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    First come, first served. I say send the photos to the first guy since he asked first. Tell the second guy that he will have to wait for the first guy's response to you. It's the moral thing to do.
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    My '57 Roadmaster Model 73 about 20 years ago on US 301 in eastern NC.
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    Yes, it's a tough situation, I agree. In the not so recent past, offering something for sale, I had a guy swear he was coming to buy, and so I sort of held off other potential buyers. The first guy never came through. Always gets the seller in a bad mood... But, here's the fine line, to me. A buyer says, long distance, I'll take it. OK, fine, while you're working out the details, someone else comes along with cash on the doorstep. What a tough decision. Cash in hand, or hope the other guy comes through? I get it, just miss the dreaded (by many younger people) "old days", when if a man says he's going to do something, then by God and by golly that's what he does. So, if I commit to someone, then that's what will happen. Old fashioned, but sheesh, if a man doesn't have his word, then he has nothing. Off my soapbox now thanks...
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    We weathered the storm with minimal property damage and the Riviera had no damage what so ever! Thanks for the well wishes. There are a lot of people on the NC/SC coast and low lying areas that are still without power or are still evacuated. Keep them in your prayers, please.
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    Just got home from a 6 day trip to Atlantic City and then the NE Buick races at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland. The '75 Electra ran flawlessly. We did some touring, went back to the Strasburg Pa. area and more. The car won a trophy at the car show part of the event as icing on the cake for my wifes birthday. 😊 The trip was 651 miles all together. The car now has 23238 miles.
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    Making new inner rockers: I purchased some NOS inner rocker panels from @2carb40 and was happy to have them. We discovered that they were 20 ga rather then what we expected to be 18 ga. Dan made new ones of 18 ga using the NOS pieces as a model. We guess that the 20 ga might have been for the hardtop coupe. The NOS parts were invaluable as they became the pattern for the new ones. The 20 ga inner rockers are still in my possession, but will not be used. If someone is interested but not in a hurry, I'm happy to put them back into circulation. Here they are primed and ready to install. I have no way of telling what finish was used inside the rockers during Buick assembly. For the epoxy primer and finish that we used combined with limiting the use of the car in the rain and snow, these parts ought to outlast my ownership. Posy Script: I only have the one inner rocker panel, can't be sure if it is left or right.
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    I would sell it to the first person that shows up with the cash. The first person has only expressed a desire to buy. The second said he would buy. Both have had had equal opportunity to buy. Explain to both, first come first served. If I had a dollar for everybody that said they would buy, but did not, I would be rich. I once bought a house, knowing full well that the owner was considering an offer by a second party. I stated that I would pay the asking price, nothing immoral here.
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    Same car taken exactly 2 years earlier in the same location, at the same time of day, two years to the week at the same location. With the top up, white wall tires and trunk rack on car.
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    Still cruisin' after 46 years of ownership. A few rough edges here and there but getting around.
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    Chris, thank you for that awe inspiring photo of the elephants of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey parading down Pulaski Highway in Baltimore in 1956. I have always loved and been intrigued by elephants and had mixed emotions when Ringling Brothers rolled up their tents for the last time last year. I remember riding in the back seat with my brother in my parents '48 Buick to go see them in Atlanta when I was no more than 4 maybe 5 years old. I always made sure my kids got to ride them whenever a small circus came to our town. Notice all the mamas and their multiple years of offspring. Here is another shot of some of the same elephants moving along Second Avenue in NY in 1945. See the Buick peeking around the corner Then again near Times Square in 1948. Bound to be a B in there somewhere And once more in 1955 moving down Second Avenue. And a B This was the same year Marilyn rode the pink elephant in Madison Square Garden.... and I am sure she rode it well.
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    It's the 1100 block of Lombard St, Baltimore, MD. Lots of delicatessens there. Mostly burned out in the riots of 1968, although Attman's and Weiss are still operating.
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    What's "VT"; Virginia Tech, Valley Transit or the State of Vermont? If it's the State of Vermont, what's wrong with driving your classics around with Vermont tags? I'm in a State of Confusion over your post. Cheers, Grog
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    We are high and dry where I live. We only had a couple of small trees knocked over. We will be picking up limbs for weeks, though. I hope everyone else in the storms path faired as well as we did.
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    Had a little September 11th car show and BBQ at my work. Just starting to get cars in place. Had a nice little selection of old to new. 48 Willys in the background. Had a 66 MG, 1966 GT350, On the modern side a 2016 Charger Hellcat, BMW I8 and a brand new McClaren. Everybody loves the Roadmaster!
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    Send the photo's to the first guy but be sure to tell him there is another player on the deal and he needs to make up his mind fast so he doesnt waste your time. Theres doing the right thing and then theres letting someone kill a deal because they think they have a exclusive on it and take too much time.
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