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  1. Railroad truck????

    GMC radiator - so Buick six engine, but could be later than 1930. I don't think GMC used Buick's eights - just stuck with the sixes for a few years until they organised their own engines. Note also it has front brakes. Should be an engine number there somewhere.
  2. Early mystery roadster

    Just in case anyone has nothing to do on a Sunday morning - would anyone like to hazard a guess as to what this one is?
  3. Early truck or modified touring??

    Too light to be a fire truck I reckon. It has chain drive to a rear axle with solid tyres. It might be a conversion - like Gramm did with Overlands. Unfortunately there were so many truck makers in that era that it might prove impossible to identify. I see it has a 'shouldered' radiator a la White but maybe not much help.
  4. Two more coupes to identify - maybe both are Grahams?

    The original photo is labelled 'Main Street, Charlottesville" - there may be several Charlottesvilles so I don't know which one. BTW is this one a Graham - - if so, which model?
  5. Another mystery roadster

    Looks like the same woman in the first photo. I think the photos are by Harry Rhoads and that is his wife. Look him up.
  6. The bare bones T on the right is not something that would be seen every day.
  7. I guess the owner of this one was influenced by the contemporary Packard in adding the script to the radiator. As far as I know Pathfinder called their car a Twelve. I notice no front license plate - maybe Colorado? I wonder how many others states didn't require a front plate.
  8. Another mystery roadster

    I found another pic of what I presume is the same car. I guess Colorado required cars to have a plate at the rear only as the front on views show no plate. I think I drove over Berthoud Pass on my 1978 road trip. It would have been quite a climb in 1918. I guess they did high altitude tuning then too? From what I can find the Kissel used an 'own make' 284 cid L head six - 3 3/16" x 5 1/2" developing about 60 bhp. With a 3.6:1 rear end it would go quite well by the standards of the time. I know my California Pontiac didn't really perform on those high mountain roads. I think about 35 mph was all it would manage - 326 and M20 auto in a '67 LeMans.
  9. Another mystery roadster

    Thanks for that. Re the Chandler I sometimes get those two 'Ch' cars mixed.
  10. Another mystery roadster

    Just found another photo which looks to be the same car. Answered my question re the location - Colorado.
  11. Another mystery roadster

    Looks to be an Overland and a Chalmers behind but what is the roadster in the foreground? Taken at the Cave of the Winds. Is that the Colorado one or the Niagara Falls one?
  12. 1917 or 1918??

    Agree with all of what you say except that the number on the bell housing in the photo appears to be cast not stamped - so probably a part number. Assigning a year to an older car is always a source of argument. Buick production in that era ran mid year to mid year. When a car is new the proud buyer would rather drive next year's model than this year's but when it is an antique they want it to be as old as possible. I have posted before on this subject. I have a 1965 Pontiac that was built in the first week of September 1964. There is no doubt that it is a 1965 car; specifications, appearance, serial number etc confirm it, but using Morgan Wright's argument maybe I should call it a '64? Here in NZ the classification for Veteran cars has a cut off date of 31 December 1918. Apparently the first few Essex cars were built just before New Year 1919 so due to some clever manipulation some local cars have now become eligible for Veteran events.
  13. Mystery touring car

    A photo taken in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1919. I am sure I have seen one of this type of car before but have a blank on what it is.
  14. Mystery roadster

    What is this large mid 1920s American roadster?
  15. Vehicle(s) to identify

    Women's hair style suggest late '20s to me - or maybe into early '30s?