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  1. Fleek

    1934 International Harvester Truck

    Bet it could tell some interesting stories from its past. Some good parts there if someone in Canada is rebuilding one. Thanks for posting
  2. As you said everyone has their own pick. So many to choose from. I may be the only one who fell in love with a 58 Plymouth Fury. Long, low, and those fins!
  3. Fleek

    1953 Merc?

    If I were interested in the car, I would at least request pictures of the other side of the car and under the hood before I made a trip to see it. If those checked out it might be worth a closer inspection but I would think the price would need to be negotiated to a more realistic number after a complete inspection.
  4. The door looks like the standard 4 door 60 Pontiac with the back of the window frame slanted to match the rear window slant. It does look like it would be a tight fit to enter but roomy after inside
  5. Fleek

    Chrysler Mopar Chryco Mirrors Application???

    Mostly a guess, since this is a Canadian part it may differ from what we usually see. To me it looks closer to the early 50's fender MOPAR mirrors. Someone will probably come in with the correct app shortly.
  6. Fleek

    1958 IH Metro shocks

    Try www.oldihc.org/phpBB3/index.php Lots of good info and they have a Metro section.
  7. Fleek

    1977 Scout II Restoration

    Must be a short somewhere in the system. May be one of the gauges or a bad wire? Trace it out with a meter and see if you can determine where the problem lies.
  8. Fleek

    Car Logo Quiz...

    You guys beat me. I got 42
  9. Fleek

    Need id on the hub caps

    Roy you may be right. Modeled after 50,s Olds caps.
  10. Fleek

    Need id on the hub caps

    May be 1956 Olds
  11. Fleek

    Need id on dash

    Nash Metropolitan?
  12. Fleek

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    Marty, strange how the cars we own are so similar to each other. Your Sebring and my Avenger are close kin and I have a 2003 Tahoe to go with your Suburban.
  13. Fleek

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    I remember the day I needed to replace the battery for my 2008 Dodge avenger and discovered that to install it you start by removing the front left wheel, open a panel in the inner wheel well, slide the battery out of the opening, etc...…...
  14. Fleek

    Ford 8N sputter and die

    Could be some trash in the tank that is not letting enough gas thru, then when it sets a few minutes enough gas gets by to run. or the trash floats to the side for a short time. Was the tank properly cleaned and sealed when it was installed?