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  1. 56buickinga

    1956 Buick Power Wipers/Washer conversion

    Update: So today I spent some time more than 5 mins of checking the vacuum with a gauge and closing the hood. My manual pump is shot and pulls 0 vacuum. My intake holds 10-12 at idle. The 93 blazer with the 4.3 v6 was holding 12 at idle. The little vacuum pump held 15-16 when power was applied to it. Holding 16 on a wet windshield my wipers still struggled and were slow to move if at all. So I removed the wiper motor and turned the pump on. The motor worked and cycled just fine but when I grabbed the cam the motor stopped and had no torque. When the motor was stopped I could hear air bypassing the paddle. I could operate the wipers by turning the actuator on the firewall. So I've concluded that my pump is shot and the vac pump in theory would work if the motor was good. last time my wipers stopped it was because the dual action fuel pump vac side stopped pumping. I tested the motor on a good vacuum source. That was ten years ago and I didn't think to check my motor when I installed the vac pump before I made the above post.
  2. 56buickinga

    1956 Buick Power Wipers/Washer conversion

    I bought this set up before reading this thread to make a electro-vacuum unit hybrid. Unfortunately it pulls the same amount of vacuum after routing the hoses as the car makes at idle. The wipers work the same as pulling directly off the intake even with the pump operating.
  3. I did stop by not long after I bought it. You thanked me for "saving" you from going to look at it.
  4. My 69 Lesabre was built in the Atlanta plant. Sold new in Cornelia Ga sold in Cleveland Ga and now resides in Tennessee. I tried to get it back to no avail. The letters are nice and you shouldn't have issue selling them.
  5. 56buickinga

    Hub caps, port holes

    How much for four dog dish caps?
  6. 56buickinga

    Hub caps, port holes

    How much for the dog dish and are there 4 of them?
  7. 56buickinga

    1955 Century 322 and dynaflow

    I have a 1955 Century 322 with dynaflow attached for sale. It has the 4bbl wcfb the secondaries are seized and it has the complete air breather with thermostat bracket. no generator. no spark plug covers. everything else appears to be there. running condition unknown $500 asking plus shipping. Was keeping it as parts for my 56 but I got a cj and would rather jeep parts have.
  8. 56buickinga

    56 not mine

    Even if it was free I'd almost pass on that. As soon you tried to winch it on the trailer I suspect it would rip into pieces. That thing is quite rough.
  9. 56buickinga

    72 Skylark 350/350 2D hardtop

    I was working in a different town came across a Buick in a yard. I left a note to find out more about it. Owner called and said it was for sale. I have just bought a truck and a trip to Colorado so I'm not in the market but said I would pass on the info. 72 Skylark 2D hardtop 350/350 150k or so gsx stripes and spoiler gs sport hood silver white interior bench seat column shift has damage in the drivers front. headlight buckets fender and I think the hood may have been touched too. i only got one picture as I had not talked to the owner and didn't want to go rooting around in someone's yard. price is asking $6500 and location is Buford ga close to the mall of ga. if anyone is interested I will pm the owners contact info. I'm not posting here due to respect to him.
  10. 56buickinga

    56 4dr hardtop special, not mine

    I like the thought of buying this and making a 56 4d convertible. Maybe fabricating a fiberglass removable hardtop. Be a great start and wouldn't feel bad about cutting up a good car.
  11. 56buickinga

    Another Road Side Find - 1954 Willys

    Every hood you ever find is rusted. I was not around when they were new but I suspect they were rusting on the dealer showrooms. Good cars but parts are almost impossible to find. Other than drive train parts shared with jeeps. Also they are unibody cars so if the body is rusted it can be structurally compromised.
  12. 56buickinga

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    i have one of those for my Buick too. It doesn't say tabor just a generic one.
  13. 56buickinga

    1955 Exhaust pipe hanger

    I can look on my 55 parts car. It will be toward the end of the week. If you don't find one before then I will update the thread here and pm you too.
  14. 56buickinga

    WTB Turn Signal Switch "56" Special

    I spoke with ron yesterday Wednesday or Thursday is the deadline for the 56. Reasonable prices and easy to deal with.
  15. 56buickinga

    WTB Turn Signal Switch "56" Special

    I have one in a 55 century. Unsure if it works or not. If it will work for your car I can pull it for you.