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  1. I am in the process of selling my 1940 Model 91 Limited 4 dr Formal sedan. I believe this one of the best examples of the relatively rare automobile. The car received a BCA Gold Senior award in 1998 and a Senior Preservation in 2011. It is also avery good driver having completed a 2000 mile plus CCCA Caravan in 2016. The Limited also has dual side mounts and Trippe lights. The car will be at Hershey PA AACA Fall Meet if not sold before. It will be located on the Chocolate Field in Jesse Morton's tent. I am asking 45K for this beautiful automobile. If you have any interest, please PM me. Jack
  2. Jack Welch

    Looking for 1937 Series 80 Parts

    Steele Rubber products may be able to help you with the running board rubber, if it is only the rubber that you need.
  3. Jack Welch

    Looking for 1937 Series 80 Parts

    If you are a BCA member, you may want to look up Jon Henry in Marion Massachusetts or Jesse Morton in Connecticut . Also Bob (Robert) Bolduc in Lowell MA. Hope this helps. Jon and Jesse are also AACA members, so if you don't have a Buick roster , you could find them in the AACA roster. Jack
  4. Jack Welch

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    You know Mark, I had chosen to let you go on, and not engage you because you really want to prolong this drivel and create as much discontent as possible. At this point < I will attempt to set the record straight. Since I was the Meet Head Judge for Denver, I feel compelled to comments on this never ending nonsense. It is easy to criticize those who actually do things. An initial meeting was held at the Hershey Fall AACA meet between BCA Head Judge, John Steed , BOD members Bob Safrit , Larry DeBarry and myself to discuss "all together parking" as it when then being called. Due to misinformation on the forum, it became more difficult to accomplish than originally assumed. After way too much drama, We asked the PMD to put some skin in the game and actually help in getting this accomplished. If you want to take full credit for doing this at Denver, we will not even bother mentioning the Denver Chapter reaching out to make this happen . Of course we made it more difficult, we asked the PWD to supply people to volunteer to help and get it accomplished . So you can believe what ever you want sir, but when you start taking shots at me on this forum, just be sure of your facts. What any of this has to do with the Status of the Prewar Division is beyond my comprehension, although it does seem to be coming clear, why people may have thought there was a problem in the division.
  5. Jack Welch

    1931 Buick Model 50 sedan on Hemmings

    One big advantage of the Buick is the fact that it has a sychro mesh transmission. Much easier to drive than a Ford crash box. No double clutching.
  6. Jack Welch

    1932 Buick Model 98 Auction

    That would be a great car to own. Those early thirties big eights are great back road drivers and eligible for all CCCA events.
  7. Jack Welch

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Matt: I would first like to mention that my comment about this thread earlier was not meant to be any reflection on you. I know that you and I sometimes disagree about issues, but I think we both have respect for one another. At the end of the day, that is a healthy thing. I do think that the BOD is on the road to resolving several Club issues at the ,moment. I am afraid. given the tenor of the emails, that I receive as a BOD member, no matter how the Board votes on these issues, a great number of Club members are going to disagree with us. There is a lot of animosity going on at the moment. It is shame that we can not agree to disagree as a Club without all the rancor and name calling. The BOD is a little divided on issues at the moment also, but I think that as a group, we have a degree of respect for one another and that will eventually lead to solving the issues before us. I do see this as a BOD, that is capable of compromise . One thing that is applicable to this thread is that the BOD has not have the issue of PWD restructure on its agenda at the moment. The overwhelming issues of expulsion of a member and the entire financial "situation" that we have been dealing with are among the first things we have to deal with immediately. I know tis is a disappointment to some, but I am afraid, the other issues take precedence over everything else right now.
  8. Jack Welch

    AACA Forum Basics

    Very helpful info, even for those of us, that have used the forum for awhile. Thanks Mr Earl
  9. Jack Welch

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    This thread is an embarrassment to any self respecting BCA member. I think that there are those that really have no interest in the Club returning to being fun. There still rants about parking and disrespect for those members who have volunteered their time to participate in the judging process. All of this has no purpose in this thread except to keep things stirred up. AS a BOD member, I have received several emails on both sides of the current issues facing the BOD. When these emails are rants, some with perceived issues going back over 25 years, I hit the delete button. If I receive a civil well written email, It gives me reason to consider the sender's position.
  10. Jack Welch

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    John: You have done an outstanding job with this , and You are going to be a very hard act to follow.
  11. Jack Welch

    Judging Guidlines

    Matt; Let me get with John Steed on that.. If it is in electronic form, it will be easy to do, if not it will take a bit more effort to digitize it and post it. I will get back to you on that.
  12. Jack Welch

    Judging Guidlines

    I don't agree with how you worded your first sentence. Am I being picky? Not according to a bleep that was published in the BUGLE, maybe in the early-1990s, that addressed exactly what you just printed. I'll try to find that BUGLE one of these days. Al: I do think you are being picky. The intent in judging is not to try and replicate the car exactly as that particular car rolled off the line, but it is meant to be totally correct for a 19--XYZ . WE have never looked at trim and and color codes on data plates while judging. The original build sheets are not available for early cars, so there is no need to hold the owner to that level of correctness for their car. It matters not to a judge, what options a car has as long as they are correct. Cadillacs ,for instance, are different. he build sheet on my '41 Caddy tells what options it had as well as options , etc. All that said , there are a few changes in the judges manual, such as deductions for the black replacement engines on prewar cars. The new judges manual are hard bound binders with replacement pages. We do not have a lot of them, and it is still a document in flux. At Denver we gave them out to the team captains, and asked for them back at the end of judging. Chief Judge John Steed may have some extras. You could contact him and request one.
  13. Jack Welch

    Judging Guidlines

    The standard used in judging by the BCA 400 point system is that the car should look as it did "when it left the factory" As the supply of NOS parts has dried up, most of us have to resort to repro parts. If they look correct, you will not be penalized (lose points). Many cars lose point for easily fixed items such as the wrong caps on tire / tube and wrong bolts, non Delco battery , voltage regulator . Those are things to look for before showing a restored car.
  14. Jack Welch

    Buicks at Mecum Harrisburg

    I have been involved with helping long time BCA member Bob Bolduc list part of his collection at Harrisburg. His cars are the '68 GS , the Buick Regal T type, The 79 Riv t type, The 81 Riv, the 63 Skylark, the 75 Riv GS and the 61 LeSabre con. The LeSabre is a totally original low milage unmolested car. with factory top , interior, parade boot and chrome. It had a repaint several years ago. Really worth a look for a nice car.
  15. Jack Welch

    Show Us Your Buick Scale Models

    Just as an FYI, Brooklin has discontinued most if not all of their Buick Collection models. These are high quality 1/43 scale ranging from 1933 to 1939. I am phasing out as a Brooklin dealer, but still have some of these in stock. I will be letting these go at cost. If interested, please PM me.