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  1. nzcarnerd

    One from the AACA library

    In case anyone hasn't been looking at the mystery cars there. One here I have not yet identified. T on the right of course, but the bigger one on the left?
  2. nzcarnerd

    Cardrona Hotel, near Wanaka, New Zealand

    I should have phrased my last comment better. I agree it is a Nash.
  3. Interesting mid 1920s car. What is it? I think the photo dates from somewhere in the late 1920s. For reference here are the NZ plates from the first national plates in 1925 until the introduction of permanent plates from 1964. This is a recent shot of the same hotel. The Chrysler is a permanent fixture there.
  4. nzcarnerd

    Teens, 20's Buick Water Jacket Cover??

    Not before 1924, when the engine was redesigned..
  5. nzcarnerd

    Cardrona Hotel, near Wanaka, New Zealand

    You could be right. Two things I noticed about the Rollin, it has rim bolts which the Nash doesn't have and the Rollin does not have the tubular cross bar at the front of the chassis.
  6. nzcarnerd

    Can anyone help identify this old car frame

    I note also the steering box on the Chev speedster is directly above the spring mount. On our 1926 Pontiac, which has a similar frame the steering box is several inches behind the spring mount - the and those engine mounts are not there.
  7. Dodge, not earlier than 1917 and not later than 1919.
  8. Posted on the HAMB yesterday. Looks like a Marmon 34? beside it. Dodge? on the left.
  9. nzcarnerd

    need saxon engine info

    My copy of The Serial Number Book for US Cars says a B-5-R is a 1917 runabout. Although the numbers supposedly only go to 18399.
  10. nzcarnerd

    1924 Hupmobile convertible

    Looks like a four cylinder Model R - probably a few years earlier than 1928.
  11. The first one is a Wills Sainte Claire, and then a 1936 DeSoto. The big antique with the Westinghouse shock absorbers I am not sure of but I do know the photo is printed back to front. The car should be right hand drive. The car looks to date from about 1912-13. The car might be a 1912 Pierce-Arrow Model 36. The bus is a White, probably early 1920s and the last car is a 1925 Buick. 1925 was the last year Buick had the headlights with a bar between them. From 1926 they were mounted above the bar so that the lights were interchangeable.
  12. I see in basscaster's original bunch of photos a LATIL badge. That is one most Americans will not have heard of.
  13. nzcarnerd

    Can anyone help identify this old car frame

    A measure of the wheelbase might help. What is the distance from the front axle to where the rear axle might go - about the peak of the arch towards the rear. Whatever it was I think it must have had no brakes on the front axle as I see no signs of brackets on the hubs.
  14. nzcarnerd

    Can anyone help identify this old car frame

    I think you mean defunct.
  15. I hadn't noticed the odd shaped head lamps. I thought the car was late 1920s but maybe it is earlier. I don't think the style changed very much before they went broke about 1924. I found this one.
  16. nzcarnerd

    Cardrona Hotel, near Wanaka, New Zealand

    I may be able to answer my own question. I think it might be a Rollin. I know that a few of them were sold here in 1925-26.
  17. The car on the right is, relatively, easy. A Ford T from about 1918-20 by the gas sidelights. The other one is a bit more difficult. Probably a middle to upper price car from about 1914-16.
  18. My copy of Floyd Clymer's Catalog of 1914 Cars has section of electric cars. Like most eras of cars 'they all look the same' but all are just that little bit different. Several are shown with solid tyres like this but even those tyres have differences of appearance. I first thought this one was an Argo Brougham but the wiki article says the Argo had a 110" wheelbase, the longest of any electric. The distinctive thing about this car is the location of the lamps - up along the side of the car. I think that confirms that this car is a 1915-16 Broc. Gong by the info in The Standard Catalog, it could be had as a front drive brougham, a rear drive brougham, or a double drive brougham, which presumably had two power packs and drove both axles??? Or was it all just about the location of the driving position?
  19. nzcarnerd

    Grandpa's first car

    The Ford T was about the first mass-produced car to go left hand drive, in 1908, and the others followed gradually, most by about 1913. The last to change was Stutz in about 1922.
  20. nzcarnerd

    Grandpa's first car

    Prompted by this post I looked in my copy of The Standard Catalog and there is a picture labelled as a 1913 Stoddard-Dayton Model 48 which looks just like the mystery car, even to the two different looking windshield struts.
  21. nzcarnerd

    Identification of brass era auto

    The car with the small boy at the wheel is a Stevens-Duryea. There were so many similar cars in that era but each had its own characteristics like placement of door handles and lights etc.
  22. nzcarnerd

    Grandpa's first car

    Not many cars used that curved windshield strut.
  23. nzcarnerd

    Rolls Royce Meteor V12 Merlin Spitfire Engine

    I spoke to the owner of that "Auto Union' yesterday - I have known him for many years. He said the car is 1 1/2 times larger than the original. That is Rod Millen in the car, wearing the blue race suit. The owner drove it as well but it broke a rear drive shaft when he stalled it and tried to bump start it. His next project is to put a Bristol Hercules sleeve valve radial piston aircraft engine (look it up) into the back of an early Land Rover. The photo is one of his other creations - a vintage trials special consisting of two Coventry Climax generator engines in an Austin 7 chassis. He drove that again yesterday.
  24. Hmmm, not much to go on with that one. Date around 1912-14(?), three quarter elliptic rear springs. Hard to say what the rear window of the top looks like - might be four panels? I think that top has a removable rear panel like this 1913 Overland. The top bows match but the rear fender shape is different. I reckon our mystery car is a 1914 Overland. We had another '14 Overland recently - #11. Could this be the same car?
  25. Thanks I will have to remember that difference. So this car is a V rather than an AA.