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  1. Peter P

    1928 Studebaker radiator cap $25

    Nice, where are you located?
  2. Peter P

    Unknown wire rims

    Can anyone ID these wire rims? Year? Make??
  3. Can anyone tell me what year truck this was from? It is a Canadian made grill but I have not seen the Indian Head symbol before. Year, model and value if possible? Thank you Peter
  4. Peter P

    1925 Buick master 55x restoration

    Any updates to this great thread?
  5. Where are you guys located Jack? I could not find you doing a google search Peter
  6. What is he looking for Robert? I am meeting up with a fellow in his 80's and he know a lot about the early Studebakers
  7. Not sure if the year is correct but this rear end is under my 1925 Studebaker Standard Six ER Hardtop Roadster. I want to ID which McLaighlin Buick model and year this came from, I will likley try to sell it and find a year correct Studebaker rear end. Can someone ID this rear and as per year and model it came off of? Thank you
  8. Peter P

    1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    This is the rare, second version of the 1925 Studebaker dash panel.
  9. Peter P

    1925-26 Studebaker dash for sale: $250 obo

    I am not sure which version of the dash this one is. I suspect it is Version 3 or 4 of the 5 different dash versions they tried in 1925/26. Richard Quinn might be able to confirm.
  10. This is the one I have with my 1926 Coupe
  11. Great photos. Thank you for posting
  12. Peter P

    1925 Studebaker barn find dilemma

    What are you looking for ??
  13. Peter P

    1925 Studebaker barn find dilemma

    You do Richard? I need all the gauges for my 1926 Standard Six dash . Door handles too. It is a coupe.
  14. Any chance these might be the same as used on the 1926 Standard Sixes? Interested if they are
  15. Peter P

    Late 1920's Coupe Doors & unusual reveal????

    Thank your Keiser31.