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  1. The second car looks like a 36 Olds?
  2. GARY F

    '62 Grand Prix Dash ?

    Pfeil is correct. I have a 63 GP and a 63 Bonne with air and that has the clock & A/C duct. The GP has the three gauges no air.
  3. GARY F

    New member saying hi

    Nice looking car. Good details.
  4. Call Bills auto Works. 216-832-8697 He moved a car for me, great guy & equip.
  5. GARY F

    58 Bonneville sheet metal needed

    Steve Barcak, 480-899-7873
  6. GARY F

    58 Bonneville sheet metal needed

    For the tank try this guy 218-326-0463. I got a new one from him for my 63 Bonne. for sheet metal try Steve Barrack in AZ.
  7. GARY F

    keeper that holds the harmonic balancer

    The bolt that came with the car, tho not installed is 7/8 inch that screws into the crank. I want to thank you for your help but it appears yours is way smaller.
  8. GARY F

    58 Bonneville sheetmetal wanted

    Gas tank try 218-326-0463. I got a new one for my 63 Bonne. from him. For sheet metal try Steve Barrack in AZ. He also advertises in Smoke Signals.
  9. GARY F

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    I have been following since the start. You do great detail work.
  10. When i got this L-37 Olds the bolt was off and there was no keeper . My parts book does not show exactly what it looks like.There has to be something that the bolt goes through that holds the balancer on. It would be the same on any 35,36,37,38 Olds or pontiac. 6 or 8 cyl. If you tighten the bolt without anything it would just tighten against the crank, nothing to hold the balancer.
  11. GARY F

    1951 Chieftain Wiring

    The parking brake light is on the bracket for the release handle or the lower dash if your car came with that option.
  12. GARY F

    olds f35 engine

    Cant help on where to find but I don't think it will be easy. I just bought a L-37 some of it was apart and parts missing. It took me some searching and I found an air cleaner at French Lake Auto Parts. You can try them. Do you have an engine at all or is it missing? I joined the Antique Oldsmobile club hoping to find help. I spent $140.00 on three books that are not much help. Good luck.
  13. GARY F

    AC air cleaner?

    If it has a two and a half inch hole in the bottom, it could be a '36-37 8 cyl. Oldsmobile.
  14. GARY F

    General question

    Thanks guys
  15. GARY F

    General question

    What difference would it make if I used one guage heavier wire that was on between the coil and distributer. In my case a 37 Olds 8cyl. Thanks