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  1. Candlepower Meter

    just pulled the pic off the web so I do not know the history. I just remembered the old Bear headlight equipment that was in every state inspection station in Texas back in the day. If headlights were not aimed correctly and bright enough the car would not pass.
  2. Candlepower Meter

    Part of an old Bear headlight testing and alignment machine.
  3. I am a truck guy. Any of them can come live with me anytime, but my favorite would be the Ford. To me Ford really nailed it with that style, inside and out. The old 48 - 50 Chevy is my second choice, but I never did care for the style of the early 60's chevy trucks. I had a 69 Dodge pickup for 14 years that I loved. Not the best body style but dependable and got lots of attention. Wish I still had it.
  4. The Ranchero was built on the Ranch Wagon platform which was part of the Custom 300 series so it should use the FORD script. There were some Rancheros that used the upscale Fairlane trim but I do not think they were referred to as a Fairlane so the script remained FORD.
  5. What Ford is this?

    Exposed running boards and door handle below the chrome trim should help date and identify.
  6. Looks like it had a pretty rough life to be 21000 miles. I would like to see the documentation proving the mileage. My in-laws bought a new Maverick and it was a ok car for basic transportation. NADA value for a 6 cyl. Maverick is about half the asking price.
  7. Out from long team storage

    Best of luck with your Case. I saw a nice Case in the Tallahassee Auto Museum a few years ago. I do not remember the year of the car but I remember it as being a very interesting car. It might be worth contacting them to see if they have any info you can use. Here is their website. https://www.tacm.com/
  8. What Ford is this?

    A picture of the dash and instruments would tell a lot about what it is.
  9. 1967 International Dump Truck

    That"s a cool looking ole truck. Where is it located? Says Ohio title but not sure if that is where it is now.
  10. Early US Rolls-Royce dealership?

  11. Early US Rolls-Royce dealership?

    Info on Inskip shows the RR New York city address as 8th ave. and 58th st. if that helps. Interesting read anyway. http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/i/inskip/inskip.htm
  12. Wedding day 1912. Name that auto?

    The Apperson is close, but the radiator shell is not squared off like the pic. in question in my opinion. I did find one Apperson with a squared radiator, but it did not have the rounded windshield.
  13. 1977 Scout II Restoration

    Looking better all the time.
  14. 1967 buick riviera gs

    There is a Buick Riviera forum in the Buick section just below this general forum. Some of the Riviera fans hanging out there may have the answer for you. Good luck with your search.
  15. Wedding day 1912. Name that auto?

    1915 Overland seems close but a few details are off.