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    Being retired, the weekend for me consists of seven days ! The '25 coupe just made it's first 10 mile run for groceries. It never missed a beat.Probably it's longest run in at least 30 years. Jim
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    I got a jump on the weekend by taking The Aqua Zephyr out for a sunset cruise to the nearby town of Parkton, North Carolina. They have some cool old buildings that serve well as picture backdrops.
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    Some more aimless wandering this evening. It was a late start with some long shadows. Went down a few roads I've never traveled before. And found a peaceful spot for these few shots Long range forecast is for another rainy weekend coming up.
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    I went to go see dad this last weekend. He just bought a new 12 foot boat so he's been bass fishing non stop. To be fair he hasn't owned a boat in some time. Regardless, after we were finished we made some stainless trim retainers from .033 sheet metal and #10-24 screws, same as original. I did the cutting and dimensioning and he did the TIG welding. I only got two of the 11 original clips back, so now I'm set for when the car comes out of the booth.
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    I think it's a great buy, for that special someone who has a nice Marmon 16 convertible coupe and wants to convert it to a sedan......
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    I'm in agreement with all those above, anytime the fuel is overcoming the float and the needle valve you have a problem. Either too much pressure and the needle/seat/float is being overwhelmed or a bad float/needle/seat. Run it just on a gravity feed from a secondary source at the height of the vacuum tank or just fill the tank with no feed from the pump and that fuel line removed and see what happens. You may have additional issues, but I would resolve this one first. I too have seen weak spark cause what seemed like fuel issues where the engine would not make power, only idle. Bad coil, condenser, dirty points/rotor/cap/plugs, cracked cap. Old wires. Do you have a half inch long snapping spark at each cylinder? One that will knock you back on your heels. You should. And you should be able to grab good plug wires with no fear of a shock if they are doing their job. I've also had a broken ballast resistor wire and dirty/loose contacts at the ignition switch. I've stated this several times and will state it again here. I have seen two vehicle fires on tours in 22 years and both were associated with electric fuel pumps overwhelming carburetors that were never designed to handle the pressure of an electric pump and they could not regulate the pump low enough. We were in the middle of no where each time and both cars were a total loss. Gasoline has a specific gravity of 0.70 (or in other words is only 70% the density of water) 26.678 inches of water equals 1 psi. You memorize this about sophomore year, so trust me on this one. So a column of water 26.678 inches tall in a tube at the bottom if you placed a gauge there would show 1 psi. 18 inches = typical height of a vacuum tank over a carb. or measure yours and plug it in below. 18/27.678 = X/1 solve for X = .65 psi for a column of 18 inches of water. Now multiply by Gasoline's specific gravity to give you the same head for gasoline. 0.65 psi x 0.70 = 0.455 psi, an 18 inch column (or head) of gasoline creates less than a half psi. That's all that old Marvel was ever designed to regulate and meter.
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    We took the Electra on a tour Sunday to the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park. We then went a few miles over to a park and had a nice picnic lunch in a Gazebo with a stone fireplace around 200 ft. from the Hudson River. Wet roads in the morning and then a few showers on the way home. We drove 179 miles roundtrip.
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    I have mine. Wanted one of these since I was about six years old, and saw pictures of the Midnight Blue one my Dad bought new at Krajenke Buick in Detroit. We took me home as a newborn in it, moved to Alabama in it, and he finally traded it in 1971 as a six year old used car with 90,000 miles and rusted rockers on a new 1971 LTD 2 door hardtop. But that Riv was IT for me, and always has been. It took 40 years of wanting one, and being in the right position at the right time to get this one, but I finally got lucky 2 1/2 years ago, and bought this. It has 66,000 miles and drives like a dream. All original except paint. Without a doubt, one of the BEST cars on the road, and a dream come true for me.
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    I too went the local Wed night cruise in in the Reatta. Quite a few cars in what was near summer like weather. Most of the cars are American iron of some kind, but there was this mid sixties MG Midget with a for sale sign nearly as big it! Keith
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    One of the Buick ads of the 1925-26 era shows a well dressed gent helping his lady out of his Buick four passenger "opera coupe".I figured it would ad a touch of class when showing the car to emulate that ad with appropriate attire displayed.
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    First ride of the season. 52 miles.
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    With being rained out lately, took advantage tonight and headed to the Wednesday Weekly Cruise-In.
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    Isn't anal-retentive supposed to be hyphenated?
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    Hello all; I'm just patiently waiting for my kit to arrive. I am really disappointed that I missed my self-imposed deadline of March 1, and even more that I missed this Spring driving season to break the motor in while the days are cool. I'm always reminded of the "God Grant Me" saying..... Accept the things I cannot change. This setback is simply out of my control and I have to chill out, and hope all the waiting will result in a quality product. I started the engine today just to hear that beautiful straight eight purr! All the gauges are functioning properly, good oil pressure, no overheating, no water / oil leaks, no weird squeaks or rattles. I do notice that If she sits for a week, I need to give the accelerator a couple of "pumps" before flipping the ignition switch to start it. If I start it two consecutive days, it requires NO pumping at all. It just fires right up as it should. I think my Marvel is letting air in, or allowing the gas to run out.... don't really know. I think that's why some guys install an electric pump in the line to "prime" the carburetor for starting. Makes sense. When she starts, she runs rich for about two minutes. Then you can actually hear the engine pick up as the automatic choke pulls off and the mixture leans out. But, this is an incredibly busy time with the family and all those springtime chores in and around the house, so I'm always running. But the day that kit arrives, I'm going to forget all about the sprinkler system, the pH of the pool, the lawn fertilizer, the vegetable garden, the power washer, the deck stain........... I'm diving right back into the garage to finish her up! Thanks so much for following along, and hanging in there with me as I wait to complete the final phase of my restoration. Hope you all have a great week, and hopefully I'll be posting real soon! Respectfully, Gary
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    To celebrate Benedict Arnold's birthday, how's this; I left the Buick at home and drove to a Cadillac Club lunch in a BMW. I tried to leave no one un-offended. Bernie
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    These rainy days are really adding up. I feel for those who need it and wish I could send it your way. But regardless of the weather the 56 went to an annual show at the Saratoga Auto Museum. This event normally draws several hundred cars. It would be surprising if it broke 100 altogether today. It's for all makes and models and there was a wide variety. But here's some I thought were special: But here was my personal favorite:
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    Taxes are the cost of living in a civilized society where we can have a nice enough life to play with toy cars.
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    Gas Tax, Fuel Tax, Toll roads and on and on. Just think how nice all of our roads would be if all that revenue was actually used for roads, bridges and highways.
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    Finally was able to get to the wagon today, first drive of the year! First had to wash the dust off if it... I also asked my son for some help to change out the power lock switch on the passenger door, he jumped right on it and completed the job with very little input from me. My sons haven’t shown much interest in the cars so I’ll take what I can get. Added 32 miles running errands, so my combined total is up to 143... I need a road trip to keep up with you guys!
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    Good old Chevy trucks, still earning their keep.
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    Finally got a jack and cleaned it up to go with that silly red clip. To think I threw 3 of those correct Buick jacks out of my grandfathers shed 35 years ago (after watching the mast bend trying to lift a corner of the car). Been lugging this stupid red spring around the country for years. Ok - thats done