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  1. All those little touches are important. Looks great
  2. Great looking work. Moving right along.
  3. I posted the same thoughts yesterday following another post. I enjoyed reading his post about the LaSalle. We even commented to each other about metal detecting only about three weeks ago. after that his postings went down hill. How could one of these posters get medical help for him? I would have no idea. Get well Frank.
  4. I hate to say it but I agree with Yellowriv.
  5. Nice story and good looking dodge.
  6. Looks great to me.
  7. did you post down in the Plymouth section.
  8. JBE

    Yes, what year and make of car. If it is something I have info on I will reply.
  9. Looks like a solid truck. Nice find, keep up the good work and pictures.
  10. good deal and price
  11. i agree with lebowski. I found a NOS trunk center chrome piece for my 63 G/P. Had a buy it now price and I jumped on it. To have my old one rechromed would have cost 3 time what I paid. Got lots of other parts from ebay.
  12. I am old and I love chrome. They look perfect.
  13. Gary. I see the car next to your 37 has N.J. plates. Is that where your at? I lived in Ringoes all my life til I retired 11 yrs. ago and moved to SC. Tires and wheels look great. I follow your every post and all the pictures.
  14. nice hard work. nice looking frame.
  15. bottom word looks like ( rest ) and I do remember cloak room.