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  1. 1949 Buick 320 use valve stem seals?

    Buick straight eights did not use them. I have never seen the need to think about using them. Valve guides can be replaced if worn enough to pass oil. Ben
  2. The Night Santa Borrowed my Buick...

    Thank you, thank you! Christmas would not be the same without this story, Dave. Ben
  3. Me and My '53 Super 56R

    Easy for you to say, you young whippersnapper! . Ben
  4. Tesla Truck Purchasers to receive $75,000 from Government

    I am with you!! Ben

    Getting to Torrey would be a fun drive or ride. Ben
  6. Me and My '53 Super 56R

    Welcome, SJF. Good start. I will add a couple points to Al';s. Disagreeing with a couple. . I would not spend the money for the wide whites. Too pricey by far. A set of modern radials will do nicely if it is to be a driver. And the wire wheels? Nah! keep the '53 only wheel covers you have. Much more rarely seen. Agree on the shocks. In fact, you might be surprised if you just fill them with fluid. Hydraulic jack fluid works if they don't leak to badly. Something heavier if they do. Oil is cheap and WAY easier than removing and replacing. Give it a try. A/C! Yea, man. And Al is correct on after market. I went with a new old stock Mark IV under dash unit that came up in my '50. Much easier and cheaper than the in the dash units. And it cools my four door black car in the 100 + temps of No Texas. Can't run it full blast. Sound of the original radio is overrated. Our old ears [ mine at least ] can't appreciate the difference in the sound . If one wants FM, have it converted. My car is a standard transmission. If it had Dynaflow, I would keep it. They are a marvelous transmission. For the time being, if it leaks a little, live with it. Nothing smoother. You do know it does not shift, right? If you DO want quicker acceleration off the line, start in L, manually shifting into D at no faster than 50 or so. A word of warning. DO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP BEFORE SHIFTING INTO REVERSE OR PARK. You might be surprised how much of the rust will vanish with a little elbow grease applied to some 600 or finer wet sanding. Don't be a stranger. Ben
  7. gas in oil pan

    I agree, Paul. If, in fact, that much gas in the oil pan . Been a long time since I was inside a Chrysler engine and I can think of no other way. Pull the fuel pump and inspect. Ben
  8. Buick engine

    Thanks, Terry. I thought probably it was about then. Now I know 1976. The last year before downsizing. Ben
  9. Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend

    I drove George to Arlington, TX Saturday. Chapter meeting. Good food! Good time. Car performed well. Total drive was 281 miles. I had topped up the tank as I left town. At 250 miles, at a pit stop, topped him up again. Only held 13 gal! That, friends, is 19 mpg! Did not baby it. 65 and 70 most of the time. Miles and miles of metro driving. Makes me happy. This was the longest trip I have been on with the 263. Continues to please me with the performance. I can't say if this good or not, but felt good. 62 mph to 80 mph in just under 5 sec. I do not have to hesitate passing . Ben
  10. Buick engine

    A question I should know the answer to, . What/when was the last Buick specific engine. Shared with nothing. Ben
  11. First Snow!

    Man, that is the truth. Ben
  12. 75 Buick Electra Low Mileage - Houston

    I think not. Not 4wd either. Nice looking car. Ben
  13. First Snow!

    Dang, C, never a dull moment! Outstanding! Ben
  14. identifying an engine 1940-1949

    No, sorry. The 1950 Special still had the 248. The last one. The 1950 Super had the 263, the first one. Yours is a 1948 or 1949 248. Ben