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  1. caddyshack

    A fender?

    Looks like a spare tire well that would be part of a front fender. The hole was for water drainage. Nice piece.
  2. caddyshack

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    Back in the mid 1990's I went to an estate sale with the intention of finding a nice extension ladder that was posted on the local posting. They were allowing 10 people in at a time, and I was in the second group of 10. Well, when I entered the home two ladies were looking at two brass lamps on the fireplace mantle and they were discussing whether or not they were railroad related. When they concluded that they were, and put them back on the mantle, I grabbed both of them and could not believe the attached price $25 each. Long story short, 1904 era, bail handled, all brass, cowl lights in perfect shape. Looked for 20 years for something to put on the 1904 Cadillac.
  3. caddyshack

    Winter storage - gasoline

    If it were me, I would pull out the batteries in both cars, leave the tanks full of non-ethanol gas, and check the shut-off valve on the Model A. The T-bird I am not familiar with, but check the entire gas line for any signs of leaking. I am not sure if the T-bird has rubber hose connections like some Chevies have. I have five cars stored every winter in an attached garage and a couple of hours checking connections, fluids and batteries is time well spent. I did have an ethanol related issue that ate my Corvettes fuel pump rubber diaphragm and caused a gas leak years ago. But I will never use ethanol gas where there are rubber gaskets or hose connections on fuel lines. Good luck, the above responders have good suggestion.
  4. Hi John. Very interesting coil box, any idea of the year? Can't say that I have seen one like this before. I have a '12 F model and mine came with a switch that says mag and bat, only problem is that it is not set up for a mag on the engine. Any idea what B.1 and B.2 are ? Two batteries maybe? None of my books show either coil box. Nice items, thanks for posting.
  5. caddyshack


    Hi Russ, welcome to the site. Do you have access to anyone in the UK that has an '04 B Cadillac ? There are quite a few collectors that are involved with the L-B run every year that may be able to help. It helps to see an original spring on a vehicle, especially if you end up having to make a new spring. Also, another web site that might be helpful is "The Early Cadillac (1903-14) Group" within Yahoo Groups. Once you sign up, there is a good buy/sell section. I have a Model B if you need dimensions, etc. I am searching for a front axel with the window in it also. Good luck with your search. Skip in MN.
  6. When I was about 11 or 12, I was fascinated with the old cars and buggies stored at an elderly neighbors house. He would chase us kids out of his yard, but as I got older I got bolder and somehow formed a friendship with this 60's year old recluse. That was all it took, I was infected with the old car bug. He owned roughly 7 or 8 vintage cars and vowed never to sell one. 10 years later, after sharing many stories about the early auto industry and his many patents from his coach-building and cosmetics businesses, he sold me a car that was truly unique and needed lots of research (1904 Cadillac). Sadly he passed away six years later. The family wanted me to have one of the remaining autos and I was fortunate to buy a Brush auto. Alonson Brush was the design engineer of the early Cadillac autos. Still own the autos 40 some years later and still enjoy the research and hobby. Cars can be seen on you tube "early 70's interview with Fred Bergholt". I never knew the interview existed until 2006, what a treat.
  7. Lebowski, not knowing what you have is a problem. My 396 SS '70 Chevelle had a temp gauge problem, but it turned out to be an electrical sending unit that was shot, not the gauge itself. The sending unit was screwed into the block I believe and it had two electrical leads back to the gauge in the dash. Simple fix, but it was over 40 years ago and memory is fading. If its a bad gauge in the dash I can't help you there. Is the gauge definitely bad? There has to be a video out there that could help with that. Good luck, and beautiful engine by the way.
  8. caddyshack

    ID this rollover?

    Maybe binoculars case, looking for the next hill to climb or nearest farm.
  9. caddyshack

    1903 Cadillac Model A - $150000 Phoenix, AZ

    I totally agree Matt. Back in 2010 I researched some verification papers including build sheet data and the folks in England still questioned my sources. I have a copy of the original build sheet showing all the specifications including motor number, selden patent number, etc. and it satisfied my search but they wanted their own documentation. I chose not to have them document the auto because of the expense involved, plus I have no desire to restore it. Values have been all over the place for L-B eligible autos. Researching the history is a real challenge. Crowbarr, that picture is not a 1904 Cadillac Model A or B. I think it might be a 1904 Pierce Stanhope
  10. caddyshack

    Brush Owners Association

    Well, it has been almost two years and I have not seen a web-site, newsletter, or discussions, relating to the reorganization of the US Brush Owners Association merging into the International Brush Association in Australia. Anybody care to comment, good or bad?
  11. caddyshack

    AACA Dues

    Thanks Steve. Called today and fixed a small issue. Mailings should come very soon.
  12. caddyshack

    AACA Dues

    Did the same thing last Dec. and my $35 check was returned around Jan. 2nd. Mailed my $40 Jan. 3rd and still have not received a magazine. Maybe I have to wait until the Mar./Apr issue is printed. Now that my former classic autos are now antique autos, time is getting away from me. Must be a senior moment thing.
  13. caddyshack

    Wanted 1956 or 1957 Corvette

    Try Corvette They always have a good selection on their site. Good luck
  14. Any Pence or Theo. Jonas dealership scripts or badges? Thanks
  15. caddyshack

    Saskatchewan hoard

    I figured it must have a high performance "crated" engine from Chevrolet in there.