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  1. 1 - 1/4 inch NPT pipe die wanted, buy or borrow

    That is the kind of contractor that gives his profession a bad name. When I was contracting we would help our community in any way we could. If the small job looked like it might be beyond their expertise, we would have our shop guys weld, cut, or thread small jobs. I have been retired 12 years, so maybe times have changed. Too bad, good PR goes a long way.
  2. 1931 Ford Model A Victoria

    That is a stunning Model A. One of my favorite body styles. Should sell easily.
  3. What have you learned on the AACA Forum?

    What have I learned? That is such an open ended question that it is hard to respond. Good vs. bad, like vs.dislike, original vs. over restored, joking vs. truth, dumb response vs. accurate knowledge, drive it vs. store it, young new member vs. old salt, I can go on and on about hot issues, conflicting viewpoints, and useful information. I know what I like and dislike, so what I have learned is to tune out the complainers, listen to experienced old timers, and be open to the new viewpoints of others. And most importantly be respectful even if you disagree.
  4. What is this steering wheel?

    Almost looks like a mid 60's Corvair wheel.
  5. How warm is it where you are?

    I hate to admit how cold it has been in northern MN.. Some would question my sanity for living in such a wonderful state. -20 to -30 since Christmas has been a common occurrence. Last year we had 13 days below 0 all year. We have already had 12 days below 0 and the coldest days of winter are not over yet. This coming week is due to be above 32 so I guess we will need to break out the sun tan oil. Stay warm, I think I will look for rental property in AZ.
  6. How Many Are Enough?

    I started out with one, then two, and before you know it they had kids. Sound familiar. Five cars in a three car attached garage is a challange. Now it's time to downsize come spring.
  7. Minnesota title question.

    George, just contact the DMV in St. Paul. They will give you plenty of info and the process is not that bad. Former ownership is transferable if the former owner can provide documentation and possibly insurance coverage. You will need insurance before you apply.
  8. If you could?

    DeLorean. Like the body style, but would abandon the drivetrain. Stainless steel body is OK. It really needed more power.
  9. This one is labelled Hollywood Boulevard circa 1903

    The photo is a 1904 Pope Toledo VI I believe. The '05 Toledo has rear side doors on their models VII, IX, and X. I believe that 1904 was the last year for the rear entrance body style. It is possible that an '04 model could have been made in late '03. These early models may have started production in late '03 and carried over designs during the '04 production run. Nice photo by the way.
  10. Model A wheel

    I have a complete set of screw on Model T caps with the same "Bool" or "Fool" script. J.C. Whitney used to sell these years ago. I have not seen these on Model A caps. Thanks for posting.
  11. Mystery touring car

    Could be a Mitchell. The tops are different, two glass windows vs. one window. One looks right hand drive and the other left hand drive. Nice pictures.

    Thanks Vicente, Happy Holidays from cold and snowy Bloomington, Minnesota Skip Anderson
  13. Who needs traffic lights?

    Great video. Wish I could recognize more of the autos. The early Cadillacs I could make out. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Cadillac Motor Robe

    Ed, what is the big secret? I don't care about the value, but I would like a little history lesson. I have only seen one of these, and that was about 30 years ago. It did not have an ID tag, and was in a badly worn condition. Send me a message if you would. Thanks
  15. AACA Badge for Model T

    I have had it both ways, sellers remorse and buyers remorse. If it was a good buy or a bad buy I guess that is how we learn. Buying a vehicle with a bill of sale only is just asking for trouble. I know from a bad experience. I recently sold a vehicle that I had for 35 years, and I made sure that the new owner had copies of every receipt, and notes covering every piece of research relating to the car. The new owner (in his 20's) and his dad were as excited as I was when I first purchased the auto many years ago. Pass the torch in a rewarding way!