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  1. ols car dog

    Oil change noises

    That's your problem,,fill it before you install it ,problem solved!!!
  2. ols car dog

    1930 studebaker President Reduced 32500

    Confirming full Classic.statas for ALL Studebaker Pres. from 1928 to 1933 CCCA called today to confirm. KEN
  3. ols car dog

    Where to buy Penrite water pump grease

    Spinney,Lupriplate115 is a number 4 type grease Calcium based to reduce foaming??? We will find out next week Ken
  4. ols car dog

    Where to buy Penrite water pump grease

    FYI,Penrite water pump grease is no longer made. Restoration Supply now sells Lubriplate 115 water pump grease 12$ for grease $19 for shipping.!! Ken
  5. Can I buy Penrite water pump grease in USA? ken
  6. ols car dog

    1930 studebaker President Reduced 32500

    Just for the record,app.17000 FH,s and 7000 FE, were produced. l spoke to CCCA today expect answer to confirm that mine is a full classic tomorrow Ken
  7. ols car dog

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    The last four batteries I've used all came from BatteriesPlus. I put an 8volt in my stude it fits in the battery box just as the 6volt did. I find they last longer than any other battery for the price They are made by Mallory so far so good Ken
  8. ols car dog

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    I brought this up a few months back,,it,s 2200 mile round trip from Louisiana to Penn. my car made senior in Nov 2015' I would have liked to try for a GN award ,too far for me, I ask this question again,who would it hurt if we had 5-10 percent of any national meet open to GN we did a meet in 2015 in Houma, as I remember we had about 152 entrants,Galveston did one 2016 maybe less than 150 .Mobile did one in March 2018 ,maybe 125 entrants.I went to all three ,all were well done I fully understand that the cars and people are mostly in N.E. we need the folks from north ,but they don't need us to have a large meet.just saying!