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  1. Looky what I bought. - NOT!

    Twisted all around, to suit some point you choose to have me believe. I rest my case when I said you "seem" very proud to tell the world you did NOT buy a prewar. Note I said "seem". If so however, We need more people unlike yourself, if we want to save more unwanted prewar projects,... oh, heaven forbid if a person DOES buy it, find a totally above board, legal way to register it...then restore it to stock, or rod it! The AACA "vocal" guys crack me up to no end. They say we should hate rodding, but look for every excuse not to save one in nice stock condition. There are plenty here that do agree with what I say or preach continually about saving these beautiful but seemingly unwanted prewar project cars, but they just don't have the courage to speak up here. Other "vocal" AACA guys lay the whole "getting upside down" on a resto $$ value, talking new potential buyers out of a purchase for some silly "value" comparisons, yet they spend thousands $ on cable TV or golf memberships???....so they appartently don't care if a lot of prewar projects get scrapped or rodded. Our USA cars have been leaving our Country in droves for many years now... we need to wonder why? ... I don't. Geeez.
  2. sorry for beating your ears

    I bought a NORS gear for my PB back in the late 80s when it seems there were more available then. I find it difficult to think that there is not a repro one available? Have you tried any other PA/PB clubs or members? If not, I'd try to work the hub back to proper position.... "if" someone could give the precise location of where that keyway should be, in reference to the zero mark? (like 180 degrees)? Then a local machine shop could make some sort of rivets or fasteners to keep it from moving again.
  3. Looky what I bought. - NOT!

    oh, and before anyone sends me some hate for speaking up. ...I met Mercer09 back when I was selling a Model A sedan for a very close friend of mine. The A was the only car not yet sold from his late fathers large Model A collection, and to just settle the probate quicker, my friend bought that A just to make it all happen for the entire family, in a timely fashion. my friend gave me firm instructions on listing it at a price way under then current market, as he wanted the car gone. Mercer09 was the only "real buyer" that contacted me through the FordBarn site. He called to ask only if I would be available on a certain day that he would be traveling back home to NJ, from a trip to the northern New England area. He showed up on time, he spent about 5 to 10 minutes looking and hearing it run, then asked if that he paid in full on the spot, could I store it indoors for a month or two. I normally would have said no if this was "by phone", but Ron just plain gives the impression that he certainly is dead serious in person . It worked out far faster than he hoped, and not only came back with a trailer earlier than promised, he also brought one of his prewar keepers for me to sort out.
  4. Looky what I bought. - NOT!

    So right, Ron... as we are, or once were also "flippers" and collectors too, of vintage cars, .....we both sure do know that most people who inquire about a car we had for sale, are mostly dreamers....no real deep seated intent to buy anything they call on. It is a "feel good" call, for the typical unhappy person in that he is so desperate to feel worthy, that they play this silly charade. We all recall the pre-internet days when selling in Hemmings before there were pictures in the ads back then. Even though we spent the extra few dollars each ad, to say at the end of the ad; "no picture collectors please", or worse yet, when we did send a dozen glossy 35mm photos and even included a stamped self addressed return envelope, NONE of you pathetic dreamers EVER sent one stinking set of pictures back! You people are real beauties, the ones who travel through life in some sort of pathetic mental state, searching in vain for "nothing", in realistic term. and, their comments back to our return phone calls, always were some well versed BS story, "oh, I bought one closer" "oh, the Wife said no" "lost my job" etc etc The title of this exact thread is almost showing EXACTLY what we flippers dealt with,,,,a guy who brags about NOT buying a car! I'm out. Fact is Fact, you all can deal with it.
  5. Looky what I bought. - NOT!

    That is a very silly, nonsensical answer,.... here in CT the no-title issue on old cars is the same as Rhode Island. And we have a lot more that a few hindered cars to keep track of. And Rhode island has thousands of cheapie used car/older car dealers, so your answer is based on nothing factual at all. Take is all wrong as hateful, but I simply state truths when the B-S regularily flys on AACA. The States that require some sort of paper from a CT car, often demand a "current" and "original" registration paper, These stricter States will not take a "copy" of a current registration paper, and will not accept a car from our State that is NOT currently registered, BUT, other States will take a CT car without current, as long as the VIN is 100%verified, and if the bill of sale is 100% factual, and not "made up" by the new owner. My point is just in one area: Let's say you always wished you could find that impossibly rare early 1930s car body style that only six were made....then out of the blue, some big rancher in Texas finds one sitting junked in a dry wash on his 1000 acre ranch. He has no papers but wants to find a home for it in our hobby. Some of us would be there in a heartbeat, while the closed minded folks here, or elsewhere in our hobby, would just say "no title-no way". At that point, those people are just plain being unreasonable on such a rare car worth saving, and one that they dreamed of finding, but thinking it was surely impossible.
  6. Hi Joe, I just went to the local scrap recycle place in Columbia CT, named JSR or AKA "Johns scrap recycling" The have some machine shop stuff for sale: Two monster millers with 6 foot beds, with a huge CNC control box/station to run both. Got to be 8.5 feet tall to the tip up there. Then a rack full of collet chucks which can be bought by the single piece or more, sold as scrap weight, not what it is valued as in a tool. This is dirt-cheap pricing if you see something there. These will NOT be scrapped, but the two huge machines may get cut up today. then a small specialized grinder ??? that one will not be scrapped, and sold by weight...they gave a close guess at $500. It is 5 minutes from here so I can go there with you if needed.
  7. I won't be around much for a long spell I assume. I am back "home" again on the HAMB. I still want to work on the 34, but I want to do the Custom 35 first, as well as see, and help Joe G get his stock 34 LaS sedan done. We had another fun morning today, stripping the last few components off of the parts car chassis to get ready to send it out for blasting.
  8. 1941 Buick clutch help!

    Most shops are clueless about after resurfacing the wheel, but never checking the run-out after it is installed on the crankshaft. Very few people ever do this or even ever heard of it, but anyone who does a resurface and does not check runout.BEFORE surfacing and AFTER..ends up just like you....keep spending more and more money and untold hours of repetitive work, rather that using common sense. Sounds very harsh indeed, but the modern lazy world needs more clear thinking, or just reading proper procedures in a manual, on a simple matter of chatter and what NEEDS to be checked FIRST.,...not LAST.
  9. Update from yesterday: I did get some good progress on the Mercedes, but also first I brought more random parts from outdoors, inside the two buildings....Winter is always something that pushes us to get things tucked away. Next, I bought a pair of 34 LaS rumble seat hinges from...you guessed it, the ebay seller who originally brought back to NY, the huge 34 Las and Cad collection, some/most going to my estate guy, then the rest was ebayed over the last 10? years. I also on Friday, did buy a NORS or early repro long round 34-36 LaS muffler from the same seller...more things from that huge collection!. Those will be here today according to a UPS email. Next, I did find time to mark all the underdash gauge wiring in the cowl that is still on the 34 Chassis that Joe G will send out for blasting soon, then I was able to get his dash and gauges indoors. That led me to sandblasting and priming "my" 34 Convertible dashboard. As soon as it stops raining, I will get that dash done in Black lacquer...then assemble it for pics soon. I even redid the repro wood piece and it now looks "old", or better said, it looks "not new". Ok, I just started a new build thread on HAMBs "Traditional Customs" board. I never thought I'd ever be in the right place or have the "right" car to do a build under the Custom board! Here is the link: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1935-lasalle-old-school-convertible-coupe-build-thread.1068865/#post-12130856 Now, before some (very few)unreasonable AACA folks get all crabby about ME building a custom out of a "rare" LaS convertible body...let me POINT OUT, that TWO past owners who for some reason, never junked the remains of a once 34 LaSalle conv body...they never dreamed someone would ever try to build it back to "something". Matter of fact, the NY guy NEVER even realized he brought back a 2nd convertible body in pieces!!!,,,even though he loaded and unloaded the pieces himself!
  10. Nah, I don't see me no red flags.... lol. the only thing he forgot was the line about him being in the Military and needing to see it go to a good home.
  11. Yes, it is plain to see what they did if you were here in person. I have no idea how many 34 convertibles were made, but mine is body number 80-ish. I never had the body number tag for the real rough 34 convertible body I am trying to save. If I had it's motor, I could tell if it is later or earlier than mine.
  12. Allrighty, some of the viewers probably think I am trying to use the existing roof edge as is. That is not true, I will be slimming the vertical side pillars at the glass edges, as well as trimming back most of the old roof very close to the upper glass edges. ^^^ look at the white chalk lines on this 4 week old pic, back when this 35 Convertible plan was first considered. You can see a rough idea of the trimming/reshaping. . Below: you cannot tell by this pic angle, but the Fleetwood door front curve does not match the Fisher cowl curve. Talking about the door gap curved line. Also note the old Factory lead work done to coupe door stampings that were chopped off then pieced in at top (F and R) . I'm really good at this type of custom bodywork, so these mods should go pretty smoothly, because I simply LIKE doing this type of task. One thing on these convertible door hinges; they are somewhat flat, where the 34 Sedan hinges have a curved hook shape. I did see that when I took all 4 doors off of the 35 Fisher body, the rear doors use the flatter hinges! So, that is a huge gift, as I just don't have any original hinges from the rough conv body
  13. AJ, you just need an experienced tour guide... Ok, I am sure glad I played hooky from the Mercedes job, and did what is called a "mock up" or in this case it can be called a "roll out"....meaning you push a mock up outdoors to get a better perspective. I found out so many things today, what we have, what we do not have "in stock", and the hard core fact that so few parts of a 34 LaS are useable on a 35 LaS. And late today I found some unidentified top irons that look somewhat promising, but that is no gauranteee that I can make these work, and that means be able to fold down into the "top well" behind the seat. . Ok, back to my sons week long vacation that was first interrupted by my 2.5 day stay at the first "medical" hospital, then really went full retard with my being sent, and wrongfully incarcerated in the State mental health hospital for 8 more days... But ,..my son is super savy !, As he was getting ZERO facts on me and my "situation" at both places, so he "manned up" and the "laywered up" to gain full sole custody of his Dad, in case it was needed. He then left on the trip....but got slammed again, by a midweek phone tag from his long estranged birth mother, saying she needed to speak to him in person only, about a health issue of hers. Well, My son did get home at 4pm yesterday and it took till late afternoon today to do the "hook up in person". She was just diagnosed this midweek as having Leukemia. . Now guys and gals, please respect my wishes to have you all forgo the well meaning "prayers sent", posts on here, and I prefer you do that in private....her name is "Deb" for those that choose to do so. Ok, Rock on we shall INDEED... I hope to go full tilt on the Mercedes in the AM....getting me that much closer to freeing up my main work bay for the 35 Chassis Motor swap!! Yes, I will take pics when Kenny brings me to that old wrecking yard this week....and by the way, I did just today, find a SECOND spare good 34 LaS head already removed years ago, so I now can afford sacrifice my stuck one if it is needed. Yay! Take care, boys and girls...
  14. I was going to work on that Mercedes today...but... I decided I'd rather do a bit more to the 35 LaS mockup Here is text only, as to where that Mercedes is right now, after just a few hours invested after getting back from the two Hospital "incarcerations". I will add a few pics of the car patchwork this week.. My son did return from a week long vacation at Block Island R. I. at 4 PM yesterday, and one thing he asked was if or how that owner is with me not touching it for so long. It does not really matter to the owner, as he has other daily drivers besides this car, but I need to finish it soon, so I will be able to bring the 35 into the workbay for that upcoming later 30s-40s Olds straight 8 swap, BEFORE the 37 Cord arrives here in mid August! So, I should have two weeks? to do that swap, which will/or should, make the 35 Chassis yard drivable, with functioning cooling system, exhaust system, and working E-brake! The Mercedes owner bought this clip as is; it is NOT cut in the proper place for this rear crash hit damage. You should never try to cut a quarter vertically, half way or in the center of the quarter, so I needed to make an erratic splice like a Z. . ..
  15. Generator ?

    Test the generator itself: Disconnect all wires at gen. Put a voltmeter, (I use analog for this, but digital should be fine) put the voltmeter red/or power lead at the ARM or BATT whichever that generator says. Now put the voltmeter ground wire to a good clean ground at generator. Now get a jumper wire; hook one end to the battery plus side, then you will use the other end to "power" the Ford fields. Get the RPM up to say 1500-1800, and momentarily touch the F term with that hot jumper. Be looking at volts, a bad generator may stop at 2-3 V or just be stone dead. A good generator will "run wild", meaning going 2x times normal volts. Do not keep the jumper on any longer than that quick test. You are overloading it, or making it put out way too much.