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  1. BCA Roster question

    John, I don''t know the names of the programs used for online rosters, but it probably wouldn't be hard to find out. Peter G might know of several programs. I do know that most club databases have a lot more information than merely a member's contact info. The Vintage Chevrolet Club has double-tier access. All members can access member contact info with a private password. In addition to contact info, they can see models of cars owned, etc. Board members and a few others can access the full database with all types of other info. I don't know how much the software costs, but do you know how much the BCA spends on a roster for just one year? I bet it's a lot. And it might be more than buying online software and paying someone to set it up and run it -particularly when you realize the set up doesn't have to be repeated every 2 years. Either way, seems like it's at least looking into. I suggested an online roster at a board meeting a few years ago and it went no where. Maybe we should give it another try? I can give you the name of the person who set up and runs the online database for the Chevy Club if you send me an email. He's a great guy and has been doing it for years.
  2. BCA Roster question

    By the way, both of the other clubs I belong to that have online rosters also offer printed rosters for sale for those members who don't use the internet or like to carry rosters in their cars. The books are ordered in advance so that not a lot of money is wasted printing too many copies.
  3. BCA Roster question

    I don't use the printed BCA roster because I can never find it when I need it and too much of the time the member I'm looking up isn't listed (plus I have old eyes). But I do quite often use the online rosters of other clubs I am a member of (one is a vintage car club and the other is a business club). The online rosters are handy, easy to use, updated monthly with current information and cheap to maintain. Somehow other non-profit clubs and for-profit businesses manage to keep updated online rosters without hacking problems. I'm certain the BCA could do the same. Here's a question: What do you do with your old BCA rosters? I trash mine in the recycle bin. Who knows where it ends up, but probably easier to get a list of member contact info from discarded printed rosters than breaking computer passcodes.
  4. A few Allentown photos

    Pete found a good photo in the many great Thriller photos that were sent. Thanks Derek!
  5. A few Allentown photos

    Did anyone get a good photo of the maroon 1991 Park Avenue Ultra that was on display in Bulgari's Buick building? If so, please let Pete or me know. Thanks, Cindy Livingston
  6. 2016 Forum Happy Hour: NEW: Evidence added 8/1/16

    Yes for Steve and Cindy Livingston. Thanks John!

    The size of the certificate has already been decided. It is 11" x 17" and it is already at the print shop. Though the smaller 11" x 14" size is a more common size and it's easy to find cheap frames for that size at Target, Walmart, etc., the 11"x17" is not an odd size. Affordable pre-made 11"x17" frames can be easily found at many stores or ordered on the internet. What determined the size of the certificate is not how cheaply it could be framed, but that the larger 11"x17" certificate looks more impressive, befitting a 100-year-old Buick. For any of you BCA members who own one of these great old cars and receive a certificate in the mail, if you choose to frame it, I'll bet money that the frame is BY FAR the cheapest part of your ownership!
  8. BCA trailer decal

    Matt - I can supply the BCA logo with anniversary banner in vector format, if you can get the "go-ahead" from the BCA Board. —Cindy Livingston
  9. Pre War Division or Group Discussion

    If we get the information fast, Pete and I can make an revision to the April mail wrap where PWD is listed. Instead of TBD, what is the preferred verbiage?
  10. 2016 Forum Breakfast ideas

    Roberta - sounds good to me. Day and time?
  11. 2016 Forum Breakfast ideas

    Just a thought - Would it be possible to have a simple brown bag lunch (sandwich, chips, cookie) at Bulgari's place after the board meeting on Friday? The lunches could be ordered in advance and maybe even delivered. Because of the shortness of time, could the gift exchange wait until next year and use this year to just meet fellow forum members (name tags possible - I'll make them if it's a good idea???) —Cindy Livingston
  12. Current Issues and Suggestions for a Better BCA

    It's very easy for me to send Peter G a list of "coming events" that we print in the Bugle each month, so I'll try to remember to do that. Yesterday I sent him the list that will be in the February issue and I notice it is already posted on the BCA website calendar so I hope this helps everyone. —Cindy
  13. January Bugle

    Actually Roberta - not that it matters or is much trouble for me to do - but I voluntarily make a special pdf version of each month's Bugle for Peter to convert to "flip" form before it is posted. Brian DeP, Pete and I made the decision about when the online version should be posted and while the first of the month isn't perfect for everyone, it is helping to get content to all members as close to the same time each month as possible - whether they live in Australia or Missouri - and whether they use only the eBugle or only the print Bugle. As I said - not perfect, but it seems to be working pretty well.
  14. January Bugle

    I don’t think we need to use valuable magazine space to go into detail about the magazine production process, but I do think it’s a good idea to make mention in the Bugle of the earlier delivery schedule - AND to remind members that they can go online to view Bugle content on the first of each month, whether their print magazine has arrived or not. Pete and I were reluctant to even discuss this faster delivery until we were sure we could consistently get the layout to the printer a week earlier than in the past. But we’ve been doing it now for several months, and it seems to be working. Personally I like having the choice of both versions of the magazine. I think the print version is far superior to the online version in clarity and quality of print and photos. But for a fast look or easy reference - or to view older issues —I prefer the ease of online. We have the best of both worlds right now - a choice! —Cindy
  15. January Bugle

    Doug - no offense taken at all. I totally understand the question. It IS somewhat confusing. See Brian's post above. But I might add, that with the print version we are completely at the mercy of the postal service. Some issues arrive by or before the first of the month, but others don't (for instance I don't have my January issue yet and I am usually at the front of the line!). So when Pete, Brian and I picked the date for the web version to go "live", we decided that the first of the month made the most sense. Notice that Pete didn't change the Bugle deadline date to receive submitted articles. That deadline is still the 24th of the month, just as it has been since I started with the Bugle 10 years ago. In order to get the magazine to Modern Litho earlier, Pete and I pushed our work schedules up. We MOVE faster than we did 10 years ago, and we get those files uploaded to Modern Litho faster - and THEY, in turn, get the magazine printed and shipped to members faster. But it isn't easy. We "speed-work" in order to get this done. And to be honest, our biggest fear is that members will quickly grow used to getting the print magazine near the first of the month and then start to complain if it doesn't arrive until the 2nd week - even though we have nothing to do with that. So getting the print magazine delivered earlier, and posting it online by the 1st of each month, is a bit of a Catch-22. On balance, I think it is working well for most people. We are doing a good job of getting Bugle content to most members as close to the first of the month as possible - whether it is in the print version or online version.