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  1. I believe the picture with the lady and the one with the two people could be the same car.
  2. The tractor would start easier on gas which is more volatile, but then switch to kerosene for more power and less wear on the engine. If you have not read about "pony motors" you might find them interesting also. The first diesel engines had such high compression that the electric starters if the day could not handle them. Catipillar, John Deere, and many others used a gasoline pony motor to start the diesel and then disengage the pony. Interesting to watch an engine being started by a pony.
  3. Here is a 38 Ford Transit
  4. Do not know how accurate this article is, but it is where the second picture seems to have come from. Made by Hess and Eisenhardt according to this.http://imcdb.org/vehicle_325893-Buick-LeSabre-Stretched-Limousine-1987.html
  5. I always liked the big ole boats, so I would take the Caddy in the background. Oh, and by the way, the first new car I ever bought was a 63 Dodge Dart.
  6. Just a few miles from me. Wish I had some inside parking and a few extra bucks. https://ocala.craigslist.org/cto/6020310393.html WELL, SORRY! That did not stay for sale long I guess. It was a 1971 International JOHNNY REB 1000 pickup. Less than 500 produced with that trim package. Very nice condition inside and out and ready to drive or show. Cross between orange and red paint with cream sides and good JR graphics on sides and hood. $8500.00
  7. Love those old flatheads. Nothing sounds so sweet. It can follow me home anytime.
  8. Great speed !!! Thank you for the hard work and $$$ spent to improve our forum.
  9. In many states only red or amber lights can be used on the rear of a car. The blue dots change the color of the light and is considered illegal.
  10. Great! Good thing you do not live close. My wife loves denim. She would be over every day looking at it.
  11. Looks good. I like that shade of blue. What type of material is it?
  12. Here is a 49 Chevy with the hood ornament.
  13. May be the letters on the hood. Also Mercury trucks used individual block letters.
  14. Hope you enjoyed your time in Ocala. The weather has been perfect for the car show. I am thinking the emblem is from 1954. It is the same as the centers on the 54 hubcaps.
  15. I can not say what this button came on, but that crest design in the center was common in the mid 50's. It may be for a lower priced car or truck as most of the buttons back then had chrome rings around the edge. Good luck on your search and let us know if you find the answer.
  16. Sorry Keiser, but I think Dave wins this time.
  17. 133 made in 1951 is correct. There were another 70 made in 1947 to 1950 in a different style so the total 4 door convertables from Frazer would be about 200.
  18. You are right, Leif. I missed the extra doors. Big brother to the Henry J.
  19. looks like an early 50's Henry j, also sold thru Sears as an Allstate. They were made by Kaiser - Frazer. As far as I know the only convertables made were a couple of prototypes so this is either very rare or a custom job. Many were made into dragsters because of their light weight.
  20. my first ride was a hand-me-down blue 55 Chevy pickup that my dad wore out in the West Texas oilfields first. 6cyl and 3 on the tree. It was a lot tougher than it looked and served me well until I saved enough to get a bright red 58 Plymouth. Both served me well in my high school years. I would love to have either one today.
  21. Desert Classics had one they referred to as a 12 passenger airport limo. Looks to have the roof rack too.
  22. Great pics. Glad you found a way to post them. I see several cars I would love to own. The 55 Olds in pic #3 brings back lots of memories and my folks also had a 53 Ford like the one next to it.
  23. Looks like the mounting bracket is made for clipping onto handlebars. I think that is the reason everyone assumes that cycles are the market it was primarily made for. I agree it could be adapted for other uses and probably many were.
  24. Emjay, we lived in an old 2 story house with lightning rods while growing up. The way I remember it was the rod was installed above the highest point of the house and had a ground wire running to a metal stake in the soil. It was supposed to attract the lightning before it hit the house and ground it to prevent damage to the house itself. Some large homes could have several rods on the corners of the house.
  25. Sorry for the miswording, Tinindian. Lets call it a nice driver then if that sounds better. . Guess there are not many true originals out there then. I can't imagine any car over a couple of years old that has not had some form of care done to it. I have even touched up a spot of paint my 2015 Jeep, changed the fluids, and put on new tires so it would not qualify either. But back to the Mercury, you are correct..I used the wrong terminology.