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  1. I found one. Thank you Mike Nickels. Thanks, Mike
  2. Help, I am looking for any usable wood for a 1949 or early 1950 Ford Woodie Wagon. I am trying to get my original 1950 Ford Ford Woodie ready for the National Woodie Meet in Detroit. All I need is the wood for the tailgate. Any thing would help. Thanks, Mike
  3. 1946 Ford Wiper Motor

    Does anyone know which Trico Wiper Motor is used on a 1946 and early 1947 Ford Woodie. Someone told me it is a SSR-1 ?????? Thanks, Mike
  4. Photo of the day!??

  5. Photo of the day!??

    Tin Tuesday . Mike
  6. Photo of the day!??

    Tin Tuesday. Mike
  7. Photo of the day!??

    Tin Tuesday. Mike
  8. Photo of the day!??

  9. Photo of the day!??

    Mopar Monday . Mike
  10. Photo of the day!??

  11. Photo of the day!??

    Tin Tuesday. Mike
  12. Photo of the day!??

  13. 1947 FORD SPORTSMAN $350,000.

    I called the guy with the real Sportsman the other day. It was strange that the phone number was in Nigeria. The guy sounded real nice and honest so I wire transferred him the money and he said that he would have a shipper send the Sportsman it in the next couple of days. The guy was also very funny.....he kept talking in a Jamaican accent. The story goes......his family was very rich and the government took everything but the Sportsman from the Family. Can't wait to see the car !! Your pal, Mike Just kidding .
  14. 1947 FORD SPORTSMAN $350,000.

    They are not the same car. The Hemming's car is a convertible with a wood overlay. Look close at the top of the doors.....you can see the metal. Mike