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    Kissel Restoration and Exhibition. Owns the largest private collection of Kissel Kars and Kissels that exists. Specializes in "nickel-era" Kissels from 1916 - 1927, Models 6-38, 6-45, 6-55, 8-65, 8-75, 8-126. Also owns the most extensive cache' of spare Kissel engines, chassis, trim, wheels that exists anywhere.
    Also specializes in Yucatec Maya Archeology and 12 Grandchildren.

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  1. ron hausmann

    Phinney Wlaker Broadway Model Clock 1923 Buick

    All - Pheeny Walker made dozens of different sized “rim-wind-clocks” including their popular Broadway model in this post. But they do, as previous posts suggest, get old and in need of TLC. I tried fiddling with my 1918 car which had a PW Broadway as standard but ended up having it serviced by a professional clock guy for small dollars. Btw, Pheey Walker rims are made of pot-metal which can easily break. So be careful when removing! ron
  2. All - Yellow: according to period writings, the original Kissel Gold Bug, which was introduced in 1918 for the 1919 Model Year, was all yellow - yellow frame, springs, fender insides, belly, etc. I’ll bet that with 90% of the roads then being gravel or dirt, keeping those parts clean would have been an insurmountable task! Later, most Gold Bugs that were painted factory standard were changed to black fenders, frames, etc, but there have still been pictures of Gold Bugs in 1922 sporting the all-yellow color scheme. Remember, you could custom order these cars easily. Doors: original Gold Bugs had NO Doors! They also had a fixed central arm rest. In about 1920, they added one door on the passenger side. Up until mid 1921, that was the configuration. That’s the configuration of the Penble Beach Gold Bug in this post. In mid 1921, when they changed to crowned cycle fenders, side mounts, and step plates in place of running boards, they went with two doors and no arm rest. That’s how my 1923 Kissel Gold Bug is configured. In my Restoration’s, I’ve found dozens and dozens of the year-to-year tweaks that Kissel made. Fritz Warner and Henry Palmer were the two engineers and stylists under George and Will Kissel in the teens and twenties. These two guys, have using Conover Silvers concepts, were the brains behind the Kissel Model 6-45 Chassis and Gold Bug Speedster (and Tourster) body styles. enough of my encyclopedic babble. thanks Ron
  3. ron hausmann

    Kissel 1918 Sedanette

    All - Engine is together. Now the trimmings! All original pistons, pins, springs fit great and this whole monstrosity can be turned by hand (very tight) even after we torqued all the bolts on the rods and the mains. Found a leak in the oiling system after assembly and balancing, but was able to replace the original copper main oil line with modern hose material. crushed a couple fingertips while doing (OUCH!). Also getting glass rear window sealed in and readying glass slides in wood hardtop which is temporarily mounted, for actual glass windows. Soon! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  4. ron hausmann

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    All - I am restoring the only Kissel Model 6-38 Sedanlette of and year that exists. This model car is the immediate precursor to the famed Kissel Gold Bug cars. It has special fittings and windshield. It is a roadster with a removable carved wood hardtop. When I got the car, It was a hulk, and it had no windshield. Because this car is very very rare, I was sure that I would be stuck having to make anything missing. I’ve now been restoring it for three years now. This past winter, out of the blue, I got a call from a person in Minnesota who was getting rid of Kissel parts. Low and behold when I drove there and inspected the parts, he had a NOS 1918 Kissel Sedanlette windshield sitting with his cache of other parts. And he had a bunch more o f other great Kissel goodies. Wow. Thanks, Ron
  5. Unfortunately botched restorations often become accepted as original thru the decades. All Kissel 6-45 Gold Bug Speedsters had portholes. Why this detail was purposefully eliminated when the car was done for TV is a shame.i hope that whomever owns that car now will correct this. IMHO Ron Hausmann
  6. Bob - A. My Kissel Gold Bug Speedster in my post above is a 1923 Kissel Model 6-45. The Pebble Beach Gold Bug is an early 1921 Kissel Model 6-45. B. The correct Kissel Gold Bug "YELLOW" has been debated a lot with no solution. This is complicated by the fact that Kissels could be factory standard painted, or painted at the factory with any custom ordered color, including yellows. There are no original yellow cars left either. In my opinion, both yellows are correct, since the pale yellow that mine has looks very correct with tan tops and covers, while the bold yellow looks great with a black top. C. As to fenders and running boards, from 1919 introduction to mid 1921, Kissel Model 6-45's has flat fenders (as the Pebble Beach Gold Bug). In mid 1921 to mid 1923, Kissel Model 6-45's were upgraded to full "cyle-style" crowned sport fenders, and full running boards were ditched. Those Kissels had either part running boards (as my pictured green 1921 Tourster in above post has), or step plates (as shown on my 1923 Gold Bug Speedster). In mid 1923, the Model 6-45 was discontinued and the new Model 6-55 with different frame, engine, and trim, was introduced. I am partial to the Model 6-45's being Kissels best cars, with their longer wheelbase and trim. Thanks, RON
  7. Restorer - Kissels originally in 1921, came with either wood wheels or wire wheel options. My original 1921 Kissel Tourster, the only one that exists of any year, has wire wheels with red houk hubcap emblems. I have, however, seen black on3s as well. I believe the red are correct, but there are few originals left to compare. either way I think is correct. Thankfully, his restorer did an 3xacting job trying to be correct, unlike the 1920 that Carinni botched with his top, or the 023 that was at aaca a few years ago. take care, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  8. ron hausmann

    Kissel 1918 Sedanette

    All - engine assembly is now well underway. See below. It will be running this month. Valve train was installed today and pistons are going in tomorrow. Honing is done. It sure helps when you have spare valves, keepers, shims, and other stuff for these unique pull engines! thanks, Ron
  9. ron hausmann


    fused2x I threw away the electric fuel pump on my first car when I had similar flooding problems, and have used the original vacume tanks for the next twenty years, with great success. these cars were made to operate with vacume tanks! One of my cars, the 1921, had an electric fuel pump on it only for priming, when I bought it. The car runs on the vacume tank otherwise. This setup seems to work well, and saves the mess of manually priming the vacume tank. My opinion. RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  10. ron hausmann

    Kissel 1918 Sedanette

    All - These pictures are as of September 6, 2018 and week before. Fenders, front apron, radiator shell, interior fender mudguards, and front frame covers have been finish painted and polished and picked up from painter, Detroit Deluxe! Front and Rear fenders have been final-fit and mounted permanently on the body. Fenders and running boards have been aligned and leveled - with Kissel Kars, when you look from the edge of the front or rear fenders along the edge of the car, the rear fender, running board edge, and front fender edges should form a perfect straight line. Sounds easy, but with mandrel formed fenders and dozens of slotted holes, this took almost a day. Everything was pre-fit, warped, and drilled over the summer before painting, so it all fit very well. Monday we start final assembly of the powerful Kissel 6-38 engine. This engine will be complete and painted and ready to mount this month. All finally coming together! Thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  11. ron hausmann

    Hercules " Universal " rim spreader SOLD

    Sir - if it does extend to handle 25" and 27" rims, yes I would like to purchase it. Many of the ones on ebay cant get much past 23" or so. Please let me know by message. RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  12. ron hausmann

    Bringing one home from Canada

    Scot12180 - I just bought a US made 1919 Kissel in Ontario, Canada a few months ago, and then trailered it back to my home in the Detroit area. I passed thru the Port Huron Michigan Port of Entry. - - - There are no tariffs for antique cars - - - There is no quarantine required; you just go thru customs. - - - You will have to fill out a simple US customs form given in the answer above. You will also have to prove you bought it with a bill of sale or a title. - - - The only delay I experienced was that the customs officers wanted to look at the vehicle, not to check for drugs but because they are bored and are car-guys. Very easy !! RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  13. ron hausmann

    What is the largest antique car show in the world?

    All - No question in my opinion - the Woodward Dream Cruise is the world's largest "car show" if you use the wide-open definition. No question. This year in 2018, there were something like 1.2 million people lining or driving Woodward Avenue and 40,000 classic, hot rod, custom, etc. cars, trucks, and military vehicals (even a few tracked), either parked along Woodward Avenue (which is Michigan Highway 1 (M1))or driving. From Detroit's Eight Mile Road (Eminem) up 12 miles to Pontiac Michigan and the M1 Car Condominium. Most "cruisers" do their cruising the full week before, because during the actual Dream Cruise Saturday, the eight or ten lanes of traffic are so packed that everything slows. I cruise my antiques/classics but park them when the traffic get slow (boiling). Yes there are tons of AACA cars, not just hot rods of Customs If you've never been to the Woodward Dream Cruise, you are missing out on one of the best "car shows" ever conceived !! Your head will be spinning. Woodward Avenue BTW is Aretha Franklin's Pink Cadillac Freeway of Love, for those of you who don't speak "Detroit". MHO - Ron Hausmann P.E.
  14. ron hausmann

    When did cars get adjustable front seats?

    All, Kissel Model 6-38 Cars from 1916 to 1919 had front seats which were adjustable with a wrench. My 1918 Kissel has these fittings My 1921 Kissel Model 6-45 Tourster has front seats which slide front and back on tracks with nickel levers. My Kissel cars with fixed “bench” front seats have “fat man” steering wheels which allow easy entry and elevate the steering wheel from the seat. thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  15. ron hausmann

    Antique truck axle set

    All - A company named "Chicago" did make trucks in the '20s. One is for sale now, in fact, on the Antique Trucks website. So an old Chicago Truck is probably where the name and axle come from. Ron Hausmann P.E.