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  1. All, Never met Joe Anhtrim, but there is a picture of he and his 1921 Kissel Model 6-45 Sport Tourster in the Wisconsin Automotive Museum. There is only one such Kissel of that Sport Model that exists, and I bought it last year. It is the same car Joe Antrim originally owned and is very low mileage (14,000) and original paint and engine. It drives very well and is VERY similar to the Stutz's and HCS's of that era. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  2. Here are pics of the Kissel Gold Bug "suicide seats". These cars will go 70 MPH and since most roads back then were gravel, one can see why the name "suicide" is appropriate. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  3. All, Strictly speaking, Kissel Kars had rumble seats from 1925 thru 1929 when they went bust. From 1919 to mid 1923, they had "outrigger seats" which swiftly became known also as "suicide seats" or "mother-in-law seats".
  4. Thanks JV. However, I would have happily lent Leonardo my 1923 Kissel Gold Bug for his Gatsby role though. And taught him how to crash-shift it to boot !. Hell, i might even have shipped it there from Michigan for that chance at car-noteriety. Thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  5. All, Just answered my own question - The 1925 Great Gatsby book was about folks in 1922 New York. But they were driving a 1932 Duesenberg and a 1933 Auburn. Go figure - - - Thanks, RON
  6. Here's a Great Gatsby American Sports Car
  7. Jeff, Thanks for mentioning me in your post and that car, although nice, was NOT a Kissel. On a similar vein, most everyone has seen Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, Great Gatsby. Unless I'm mistaken, the Great Gatsby era was in the early to mid 1920's, yet the two luxury cars cars used in the movie were much later years, possibly 1930's. Since there are so many wonderful early 1920's Stutzs, Kissel Kars, Mercers, and Marmons, i wonder why this otherwise well-placed movie didnt use more correct early American sports cars like these.
  8. It's not a Kissel. Hood, lights, body, are NOT of Kissel make. RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  9. Mike - hope you are getting better. Yes I will pick up the bumper at a spring show. I live in Bloomfield hills Michigan, north of Detroit in case you get closer to my location. Keep in touch. thanks, Ron
  10. The "Shrine of St. Kissel" and grandsons on Christmas Day. Rom Hausmann P.E.
  11. The "Shrine of St. Kissel" and grandsons on Christmas Day. Rom Hausmann P.E.
  12. Better picture of Kissel Speedster
  13. All - i am Restoring several Kissel Kars of the nickel-era, 1917-1925, and am looking for numerous parts. Chassis and body. Kissel Speedster and Tourster body parts are different than sedans, but chassis are the same. If you have any I am interested. Some immediate needs; a. Muncie transmissions (three different types) b. Buffalo no. 5 wire wheels and/or wire wheel hubs, 32 x 4 1/2 preferred. Kissels used peg drive shown c. Phenny-Walker rim wind clocks, larger model, not Broadway. d. Neville fat man steering wheels, larger 18" size e. Any Kissel parts, Models 6-38 from 1917-18, model 6-45 from 1919-23, model 6-55 from 1923-1925. call me at 313-510-8463 f you have stuff. Thank you. Ron Hausmann P. E.
  14. Dream Garage at new M1 Car Condominium in Metro Detroit Michigan. Where my restored cars, mostly Kissel Kars, will live. Holds 9 cars easily with lifts, has bar and half bath and view of 150 MPH race track from nearly every unit. Man Cave heaven. Still need to install big screen TV and kitchenette. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  15. All - Status as of December 16, 2016: a. Body and chassis, carved wood remove able top are all done. Fitting fenders prior to paint. b. Trunk fine adjusting and lock-caps being fitted. c. Restoring unique Kissel double- bulb headlights as shown. Almost impossible but located a pair. Some early pictures show these lights or singles - not really sure if we'll ever know what is correct., but doubles are sexy. d. Finishing buffalo sport wheels to replace wood. Why not?. The car was a sport model. Thanks to Bruce for joining in machining brand new Buffalo no. 5 hubs which are actually even rarer than the wheels, shown. metalwork on fenders, engine assembly, paint and upholstery, are all that's left. Maybe done in a year for its 100 the anniversary. The end is in sight! thanks, Ron Hausmann P. E.