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  1. When I was about 11 or 12, I was fascinated with the old cars and buggies stored at an elderly neighbors house. He would chase us kids out of his yard, but as I got older I got bolder and somehow formed a friendship with this 60's year old recluse. That was all it took, I was infected with the old car bug. He owned roughly 7 or 8 vintage cars and vowed never to sell one. 10 years later, after sharing many stories about the early auto industry and his many patents from his coach-building and cosmetics businesses, he sold me a car that was truly unique and needed lots of research (1904 Cadillac). Sadly he passed away six years later. The family wanted me to have one of the remaining autos and I was fortunate to buy a Brush auto. Alonson Brush was the design engineer of the early Cadillac autos. Still own the autos 40 some years later and still enjoy the research and hobby. Cars can be seen on you tube "early 70's interview with Fred Bergholt". I never knew the interview existed until 2006, what a treat.
  2. Lebowski, not knowing what you have is a problem. My 396 SS '70 Chevelle had a temp gauge problem, but it turned out to be an electrical sending unit that was shot, not the gauge itself. The sending unit was screwed into the block I believe and it had two electrical leads back to the gauge in the dash. Simple fix, but it was over 40 years ago and memory is fading. If its a bad gauge in the dash I can't help you there. Is the gauge definitely bad? There has to be a video out there that could help with that. Good luck, and beautiful engine by the way.
  3. caddyshack

    ID this rollover?

    Maybe binoculars case, looking for the next hill to climb or nearest farm.
  4. caddyshack

    1903 Cadillac Model A - $150000 Phoenix, AZ

    I totally agree Matt. Back in 2010 I researched some verification papers including build sheet data and the folks in England still questioned my sources. I have a copy of the original build sheet showing all the specifications including motor number, selden patent number, etc. and it satisfied my search but they wanted their own documentation. I chose not to have them document the auto because of the expense involved, plus I have no desire to restore it. Values have been all over the place for L-B eligible autos. Researching the history is a real challenge. Crowbarr, that picture is not a 1904 Cadillac Model A or B. I think it might be a 1904 Pierce Stanhope
  5. caddyshack

    Brush Owners Association

    Well, it has been almost two years and I have not seen a web-site, newsletter, or discussions, relating to the reorganization of the US Brush Owners Association merging into the International Brush Association in Australia. Anybody care to comment, good or bad?
  6. caddyshack

    AACA Dues

    Thanks Steve. Called today and fixed a small issue. Mailings should come very soon.
  7. caddyshack

    AACA Dues

    Did the same thing last Dec. and my $35 check was returned around Jan. 2nd. Mailed my $40 Jan. 3rd and still have not received a magazine. Maybe I have to wait until the Mar./Apr issue is printed. Now that my former classic autos are now antique autos, time is getting away from me. Must be a senior moment thing.
  8. caddyshack

    Wanted 1956 or 1957 Corvette

    Try Corvette They always have a good selection on their site. Good luck
  9. Any Pence or Theo. Jonas dealership scripts or badges? Thanks
  10. caddyshack

    Saskatchewan hoard

    I figured it must have a high performance "crated" engine from Chevrolet in there.
  11. caddyshack

    Vintage Cadillac Identification

    Contact Allied Vaughn, Livonia, MI. or GM Media Archive. They are on the web, and contact info is there. I agree that is a 1910 era ID plate. Allied can give you a copy of the actual build sheet for this auto based on the plate number (engine number) that you send them. There is a fee for this service, so if you don't have the auto to go with the plate, it might be a little spendy for the info. I used them to verify my 1904 Cadillac years ago. Good luck
  12. George, The sketches that I sent you of the rear step plate have the wrong phone number attached. I have a 1904 B Touring (original condition), if your friend has any questions that I can help him with. Thanks
  13. caddyshack

    Brush Information Needed

    That's great. Did the pictures help?
  14. caddyshack

    Brush Information Needed

    Jonah, Oil drip gauge (dash), oil tank, oil line to engine. Hope this helps. Skip
  15. caddyshack

    Brush Information Needed

    Hi Jonah, I would be glad to send pictures of the oil system, showing the lines, tank, and dash drip gauge. Your steering box is the same as mine, they did not change for many years, so can't help you much with that. The Brush is tucked away for the winter, so it may take some time to get at it. It's only -10 degrees today so not much happens in this fridgid state. My Brush came with a magneto style coil box, but the engine never had a magneto devise on the engine. Mine being a 1912 Model F may have used left over parts from the previous years production I was told. Still trying to verify that comment. I will send you pictures soon. Thanks Skip 1912 Brush F 1904 Cadillac B touring