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  2. The manual is talking about disassembling the lifter. I believe Jerry just mixed up the assembled lifters. No harm done. Ben
  3. I am on your side, Don, I overhauled a lot of cars in the '50s that way. For myself and others. I drove my '50 Super convert another three years and it was still good to go when I traded. Gary, I am envious of your expertise. Looking great. Ben
  4. DualQuad, The Buick damper does not have rubber in it. If the "outer"plate could spin, the entire thing would be disintegrating. Ben
  5. I would like to be a fly on the mirror for that conversation! Ben
  6. Same here! Ben
  7. Ben, they will not STAY pumped up. I cleaned them by the shop manual. Not much to re build. Thanks Ben
  8. Probably bump daily for awhile Ben
  9. A BEAUTY! Ben
  10. Dang, looks as if someone was having a nightmare when those were designed. Almost makes one go "rubber" all the way. Ben
  11. Your new sending unit will probably connect to the gas line with a hose, instead of the fitting shown on the old one. You MUST ground the unit some way, or it will not work. Ben
  12. I am in need [ I think } of a set of hydraulic valve lifters for a 1951 263 CI engine. I am looking for NOS, not repro's. Thanks Ben
  13. G'day, Bernie I hope you know, you old fart, I am just jerking your chain. I did not know about the counter boring. How deep do you go? Watching Ben
  14. Get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, Bernie? You put most of us to shame and intimidate me with your knowledge and ability. As C Carl said, your thread is read daily. I am disappointed when you do not post. Now get to work and post some progress. I DO use wrenches , almost daily. Some I have I used with Dad at about 12 years of age. Others, including a torque wrench, I have had since my first car in 1952. Ben
  15. Bill, just noticed your post. I don't KNOW it is the lifters at fault. I just know they get noisy after running awhile. Larry Schramm gave some ideas and guide lines to me yesterday. Stay tuned. Ben