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  1. Fleek

    My buddy's 1966 GMC panel van....

    Grumman built most of the GM step van bodies but this looks a little different. There is a plaque missing under the side window that could have told the answer. Should be a body plate inside with info too.
  2. Fleek

    Borg clock

    Looks similar to a 46 - 48 Chevy but face color is wrong. Also could be too small. What size is it?
  3. Fleek

    International Harvester locking gas cap?

    Yep, Roy, mid -'0s Travellall I think.
  4. Fleek

    1955 Chrylser Windsor

    Hi, welcome to the forums. If you are wanting to buy an engine for your car it would be helpful to know where you are located. There are people on here from many parts of the world so it would good to narrow down the region. We love pictures, so please post a few of your car,
  5. Fleek

    1920s-30s Packard emblem

    Nice find. They mist be rare.
  6. Fleek

    1920s-30s Packard emblem

    Here is a pic of a '37 that seems to have it.
  7. Fleek

    1966 Dodge Monaco Station Wagon

    Love that roof rack. You could land a plane up there!
  8. Fleek

    Engine stubles just before upshif

    Are you sure the transmission is not the problem? Sounds like it may be having issues upshifting until you let the pressure off it for a couple of seconds by letting off the gas.
  9. Fleek

    Teenagers and Old Cars

    Making memories. Those happy kids will never forget you or that great ride. I had an old Dodge pickup that the grandsons thought they had to ride in every time they came over and drive when they got older.
  10. Fleek

    1977 Scout II Restoration

    Looking better all the time. Thanks for the update.
  11. Fleek

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    Not much action in the Crosley forum here, but this is listed there as a source of everything Crosley. http://www.CrosleyAutoClub.com I would ask this in our crosley forum also to see if anyone is awake down there. You might find someone with info that would like to share with you.
  12. Fleek

    What an old Buick Skylark unrestored is worth

    It is worth what you and the owner agree on. A 4 door skylark in that condition is not a valuable car to most people.
  13. Fleek

    Help Identifying Emblems

    The meteor letters may be from a Canadian Meteor which is basically a Mercury. Here is a 69. Yours looks from a earlier year or possibly a truck.
  14. Fleek

    What year heater?

    It looks very small judging from your hand next to it. What is the size?
  15. Fleek

    70's Chrysler Daily Driver?

    We had a 78 Chrysler Cordba in the 80's. It was a good car. The only problem we had was the ballast resistor on the firewall would burn out every few months. They are less than 10.00 and easy to install since it mounts on the firewall with one bolt and two plug in wires as I remember it. I kept a spare in the car and could change it in a less than 10 minutes. Nice looking comfortable car. I would not mind having one like it today. Most cars from that era have a quirk or two to keep things interesting and this one was just a minor inconvenience