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  1. Jack Welch

    Hershey 2018

    John : One goes down Maine (or Downeast), not up, and once there, you drive in a South West direction to arrive in Northeast Harbor.
  2. Jack Welch

    Hershey 2018

    My spaces are a few down from at Marty's CG 24 & 25. The big difference is that I am usually there, Marty is the Happy Wanderer.
  3. Jack Welch

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    The Minutes from the BOD teleconference of 8/13/2018 have bee posted.
  4. Jack Welch

    Help Identify this 40’s ? Steering Wheel

    looks just like the one on my '40
  5. Jack Welch

    1937 Buick Special 248 Waterpump Lubrication

    agree with you on al that, but here were are talking about water pump lubrication only.
  6. Jack Welch

    1937 Buick Special 248 Waterpump Lubrication

    my concern would not be additives as much as detergent type additives, which can loosen up particles and cause possible wear to bearings etc. I am not an engineer, but my British cars , which still use 1930's technology even in to the fifties and beyond are very clear about not using detergent oils in starters, generators, etc. Detergent olds were not really around in the thirties so I am assuming that the same thought process would hold true for American prewar cars.
  7. Jack Welch

    1937 Buick Special 248 Waterpump Lubrication

    there should be an oil cap on the pump body. It is sown in the owner's manual and the shop manual , if you have either one of these. It should also be 10 wt non detergent oil.
  8. The BCA President usually gets his / her room reserved by the host Chapter. I know as Head judge for Denver and this year as a BOD member, I had to make my own reservations. I know when I ran the two Danvers Meet, we blocked rooms for BOD members, but it was up to them to make their own reservations.
  9. Jack Welch

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    The BOD minutes for the period 8/1/2018 through 8/12/2018 have been posted on the BCA website.
  10. Jack Welch

    Uh oh...what have I done...again?

    only hurricane Gordon to bother you there. See you in Hershey , Marty. Jack
  11. Jack Welch

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    Yes, I keep copies of all emails and correspondence in their entirety. The minutes of a BOD by description are meant to record the Motions and actions of the BOD. My internet going forward is to try and not inflame conversations based on opinion. We as a Board and I as Secretary receive countless opinions and request from members. Many of those are very inflammatory and as such, unless it is an action item, I simply file them. (Not sure what other BOD members chose to do with them.) The past BOD had really struggled with personality based issues. If the current BOD is to move forward, it is important that we get beyond that. The BOD as currently structured has managed to keep things civil, despite our differences in opinion. As Secretary , I feel that it is my job to convey to the membership only the actions of the BOD, not the personalities. I will mention emails that are not in keeping with the goals of a professional BOD, but my intent is to keep them as non inflammatory as possible. I think our membership is capable of reading the minutes and drawing their own conclusions. Thanks for your thoughts.
  12. Jack Welch

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    John: i have decided (with the approval of President Alan) to not print non relevant opinions (insults, etc) that we receive, unless the BOD feels that they are a necessary part of the discussion. in the hope of calming down some of follow up "discussion" that follows printing of minutes on the WEB. The Non relevant opinions voiced here had nothing to do with any motion on the table. The important and relevant part of Terry's email stated that he felt that the current accounting firm should not be used for the audit.
  13. Jack Welch

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    The BCA Minutes for the period 6/30/2108 through 7/30/2018 have been posted on the BCA Web site.
  14. Jack Welch

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    I have over a thousand miles on my Trek 21 speed this summer and 70 on my 38 Buick, something is wrong with that picture. But at least I am in shape. Fall driving coming soon.
  15. Jack Welch

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Ben, Jack is not a member of the BOD, he sent an email giving his opinion on certain matters. He has the same right to privacy in that email as any other email the BOD gets expressing. We as a BOD do not publish those emails regardless whether the member specifically asks us to or not.