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    You are taking all tension off the springs as you disassemble. Will not be a problem.
  2. StillOutThere

    Texas: Browne Auto Salvage in Sunset

    I've been in Browne's and have phone ordered with him and sent many customers there. Fabulous place. Almost daily hauling more inventory in from estate sales and ranches in dry areas. Owner Trenton knows his cars and is fair with his prices. ALL KINDS of cars. I HIGHLY recommend this place!!!
  3. StillOutThere

    Studebakers, never to late to learn.

    Personal observation from many decades in the car hobby and member of many clubs over those years. I maintain membership in the Studebaker Drivers club though no longer having any Stude because it is the most outstanding publication of the best run club in the old car hobby!
  4. StillOutThere

    1936 Chrysler Airstream C7 Windshield and chrome frame

    Though your '36 isn't listed here, it may be an oversight. This company makes outstanding reproductions that fit perfectly. Supply them yours as a template if they don't already make it.
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    1951 Chrysler torque converter oil cooler

    Welcome new member.
  6. Due to mistaken part identity by a collector salvage who shipped me this part, I have a '55-56 Ford (and Merc?) station wagon and sedan delivery upper tailgate with excellent glass. I'm right off Interstate 10 west of San Antonio, TX and would prefer not to ship. $400 picked up here.
  7. The AMC V8 Hornets have "Hornet Special" script on them. Yesp, same scripts used on the '54 Hornet Specials!
  8. StillOutThere

    1935 Hudson Grille Assy or Part wanted

    1935 Hudson recently purchased is MISSING the stainless trim that surrounded the grille on the edge of the shell. Also the crank hole cover. While I only need the two outer trim pieces, I am willing to purchase a complete '35 Hudson grille shell assembly to get those and keep the rest hanging on the wall for a worst case future scenario. The 1935 Terraplane has the same stainless trim pieces. However the Terraplane grille insert is a different stamping. Please let me know what you have or any leads would be appreciated. Photos: red car '35 Hudson example primer car my '35 missing trim and crank hole cover
  9. Its a 1956. Desirable if the Hornet 6 is still in there but otherwise not so much.
  10. Need the two pieces of stainless steel that are the on the edge of the grille shell of every 1935 Hudson or Terraplane regardless of model. They cover the edge of the shell with polished stainless. Leads appreciated. You can see they are missing on both sides of my '35 Hudson. Also need '35 Hudson crank hole cover. Both trim and crank cover shown on the red show car photo. Thanks
  11. StillOutThere

    1935 Grille Shell Stainless Surround H&T

    Still STILL need these trims.
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    Disassemble. Find someone friendly who will let you use their hydraulic press. Spend time and eventually get it right again.
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    1929 Hudson Essex - A Special Gift

    Well, for sure it wasn't painted like THAT when it left the factory.
  14. StillOutThere

    1935 Grille Shell Stainless Surround H&T

    Still looking. Leads appreciated.
  15. StillOutThere

    '34-35 Hudson BROUGHAM

    Contact me if you are the owner or have knowledge of any of the '34-35 Hudson Custom 8 brougham. They were characterized by the long wheelbase and closed quarter panel as shown here on mine. Thanks.
  16. StillOutThere

    1935 Grille Shell Stainless Surround H&T

    '35 Terraplane shell trim is the same two pieces. Thanks.
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    They are 1936 Terraplane or Hudson. 1935 Terraplane very similar but four-bolt. The hubcaps are from a Stepdown and happen to fit.
  18. My grandkids being brought home from the bus stop in my '34 Terraplane convertible's rumble seat
  19. StillOutThere

    For Sale: 1935 Hudson

    What it has is complete Jaguar front suspension. GM 6 cyl and 700 R4. GM rear end. It stays for the time being. Should be running and driving within a week of hitting the shop floor. How many others do you know of? I wanted this body style /wheelbase a very long time. Yes, the estate came down more on the price again.
  20. StillOutThere

    For Sale: 1935 Hudson

    Now I've bought one myself. 1935 Model 56 Custom 8 Brougham. Guess they are becoming more common. Who else has one?
  21. StillOutThere

    For Sale: 1935 Hudson

    That car did sell and was acquired by a well-known Midwest Hudson enthusiast so it is certainly historically "saved" for future restoration. That's good news.
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    How much is this 1955 Plymouth Envoy Worth?

    Has factory orig. equipment "bulls eye" headlamp bulbs. It could be a very low mileage car. Let us know the odometer reading. Enjoy this car!
  23. StillOutThere

    34 Pickup Garnish

    The "trim" around the inside of windows is called "garnish".
  24. I own a 1952 Spohn custom built by the Ravensburg Germany coach building company. Spohn had built bodies for Maybach, Horch, Mercedes, etc. prior to WWII. After the war they bodied Veritas sports cars, created numerous projects like bodies for the Valkyrie cars and also built individualized customs on new or used American chassis brought to them by occupying US military officers. My '52 Spohn was built on a 1940 Ford chassis. Any knowledge about Spohn that you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  25. StillOutThere

    Spohn Carosserie customs on US chassis

    The Wayne and Ralph purchase has been Cadillac powered probably since the used '57 Cadillac motor became available. The chassis is '39 Ford, partly evidenced by the Ford pedals and the floor shifter (last on floor at Ford was '39) and the wheelbase and the baby buggy suspension. Thanks for the magazine scan /photo. What is the publication? The "Boston Blackie" text has given fans of that series fits for years. There is simply NO footage or record of this car ever having been used in the series. It was likely the seller's whim to promote interest in the oddball car.