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  1. Hmmmm..... do I want my tires to smell like Bubble Up or Dr Pepper ............
  2. Okay ,,,,,49.50$ You drive a hard bargain !!!!!
  3. I will give you 10$ for the air in the tires when you get it !!!
  4. Looking for NOS air for my tires ... prefer something with a Buick part number on it !
  5. pyntre

    First Generation Dash Pad

    NO ... txdashes is a vendor OF DASHTOPS ... txdashes does not make the parts , only resells them ... the Riviera caps are made in Reno Nevada by Palco Industries
  6. pyntre

    First Generation Dash Pad

    these are the folks that make them ,,, nice people ,,, I have one in my 65 ,,, very nice fit
  7. Had mine ceramic coated ,,,7 years ,,,still looks great
  8. Actually ingenious how they are put together by the way !!!!
  9. Thanks for the pictures Riviera 63 as they say , a picture is worth a thousand words .....
  10. I searched , but came up empty on a tutorial on how the wire caps come apart, and go back together for cleaning and polishing ... I am leaning more and more on using mine instead of spending huge money on restoring my road wheels !
  11. Awesome color combo !!!!👍👍 👍
  12. Anybody in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area that REALLY knows how to put a new one in ????? Got it hanging and centered ,, seems to be more than a one man job !!!!!!
  13. pyntre


    I have video of my nailhead motor getting broken in and tuned on the dyno ... and a couple full pulls to 4600 rpm or so ,,, actually a very boring video !!!! But it started immediately when the car was all back together and just idled perfectly !!!
  14. I read lots of posts on this forum about the fragile nature and repair issues of the original tilt ..convinced me to go a step farther and put a new column in it .... no regrets