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  1. Help identify this car, photo taken in Sweden 1930s

    I saw several versions of that photo. but you can see it is a four door, so is the longer wheelbase model. It was only when I researched it that I found the info on the Roberts site re: the 115" model being the brougham two-door only.
  2. Old truck

    I had hoped we might be able to read the badge but the pic is too low res.
  3. Russian Auto with US Heritage

    Reverse engineered from Packards, seems to be the thinking. The Russian leaders already owned several Packards and figured their own car should be based on one.
  4. Old truck

    It is quite a small file - only 18Kb, a bit small to see what it is. I wonder if the original, that the Facebook poster has, is a better size
  5. Help identify this car, photo taken in Sweden 1930s

    Here is the original brightened up a bit. Quite a large file – good for detail.
  6. Help identify this car, photo taken in Sweden 1930s

    Just found some more info to back up what I have written. See the quote regarding the two door Brougham - "An interesting addition to the lineup appeared in the spring when a new two-door brougham was announced. It had a 115 inch wheelbase, smaller brake drums, smaller springs and tires, and wood wheels standard.This model listed at just $1,295, the lowest price ever for a Paige." It was the only model on that wheelbase, and sold for $200 less than the 125" wheelbase sedan. I have not been able to find another picture on the net of a 1926 Brougham like the mystery car above.
  7. Help identify this car, photo taken in Sweden 1930s

    This 1924 car shows the different waistline mouldings, along with the lack of cowl lights and the different headlights seen on the earlier cars. It is also a much bigger car.
  8. Help identify this car, photo taken in Sweden 1930s

    This one is intriguing because the wheels look 'odd.' Most Paiges io this era were on discs and this one looks to be on - maybe - 5.00 x 20s or something not much bigger, so making it a lower price car. The 1927 Paiges had bullet-shaped headlights, and a different shaped radiator, so that eliminates 1927. From 1922 to 1925 all of the Paiges were big cars on a 131" wheelbase, and the waistline mouldings were different to this car. That leaves 1926 when they built cars on two wheelbases - the model 24 on 115" and the model 26 on 125". Most sources quote the same info for 1926 viz; Model 24-26 wheelbase 115/125" - i.e. mixing the two. I am going to stick my neck out and say this is a 1926 Model 24.
  9. Auto in old photo

    Funny you say that. There are many photos of older women posted with cars on the HAMB - Vintage shots from Days Gone By - and there are plenty of less than happy older women there. Plenty of smiles as well though.
  10. Auto in old photo

    Something odd about the visor on the mystery car.
  11. Labatt home - London, Ontario

    1934-35 Buick Series 60 Model 67 sedan.
  12. Oh' to be in England

    Those mountain passes must require a lot of concentration to negotiate. No time for looking at the view! Or where you are going or have been.
  13. A sunny day in Palm Springs

    Maybe VERY late '50s? The Falcon was introduced in 8 October '59 apparently. With the triple tail lights in the back row, a Mercury Breezeway?
  14. Oh' to be in England

    The twin engine car is basically an A7 chassis with two Coventry Climax generator engines mounted on it. Still only two wheel drive - as per the regulations. It is built as bit of fun. The same owner has recently had constructed a sort of replica 1939(?) Auto Union twin rear wheel, hill climb car with a Meteor engine for power. I haven't seen it but I believe it was at the Leadfoot festival this year.
  15. Oh' to be in England

    A random selection from 2017. The weather wasn't as brilliant as it could be. My younger son and I went in the 1930 Snipe (belongs to a neighbour). My other son drove the Plymouth, in the background at the lunch stop at Twizel behind the red A7. The Bentley, which has a locally built roadster body from back in the day, has belonged to the Wright family, who are distant relatives of mine, for many years.