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  1. Fleek

    Help Me ID this grill .

    I may be wrong, but it looks industrial to me.
  2. Fleek

    Unknown wire rims

    In the 80's I used several Olds Cutless Cieras for sales cars. This sure looks familiar. Depending on size, I would guess about 86 Cutlass Cierra. The logo in the center just snapped in so other GM cars could have used the same hubcap with their own logo in the center. The way I remember, there was a bolt behind the logo to secure the hubcap to the wheel as they were quite heavy. All this from a distant memory so don't hold me to it as gospel.
  3. Fleek

    What is it

  4. Fleek

    1969 F100 3spd w/factory OD $1200

    Would be helpful to know the location of the truck. Might be interested if it is close by but not worth hauling crosscountry.
  5. Fleek

    1931-32 Chevrolet Cabriolet parts?

    Hope I am not out of line for posting this. My experience identifying things for Staygold has not been the greatest. He has had two posts asking for info that I spent some time researching, the main one being a part for an International several weeks ago, and as far as I can tell he never revisited to see if anyone found the answer. I do not expect any reward, but it would be nice to know if my time was waisted in looking up items for him. Lesson learned, not to spend my time if he does not care enough to even revisit the post.
  6. Fleek

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    My cousin had a 57 ford Fairlane 500 two door hardtop in yellow and black. It was a great car and handled all the abuse two teens could give it. I had a 57 Plymouth that was ok too but that Ford hardtop will always be my favorite. For some reason I never had much contact with 57 Chevys.
  7. Fleek

    '52 Skyliner?

    Pictures of the car would help. 54 was the first year for Fords new V-8 and the dash was restyled for 54. Both would confirm what the car is.
  8. Fleek

    hard starting

    Not familiar with that car, but I would check the starter solenoid to see if it is weak and not keeping the starter engaged.
  9. Fleek

    Strange 1950s Kelsey-Hayes steel wheels to ID

    With the holes to bolt on weights, it would be for a tractor. I found an old Massey Harris 22 with 5 hole lugs and wheel weights, but do not think the wheels are the same.
  10. Fleek

    Strange 1950s Kelsey-Hayes steel wheels to ID

    Sure looks like a front tractor wheel. The only odd thing is the 5 bolt pattern. Almost all the tractors used a 6 hole Even the smaller tractors like the Ford 8-N were 6 hole.
  11. Fleek

    Cowl/dash ID help please - updated info and photos

    Whether it is the Wills or not, I think any car using this style of windshield mount would have a cover going over the tube to hide the welds. What you are seeing is just the anchor for the windshield frame which would cover it.
  12. Fleek

    Cowl/dash ID help please - updated info and photos

    I think it is newer, mid-'20s. Check out the '23 Wills St Claire B-68 on RM Sotheby's auctions. Can't copy the link for some reason. Window mount, vent, and even the dash is close.
  13. Fleek

    Manufacturer and year of this bumper?

    I think you nailed it, Auburn. Even the bolt holes look right.
  14. Fleek

    Manufacturer and year of this bumper?

    Looks to be late '50s or early '60s style to me. 1959 Mercury bumper is not an exact match but similar design.