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  1. DA Wood Spoked Wheel Clamps

    Hello John, I know I have some of the Type A clamps but they are in my spare parts shed and at the moment there is 2' plus of snow on the ground and it's about 200 feet from my shop. As soon as I can I'll get over there, if you are in a hurry you might want to look else where.
  2. OK, if someone buys this car during the month of November I will kick in a $50.00 rebate plus the ex-wife but you have to promise me that you will help me get my wheelbarrow back from her!!! I really miss that wheelbarrow!
  3. Hello Dodge Brothers, The Crown Maroon and Black sedan directly above this post is still available and looking for a new place to call home. It was built and shipped out of Dodge Main on March 17th 1930 and was sold new in Watertown, South Dakota by J.H. Lienhard, Inc. The FEDCO serial number plate and the body plate are all there and match the build card, the motor number and the frame number match each other and the build card. It doesn't get any better then this. Once this car is restored you will have a very beautiful piece of Dodge Brothers Eight-in-Line history. I would like to see it go back to the original colors in order to match the build card. At the moment there are no DC-8 sedans restored in the original Crown Maroon and Black. I have over forty years history with the DC-8 and DD-6 cars and whom ever purchases this car will have my help available to them thru the entire restoration. Thank you for reading this post!
  4. Hello Guys, You missed out on a chance of a life time to own the above 1931 Dodge Brothers DC Standard Eight sedan but if any of you would like the next best thing I have a 1930 Dodge Brothers DC-8 sedan for sale. This car is 99% all there with many parts and boxes of parts stored else where, it doesn't have a title but it will be sold with a bill-of-sale and the build card from the Chrysler Historical Collection. I would like to get close to 5K or (best cash offer to the right person), including my assistance with the restoration until you are finished . I'll post these pictures and if anyone is interested in purchasing it and restoring to original please contact me by private message through the AACA e-mail system.
  5. Hello David, The 1930 Dodge Brothers DC-8 had two different air cleaners available from the very start of production, I believe which type a car had installed at the factory was selected by the dealer that ordered the car. They had a simple helmet air cleaner that was found on most of the cars that originated in a big city and most of the deluxe air cleaners that used a support bracket were found on cars that started out in small towns and in rural situations. The air cleaner and the oil filler cap were a set, the helmet air cleaner came with the closable oil filler cap that is described in the owners Instruction Book and the deluxe air cleaner came with the oil filler cap that had copper mesh in it for maximum air filtration. In late 1930 they quit using the helmet air cleaner and installed just the deluxe style on every DC-8 so to find a deluxe air cleaner on this very late production car is quite correct. I have posted below images of both air cleaners and both oil filler caps.
  6. For those of you who have never seen the trim features and the beautiful appointments of a DC-8 here are some photographic images from a low mileage original DC-8 sedan. This car is not for sale but the Maroon & Black sedan further down the page is.
  7. I believe that the only fair way to pass judgement on these cars is to let the buying public do it for us. The total production and sales of the DC-8 was 25,352, the total sales and production of the DG-8 was 11,866, the DK-8 was 5986 and the DO-8 was 1650.
  8. The only car for sale on this thread is the Maroon, Black and rust DC-8 four door sedan with the wood artillery wheels and the spare on the rear. It is located in Northeastern Washington State and it is for sale only to someone who will restore it to it's original glory. I promised the fellow whom I purchased it from that it would never be molested or destroyed.