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  1. try and call this guy 218-326-0463
  2. you all did a great job and it looks great. enjoyed following the build
  3. did you look in Smoke Signals mag. all pontiac and GMC
  4. Very nice work
  5. Looking great. I enjoy following your build.
  6. try this guy for new. 218-326-0463
  7. what is that box below the steering wheel? thanks
  8. great color combo and woodgrain.
  9. possibly post on the POCI site also. I will try.
  10. I cant help with the part but if you look in the Smoke Signals mag. you should get help. it is all Pontiac. did you try joe curtis in NC.
  11. Another outstanding job. I like all the pictures and the step by step procedure
  12. man, that was fast and looks very good
  13. nothing better than an Electra
  14. Rubber fuel line hose plus most of what is above.
  15. Great and beautiful work. I enjoy following your progress.