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  1. Jack Welch

    Board of Directors election results

    Ben : Chuck did a great job indeed with the Springfield National Meet. The truth of the matter is that BCA members have a long tradition of "once more in to the brink" and it is usually so well done, that no one except those close to the situation ever know about it. We have a great Club, with many members, some known, some unknown that always come to the rescue.
  2. Jack Welch

    Who's Going to Denver

    You do not need a ticket to be on the show field. You would need to be registered to use the hospitality room and other meet activities. The Hampton Inn is close to the Marriot , which is the host hotel.
  3. Jack Welch

    Board of Directors election results

    The outgoing BOD members will be sorely missed
  4. Jack Welch

    National Meet Tours

    Yes, Barney, the original question and intent of the thread was to see what members prefer at National Meets for types of tours and whether they would prefer to drive or be taken in a bus. Sometimes we have no choice about the method of transportation due to parking restraints, etc and some times it is a matter of choice . Knowing the type of tour preferred will also help the National Meet Committee decide were to set up tour destinations. Tours before and after the Meet, are really not part of the National Meet Committee's planing , and are currently being very well handled by the BDE and PWD.
  5. Jack Welch

    National Meet Tours

    Brian: I know what uno mean, I have run Classic Car Club of America Caravans, but this is about National Meets. We barely have the manpower to put on a Meet. Tours like you are speaking about are way beyond the scope of what we can effectively do. Our tours are to local car collections, points of interest, etc. The type of tours you are referring to are really separate events.That type of tour is better left to the BDE, Prewar after the meet tour, etc. I am certainly looking forward to the Cleveland Meet. We (The National Committee ) have been working closely with the Chapter in the planning of that meet.
  6. Jack Welch

    National Meet Tours

    The tours that you guys do are much more involved then what we can deal with at the National Meet level. It is a great option for attendees wishing to see and get a feel for the area. I am thinking you have a limit on number of vehicles?
  7. Jack Welch

    National Meet Tours

    I agree with you on the difficulty of keeping up in a prewar car Matt, and we can look at the logistics of it, but given all that has to happen at a National Meet, and the relative small amount of early cars, I am not sure it is doable. It will be interesting as this thread goes on to see if we get more requests for early cars only. My thought process is to issue a sort of a "triptik" and map for tours and let everyone proceed at their own pace. For the most part there will only be one destination in each tour. Let's see where this goes.
  8. Jack Welch

    Who's Going to Denver

    That is correct, the pricing, listing for the Bugle, etc is all done and has been ready for awhile. The fact of the matter is, we have a variety of tours, planned, thanks to Pete Philips and his crew. I think there will be something for everybody . The new suggestions thread is up and ready for constructive comments.
  9. Jack Welch

    National Meet Tours

    The purpose of this thread is to try and get an idea of what members (and their spouses, et al) would like to see on National Meet tours. One of the hard parts in planning a National Meet is coming up with tours that appeal to attendees. The most constructive comments would be those pertaining to costs, interests and bus tours vs driven tours. The discussion of the effect of those tours and the effect it has on vendors would also e helpful. (for instance, should the length of a National Meet be lengthened to accommodate both entities?) It is one of my jobs on the National Meet Committee to come up with a list of standard SOPs for running National Meets, so your opinions here could be veery helpful in that regard. A tradition in the BCA for many years was to provide only positive comments about prior National Meets. That tradition has suffered a bit in the last few years, but for our purposes, I would ask that you not go back and criticise former tours, but let us go forward from here.
  10. Jack Welch

    Who's Going to Denver

    Based on the complexity of the tour discussion and the fact that it already beyond the Denver Meet and actually beyond the Oklahoma City Meet to make changes at this point, I will try and start a new thread to get opinions about what members would prefer to do on future National Meet tours , and likes . dislikes.
  11. Jack Welch

    Who's Going to Denver

    Mark: This is a dilemma that the National Meet Committee and the host Chapter face with every National . Trying to establish a balance so that vendors taking the time , effort and expense to come to a National Meet , verses the demand for tours. The bus issue is another thing altogether. We have a lot of members that fly in to meets, and need transportation to tour venues. Often members can also drive their cars if there is sufficient room to park at the venue. Each National presents its own set of challenges and opportunities and all we can do is to look at them one at a time. The National Meet Committee meeting is open to all members, and we as a committee welcome suggestions.
  12. Jack Welch

    Who's Going to Denver

    Hey Brian: Skip the Coors Brewery and go a bit farther to Ft Collins and tour the New Belgium Brewery. Home of Fat Tire Beer. Great funky place, I. think. kids are allowed. I can check for you . The former taste room guy (just retired) is a friend. You know me - always know people in the right places.
  13. Jack Welch

    Mass. YOM plates and new inspection rules

    There is currently a bill in the Mass State house about abolishing the annual inspection for antique automobiles 75 years old and older. Contact your local rep and express your support for this and at least this nonsense will go away on prewar cars.
  14. Jack Welch

    31 series 50 radiator

    Try Jon Henry or Mac Blair. I don't have Mac's contact info handy, but if your are in the Buick Club of America. , contact info for both is in the roster. Real name is Maclellan Blair from PA. Jon is from MA. They both have a good selection of early Buick parts. I think Bob's Automobile may be making a rerpo also.
  15. Jack Welch

    31 series 50 radiator

    The modern cores do not have the same heat transfer as the original cores. The old Honeycomb radiators had more cooling surface. If you want an original core, I would recommend Chuck Niles at Honeycomb radiator in Maine. He always has a wait, but he is the best in my opinion. Eating to get my 41 Cad radiator back from him as we speak. I know this is an area that a lot of people try to work around, but these cars ran Ok, when they were new, and I never had any overheating problems, when I had my '31 with an original honeycomb core in it.