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  1. DavidAU

    Leather Hides

    This place might help with the springs. http://www.romeoengineering.com/Vintage.html
  2. DavidAU

    suggestions on repairing a hole in block

    The only problem I can see with your solution is that if the block is that thin you may crack it when you tighten up the nuts. I also dont think I would use a gasket between the plate and the block because it could deteriorate. I would clean and dry the block with Brake Kleen or similar and use JB Weld as the sealant. Lets face it , you never want to pull it off and the JB will stick to both surfaces and will reinforce the block.
  3. DavidAU

    gardner automobile

    There is one for sale this weekend at the Mecum auctions. https://www.mecum.com/lots/PJ0618-329019/1924-gardner-radio-special-touring/
  4. DavidAU

    WTB 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

    One for sale here https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1949/buick/roadmaster/100988130
  5. DavidAU

    suggestions on repairing a hole in block

    How do you stitch a hole? I've seen cracks stitched and can understand the process but not sure how you do a hole. Wouldn't it be better / easier to put a stainless steel plate over it and drill and tap some fixing points in to the block as well as using a permanent type of sealant between the plate and the block.
  6. DavidAU

    Re-production license plates

    You wouldn't get too far with your own unautherised design plates where I live in Queensland, Australia. All the cop cars are fitted with automatic scanning cameras that are connect directly from the computer in the car to the Transport dept. data base and they check every vehicle they see around them looking for unregistered vehicles, fine dodgers, outstanding warrants etc. If the vehicle cannot be identified by its plates who would they send the fine to if you activated a red light camera or a remote controlled fixed radar camera so the penalty for unregistered plates is pretty savage $ and could even include car confiscation. Big brother is definately watching. You can purchase personalised plates for various prices depending what you are after and what they'll let you have. Another nice little earner for the Government. https://ppq.com.au/
  7. DavidAU

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    "The extra consideration will be the time for charging stops." I can just see it now. Every corner coffee shop will have a charging station and a sign "4 cups of coffee gets you a free charge and a donut"
  8. As the others have said, you'll be way behind financially if you start on this one and it'll be a long time before you get to drive it. Even if you got it for free it would still cost far more than than a good one you could buy now. Get the good one and you can still learn on it by fiddling and changing things to suit you and you get to drive it at the same time.
  9. How much does a good one that does not need major restoration sell for in your area?
  10. DavidAU

    Thoughts on Brake Linings

    I have always thought that by having a smaller shoe with less surface area on the leading shoe like the Bendix system has, the hydraulic system would automaticly apply more pressure to the smaller shoe causing more friction which starts to rotate it and that in turn drives the rear shoe harder into the drum.
  11. Something worth checking before you get too far with the exaust manifold is the steel pipe fittings like you have pictured. A lot of these fittings are made from Malleable steel which is extremly difficult to weld as they are a bit like cast iron and will crack with the heat from the welder. Edit. Sorry, posted at the same time as your reply
  12. DavidAU

    1938 ford pickup

    First off, check to make sure you have power to the coil when the ignition is turned on. If you do (and I assume you have already checked) contact this guy. http://www.bubbasignition.com/ He knows more about flathead ignition systems and distributers than most other people and he will put you on the right path. Maybe send your distributor to him and have it set up properly. If it has a crack in the rotor (which happens) or the coil etc. is dead, the only way to find it is on a distributor machine. Once it is set up properly it will give years of reliable service.
  13. DavidAU

    Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    I think I'd be calling Dan. Seeing all that work I think I would have called him earlier but 10 points to you for having a go.
  14. DavidAU

    Auto in old photo

    She doesn't look happy.
  15. DavidAU

    1926 Rolls-Royce

    According to the book on Rolls-Royce Derby Phantoms, DC 12 was sold in October 1926 and was fitted with a Cabriolet body by Kellner so the Sedanca de Ville body that it now has was obviously fitted at a later date. The skirted front fenders didn't start to appear on cars until around 1933 so the change was probably later than that. The deep shirts that this one has would appear to be from around the 1935 - 36 era. \ Edit to the above. I may well be wrong in saying that the body has been replaced as although it is described in the book as being a Cabriolet, it may well be a Cabriolet Sedanica because of the soft front roof and I can't find a photo of it in its original form. I am still sure that the front fenders have been changed or modified from original.