312462 L [ I think] on one. 1190873 on the other Thanks Ben
  6. Damm, Rusty, you're good! I can't remember that far back. Ben
  7. Nah!!! Ben
  8. Not salt! Just mud and crud. My car from SC looked the same way. Folks in warm [hot ] climates tend to not worry about anti-freeze in old cars. Especially back in the '50s and '60s. It will clean up much easier than fixing rust cancer. Ben
  9. WELCOME Paul. Nice car
  10. '53 Super or Roadmaster, if the V8 hood ornament is an indication Ben
  11. Lamar, if you go to the Buick Bugle that featured '50s a few years back, Pete showcased that. A straight blade screwdriver worked as well. Ben
  12. Man, don't apologize! Beautiful Ben
  13. I have to play "musical cars" to get mine from the garage , which is behind the house, to the street. So not as often as one would like. I have driven over 11,000 miles since refurbishing it. Ben
  14. That convert is to die for! Ben
  15. Nah, Cal, the Buick just takes center stage. Besides, after living with my PRETTY GIRL over forty years, all others pale in comparison. Ben