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  1. With a 5000 rpm limit, it would most likely be for a diesel. Looks generic enough to have many applications besides automotive such as industrial, etc.
  2. Close, but I believe the housing shape makes it Mercury.
  3. 1932 Auburn is close
  4. Might be worth a call to these people. Good luck and keep us posted. https://www.firetrucks.com/about-us/history-of-hme
  5. Sounds like a neat project. Hope someone has the answer for you. Post some pics when you can. Here is another forum that might help you in your search. They have some very active members also. http://oldihc.org/phpBB3/index.php Good luck !
  6. Someone on the Chandler forum might know of a source. You might post this on that forum also.
  7. This link may help. Seems to be aircraft related. Good luck on your search. http://comnavavioni.com/10-53580
  8. You might go to www.grainger.com. You can enter the demensions you need and it will cross reference which cartridge that will fit.. .
  9. Hi, not sure you will find the answer to your question here. AACA is mostly dedicated to keeping vehicles as original as possible. But someone probably knows the demensions you are looking for and may give you an answer. Good luck on your project.
  10. The two alike look like the ones used on old trucks. Their tail lights had two mounting bolts on the back to attach the light to the truck The license bracket went between the tail light and where it mounted on the truck. Here is an old 1948 - 50 Ford with a similar bracket I think the bottom bracket may be for a trailer but not sure.
  11. Think it was called a Chieftain. Next level of trim up was the Star Chief which had additional chrome..
  12. Great pictures. We should be proud of the sacrifices made by the women during this time. Not to throw cold water, but some of the pics look staged to me. I can not imagine them being allowed to wear jewelry and no safety equipment, soft hands, fresh clothes, no grime. Still great reminders if the critical roles they played.
  13. Don't know if this helps or not. Found a couple of references for Autolite B7A-12405 fitting Ford 312 engines from 57 to 61. Seems to crossreference to BTF6
  14. Here is an article that identifies it as either a 34 White or 34 Dodge according to various sources. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/index.php/2010/11/08/have-a-coke-and-smile/
  15. Looks like an industrial cap to me. Here is a pic of a 1930 International truck engine to compare to what you have