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  1. First time a Mopar, especially Plymouth, questions stumps or slides past you, the ambulance is on the way! LOL. Hopefully someone can keep us apprised of Franks condition. Ben
  2. I do not know if the A has a rotor, as other distributors do, but suspect it does. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have been know to forget to install same. Ben
  3. LOL! That is what I was trying to say, Matt. Ben
  4. Dang, I have a masters in life sciences and can find a job tomorrow if I wanted! And I am 80 years young. Ben
  5. Nah. WD 40 Ben
  6. Braver man than me! Good luck. Ben
  7. Hey, Vic, your first picture tells the story. Sorta, part of it anyway. The four bolts, one of which the ground cable is attached to, are for the side engine mount introduced in 1948. The 1949 was the first with connecting rod inserts instead of poured Babbitt , I believe. If one removes the side/push rod cover, the lifters are visible. The mechanical lifters allow the push rod to go down inside about an inch to inch and a half. Betting yours were changed. If not, just let us know and we can walk you through the steps of setting the hydraulic. Ben
  8. Not very bright. They will chirp. Does that count? It hesitates/stutters when opening throttle from idle. Waiting on Affordable Fuel Injection to suggest ECM changes. Ben
  9. He won't. Once one has driven something like that, one is ALWAYS alert. Ben
  10. Yep, thanks! Dad started me at about 12, handing wrenches to him. Wish you were still her ,Dad. Ben
  11. I think you made a good choice. The money saved will pay for a lot of electricity. Not like they will be on all the time. That big ole open space sure will swallow a lot of light, though. Ben
  12. That is a gorgeous car, Vic. Bet you are proud of it. Ben
  13. And only one picture? Ben
  14. He may be older but all the women say he is better looking. Visors not withstanding. Ben
  15. OK , folks, don't hold your breath for the video. I have so far be unable to get it to load.. But I have been driving it some. Two weeks ago, as posted in Raise your hand#####, I drove about 150 miles. Today another 40 or so. I do believe it is getting stronger each time. Took a picture out at one of our lakes. Ben