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  1. That's too bad. Ben
  2. Ok, folks. Impatiently waiting for some news! Ben
  3. What in the world kind of a car had a manual choke in the late '50s? Ben
  4. There should be no problem pulling the engine/trans as a unit. May be a little heavy and unweildy. Take pictures. Ben
  5. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. And a Great car. Ben
  6. Simon, if the '32 head and rocker arms are like the later ones, the oil in the plug recesses is wicking past the threads on the bolts holding the rocker arm shaft stands. Ben
  7. Not Shadetree I have tried to locate the thread this came from. I remember it well. This is the Mother of the poster. Maybe when the Buick was bought new? He was trying to get it running before Pop passed away. I believe he might have made it, not sure. Believe they are from MN. Ben
  8. old-tank is Willie Pittman in So TX. His web site is He has a "tip" on there for replacing the rear seal on '50s Buicks. Same thing should work on yours. Ben
  9. See Old Tank's web site Ben
  10. Looking good, Dale! The exhaust leak is an ongoing problem. From the factory no gasket was used. A mixture of graphite and oil , like a paste, was used\. The bolts wert tightened to a specific torque. The manifold could then move some on expansion. Most manifolds have warped to the point they will not seal that way . So gaskets are used. Get the copper. They last much longer. Evan Ritter of Trenton, TX has a '37 that he has used, instead of a gasket, high temp HTV, the red stuff. Says it has been on there 17 years with no leaks. Might try that. Cheap enough. Ben
  11. HAPPY? Ben
  12. Pete is correct for the heater switch. It is the top right marked Blower. To clarify, the switch in question appears to be after market. I am thinking it may be used in place of an inoperative Blower switch. Just WAG. On the other hand, it is marked with a C. I bet you will determine what it is. Ben
  13. Bet that switch is for the heater. Ben
  14. If there is no data plate, perhaps a pic of the side showing back of front fender and door. A good pic of the lower part of engine, both sides will help. Ben
  15. Might try a performance machine shop. Ben