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  1. You have the '29 Hudson RUNNING BOARD mat that K-GAP reproduced.
  2. Sure would help if you would post a picture of what you have.
  3. Howdy, I'm the G from the old K-GAP. Hudson kept superceding the applications list for the mat that we reproduced until it fit everything back through '32 or '33 and up through '47. Pedal positions moved. Their universal replacement mat could not have pedal punch outs. It is a FRONT mat. Hudson ALWAYS carpeted the rear seating area.
  4. StillOutThere

    Identify this part... please

    Its the top of a fender guide accessory. Missing the shaft and clamp to place it on top of the fender arch.
  5. StillOutThere

    Company that makes Body Tags for Cars name please

    Is anyone aware of availability of a remanufactured Derham script? Need a pair for my car.
  6. StillOutThere

    from the land of utes

    And does it still survive in Oz?
  7. StillOutThere

    Window Regulator '34-39 Hudson /Terra

    What forum would you recommend for that. The AACA Hudson forum is useless.
  8. StillOutThere

    Window Regulator '34-39 Hudson /Terra

    Xander, I called on the Seattle ad. He sold the grille parts yesterday! There are other small parts he is checking on. THANK YOU so much for the help. The Portland grille is missing the same trim I am missing.
  9. StillOutThere

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    I semi-daily drive my '57 Ranchero. Very mild "shaved" custom but dead stock powertrain 292 V8, stick, overdrive. Never rebuilt. No PS, no PB, no working heater. People old and young go NUTs over the car. '57 Chevs are dime a dozen and they know it.
  10. StillOutThere

    Window Regulator '34-39 Hudson /Terra

    Thanks Xander but the handles are different pattern and white knob in '35. Think I have all (some are loose in a jar). What I need is the mechanism within the structure of the door to raise /lower the window. It would be the same as a '37 Hudson or Terra Deluxe with the disappearing vent. I have the vent window and its mechanism. The window lift attaches to the vent mech. down in the door.
  11. StillOutThere

    Window Regulator '34-39 Hudson /Terra

    Howdy Xander, I have an old friend with a shop in SoCal that picked up the car for me, worked on it several weeks, installed a trans cooler, rebuilt the PS rack, carburetor, master cyl, disc and drum brakes, charged the AC, changed all fluids and other details. So there was a fair amount to do. I'm disappointed in parts that are missing like three interior door panels, grille stainless edge trim, window regulator, and all the original things removed from the car in modifying. But overall satisfied with what I bought and the extreme rarity and desirability of this body style. Thanks for posting.
  12. My '35 Hudson with disappearing vent windows is missing the window regulator for the driver's door. It interchanges across the year span from 1934-1939 that Hudson had this feature so any of them will work. Left side, driver door. I do NOT need the vent window mechanism but I do need the chrome track on the front edge of the door glass. Anyone have a parts car these years? Thanks.
  13. Before you scrap it, find what it will cost to ship to 78028. I'll get it into someone's needy hands or trade it for something my '35 Hudson still needs. Thanks.
  14. I put a link to this page on the "Terraplane SEVEN" page on Facebook. We'll find you someone who needs that hopefully.
  15. StillOutThere


    You are taking all tension off the springs as you disassemble. Will not be a problem.