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  1. We are considering changing our 1929 Plymouth to 12 volts for the simple reason that 6 volt batteries cost more than twice as much as 12 volt batteries here in NZ, and only last half as long.
  2. nzcarnerd

    Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    Re swinging the engine in, I have a list - somewhere - on file that Buick sent me in the 1970s of all the individual component weights of the early 1930s models. From memory the weight quoted for the 90 - fan to clutch - was 1100 lb.
  3. nzcarnerd

    ID needed on prewar car

    I thought maybe 1942 Plymouth but keiser is right I think.
  4. nzcarnerd

    Need help with 1929/30 Chrysler 70

    Regarding date there will be casting dates on the block and head, which will be a few weeks earlier than the build date.
  5. nzcarnerd

    Anyone know what this engine is from?

    My guess is the engine number is partly hidden behind the sheet metal visible in the photo. BTW has to be Hudson as the Essex engine is a cast iron monoblock type.
  6. The Standard catalog says these cost $24,500 in 1972 - a lot of money for the time I think. Unfortunately there is no info there on production figures. Having a basically standard Pontiac frame I guess mechanical bit swill be no problem. Re the Dean Martin connection there is a page which mentions him owning three, along with the VIN of his '72. Seems not many cars had the tonneau trunk
  7. nzcarnerd

    Anyone know what this engine is from?

    If it is a Hudson the engine number will be on the left side engine mount (the aluminium casting leg) according to The Standard Catalog. Whether front or rear I don't know. Unfortunately there is no engine number dating info.
  8. nzcarnerd

    Whippet truck?

    So it is a Chrysler product and not a Willys product?
  9. nzcarnerd

    1928 Chrysler Coupe

    Should be a FEDCO number on the dash.
  10. nzcarnerd

    Whippet truck?

    Found this photo in one of the local library archives. I think it is a Whippet truck but the hood sides and the front bumper are from something else. Comments? Notice in the background the very common mistake of putting an apostrophe in Willys is already alive and well.
  11. nzcarnerd

    Buick doodle bug (joker)-- added pictures

    The numbers on the side of the second gearbox will help identify it. That worm drive rear end might be from a truck. Too heavy to be Ford TT I think?
  12. nzcarnerd

    Bumper for a '33 Chevy truck?

    The 'white' bumper looks like circa 1929 Chrysler of some sort.
  13. nzcarnerd

    Buick doodle bug (joker)-- added pictures

    The number quoted says it is 1920.
  14. nzcarnerd

    1938 Buick Series 90 with French coachwork

    Re the '37 you mentioned I did see a 1937 with a Franay body when searching for info on the Binder car. And then there is that more flamboyant '38 with the Fernandez and Darrin body.
  15. nzcarnerd

    1924 Chassis

    Radiator shell with lovers?