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  1. Dear Bjestes, You should read numbers 4 & 5 of the "Vendors registration information". Just make sure you are in the right place Mike
  2. You asked "Why Bump and old topic?". Because no one from the AACA or the Hershey Region Chapter responded to this thread and it will be a new topic come Oct 14th, 2018. I have tried to contact The Hershey Region Chapter but no one returns my call. Mike
  3. I bumped this topic because it still needs to be addressed by the Hershey Region Chapter. Mike
  4. John, I am sorry that I am having to post again but ... Yes, I was a HANDICAPPED visitor to the Hershey Fall Meet in the 2014 and 2015. If you would have read my last posting you would have read that even though I should have used a golf cart, I choose not to. I also choose not to park in the Handicapped Parking. Again, walk in the shoes of a Handicapped person, a Disabled Person, A person in a Wheelchair......... As for smoking a $ 12.00 cigar...I had Throat Cancer...I never smoked. You should quit the cigars for your health and Family. Please don't be rude, Mike
  5. This is my last post. Maybe. I feel that I have accomplished what I set out to do. Make people aware that there is a problem with the Show. Four years ago in September I was diagnosed with cancer and started Chemo and Radiation therapy. That fall I missed my first Fall Meet in 20 years. My treatments lasted until March the following year. I was down from 190 lbs to 128 lbs and barley able to walk 20 feet. One of my goals was to make it to the Hershey Fall Meet. I made it at 140 lbs and able to walk 50 yards before I needed a brake. I didn't park in the Handicap lot and I didn't use a Golf Cart. But as always it was worth it to be at the Hershey Fall Meet. This is when I started to notice that so many of the Vendor Spaces were being used for Parking and Camping. Maybe it was because I was walking so slow. The next year I was better but still recovering and able to walk a few hundred yards before taking a brake. Still walking slow, I noticed that the parking/camping spaces seemed to have grown. Last year I was much better but still a little winded after awhile. Noticing that the parking/spaces had grown even larger, I took a bunch of photos. But I didn't do anything with them. This year I'm three years cancer free. I'm at 185 lbs and able to walk most of a field without taking a rest. But I noticed the Parking/Camping had grown even larger. Worried that it would get worst next year, I decided I would document this growing problem with photographs and start this tread. Put yourself in the shoes of a Handicapped Person, a disabled person, a person in a wheelchair, most anybody over 65. It is selfish and inconsiderate to think that it is right to take up swap spaces for convenience parking and camping when there are parking lots, camp grounds and trailer parking right across the street. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who can't take vacation days and shows up on Saturday expecting 9,000 vendors and theres only 2,000 actual selling spaces. Or the young enthusiast who couldn't miss school and showed up on Saturday to only 2,000 actual selling spaces. 9,000 Flea Market Spaces should mean 9,000 Flea Market Spaces. Wednesday through Saturday should be Wednesday through Saturday. 7am to 5pm should be 7am to 5pm. Regulations are written to be followed and should be strictly followed or they are useless. I am going to join the Hershey Region Chapter and see if I can get on the show committee. Thanks for listening, Mike I will be at the $3.00 Milk Shake Space at 1pm on Thursday 2018 to buy you a reasonably priced Milk Shake. This might be a mistake.
  6. Does anyone have any ariel photos of the Hershey Fall Meets from 2015 2016 2017. Thanks, Mike
  7. The "Milk Shake" Vendor in question is in the South Red Field. I also enjoyed the Milk Shakes in the Chocolate Field and in the Hershey Store at 1/2 the price. Mike
  8. They don't have anything to compare it to. Maybe next year they will notice. Or when they turn 45 and there's one vendor per isle ? (sarcasm). Mike It's great that we have new/young members.
  9. MCHinson, I stated earlier that I understand that Vendors need to leave their spaces to use use the washroom, to eat, etc.. I did mention separating Vendors by hours open but I was being sarcastic. Someone else did mention segregating vendors by type of items sold. This would be a good idea. Yes, maybe closing the North Red Field and the South Orange Field is a good idea. There was no where close to 9,000 vending spaces being used for vending. These areas could be used for volunteer parking, possibly free vendor parking or Handicapped Parking. Have you noticed how far away from the show the North Handicapped Parking is ? I was able to cover the entire show Tuesday -Friday. The photos that I posted were taken on Thursday. This grouping of photos I posted are mostly from the Red Fields. I can post the rest of the 50 photos I have of the other swap areas that were being used as parking and camping if you want. It would be interesting to see an ariel view of this years show. You are wrong about the attendance. It is way down. In the past there would be three large parking lots. Do you remember when they closed the White Field to make it into parking. Now it's mostly used for campers. There is a parking area NW on RT 39 which is for overflow. It use to be filled. They would also park cars up by the High School, not anymore. Most of the vendors I spoke to said that the attendance is down. This is partly due to the internet but not solely. Mike
  10. Thank you Charlie, These are great ideas. I hope someone from the Hershey Region Fall Meet planning committee is reading this thread. Mike
  11. Tom, So you use 3 of your 4 spaces for camping and 1 for swapping ??? This is exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you for being open from 8 am to 6pm. And I agree with you about changing the days from Wednesday to Saturday. Mike
  12. John, No one is saying that you should haul your stuff anywhere. Just cover it at night like the others. How many of your 9 space are actually used for vending and how many are used for parking/camping? My Father taught me to always end a sales pitch with a joke........thats what the "Milk Shake" is about. Mike