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  1. Are you sure that the dist. turns the way you have your wires set up? had the same issue on a 1988 ram charger years ago arrow on intake manifold was not the way dist. turned.
  2. Looking for source for new 7/16" sae lug nuts . fits 1930 stude president. Kelsey-Hayes is brand stamped on clamp. 5/8" socket is required for lug wrench. Any help ?
  3. The mechanical one is what I,m talking about.
  4. Check your fuel pump,it's the only way gas can in your engine.The gas in base has cut the viscosity of your oil. I would remove the pump to inspect it hope this helps
  5. Lot,s of good info. I found the snapshots of the car when it was delivered in 2008. Not able to post pictures here but the wheels were painted the same color as the fenders and valance under doors.One Color only no pin stripes I have enough burgundy body color to paint hubs& pin stripe rims. While I,m at it I will black out under rear fenders. Red is the color that I prefer for belt line pin stripe. One shot of red for the car-----One shot of courage for me.Wish me luck.. I have pictures of pin stripes when The Stude arrived,right at 125' Put a picture of the whole present fleet Ken
  6. Jonn,I find your comments to be right on the moneyAt worse maybe we can score a set of trippe lights. Thanks to all. ken
  7. I asked for it!!!! MY POOR WHEELS,maybe it would be better if car was on skids.!! Question for EDINMASS exactly how would you treat these wheels, ALSANCLE,you can send me the next set of trippe lights and I can put them on my car or sell them. to JOHN_MERENESS. Believe it or not every thing that has been mentioned here has been considered at length. I did not want to put any thing on car that I could not prove was available.as an accessory. so it was left off to get my awards from A.A.C.A.It worked out for me. To paint the beltline was a major issue, I believed it had too much contrast Pinstriping beltline red is still my first choice.Striping the wheel spokes with body color is also my preference. This is not my first car to restore or modify,so far I have never lost money.If I can't sell it for a fair price I'll just keep it.$38,500 is close to where I need to be.Any body out there?? Ken
  8. I was wondering if I was ever going to get any opinions;been a while. Thanks for your comments First,the wheels are cream colored not white. I thought about body color for the wheels, but it seemed too dark for the black wall tires. I did a pinstripe test with cream and red,every one that looked preferred red... I wish it was a wire wheel car BUTS It's NOT.. Please refer to classiccars .com link,the pictures are much better there. The other link is for Pick of the day. Ad states that the Studebaker won a A.A.C.A. FIRST JUNIOR in 2014 in Tenn,the A.A.C.A. SENIOR award was .awarded in Houma,La.in 2015.Both were on the first attempt. Look at all 27 pictures in the ad to see all the work that was done My original price is proving to be too high.I will be adjusting price;meanwhile I am open to reasonable offers. Need to sleep on asking price,6 years work here. Keep those comments coming.;they are very valuable to me. Ken PS: Been waiting on pinstriper for 16 months,maybe he is on the way k
  9. Thanks, I think it was about 106,000 total. Ken
  10. Is the 1955 Chevy still available. Ken
  11. How many 1929 rumble seat roadsters were built? Ken
  12. Thanks, what state do you live in? Ken
  13. I had 6volt issues on the 1930 President that I posted on site today. I installed a 8volt Mallory.Got it from "Batteries Plus" Spins like a 12 volt. I set the generator to 9.3volts with 3'rd brush. Bulbs are still 6volt So far,so good Ken
  14. For sale.Frame off total restoration. A.A.C.A Senior 2015 C.C.C.A. Full classic https://classiccars.com/listings/view/939043/1930-studebaker-president-for-sale-in-houma-louisiana-70360 https://news.classiccars.com/pick-day-1930-studebaker-president/
  15. Thank you!!! Ken