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  1. GARY F

    someone who knows what it's for parts

    If we could see a picture of your Olds that might help.
  2. GARY F

    Painting the waterfall hood trim

    If the chrome is shiney, sand with say 220 just to make it dull. mask, spray with self etch primer, then finish coat. that is how i was told to do chrome which i did on my 63 GP
  3. GARY F

    Wildcat 4-speeds, 1965

  4. GARY F

    Pre-war car make/model?

    Looks like '36 Buick
  5. In POCI magazine or Hemmings you should be able to find good used doors. Did you try Franks Pontiac parts.?
  6. GARY F

    38 Century 66S Woodgrain Question

    How about furniture polish, liquid.
  7. GARY F

    41 Pontiac coupe brake pedal linkage

    Why do you have to modify the brake pedal?
  8. GARY F

    Replacement Expertise Needed

    If is has been sitting the last 10-15 years with old gas in it you should take it down and have it cleaned and maybe resealed again. Then you can check the workings of the sending unit with a meter. If the float is bad try Fusick olds for parts.
  9. GARY F

    Daily Driver Vintage?

    My always number one item is all new complete brake parts including lines. You only get one chance to stop.
  10. GARY F

    Daily Driver Vintage?

    While doing the water pump why not change all the hoses under the hood. You say you just bought it you do not know what the previous owner did not do or did.Very nice 55
  11. GARY F

    Replacement Expertise Needed

    I agree with Joe. What is the problem with the tank if it is original?
  12. GARY F


    I like the address on the post card.
  13. GARY F

    1922 Buick

    No pictures, no price?
  14. GARY F


    I miss those old motels where you just pull up in front of your door.
  15. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great job. It looks like you are working laying on your back.
  16. GARY F

    Coker Radials Look Like Bias Tires

    Just a question. say on a 37 Buick you want radial tires. since the rims are old do you need tubes in them?
  17. GARY F

    37 Pontiac 6 fuel tank leak

    If you join the Pontiac Oakland Club ( all pontiac ) . If you are not a member there website might be limited to you. Monthly you get a mag. that has classifieds and a list of speclist by year that could help you.
  18. GARY F

    ISO 1992 Cutlass Supreme power antenna

    Did you try Fusick, Olds supplier. Look in Hemmings
  19. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great work. Are you done in that trunk?
  20. GARY F

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    Took the survey, Good luck
  21. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Again, Great work you do. I bet you can't wait to get out of that trunk.
  22. GARY F

    What to use to clean this?

    Purple Power, spray on and a brush, rinse.
  23. GARY F

    1957 Wheel Cylinder Pins

    Maybe my answer is dumb, but did you try NAPA