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  1. If it is a two barrel carb Stromberg WW 6-117 A or B. The 6 indicates the carb is used on Studebakers. Post your request on the Studebaker Drivers Club forum as they deal with post war cars. If you get a used one you might need to have bushings added to the shaft in the base as that is what wears on the WW causing a vacuum leak. Picture is of a WW 6-121
  2. What a great dash!

    HOw about a picture of the 36 Studebaker dictator dash someone?
  3. A good friend of mine has decided to sell his 1930 Dictator coupe. This car is completely original and starts, runs and drives. Everything appears to be on the car and everything is in working condition. All gauges, lights, horn, door and window mechanisms work. It is rust free and the body is straight with no damage. The paint appears to be original also. The car is in Pierre, SD and he is asking $15000. If you email me I can forward pictures and provide his contact information.
  4. I bought a fuel pump rebuild kit from them for my super charged Golden Hawk. Very knowledgeable, fast service and the best instruction sheet I have ever seen. Highly recommend.
  5. White Cars

    In 1937 Studebaker offered white as a custom color. It had no paint code so the buyer specified what white he wanted probably for an extra charge.
  6. Check out Calyx Manifold Dressings.
  7. Need Clips for my Chrome

    Try Restoration Specialties. You can probably find some which will work if not the original style.
  8. Got it at Stephen Allen Studebaker. Thanks for the help.
  9. I will have to check with the owner. I do know a wrench is needed. I will let him know.
  10. My friend needs a door lever for his 1930 Studebaker Dictator.
  11. I finally am getting a picture of the door lever posted.
  12. If you are looking to buy be aware that the right and left are different. I believe they are pot metal. There is a welding process called Muggy Welding IIRC which you might explore. Look on Ebay as the lights and bases have been listed recently. 1937s are the same. 263359p (standard) which I assume means left side and 263358p (extra) which I assume means right side.
  13. 1956 Studebaker Hawk

    Post on the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum.
  14. My friend is in need of the interior door lever for his Dictator coupe. It is a 1930. If you have one for sale contact me and please send a picture to: Thanks,
  15. 1931 Commander 8 Battery

    Make sure your grounds are clean and making good contact.