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  1. AACA Dues

    Thanks Steve. Called today and fixed a small issue. Mailings should come very soon.
  2. AACA Dues

    Did the same thing last Dec. and my $35 check was returned around Jan. 2nd. Mailed my $40 Jan. 3rd and still have not received a magazine. Maybe I have to wait until the Mar./Apr issue is printed. Now that my former classic autos are now antique autos, time is getting away from me. Must be a senior moment thing.
  3. Wanted 1956 or 1957 Corvette

    Try Corvette They always have a good selection on their site. Good luck
  4. Any Pence or Theo. Jonas dealership scripts or badges? Thanks
  5. Saskatchewan hoard

    I figured it must have a high performance "crated" engine from Chevrolet in there.
  6. Vintage Cadillac Identification

    Contact Allied Vaughn, Livonia, MI. or GM Media Archive. They are on the web, and contact info is there. I agree that is a 1910 era ID plate. Allied can give you a copy of the actual build sheet for this auto based on the plate number (engine number) that you send them. There is a fee for this service, so if you don't have the auto to go with the plate, it might be a little spendy for the info. I used them to verify my 1904 Cadillac years ago. Good luck
  7. George, The sketches that I sent you of the rear step plate have the wrong phone number attached. I have a 1904 B Touring (original condition), if your friend has any questions that I can help him with. Thanks
  8. Brush Information Needed

    That's great. Did the pictures help?
  9. Brush Information Needed

    Jonah, Oil drip gauge (dash), oil tank, oil line to engine. Hope this helps. Skip
  10. Brush Information Needed

    Hi Jonah, I would be glad to send pictures of the oil system, showing the lines, tank, and dash drip gauge. Your steering box is the same as mine, they did not change for many years, so can't help you much with that. The Brush is tucked away for the winter, so it may take some time to get at it. It's only -10 degrees today so not much happens in this fridgid state. My Brush came with a magneto style coil box, but the engine never had a magneto devise on the engine. Mine being a 1912 Model F may have used left over parts from the previous years production I was told. Still trying to verify that comment. I will send you pictures soon. Thanks Skip 1912 Brush F 1904 Cadillac B touring
  11. I Need To Try Here

    "freighter jim" is the Model T hauler referred to by others as "truly vintage". He is active on the MTFCA site regularly, but I do not know if he hauls all over the country. He has good reviews on the Ford sites and if he does not cover your area he could recommend someone for sure, Good luck.
  12. 1 - 1/4 inch NPT pipe die wanted, buy or borrow

    That is the kind of contractor that gives his profession a bad name. When I was contracting we would help our community in any way we could. If the small job looked like it might be beyond their expertise, we would have our shop guys weld, cut, or thread small jobs. I have been retired 12 years, so maybe times have changed. Too bad, good PR goes a long way.
  13. What have you learned on the AACA Forum?

    What have I learned? That is such an open ended question that it is hard to respond. Good vs. bad, like vs.dislike, original vs. over restored, joking vs. truth, dumb response vs. accurate knowledge, drive it vs. store it, young new member vs. old salt, I can go on and on about hot issues, conflicting viewpoints, and useful information. I know what I like and dislike, so what I have learned is to tune out the complainers, listen to experienced old timers, and be open to the new viewpoints of others. And most importantly be respectful even if you disagree.
  14. What is this steering wheel?

    Almost looks like a mid 60's Corvair wheel.
  15. How warm is it where you are?

    I hate to admit how cold it has been in northern MN.. Some would question my sanity for living in such a wonderful state. -20 to -30 since Christmas has been a common occurrence. Last year we had 13 days below 0 all year. We have already had 12 days below 0 and the coldest days of winter are not over yet. This coming week is due to be above 32 so I guess we will need to break out the sun tan oil. Stay warm, I think I will look for rental property in AZ.