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  1. Try this part no. 17-0032-52 from Steel rubber co.It worked for my 1930 stude. Pres. I,m sure they will send you a sample. Catalog on net .lt cost $150 five years ago but you get a12ft. Piece.l sold half to someone on this forum. I believe his name was Studebaker hope this helps ken
  2. 401 crankshaft but 40-under bearings?

    You might want to try precisionrebuiltengines.com 1-800-275--7351 Ken
  3. Mad Max Lives...........
  4. Steering Wheel Control Lever Linkage

    Here are a few pictures that might help.I replaced my levers a few years ago .When you take it apart I recommend that you take a lot of pictures make sure you get the levers in the right place.
  5. Steering Wheel Control Lever Linkage

    I have a 30 model I will take some pictures tomorrow and post on this thread Ken
  6. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    Carl you are really gifted with the written word. At the moment I have 3 old rides 1929 Essex Resto rod 1930 Studebaker president AACA senior 1964 Buick Wildcat DPC. Some for all occasions. I,ve been in Houma,La pretty much all my life. it,s still 81 degrees Ken
  7. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    Ben, I have to ask..What is the meaning of your comment? I was mearly trying to help the op.
  8. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    On another subject,what does one have to do to become a senior member.I have been a member since 2008. I notice a couple of members have less posts and less likes and way less time than me but have Senior status. I think I,m getting an inferiority complex LOL!! Ken
  9. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    I believe you will be very pleased if you get a mallory 8volt battery They can be bought at a Battery plus store, mine spins my straight 8 like a 12 volt .Same. 6 volt coils and light bulbs still in car.I set my gen with 3rd brush to 9.3 volts hope this helps Ken
  10. Wheel clamps

    I have been looking for some lug nuts for years.89n to be exact.Is Pittsburgh still in business ?any other source?
  11. 1930 studebaker hub cap needed

    Thanks, I see the adds.One of our Studebaker members also has some. Thank you very much for your effort. Ken
  12. Lost my hubcap,hope someone has one
  13. 1930 studebaker hub cap needed

    I lost my hubcap,hope someone has one !!!