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  1. GARY F

    1939 Radiator Removal From The Top

    I used Finger's many years ago for a repair, very good. This is when I lived in N.J. In 2001 I used a guy on Rt. 31 in Flemington for my Bonne & GP
  2. GARY F

    38 Olds restoration

    Larry, I just bought a L-37 touring. I need a few parts, such as air cleaner, hump trunk and the spring loaded hold up arms for the trunk. would you have any of these from the parts car? thanks, Gary
  3. If you want a top notch guy call Bills auto works. 216-832-8697. I just had him bring a 37 olds from pitts.PA to SC. He was in touch with me before the pick up. at the pick up and a half hour before delivery and was here 20 minutes before he said. great guy and equipment.
  4. First, try Kurt Kelsey, 641-648-9086, next Franks Pontiac Parts 760-361 3242, next ,order a catalog from Ames Performance 800-421-2637, next Steve Barcak 480-899-7873 for start on your search
  5. For your trim, try Steve Barrack in AZ
  6. I second for booster dewey.. If you look up POCI and join, plenty of help and parts and service. All pontiac club and mag. I have been a member for 22 yrs.
  7. GARY F

    1937 l-37 oldsmobile

    Thanks Grimy. Yes hump trunk
  8. I just bought a 37 Olds, L-37 four door. How do I know if it is a four door sedan or a four door touring sedan?
  9. GARY F

    Anyone know what this car was originally?

    I agree with Casper.
  10. GARY F

    Brake problem

    Just my 2 cents, but I would replace every item in the brake system, all lines, hoses, master cyl. etc. I just did this to my 63 GP and I touch the brake and could go through the windshield
  11. GARY F

    someone who knows what it's for parts

    If we could see a picture of your Olds that might help.
  12. GARY F

    Painting the waterfall hood trim

    If the chrome is shiney, sand with say 220 just to make it dull. mask, spray with self etch primer, then finish coat. that is how i was told to do chrome which i did on my 63 GP
  13. GARY F

    Wildcat 4-speeds, 1965

  14. GARY F

    Pre-war car make/model?

    Looks like '36 Buick