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  1. Gary, you are doing a great first class job. Car looks beautiful black.
  2. Question for you experienced guys

    The car is six mile outside of Pittsburg
  3. I am looking at a 37 Olds in PA. If I am going to buy it and send him a deposit with a check ( OK with him ). I cant go up there to pay him in person and pick up the car.and get the signed title. I would have to get a shipper. How would you handle the final payment and trust him to send the signed title? Also any suggestions on a shipper from PA to SC. Thanks for your replys
  4. 1938 Special HOOD

    There was a guy on here a while back looking for a hood for a 38. Haven't seen him post in a while
  5. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    That made me sick also.
  6. 41 239 info needed

    If you look in Smoke Signals mag (all pontiac) there are tech advisors for all years.
  7. Need help with hubcap ID

    Second and fourth look like 54.
  8. Rare 1976 Park Ave Buckets/Console

    I love that big boat.
  9. original engine colour

    look up bill herish (spelling ? ) he has all original engine paint. I am not home so i cant get his phone number . Or in the smoke signals mag. there are all different year tech support guy
  10. I love that natural finish.
  11. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    I see old 1952 N.J. plates. are you and the car in N.J.?
  12. 1964 Starfire Grille - Paint detail

    For the red get a small bottle of testors paint using a small brush. mask if needed
  13. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great looking work. I enjoy following your updates
  14. That black is just beautiful. I love those trippe lights also.