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    Kissel Restoration and Exhibition. Owns the largest private collection of Kissel Kars and Kissels that exists. Specializes in "nickel-era" Kissels from 1916 - 1927, Models 6-38, 6-45, 6-55, 8-65, 8-75, 8-126. Also extensive cache' of spare Kissel engines, chassis, trim, wheels that exists anywhere.
    Also specializes in Yucatec Maya Archeology and 11 Grandchildren.

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    Cowgers, my Kissel 8-126 engine has a deco Remy model SM-1048 distributor. Or could be 5M-1048. let me know please. ron
  2. Bob, I bought over-height special lifts. 76" high. RON
  3. dei - Yes that was my car at the Willistead Classic in Windsor Canada. We won First Place. That's me in your picture with a few more pounds then. My Kissels live at the M1 Car Condominium in Pontiac Michigan next to the state's only urban high-speed racetrack! This is a picture of some of their home. RON
  4. Joe in Canada - I was referring to a different "Joe", Joe Leaf who is the Kissel Owner that restorer32 mentioned in his answer above. RON
  5. Joe is still with us “ Kissel-ing”
  6. Snubber catalogue ?

    All - At Hershey this year I walked into a somewhat messy tent and started digging thru old boxes. There in a ratty box were 8 full-length Gabriel Snubber belts, NEW OLD STOCK, with a thick rubber band holding them together. They were complete with never used brass/copper heads and the several shiney correct brass/copper plate slides riveted to the new belts. The proprieter said she didn't know what they were and then said ""five dollars each". After gasping, I said that these were snubber belts and insisted on giving her $15 each. Wow does this save me a lot of rebuild work!! LUCKY RON

    Cowgersi - - - I'm In! These fit my rare Kissel 8-126 engine. Where do I send the $$$ please? Thanks, Ron Hausmann
  8. Dear 137hd45, The restoration was very very well done. Just the portholes were purposefully not installed. I'm sure some future owner will correct that. Thanks, RON
  9. Joe, This is a 1923 Kissel Model 6-45 Gold Bug Speedster the same as mine, with the exception of the top. When that car top was replaced, the then-owner didn't like the correct portholes, so he had the new top made without them. That is actually documented on a TV series. All Kissel Gold Bug Model 6-45 Speedsters from 1919 to 1923 are supposed to have portholes. The Model 6-55 Gold Bugs, which have golf club holders instead of suicide seats, didn't have portholes. Sorry to bore you all with these details, but incorrect restoration sometimes becomes taken as factual over time. I'm kinda a purist. Ron Hausmann
  10. Joe, the 1919 Kissel 7-Passenger touring has three doors, one on passenger side rear, and two on driver.s side. the. 1921 Kissel Sport Tourster pictured in the scene with my Kissel Gold Bug., only has two very long doors,. And those doors open opposite of one another (one towards front, be towards rear) and are different lengths. Weird, but they seem able to do their task well. The stresses on the doors and hinges with that massive length and oak-weight always makes me wary of opening and closing them. Ron
  11. The side seats on the first Kissel Gold Bugs from 1919 - 1923 were advertised as “outrigger seats”. There are two, one on each side. These were rapidly christened “suicide seats” or “mother in law seats” by the public. Actually these are very sturdy. Note the foot brace on the front step plate which works well for a side seat rider. ron
  12. Joe, All - The Wisconsin Automotive Museum, in Hartford Wisconsin, has the largest collection of Kissels that exists. I have the next largest collection. And there is also a "Kissel Kar Klub" for Kissel enthusiasts. Between those two groups and their members, the ownership and whereabouts of most Kissel cars, trucks, bodies, and chassis is tracked. We don't claim to know where all those wonderful Kissel cars are, but we try. On occasion a new barn find or engine or whatever pops up. Our listing is available only to Kissel Owners, not the public. Because very many Kissels are one-of-a-kind or two-of-a-kind, this listing really helps when you are seeking rare parts, or need to go to see how to replicate them. We also have an extensive library of every known Kissel publication and a newsletter which is archived with decades of Kissel-related articles. There are about 150 or so complete Kissel cars, trucks, and funeral vehicles, dating from 1908 to 1930. There are Kissel cars in Sweden, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and Massachusetts to California Dozens of these 150 cars are "one-of-a-kind" models and years. About 37 of these 150 Kissels are the coveted "Kissel Gold Bug Speedster" models from 1920 to 1928. Thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  13. Example of removeable Kissel Wooden hardtop.
  14. Wayne - The top, upholstery, and side curtains were reportedly replaced in the late 1970's/early 1980's. They are done correctly from the few examples that still survive. Because this car was structured, as ALL Kissel Gibraltar Models, for a removeable wooden top, perhaps not many cars had the need for side curtains. To see the only surviving example of a Kissel with a removeable wood top, please check out my 1918 Kissel postings under "Restoration" forum. I had to carve half of the removeable oak hardtop myself and got carpel tunnel as a result. Thanks, Ron Hausmann
  15. Ed in Mass - No, I think the car that you are referring to is a 1917 Kissel Four-passenger Roadster that the young man (whom I know) recently purchased. It's a Model 6-38 that he's begun to restore. RON