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  1. Happy Hanukkah

    To celebrate life, love, and our blessings it a true gift from our maker, no matter how you choose to reach Him.

    Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas from Florida, USA.
  3. Flea Market Find

    Thanks for the info, Lump.
  4. Flea Market Find

    These model T grease caps are far too gone to be useful except to make a good cheap find for the day. One question someone here can answer I am sure. 3 are the same size but the 4th is larger and heavier. Might the big one be to a T truck?
  5. 1985 Chrysler Executive Limousine

    To make the story more interesting (and still, true) the guy she lived with was a local mechanic who went by the name of Shadetree. Seems some of the young local guys had a lot of problems with their old cars and needed to drop by their place after hours to get some mysterious car problem checked out.....
  6. 1985 Chrysler Executive Limousine

    Let me try to write this story where it will not offend anyone. And it is true. Years ago there was a "lady" in our town who had a limo similar to this. Hers was a GM model though. She employed several "girls" in her business and was well known for not being bashful about the services they rendered. They all dressed in the same fashion as the limo. We lived next to a church at the time and every Christmas and Easter she would bring the girls to church with her in the limo. It was quite a sight seeing them arrive in all their glory to worship on those special days.
  7. Electrical Problem A/C control

    I would suggest posting this in the Reatta section of the Buick forums just below this general forum. Think you may have a good chance of finding the answer among the Reatta folks who hang out there. Most of the people here in the general are in to older cars. Good luck on your search.
  8. Love those old Internationals. I had a Travellall about that same age and color. Tough as nails and we did not have the rust problems in dry West Texas.
  9. I believe all 57 fords used the same basic arm rest so there is a good chance that a vintage auto salvage yard would have them. The ranchero uses the same inside trim as the custom 300 and the ranch wagon. Also try posting in the parts wanted forum above this forum. Good luck to you.
  10. What is It??

    My first thought was Henry J also.
  11. Something the Low Men would drive?

    Dave is right. It is a 58 Ford fairlane 500. The holes that mount the side trim match the side trim for the Fairlane 500.
  12. Restoring a 1954 R-120 long bed

    What part of the truck are you referring to? The basic L, R, and S series Internationals are the same in many ways but International made changes at times to upgrade the trucks. Also there was a wide variety of configurations that the trucks could be ordered because they catered to the commercial market which demanded more flexibility. The best way to locate the correct parts for International is to start with the serial number rather that the year or model designation. Take the time to research your truck to determine its exact specs and then you will have the knowledge to find what you are looking for. They are great very tough trucks that you can be proud to own. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress. You may also like to post in the International forum on down below this general forum
  13. 58 Edsel Electrical/Battery Issue

    Congratulations! Looks likea fun car. take her out for a drive often.
  14. mitchell car club

    Look at the date on this post. 2002 so after 15 years it is unlikely you will get a response.
  15. 58 Edsel Electrical/Battery Issue

    Here is a pic of a Mercury with the commercial battery. Should be similar to the Edsel setup.