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    Mystery late teens touring car

    Photos dated February 1918. Note the distinctive curves to the fenders. I was thinking possibly Oakland but maybe not.
  2. nzcarnerd

    Is this a Marmon?

  3. nzcarnerd

    Mystery late teens touring car

    I did consider that but thought the whole car didn't look big enough. I agree on several things - those running board curves in particular but was put off by the size. From what I have read up on the early Marmon 34 wood wheels might have been a special order? It seems they were promoting wire wheels on these.
  4. The recent post regarding the 1969 Chevrolet had me thinking to ask here if anyone knows who the Pontiac dealer was in Seattle in 1964. I can't remember if I have asked this one before. If I have, maybe then question will reach a new audience. My 1965 Bonneville was built in California in the first week of production - date 09A. The body is #143. Serial 26239C100824. It was bought new by a New Zealand businessman who was working in the US at the time. He brought it home with him a year later and it was first registered in NZ in November of 1965. Oddly enough the engine number is 821, so it is not 'matching numbers'. Of course the 1 might just be a badly stamped 4. The block is date late July 1964. I have no information apart from that I got from PHS many years ago but there was no info re the original dealer. Does anybody remember, or have information on who the Pontiac dealer was at the time?
  5. nzcarnerd

    ID Convertible and Van

    The truck is either Studebaker or Dodge. Might take some research.
  6. nzcarnerd

    1960s Seattle Pontiac dealer?

    I moved house a couple of weeks ago so it might take a while to find.
  7. From The Standard Catalog I see Plymouth built a couple of thousand of these. Note also chains on the rear tyres. I guess they could have put them on the front as well if it was icy enough?
  8. nzcarnerd

    1904 Renault top question

    A handy reference.
  9. nzcarnerd

    1904 Renault top question

    I note the first comment now says 1905. Because of the influence of the London Brighton run the values of these can vary enormously. 1904 - way higher than 1905. Not that it makes any difference to original question.
  10. nzcarnerd

    dash 1930's?

    What viv w was trying to ask was are there any makers names on the instruments.
  11. nzcarnerd

    Tulsa Firefighters 1915

    Another one from the HAMB. Any ideas on identity of the chief's car? Or any of the fire trucks?
  12. nzcarnerd

    Johnnie's Garage Tow Truck ???

    The other version was 'are you on the line?' A kids prank was to ring someone up and say 'are you on the line?' and when they said yes, the answer to give was - 'well you had better get off there is a train coming'. Perhaps a Kiwi thing only?
  13. nzcarnerd

    1960s Seattle Pontiac dealer?

    I need to dig out my PHS file again but I am fairly sure there was no info about the original dealer there. I was told by the original purchaser of the car that he bought it in Seattle. So not much to go on.
  14. nzcarnerd

    1904 Renault top question

    Photo? Maybe check out pics of cars on the London to Brighton run on a year when it has been wet - I don't know which year off the top of my head though. Or contact owners of similar cars through the UK Veteran Car Club maybe.
  15. nzcarnerd

    Piston question

    The graphs posted just highlights that all engines were not created equal. I have read with other makes about different sizes of 'standard' bores and pistons and rings to fit.
  16. nzcarnerd

    1960s Seattle Pontiac dealer?

    I wondered if there might have been more than one.
  17. nzcarnerd

    Miami 1940

    This was on the HAMB and I thought it worth sharing. Two Lincolns readily identifiable - a Zephyr and a big K.
  18. nzcarnerd

    Year make and model

    Another one -
  19. nzcarnerd

    Year make and model

    Job #7710 is a 1928 Buick Master Six coupe Model 58 on a 128" wheelbase. One of the more impressive looking Buicks of the era.
  20. nzcarnerd

    Chrysler 323.5 Straight 8 Flathead

    Re the 'coloured picture' etc, all of that was posted by Tinindian. I just commented on it. Some people, it seems mostly in the US I guess because this is a US forum, I am sure will continue to call the flat head engine a flat engine until corrected by us grumpy old buggers.
  21. nzcarnerd

    Chrysler 323.5 Straight 8 Flathead

    That 'flat' vs 'flat head' thing gets a lot of people. It would be easier to use the British - or non US - nomenclature, of side valve. I know that doesn't differentiate between T and L head but it is adequate for most applications. Raffles in his comment refers to the differences between Canadian and US sixes - of course there is the 'long' and 'short' block thing to consider with those. US built both sizes , Canada built long ones only.
  22. nzcarnerd

    Make model or year?

    The house looks new - no gardens etc.
  23. The bike is probably a Triumph from the same era or maybe a little earlier - 1910ish?