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    Need book info

    I just bought a L-37 touring 4dr. I bought the shop manual. When I bought the car the previous owner started taking items apart, why I dont know. Ex. took all the brake parts off the wheels and I just have it in piles. I know it will get all new parts and lines. What book should I buy that gives detailed discription and pictures to assemble. I just finished a body off restoration on my 63 Grand Prix and 63 Bonneville. so I am not new to doing this work. Another example he took the bolt out of the front of the crank, again why I dont know. I have the bolt but I think there should be a washer with it that goes on, but I cannot find info on that or the washer. Right now I am taking all the front sheet metal off so I can easily get to the motor and see if it turns and put pieces back together and start from there. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Now that is a mean looking Buick
  3. GARY F

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    That big car looks great. For the rust I use 0000 steel wool and any car polish.
  4. GARY F

    Need book info

    Thanks for the reply Auburnseeker. I already have a shop manual but I will get a parts manual.
  5. GARY F

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    That is very nice wood and the finish is beautiful.
  6. GARY F

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    That table look great. Did you build it from scratch?
  7. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    I was wondering where you went also. I follow your every post.
  8. GARY F

    1955 Thunderbird Basket Case

    Coming along nice.
  9. I wish I knew if the right one is the same and fit my L-37 touring . 4dr. with hump back trunk.
  10. GARY F

    59 pontiac fouling plugs

    Here is another one where the poster never gets back.
  11. GARY F

    '62 Starfire Console Wiring Question

    Just a question but where was it when you took it apart.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I have been following you from day one. I just bought a L-37 Oldsmobile 4 Dr. Touring sedan. I wish there was as much help for Olds as there is Buick.
  13. GARY F

    59 pontiac fouling plugs

    first what kind and number do you have in the car. I only use A/C in both my Pontiacs.
  14. GARY F

    1956-58? Ford interior door panels

    Maybe '54 Ford Crestline.
  15. Owen, Those were the days
  16. GARY F

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

    Enjoyed the video. Where do I buy the acidtone?
  17. GARY F

    1924 Hupmobile convertible

    Just a question. What is the purpose of the dolls? I see them at shows once in a while and they always face the car.
  18. GARY F

    If my body were a car

    That is funny.
  19. GARY F

    There's a new '54 Star Chief in town

    Very nice 54.
  20. GARY F

    1939 Radiator Removal From The Top

    I used Finger's many years ago for a repair, very good. This is when I lived in N.J. In 2001 I used a guy on Rt. 31 in Flemington for my Bonne & GP
  21. GARY F

    38 Olds restoration

    Larry, I just bought a L-37 touring. I need a few parts, such as air cleaner, hump trunk and the spring loaded hold up arms for the trunk. would you have any of these from the parts car? thanks, Gary
  22. If you want a top notch guy call Bills auto works. 216-832-8697. I just had him bring a 37 olds from pitts.PA to SC. He was in touch with me before the pick up. at the pick up and a half hour before delivery and was here 20 minutes before he said. great guy and equipment.
  23. First, try Kurt Kelsey, 641-648-9086, next Franks Pontiac Parts 760-361 3242, next ,order a catalog from Ames Performance 800-421-2637, next Steve Barcak 480-899-7873 for start on your search
  24. For your trim, try Steve Barrack in AZ