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  1. Another 1929 Studebaker Truck??

    Some pics of the engine would help, along with the engine number. Also need to see the number on the aluminium tag on the chassis behind the front wheel. Also measure the wheelbase - distance between front and rear axles. There were no actual year models for Studebakers in this era. They introduced a new model at any time of the year that they felt that the model was ready to put on the market.
  2. BUS?

    Maybe next time try getting a shot of just the front bit - from the windshield forward. Many commercial makes at that time. There is a hint of shape to the top of the radiator which might suggest White.
  3. Great-Great-Grandpa's Car - What model?

    Yes, 4.5" bore x 5" stroke for 159 cid - 22 hp @ 1200 rpm - according to The Standard Catalog - more power than a Ford T. 92" wheelbase vs 100" for the T - both cars weigh about the same.
  4. 1927 6-27 pontiac

    1927 Pontiac was the last year to share most of its front end with Chevrolet as far as I know. I guess you should probably post in Buy/Sell and Pontiac sections - and maybe in Chevrolet? Try Googling the place that sells early Chevrolet stuff. Can't remember the name off hand.
  5. 1910 Touring in Pennsylvania

    Maybe more sense to hang it higher up? Down low where the OP car has it there would be a danger of catching it on something in rough going back in the day.
  6. 1910 Touring in Pennsylvania

  7. Old Car Picture I need Identified

    I suppose you could argue, that with the early cars they didn't have 'black' tyres until sometime around WW1.
  8. Help ID this Commercial vehicle from York County

    Badger not Badge.
  9. Unknown Car or Truck Grill?

    The British Standard began in 1903 and ultimately became part of Standard Triumph (of TR sports cars fame), which became part of British Leyland. The name was also used for several American makes, the most successful lasted from 1914 to 1923.
  10. New here- 1st Post: what is it

    I looked at that moulding. The problem when trying to find a match might be that with its folded top in place much of that moulding would be obscured.
  11. Unidentified Car Help

    One way of telling the difference between the Master and Standard Six Buicks in this era is the number of hub bolts on the rear axle. The Master has six, the Standard lots more. This car is a 1925 Master Six Coach - Model 25-40 - which was a new body style for that year, and is on the shorter 120" wheelbase (vs the 128"). The colour is most likely Cobalt Blue with black fenders. Checking the rear hub bolt numbers out in my 1973 copy of 70 Years of Buick I see that the book has the two models transposed. The model 25-40 was the biggest selling individual model Buick that year with 30,000 sales. Also of note is that 1925 was the first year that closed cars outsold open cars.
  12. Grandmother in what kind of car
  13. 1932 230 Straight 8 Numbers

    Just out of curiosity did they put casting dates on Buick blocks? Studebakers and Chryslers of the mid to late 1920s are easily dated by them. I have some 1934 Series 40 engines but have never looked for casting dates. My 1965 Pontiac V8 has a casting date which - from memory - is July 30 1964.
  14. Grandmother in what kind of car

    The main problem with all of those Oldsmobiles is that the louvres are too coarse. Those on the mystery car are 'finer' - and on a different angle.
  15. Most curious wheel protectors?

    TT because of the long wheelbase and fatter tyres.