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  1. SMB

    1955 Studebaker Commander *SOLD*

    A build sheet can be purchased from the Studebaker National Museum which will provide all the specifics for the car. I'm surprised that the previous owner did not get one as they are only about $40.
  2. My 5 year old grandson Bergen and I getting ready for the Pierre Street Masters Dam Run cruise in my 1937 Studebaker President Coupe. He is in charge of the horn. We are from South Dakota and you have permission to use the photo.
  3. SMB

    37 President

    This is of Jerry Kurtz's Dictator window
  4. SMB

    Re-chrome service in N Ga

    Forrester's Chrome is located at 3990 Bankhead Highway, Douglasville, GA 30134.. This location is in Douglas County and the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA Metropolitan Area. Is there a key contact at Forrester's Chrome? Jerry Forrester is the Owner at Forrester's Chrome. You can contact Jerry at (770) 949-8942. He did a super job on my valve covers.
  5. I need a NOS or good used torque converter for a 1957 Golden Hawk. The part number is 1547075 (original) or 1549039 (replacement). These were found on 1957 Golden Hawks and all 57 Packards as well as 1958 Golden Hawks, Presidents,Commanders (V8 cars) and all 1958 Packards. As my 1955-58 Chassis Parts book does not specify the Silver Hawk in the Model Identification section I am unsure if they used the same part. I assume any 1958 V8 car would have same torque converter. Anyone know for sure?
  6. I would guess you could have the owner send more pictures. Personally, I think the price is not bad if the car is complete as stated in the ad. I paid more than that for my 37 which I believe was in poorer shape and would do it again. The before picture is deceiving. I had to drive to Carson City Nevada to get it. That 39 would be a show stopper restored or as restomod.
  7. Very rare I would think.
  8. SMB

    reach rod end for 36 Dictator Coupe

    It may have something to do with the suspension as the Model 3A has a solid axle while the 4A has the planar suspension. I assume the 5A also has the solid axle. You did not mention which model you have. Jerry Kurtz may be able to help you.
  9. SMB

    Fuel sending unit

    I'm guessing but I believe most cars of that vintage were 0 - 30 ohms.
  10. SMB

    Vintage Briggs mower starting problems

    clean the air filter. Add an electronic ignition module.
  11. If it is a two barrel carb Stromberg WW 6-117 A or B. The 6 indicates the carb is used on Studebakers. Post your request on the Studebaker Drivers Club forum as they deal with post war cars. If you get a used one you might need to have bushings added to the shaft in the base as that is what wears on the WW causing a vacuum leak. Picture is of a WW 6-121
  12. SMB

    What a great dash!

    HOw about a picture of the 36 Studebaker dictator dash someone?
  13. A good friend of mine has decided to sell his 1930 Dictator coupe. This car is completely original and starts, runs and drives. Everything appears to be on the car and everything is in working condition. All gauges, lights, horn, door and window mechanisms work. It is rust free and the body is straight with no damage. The paint appears to be original also. The car is in Pierre, SD and he is asking $15000. If you email me I can forward pictures and provide his contact information.