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  1. Pictures would help along with info as to just which model it is - serial number etc.
  2. I suspect it might be even longer. If you follow the link through to the original facebook page there is mention of it having a Cragar head.
  3. Apparently the red still has a four cylinder engine in it, but with an ohv conversion.
  4. A very much modified American LaFrance fire engine. The clue is Elmira, the town where they were built.
  5. I guess this one is longer again? -
  6. Looks like 1932.
  7. Being left hand drive I am guessing i is a recent import. Maybe?
  8. Hi Jim, yes it was lucky I am on a day off work. 9am Tuesday when I replied to that.
  9. The car looks to be a second series Twin Six, so 1917 - or late '16 to early '17. No guarantees the car was new when the pic was taken though.
  10. Thanks I will update those on the site.
  11. Could they both be the same car. Both movies made in the same country in the same year.
  12. Thanks.
  13. 1931-32 Dodge I guess but can you be specific on the model? - see also the link there for what I guess is the same car in another movie.
  14. Remember that old cars always sound noisier than newer ones because they don't have the sound proofing or the other noise and vibration reducing features. Also old cars cruise at near their maximum speed because of the limited rev range. I would think that 2800 would be max for the Stude. Our Dictator had the 4.66:1 rear end but my son has replaced it with a 4.33:1 gear set from the same model. I have not driven it but he says that it is quite comfortable at 90 kph (about 55mph). The car is currently off the road and might be for some time, having some body repairs done.
  15. I wonder if it could be a Marathon. I know the colour of the badge looks wrong but the general look of the car, and the badge, is similar.