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  1. Hershey 2017 show field pics 1

    Thank you good job!!!
  2. Hershey Car Show Pix 2017

    Man, you are sure good with a camera!! Can I ask what type or model number?
  3. Prewar car values

    I have a perfect example,my 1930 Studebaker President has been for sale on Five venues for ten months.. I received one inquiry inJan. AndThats IT...There have been over 10000 views.I can,t imagine not even one person would even ask to make an offer.no questions at all!!! I guess I,ll just die with it
  4. Hershey Car Corrall 2017

    Thank you!!! Good job
  5. Valve Springs

    Comp. cam has beehive springs What engine do you want them for??
  6. The bus has left the building...

    The "Bus" was really Jerome Bettis
  7. Help Hub Puller for a 1930 Marquette wanted

    Refer to my post on studebaker site.1928 President my offer is the same to you.I think this will work Ken
  8. 6 Volt Positve ground Horns , found some

    C Carl you are really good with the written word ,well said. Our little club has lost three members since November. we get a few new members ,but they quickly loose interest. I,m boiling shrimp tonight and can only get half of our members to show up ,and it's free. Your cars are super nice . I hate to show my ignorance but what does !peeB mean?? Ken
  9. 6 Volt Positve ground Horns , found some

    After reading 49 Chrysler,s OP many times it seems to me he was just trying to pass on some info. When you are a Newbie,the first impression you get when you try to fit into this forum is important.lf I was him I would never post again You only get ONE Chance to make a first impression. Do you ever wonder why we have trouble getting or retaining new membership? Ken
  10. Woodgraining - Grain-It Technologies

    I did my 1930 Studebaker with it .Very happy with the results
  11. 1928 president sedan

    I have a puller that probably will work.Mine is a 1930 president. I.d.--2.686" Thread are 16 per inch If you need it ,you can borrow it.As my car is for sale it would go with it so I have to have it back Ken
  12. A few new pictures.Now listed on Hemmings