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  1. Vintman

    Stanley Steamer date

    Some more historical background on Stanley mountain wagons: Vintman (UK)
  2. Vintman

    Please help identify these cars

    Hi, while not experts on American cars, our sytem suggests a look at the cca 1916/18 Elgin as a possible contender ? Regards Vintman (UK)
  3. Very top picture would indeed seem to be a Clement Bayard. From smooth bulkhead to rad, and small square doors with small hinges, this woulkd seem to be a cca 1913/14 Clement Bayard 10'12. Lower photo is a indeed Citroen 5HP. Registration XO 1344, if UK, is London County Council about June 1923. Vintman (UK)
  4. Bottom picture of the three seems to be a cca 1916/17 Ford Model T. Photo of front of bonnet would help. Vintman (UK)
  5. Vintman

    Another Car Identification Wanted - British

    Hi, Registration is from UK, from County Council of Northampton issued late 1929. It does indeed seem to be a Hillman 14 and the detail of the bonnet without the later catches and handle does confirm the year as 1929. Regards Vintman (UK)
  6. Vintman

    Last Denhart still farming

    Our contributor Ariejan Bos has just advised this is cca 1911 International Harvester Tourer. IHC made mainly robust high wheelers 1907-11. This would seem to be the Model J 26’30 HP four cylinder made for only one year before car division closed, favouring manufacture of trucks. So this is a rare bird indeed although some seem to have survived according to the internet. Regards Vintman (UK)
  7. Vintman

    Last Denhart still farming

    It seems to have gone very quiet on this one. Anybody have any other ideas? Vintman
  8. Vintman

    Last Denhart still farming

    Going back to the what could be the letters on the radiator perhaps RS; the French "Rochet Schneider" logo letters and frontal appearance is not far off, but for the axle?? Vintman
  9. Vintman

    Last Denhart still farming

    HI Folks, Had enquiry on our Help Pages from Illinois USA asking if we can identify the car in the attached photo. So far we have not had much sucess so wondered if any of you had some ideas. This is a large enlargement of a small detail of a much larger photo showing farm house. There seems to be a trace of two letters on left top of radiator, last which seems an S. Am I seeing an RS?? Regards Vintman (UK)
  10. Vintman


    Have corrected and reshaped the photo, but none the wiser! Vintman
  11. Vintman

    photo from my grandmothers

    My thought from the rear wheel hub and relatively pointed radiator was that it was a Cadillac. Suggested contact our Dutch veteran expert Ariejan Bos who also thinks Cadillac but pinpoints it to a 1909 vintage. He said it looks too short for a touring car, so more like a Toy Tonneau (Demi-Tonneau). This would make it a four cylinder cca 1909 Cadillac Model 30 Demi-Tonneau. Cost new $1,400. Vintman
  12. Vintman

    Most curious wheel protectors?

    Many thanks Stude17. Not something I have seen over here. In the UK we had Macadam roads from very early on so perhaps ‘mud’ was not such a problem; punctures yes! From the web I note that the flap was to prevent the car splashing others on the road or pavement. So, now could somebody confirm dating and whether it is a T or a TT?? Many thanks Vintman
  13. Vintman

    Most curious wheel protectors?

    Hi, Had this enquiry on our Help Pages from Spain asking what and when, and "the name and purpose of those contraptions attached to the wheels." Seems to be a cca 1922 Ford Model T Bus, or is it a TT?? The wheel protector contraptions are new to me and have not been able to find anything similar so far. Cannot quite see their purpose beyond protecting wheels/tyres from debris from passing vehicles?? Presumably the protectors rotate round the hub, kept in the horizontal plain by their own weight. Seem to have rubber flap at the bottom presumably to protect them from the ground. Would much appreciate help on both please. Regards Vintman
  14. Vintman

    Golfing in New Mexico

    Hi Folks, Received a new enquiry on our Help Pages from New Mexico saying: "What is it ? Found old radiator cowl that said Ford but not sure it belongs with car. It appears to be a grave yard of old rigs. What throws me is a small one foot square door or opening behind the passenger door area. Can't find any Fords with that. The car is in New Mexico on an eleven thousand acre ranch. There are many more but this one bugs me" Obviously the door is a ' Golf Bag Door ' found on many roadster/coupe type cars but we need your help please in nailing which one it is. It seems to have holes for a step platform on the rear wing and space for a rear dickey seat (rumble). Regards Vintman
  15. Vintman

    Circa 1917 Steel spring tires. What is the car?

    I think this is a cca 1916 Protos. Vintman