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  1. 1970 fj40 for sale

    what is a fj40?
  2. 1956 88 no start

    I agree with Joe. First I would clean all the battery connections sparkling clean. then follow joes recomdations
  3. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great workmanship
  4. baby lincoln grease/lubrication

    you cant beat the book
  5. Painting a not quite antique

    you do not have to wet sand the primer
  6. Do you have 6 V battery cables with clean connections
  7. weather stripping, try steele rubber
  8. 1955 Thunderbird Basket Case

    It is looking good. You are moving right along.
  9. Remove 37-38 Hood Louvers Easily

    If you look up Gary W s post he will show you. Even though you have it done. He has the best detail of a restoration of a 37
  10. OK, I like the W/Ws. are they 14 inch rims? If so where did you get tires with the W/W. I am looking for four to put on my GP I just finished restoring. I am not looking at coker or those other companies like them.
  11. 1929 Essex Coupe

    What a shame. I hope it goes to a good home.
  12. I thought it was home owners assoc.