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  1. Every hood you ever find is rusted. I was not around when they were new but I suspect they were rusting on the dealer showrooms. Good cars but parts are almost impossible to find. Other than drive train parts shared with jeeps. Also they are unibody cars so if the body is rusted it can be structurally compromised.
  2. i have one of those for my Buick too. It doesn't say tabor just a generic one.
  3. I can look on my 55 parts car. It will be toward the end of the week. If you don't find one before then I will update the thread here and pm you too.
  4. I spoke with ron yesterday Wednesday or Thursday is the deadline for the 56. Reasonable prices and easy to deal with.
  5. I have one in a 55 century. Unsure if it works or not. If it will work for your car I can pull it for you.
  6. I went through my nailhead in the drive way. Yes, the same driveway I painted it in too. There is probably a fair amount of dust and gravel in my nailhead and it does ok. The 283 in the Chevy will probably be next though I don't think it'll be as involved. Probably just a gasket kit and paint.
  7. Too much rust in mine for decent pictures or I would help.
  8. My vac wipers work great when it has appropriate pressure. So I can take or leave the double action. Plus the elec vac pump would be a suitable conversion. The 57 timing cover conversion sounds like a good way to bypass the double action pump and my oreillys can get the 57 pump. Funny thing about money it does seem to dominate a lot of decisions. Thanks for the advice
  9. I'm looking into a fuel pump for my 56 322. I know it's a double action. Cars did not have one they have a rebuild service. Kater has one for $160 plus shipping that's a bit more than I want to pay right now. I rebuilt mine mine many years ago when the vacuum diaphragm ripped and failed to produce vacuum at night in the rain best timing of course. After the rebuild the fuel pump was sporadic and would fail to pump at random and I had no vacuum at all. So I put a little elec pump on the fender and has worked flawlessly until the other day. The replacement costs 50$ now so I'm looking to go back to an appropriate set up. So so if there is a good option to get a replacement I am not finding that'd be good. If there is a single action fuel pump that is easier to get I can use a 12v elec vacuum pump for the wipers. I may go back into it again if it warms up. I've got a core from a parts car I can send off to be rebuilt also.
  10. I have a double belt water pump pulley but it's off a 55 if it will work I'd let it go for $25 plus shipping.
  11. 3/4 uploaded the one that didn't upload was taken from my iPhone the other day and wouldn't load. I emailed it to my iPad and it wouldn't load. But pictures from my iPad load fine
  12. Seeing as I only have one I say if solid then sold
  13. I'm looking to get my 55 4 bbl set up rebuilt for my Buick. Does anyone here have any recommendations for vendors or reputable places to have this done? what should a reasonable price to have this done be around?
  14. More pics
  15. I removed just the tumbler but I could get the ignition switch to go with it. It will be this weekend before I can get a picture of the switch and bezel.