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  1. Please help ID Econo-Minder

    Not exact but could be a starting point. Here is a 90 Cadillac DeVille dash. Must have been an extra as it seems not many were equipped with them in the pics I have seen.
  2. Along the same lines, have you ever noticed new car commercials on tv sometimes use cars with the license plates painted the same color as the car? Seems strange to me.
  3. When was this?

    The truck in the background looks like a '55 to '59 chevrolet from the shape of the cab.
  4. Dodge Truck hub cap 1950s???

    May be for a 51 lower priced Dodge car like this Wayfarer
  5. 1962 ihc c130/c132 truck

    Looks like a solid old truck. The 130 had 3 levels, standard 130 had a GVW or around 7000lbs, 131 was about 7700, and the 132 is as the tag says at 8800lbs. I think the 130 was sold as a 1 ton, 131 was 1 1/4 ton and as your title says the 132 was 1 1/2 ton. According to the license plate you are in Texas. Old Internationals are all over the place there ( I lived in West Texas for years until recently) and most parts and info you may need should still be available from a local IHC truck dealer and maybe even some from the tractor division. If you are lucky enough there may even be an old mechanic working there that would know a lot about this type of old truck. Good luck and keep us posted about your progress with the truck.
  6. One cold Ohio Edsel

    Man, what a great location. Pizza next door to keep you fed, Auto Zone for the Edsels parts needs, and on the road to the hospital for when you smash your finger working on the ole Edsel!
  7. My First Classic Since 2008

    looks like a fun toy to have.
  8. 58 Edsel Speedometer

    https://www.pinterest.com/pin/525865693961753387 my question is if this was standard on all Edsels or an accessory.
  9. FS-1941 Plymouth P12 Special Deluxe--LI, NY

    As Keiser31 explained to you in his earlier post, you will not likely find a buyer on this forum. Most here are interested in original cars with little modification. His suggestion of a forum more in line with your car is good. As he stated you have a nice car but most likely the wrong place to try to find a buyer here on this forum. Good luck on finding a buyer for this nice modified car.
  10. Happy Hanukkah

    To celebrate life, love, and our blessings it a true gift from our maker, no matter how you choose to reach Him.

    Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas from Florida, USA.
  12. Flea Market Find

    Thanks for the info, Lump.
  13. Flea Market Find

    These model T grease caps are far too gone to be useful except to make a good cheap find for the day. One question someone here can answer I am sure. 3 are the same size but the 4th is larger and heavier. Might the big one be to a T truck?
  14. 1985 Chrysler Executive Limousine

    To make the story more interesting (and still, true) the guy she lived with was a local mechanic who went by the name of Shadetree. Seems some of the young local guys had a lot of problems with their old cars and needed to drop by their place after hours to get some mysterious car problem checked out.....
  15. 1985 Chrysler Executive Limousine

    Let me try to write this story where it will not offend anyone. And it is true. Years ago there was a "lady" in our town who had a limo similar to this. Hers was a GM model though. She employed several "girls" in her business and was well known for not being bashful about the services they rendered. They all dressed in the same fashion as the limo. We lived next to a church at the time and every Christmas and Easter she would bring the girls to church with her in the limo. It was quite a sight seeing them arrive in all their glory to worship on those special days.