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  1. Now you won't be able to afford an $ 8.00 Milk Shake.
  2. My last thought. When I walked up to the Red Food Truck in the Red Field at the south west corner of the stadium I noticed a tip jar at the window . Who pays $ 8.00 for a milk shake then leaves a tip ????? Mike
  3. Terry, My glass is normally over flowing. Please don't get me wrong....I love Hershey. And I found a lot of great items to buy and got to see many friends that only see once a year. I appreciate all the hard work that everyone does. It takes many hours of preplanning just to have the show. And many, many more hour to run the show. I just feel that someone has to speak up. I have been going to Hershey since 1982. Over the past 10 years I have noticed that more and more spaces are not being used for Selling. If a person reads the Flea Market Registration and makes a decision to purchase a space then he or she must abide by the rules. How sad who it be for a young enthusiast to travel 10 minutes, 1 hour or 6 hours to go to his or hers first big Saturday Swap meet and gets there and no one is there vending. Maybe he or she takes Friday off work to find 1/3 of the spaces empty in the morning or 1/2 empty in the afternoon because vendors decide to go to a meeting or just go home. Can't these meeting be held after 5 pm when the flea market closes ????? Can't the organizers have an area just off the vendor areas for volunteer parking. There is plenty of parking just to the South and North of the Giant center, just South East of the South Red Field and just east of the North Red Field. Are the Hershey Fall Meet Organizers afraid to admit that they have a problem. Is it to hard to Police. Or is it Status Quo..let the next guy handle it. Or if I rock the boat I might lose my great Parking Space/ Camping area. I'd love to be on the Board of Directors for the show. Think of the benefits. Actually how do I apply for a position. Still wondering who buys $ 8.00 milk shakes ?? I can afford it...but why? Mike
  4. If you read the Swap Space Registration form it states that the Flea Market is open Wednesday through Saturday, 7 am until 5 pm. It also states that " No Flea Market swap spaces shall be solely used for camping or parking". (#4). Are the rules set by the AACA only for us common people ????? Setting out a card table with grandma's crocheted pot holder does not constitute an swap space. Oh yah.........Who buys an $ 8.00 milk shake ? Mike
  5. Dear Ex98thdril, # 1. Lets say you drive to the mall to go to Sears to buy a tool you really need...you get there and they're closed. On the door is a sign..."We will be closed part of the day Wednesday, we might be open some of the day Thursday, but we will be closed all day Friday. Would you drive back just to see if they are open ???? I don't think so. This is no way to run a business or an AACA Swap Meet / Car Show. # 2. The same answer as number # 1. If a Vendor can not manage their space during normal business hours then they should not have a space. I realize that they will need to use the washroom or have breakfast, lunch and supper. # 3. Reverse everything.....So you're saying that the shopper should have to park miles away, which they do. Then they have to walk all day to see that 30% of the swap meet is being used for parking and camping. Most of the shoppers are as old if not older than the volunteers . Lets say you go to the same mall as just as they open to get a parking space close to the doors and all the parking spaces near the doors are full. You then have to walk all the way through the parking lot to get to the doors only to find out that all the employees, security, maintenance, Management, owners etc. are allowed to use all the close parking. This is a Swap Meet not a parking lot/ Camp grounds. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have to do the the show. Swap spaces are for selling....as advertised.....Wednesday through Saturday (Oct4 -7th, 2017). Maybe they should change the Wed Page Ad to " 9,000 vendors.....well almost 9,000 vendors....5 %of the spaces are used by the Board of Directors and Judges.....5 % is for the workers.....10 % is for camping...10 % is for random parking. ( See attached photos). I was on the Board of Directors of one of the larger car clubs and one of our biggest concerns is "How do we get younger people interested and involved in vintage car clubs". Having them come to a swap meet and have to wade through empty swap space isn't going to do it. Not everyone can take off work or family obligations Wednesday , Thursday and Friday especially if you are young. Closing early on Friday and not opening at all on Saturday is not far to those who have to work for a living. And again.....who buys an $ 8.00 milk shake? There is a lot of abuse of the swap spaces and I hope it can be corrected. Mike
  6. Oh, I forgot to mention...... Who pays $ 8.00 for a $ 3.00 Milk Shake??? $ 15.00 parking......it costs $ 20.00 at Soldiers Field in Downtown Chicago. Mike I must be getting old.
  7. Ex98thdrill mentioned a couple of concerning things. He knows AACA Judges that use their spaces for parking "throwing out a few things so it looks like they're selling. He knows of National Directors who no longer sell from their spaces.....and use them to park. And why would prime spaces in the Chocolate Fields be used for employee parking. Looks like the typical abuse of the Government. Mike
  8. These photos where taken on Thursday. Some of the Camping areas covered at least 12 spots.
  9. It was a little disappointing seeing so many of the Swap Spaces this year being used for parking, campers, camping or just empty ??????? These are just a few of the photos I took. Concerned in the future of the Fall Meet, Mike
  10. I am 3 three out of cancer treatments. I am still not 100 % but am able to again go the Hershey Fall Meet. It was hard coming back this year and looking down an isle and see that 50 % of the spaces are being used for parking or just empty. I agree with "The Handle Man ". He must be frustrated when he looks down his isle and sees so many spaces being used for parking. Why can't the AACA Police the show and contact the people using the spaces for car parking, trailer parking or the empty space holders. Give them a one time warning then take away their space/spaces ? The Iola Wisconsin Show does it. Here are some photos I took on Thursday ????? These are not all the photos I took. Mike
  11. I found one. Thank you Mike Nickels. Thanks, Mike
  12. Help, I am looking for any usable wood for a 1949 or early 1950 Ford Woodie Wagon. I am trying to get my original 1950 Ford Ford Woodie ready for the National Woodie Meet in Detroit. All I need is the wood for the tailgate. Any thing would help. Thanks, Mike
  13. 1946 Ford Wiper Motor

    Does anyone know which Trico Wiper Motor is used on a 1946 and early 1947 Ford Woodie. Someone told me it is a SSR-1 ?????? Thanks, Mike
  14. Photo of the day!??