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  1. Did you try Ames for that part?
  2. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great work. I enjoy following.
  3. GARY F

    1938 Olds for sale

    pictures, price, location??
  4. GARY F

    Stupid question

    It is the 8 cyl. Motor turns over easy. Waiting for the fuel pump & carb to come back from the rebuilders to see if it runs. Then I will go from there.
  5. GARY F

    Stupid question

    Thanks guys. I like the humor. I'll do steel
  6. GARY F


    Post deleted
  7. GARY F

    Stupid question

    I should know this after fully restoring two 60s Pontiacs, . I have a 37 Olds that I want to make a new gas line from the fuel pump and to the carb with a filter. Can I use copper instead of steel? Thanks
  8. Great job. I am waiting to see it done.
  9. Bills Auto Works in Ohio. 216-832-8697. He did a great job for me. Great guy and equipment. Was at my place half hour before he said.
  10. GARY F


    Looks like a 48
  11. GARY F

    What GM Car Used This Interior

    Brass is Best is correct
  12. GARY F

    L-37 Fender lights

    Thanks for the reply. As you said all the pictures I looked at there are no fender lights. I did find one restored L-37 that had fender lights shaped similar to 36 but the glass lens was round. Mine when I bought it this summer had fender lights that looked original for something. Even the holes in the fender seemed factory and they were wired up. I will keep them on when I get to body work but one lens is broke. I lived in Ringoes all my life til I retired in 2006 and had to find a less expensive place to live. That is why I am here in SC. When I get to it I know I will need a gas tank, Any suggestions to what will fit close?
  13. GARY F

    Battery disconnect switch, yes or no?

    I have two on each of my 63 Pontiacs. They are under the hood but I keep the hoods open on everything to keep the mice out. I do clean them once in a while. They are the ones with the green knob.