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  1. Hey , when somebody sees this Riviera cruising at 30,000 feet with jet propulsion PLEASE POST PICTURES HERE !!!!
  2. Very envious of the talent that goes into all that fabrication !!! NICE!!
  3. Thanks for sharing the radiator part numbers !!!!! The threads on the trans cooler bungs have seen better days on my factory radiator ,,, excuses , excuses !!!👍👍
  4. I was amazed at how well this stuff layed down and looked , I did 80 % of the hard trim , plastics , inset color on mouldings , had a friend spray the console with a hvlp though !
  5. It would have been a crime to hide that under any paint !!! Could you share a part number on that radiator for us for future reference ? What would you say the weight difference is between the original and the aluminum ? Lookin good !!!!!
  6. Good to have the tools to be able to do the work yourself !!! Those mouldings look great ! I am installing a new headliner this week ,,,, should be loads of fun!!
  7. Securing my overflow hose better tomorrow !!!!! Sorry to hear about your misfortune !!! You’ll get er back on the road soon !!!!👍👍
  8. Are you putting a new headliner in ??
  9. Is that a 2 post lift in your home garage ???? LUCKY !!! nice work on the springs and being safe around that kind of work !!! 👍👍👍👍
  10. Oh that's sharp !!!!!👍👍👍 nice work
  11. My next life I want to be a pro fabricator !!!!!!!!!! Wow is that going to be a KOOL cruiser !!
  12. MSD Ready To Run Part # 8524
  13. Any source on these big rubber washers that go between the seat frame and the seat track ? 65 Riviera ... thanks much
  14. Love those Daisey spoke wheels on the car from years back !!! Looks like a big tire on the rear !!! I like old skool stuff !!!!!!👍👍👍
  15. X2 ....thanks for all the pictures and information !!!!