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  1. I have heard the AACA Winter Meet which was to be held in Puerto Rico has been canceled, for obvious reasons, and has been relocated to Mobile Alabama on March 22-24, 2018. So far it does not appear on the Meet Information or Calendar of Events pages of the National website and I was wondering if what I heard is true.
  2. Website Overhaul

    I like your new site. It’s clear and easy to navigate. My only suggestion is that you have your links to information or documents open in a new window instead of leaving your site as they do now. Webmaster for the South Florida Region
  3. What are you doing with your car this weekend?

    Well down here is South Florida our season is pretty much over until the fall. It is now to hot and humid with very unpredictable showers and thunderstorms to go out for more than a short ride. We had a busy beginning of the year with 9 local shows and the A.A.C.A Winter Meet since January 1st.
  4. 2016 Master Webmaster Awards!

    Thank you for posting the list of winners. I was at the 2016 meeting and I remember being told that a revised judging form was in the works for websites. I was unable to attend this year’s meeting and I was wondering if a new judging form or Webmasters Manual similar to the Newsletter Editors Manual was distributed. I would be very interested in getting copies if they are available so I can improve my website.
  5. Master?

    Although I said I got my letter on Friday I may have been mistaken as to the level of the award. After rereading these post, particularly Mark McAlpine’s, and rereading my letter it is not clear to me what award I have won. It says I have won an “AACA Webmaster Award”, with no mention of Master or any other designation.
  6. Master?

    I got mine Friday for the South Florida Region's website. I have emailed our editor, but haven't heard back from her about the that award.
  7. Since this was last discussed in March I was wondering if this happened and I missed it? Bob
  8. Master?

    Being the warmest city in Pennsylvania is kind of like being the best looking frog in the pond. Actually I grew up in Connecticut and loved winter and winter sports. As a longtime resident of Miami I have become a Floridian. Thanks for the advice and phone number.
  9. Master?

    I noticed on the seminar schedule that there is a Webmasters’ Forum on Friday from 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM, and that it is “By Invitation Only”. How does one get invited as this would be of interest to me as our club’s webmaster?
  10. Master?

    The mail took a little longer to reach South Florida, but mine arrived today. Now I need to work up the courage to leave sunny South Florida for freezing Philadelphia in February.
  11. Master?

    No, but one of our members was informed that his car will receive a national award. So it should be long before we here about the Mater Editor and Webmaster Awards.
  12. I like the term “Monet” when describing a car that is best seen from a distance.
  13. AACA Logos for Your Use!

    You will need to fill the outside background of the logo with the color of you page background using Adobe Photoshop or some other photo editing program. Our club logo has a square white background and as you can see if you go here it how blends with the page background. Hope this helps, Bob
  14. I was wondering if the new server supports Word Press or what other programs it supports? It would be helpful if the information was given out to the webmasters.