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  1. nzcarnerd

    Help identifying truck

    I think the military versions had the more cutaway fenders?
  2. nzcarnerd

    Circa 1905 car - what is it?

    That could be it. Oddly enough I saw that actual car the Forest Grove Concourse in 1978. No I don't know who the person standing by the car was.
  3. nzcarnerd

    Grill and surround? Seagrave? Buick?

    The mesh inserts in the grille look like 1934-35 Series 40 Buick.
  4. nzcarnerd

    Circa 1905 car - what is it?

    Not Maxwell. The suspension doesn't match. Those early Maxwells were flat twins. The hood on the is either for a four or an under floor engine.
  5. nzcarnerd

    Could this one be Rainier? #162102
  6. nzcarnerd

    Circa 1905 car - what is it?

    Posted on the HAMB. Obviously not a Dodge. I first thought Maxwell but I don't think it is.
  7. nzcarnerd

    Mystery late teens car in NZ - run on coal gas

    That is the Buick Marr cycle car from 1914.
  8. Just had a look on that website and there does not seem to be a contact email. Maybe you could find someone in your local vintage car club who knows of a Jewett owner and go from there. Maybe you could scout through this list and find someone near you? I know of one car here in Christchurch that has been with the same family for over 50 years. My book of serial numbers says the car number would be found under the front seat - but that will be long gone. Some early chassis also had the number stamped on the left rear corner of the frame where it was usually hidden by the body. The engine number will be on the left side of the crankcase.
  9. Even if nobody wants it I guess the Jewett Registry would like to know about it. One more to tick off the list maybe. Hopefully here are some numbers that can be recorded.
  10. nzcarnerd

    What is this High- Low trans. I think Ford T or A

    I have no idea what it is but some dimensions might help. Is that four inch timber on the top of the horses? The style of the cover for the out put drive must be a clue.
  11. nzcarnerd

    Need help to ID year/make in this old postcard

    I wonder what they did with the totem pole.
  12. nzcarnerd

    Mystery late teens car in NZ - run on coal gas

    I thought that was the goal gas brand. I had forgotten about Regal as a make that late in the teens. I knew they did conventional cars but it was only when I looked at The Standard Catalog I realise they lasted through to 1918. I don't think NZ had much of a gas shortage during WW1. Gas producers or, in this case gas cylinders, are not common in contemporary photos.
  13. nzcarnerd


    Maybe that should read model FC? Eight cylinder model?
  14. At the other end of the block there should be a date code - something like H-7-25. This is one of the spare ones I had accumulated. We needed all of the bits as it took parts from all four to build another goodish engine to replace the one that went bang. That all happened more than 20 years ago. Now other projects have got in the way and it has been put to one side again. Yes that is right the camshaft has fallen out of the block. The rod also broke the manifold carburettor flange and the starter mounting when it went out the side.
  15. nzcarnerd

    Could this be a 1931 Hudson?

    Thanks I was trying to get a match with the bumpers. Not a lot of them still have that style. maybe they were aftermarket? One thing bothers me though. The body moulding on this 1928 Victory Six is different to that on the mystery car. As well I can see no sign of those distinctive depressions below the windows that characterise the '28 cars. I am wondering if the mystery car might be a Senior Six.