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  1. Fleek

    What make of truck?

    Lots of truck makers back then. Federal is another possibility.
  2. That is a pretty rare car I think. Most people went for the Fairlane 500 or the custom instead of this middle of the lineup Fairlane. And a hardtop too. Good looking car.
  3. Depending on what part of the country you live, if you are in a farming area check with local older wrecking yards. IH were popular in many areas for their durability. Also if you contact travelallparts.com they may know a source and will have many items for your truck. Good luck and hope you get your project. Love those old IH trucks.
  4. Fleek

    1966 Cadillac DeVille

    Looks like it was a nice car before the airbags and oversize wheels etc. would love to find an original one. One of the favorite cars I owned was a pure stock 67 Caddy.
  5. Fleek

    Speedometer make?

    1954 Chevy pickup.
  6. Fleek

    Late-'20s early-'30s fender is my guess

    Think he added it to the original pics. It is the last one.
  7. Fleek


    Love those old Corvairs. Over the years I have owned several including a Greenbrier van that I used for work. Location and contact info will help you get results.
  8. Fleek

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    Rare and interesting car. I have always liked the Darts and this one is rare indeed. Are there any figures on how many were produced? I bought a new 83 Olds Cierra with a factory installed 6 cyl diesel engine in 84 at a huge discount because nobody else would buy it. Great road car for my sales territory. Lots of people today do not think it existed either but it was real.
  9. Fleek

    1925 International Harvester

    Neat old IH.
  10. I posted some info in your topic in the General Forum. Here it is again but I do not know if it is correct or not. Hope it works. I found an old posting that says to sharply hit the back of the armrest to slide it forward to clear the two mounting screws. Good luck!
  11. Fleek

    1965 Mustang 6 cyl

    This ad is from 2015 and Slightmiss has not been on since 2016 so you may not get a reply. The ad shows it is in El Cajon. Ca.
  12. Fleek

    1954 chrysler armrest removal

    A post from several years ago says to sharply tap the back of the arm rest to slide it forward to clear the two mounting screws. Don't know if this is right or not but may be worth a try.
  13. Fleek

    1955 Chrysler parts

    Hi, you might try changing your heading to let people know what you are looking for. Something like "55 Chrysler Horn Ring" or "55 Chrysler Parts Needed". From your heading I thought you were looking for a car so you may not be reaching the people who may have them. Also you might put it in the Parts Wanted forum also. More coverage there. Just a couple of friendly suggestions. Good luck on your hunt.
  14. Fleek

    1956-58? Ford interior door panels

    Looks close, Gary. Hope Staygold comes back to see what you researched for him. I have spent time finding things he wanted and it appears he never returns to see if anyone helped him.