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  1. 1926 Rolls-Royce

    According to the book on Rolls-Royce Derby Phantoms, DC 12 was sold in October 1926 and was fitted with a Cabriolet body by Kellner so the Sedanca de Ville body that it now has was obviously fitted at a later date. The skirted front fenders didn't start to appear on cars until around 1933 so the change was probably later than that. The deep shirts that this one has would appear to be from around the 1935 - 36 era. \ Edit to the above. I may well be wrong in saying that the body has been replaced as although it is described in the book as being a Cabriolet, it may well be a Cabriolet Sedanica because of the soft front roof and I can't find a photo of it in its original form. I am still sure that the front fenders have been changed or modified from original.
  2. Define replica

    That must be a spare steering wheel they have got stuck on the side of the....................replica? Or maybe it's a lifebuoy? That is undoubtably the definition of ugly.
  3. Whangarei in the north of New Zealand, about 1920.

    I haven't any idea what the car is but what I find strange is the power pole on the footpath next to the building entry without any wires on it because they would come into contact with the building. It makes you wonder what was there first. The pole or the building?
  4. 1933 Buick Series 90 Model 91

    I would be looking for the best rims you can find as yours and other peoples lives are riding on them, Not only do they hold the weight of the car and the cornering forces generated but there is also 40 lb air pressure on the inside trying to get out. Welding on the edge where the tire goes is only weakening it. In my opinion, the first rim you have pictured is a definate No No. .
  5. Rust removal in engine: oxalic acid

    I've used Evaporust also. I have filled up two side valve Ford V8 engines which both had red rusty water in them and let them sit for three days before draining and flushing them. Both engines came out very clean and are now in use with no sign of rusty water. You can also re-use the Evapo Rust liquid quite a few times before it looses its effectiveness.
  6. Ford distributor

    1946 to 48
  7. Classic Era Peerless

    "I´m thinking this is what a Weymann body would look like right out of the shop. Kind of a dull finish and padded look" Not necessarily. My 1931 Rolls Royce has a Weymann body by HJ Mulliner that is aluminium skinned. According to paperwork avalible from that time, people were rejecting the padded skin look so they simply metal covered them instead but still used the Weymann system of metal connectors on all the wood frame joints to allow movement without the squeeks.
  8. Wire Wheel Splines - Graphite or Grease?

    I have 19" Rudge Whitworth wire wheels on my Metallurgique and also use light grease on them however I thought I would share the instruction in the original manufacturer handbook with you. Lubrication—General. The subject of lubrication is naturally of extreme importance and therefore this should be the owner's first thought both as regards the engine and the chassis generally. It is therefore advisable when first taking over the car to be sure to fill every oil plug with the gun which is provided with the car, and use the special Tecalemit grease or black gear oil (never use hard grease at these points). Next take off the four road wheels and put a little gear oil round the hubs, which will prevent rust and at the same time save the owner loss of time and bad words in the case of a puncture, and this operation we would suggest being done once a month.
  9. English Rolls Royce

    It is a PII Continental and I believe it may be chassis # 3-MW which has a Thrupp and Mayberly body and was sold on 0-4-33 to Princess Alexis Mdivani of Paris, France. If it is this car, the owner ordered it built with a 4 inch longer hood and louvers sloped at 13.5 degrees. Also ordered with an aluminium dash which was fitted with every gauge avalible at that time. i.e Tapley meter, altimeter, tachometer, temperature gauge etc. This would account for its collectability and price.
  10. Scintilla Lights - Reproduction?

    I would say they could be reproduction however the OP lights look different in the back. If they have plastic lenses then I would think they are repos. https://www.les-six-troenes.com/part/579/scintilla-spn-chrome-oval-taillight--remakes-/
  11. Rolls Royce Statue forsale

    As the others have said, please show us detailed photos of the engraving on the base and under the wings and also photos with a ruler showing height and width so we can determine what model and or year of the car it was designed for as they are all different. A photo of the verification sheet would also be interesting but unless the statue is genuine and certified by a well known Rolls-Royce expert its not worth the paper its printed on.
  12. 1944 Ford 1.5 ton VIN/Restoration

    You will find a lot of information on the site below regarding early Fords and you can also get on to the Fordbarn.com site where there is a lot of knowledgeable Ford folk. http://www.vanpeltsales.com/FH_web/flathead_home.htm
  13. It must have an engine in the trunk as well judging by the exhaust pipes under the back bumper. I also wonder if that's a defect notice on the front window? surely not.
  14. Stromberg carb identification

    A friend has this Stromberg carb and we would like to know what vehicle it may have been made for. The carb appears like it has never been used and is quite large however the inlet venturi where the choke butterfly is is only about 5/8" in dia. and the inlet butterfly is only about 7/8" dia. As you can see, it also has an adjustable spring loaded valve which must be vacuum actuated to allow more air to come into the carb when it is required. My thought was it may be for an early single or two-cylinder motor but I'm not sure.
  15. Hi Mike. The wheel cover may be for a 42 - 48 Ford or a 46 - 48 Mercury depending on the size of the tire. The Fords are 16 inch whereas the Mercury's 15 inch. I'm not sure about the 42 Merc's The wheel is definitely not off a 42 - 48 Ford or Mercury. It is from a later model car as they have a different style of hubcap fixing.