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  1. White_89_GT

    What were all these License Plate toppers for ? ?

    I have this topper from the 1964-65 Worlds Fair in NYC. Probably any 64 1/2 or 65 Mustang owner would love to have since the Mustang was debut in April at the 1964 Worlds Fair.
  2. White_89_GT

    Shelby GT500 Convertable

    Curti, I will pass that on to the Shelby American club. Thanks. May I ask how you acquired the owners manual? Dave
  3. White_89_GT

    Shelby GT500 Convertable

    The 1968 Shelby registry has had no info update since 1997. (20 Years ago). Present owner Carol Wollenburg (Saint Paul, MN). DMV records for 1997 show Insulation Distributors Inc (Minneapolis, MN) 7/97. Does the owners manual show the original owner as Sandra Cresser Southfield, MI.? Dave
  4. White_89_GT

    2016 Grand National - Williamsport

    Try 150 Maynard St. Dave
  5. White_89_GT

    2016 Grand National Williamsport PA

    Wayne, Thanks for the response Dave
  6. White_89_GT

    2016 Grand National Williamsport PA

    Does anybody know the show location? Thanks, Dave
  7. White_89_GT

    Virginia Personal Property Tax

    Bob, Thanks for the great advice. I do understand that this can change from county to county/city. I have since contacted Page County and they said the same thing that Dave H. said above. That there is no tax on a car with antique plates. A person needs to contract their local county/city gov. to find out what they do. Dave
  8. White_89_GT

    Virginia Personal Property Tax

    Thank all of you for the great information. One car is 26 years old and the other is 50. Both vehicles are rarely driven. It sounds like the Antique plate is the way to go. thank you very much, Dave
  9. Hi, I was wondering if someone in the state of Virginia could explain to us how the annual tax works on classic cars? Is it based on year or value and how much is it. We are thinking of moving into the state so this will be a major part of our decision if we want to move there. thanks, Dave
  10. Is the car trailer parking going to be at the show site? Thanks Dave
  11. Ed, That sounds like I have the same problem. Thanks, Dave
  12. Hi, Can you tell me when the registration will be open? Dave
  13. White_89_GT

    2013 National Winter Meet - Lakeland, FL

    I just talked to the terrace Hotel and they told me the blocked out rate for the AACA was $99. Dave