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    1960 Buick Invicta engine ID

    Cant help but maybe post down in the Buick section.
  2. GARY F

    Ben's 1970 Barracuda

    You are doing great work young man.
  3. GARY F


    You could post down in the Buick section also.
  4. Beautiful job. Again very neat.
  5. GARY F

    1958 Pontiac driver fender wanted

    Or Franks Pontiac Parts
  6. You do not say the make of the car but advertise on here under cars for sale.
  7. GARY F

    Block number

    Where can I look to see if my 8cyl 1937 Oldsmobile block is from 37? Block number is 410002. Thanks
  8. GARY F

    Block number

    The block number stamped on the block is L253184. The serial number of the car stamped on the frame is L148874. If you can tell me where to look to see if the motor is original to my 37 Oldsmobile. Thanks
  9. Try www.restorationspeciallties. com for both and steele rubber for grommet.
  10. GARY F

    Block number

    No the number was not stamped, it is cast on the side of the block. I will look for a stamped number. Thanks
  11. GARY F

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Sorry to see this. As far as insurance goes if you have it insured for a certain amount on your colllision that is what you should get. Example is if my Bonne is totaled I should get $14,000.00 because that is what it is insured for. you do have collision and comp. on your car, correct? Best of luck.
  12. GARY F

    1962 Pontiac Bonneville

    What is that wiring mess under the hood?
  13. You say they are for a coupe only. I just went to my 37 Olds parts manual and it says all F-37 and L-37 all models are the same including all 38s. I wish I could get them. Where are you located.?
  14. GARY F

    Someone who you didn't acknowledge

    I used Bill also for a car haul. Great guy and equipment.
  15. GARY F

    What do I have?

    Second pic looks like 56 chevy.
  16. GARY F

    Needed - Oakland/Pontiac V8 manifolds

    that is going to be a ruff one. Did you try in the Smoke Signals Magazine and the 32 advisors?
  17. The second car looks like a 36 Olds?
  18. GARY F

    '62 Grand Prix Dash ?

    Pfeil is correct. I have a 63 GP and a 63 Bonne with air and that has the clock & A/C duct. The GP has the three gauges no air.
  19. GARY F

    New member saying hi

    Nice looking car. Good details.
  20. Call Bills auto Works. 216-832-8697 He moved a car for me, great guy & equip.
  21. GARY F

    58 Bonneville sheet metal needed

    Steve Barcak, 480-899-7873
  22. GARY F

    58 Bonneville sheet metal needed

    For the tank try this guy 218-326-0463. I got a new one from him for my 63 Bonne. for sheet metal try Steve Barrack in AZ.
  23. GARY F

    keeper that holds the harmonic balancer

    The bolt that came with the car, tho not installed is 7/8 inch that screws into the crank. I want to thank you for your help but it appears yours is way smaller.
  24. When i got this L-37 Olds the bolt was off and there was no keeper . My parts book does not show exactly what it looks like.There has to be something that the bolt goes through that holds the balancer on. It would be the same on any 35,36,37,38 Olds or pontiac. 6 or 8 cyl. If you tighten the bolt without anything it would just tighten against the crank, nothing to hold the balancer.