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  1. Found the same pic on a bus forum - ACF Brill IC-41 This one lists the IC-41 as an intercity bus - logical enough for IC I guess - - I presume WLW's example was a retired one. Some info here - - the engine is a 779 cid gasoline six, four speed trans with the shift to reverse being done through first, 'horrible' fuel mileage so in the 1950s Caterpillar offered a diesel alternative. The dates would seem to be just post WW2.
  2. ACF Brill of some sort.
  3. Here are some pics of the 1933 Rockne including an engine shot. . -
  4. Interesting in researching this I came across this ad for a "1931 Studebaker President" for sale. I wonder what the six cylinder engine in it is from.
  5. Here is what I was looking for - - note the change of firing order for the 1934 cars which suggests to me there was a design change. I have no personal experience with these but this is a start.
  6. Need to do some research but I think there was a major design change somewhere in the early 1930s when the appearance of the engine change as well as the firing order. I will have a dig through my files and find the relevant document I found on the net.
  7. I picture with a ruler beside might help. We have Vintage lawnmowers with crank handles that date from the 1920s to 1960s. I wonder if they might possibly also be for stationary engines. I will take some crank handle pics today to compare.
  8. The Velie company was started in 1902 by Willard Lamb Velie whose mother was the daughter of John Deere. According to The Standard Catalog there were several Velies on the John Deere company board. 1909 was the first year of car production and model was a 30 hp. The touring was a Model A and the roadster a Model B and the price was $1750.
  9. I guess you have been through the archives of the Fort Collins Express and the Denver Post? I got a clue from here -
  10. I have a copy of Floyd Clymer's Historical Motor Scrapbook No4 which I think was printed in 1948. He mentions there about competing in his first motorcycle race at the ago of 17 in 1912 in Boulder, Colorado. It would seem that motorcycle racing was popular in that part of the country in the era. Looked up something on Clymer. The wiki page says he was born in Indianapolis but his obit in The New York Times says he was born in Berthoud, Colorado. And an article from the AACA library -
  11. The first four from the left are Indians as is the one on the far right and the one fourth from right. I am not up on the finer points of Indians so can't date them exactly. The second and third in from the right I think are Excelsiors. That leaves the three in the middle which look like quite light weight machines with direct belt drive. They could be more Excelsiors. I think the date is several years earlier than 1917, more like 1911-ish. Here is a 1911 Excelsior -
  12. 1936 Chrysler hood side trim.
  13. Like they would have done for early Pontiac chassis numbers? By comparison the locally assembled ones just had the 27 from the factory had the local number added later - maybe by the apprentice or someone who might have a hard night the night before.
  14. Most US makers supplied RHD export markets right up to WW2, and beyond in some cases. Ford have recently got back into it with the latest Mustang. There are some quite rare ones. Here in NZ I know there is a RHD NZ new 1938 Hupmobile.