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  1. 1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    This is the rare, second version of the 1925 Studebaker dash panel.
  2. 1925-26 Studebaker dash for sale: $250 obo

    I am not sure which version of the dash this one is. I suspect it is Version 3 or 4 of the 5 different dash versions they tried in 1925/26. Richard Quinn might be able to confirm.
  3. This is the one I have with my 1926 Coupe
  4. Great photos. Thank you for posting
  5. 1925 Studebaker barn find dilemma

    What are you looking for ??
  6. 1925 Studebaker barn find dilemma

    You do Richard? I need all the gauges for my 1926 Standard Six dash . Door handles too. It is a coupe.
  7. Any chance these might be the same as used on the 1926 Standard Sixes? Interested if they are
  8. Late 1920's Coupe Doors & unusual reveal????

    Thank your Keiser31.
  9. Late 20's Coupe Doors with an unusual reveal???? Can anyone ID them for me? Dodge??
  10. Such a cool find. Might have been an option that was just not popular in the day. I cannot believe that no one took the air flow vents from the hood sides, not even a rat rodder. Hope you can restore that heater.
  11. That is really cool. I have never seen one like it. Thank
  12. 1927 Oakland parts

    I bought a bunch of parts a while ago. Amoungst the parts were these parts shown. I think there are 1927 Oakland 4 door sedan. Can I ask the Oakland or Pontiac experts to give me their opinions? I do not plan to build an Oakland. What would these parts be worth? Thank you Peter, Calgary
  13. Four Fenders

    Can anyone tell me what year and model these fenders were off off? Chev perhaps?
  14. Would anyone know if these steel wheels might have been on? I was told they were on a 1926 Standard Six Duplex Roadster. Now it seems they were not. These are six bolt hubs, and six bolts for the rim and they have male thread approx. 2 and 3/4 Any clues?
  15. Standard Six Steel Wheels

    Thank you. I will post in the "What is it" category