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    The colors haven't really arrived here in SW Ontario but will a corn field do ? I posted these on Me and MY Buick but they fit here too.The '25 is just getting it's legs back after a 37 year slumber. Jim
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    John, your Buicks are so photogenic! I finally have one to contribute:
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    Took the '75 Electra to the Lower Hudson Valley BCA annual picnic at Constitution Island in Cold Spring N.Y. Very historic location, part of West Point (USMA) directly across the Hudson River. 72 miles roundtrip. It ended up being a beautiful day with good friends. There were a few Oldsmobiles from our friends in the local OCA. The Electra now has 20,091 miles on it from 18,500 when I bought her 2 months ago.
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    This evening I drove Curt and Lisa Getz from their wedding to their wedding reception in my 1937 Century. Curt is the son of Tom Getz who is a local AACA member, a BCA member, and a forum member. Tom was originally going to drive them but he is not currently able to drive with a clutch due to having to have a replacement knee replaced again earlier in the week.
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    My son and his fiancée made a very special request of me back in May of 2017. They asked me to chauffeur them in my '41 Buick Roadmaster sedan on their wedding day. I was thrilled to be given this opportunity. I was also quite anxious. My car is no beauty and it is on a constant repair and improvement schedule. A lot had to be done before the wedding date. I have chronicled the event on my WordPress blog and you are welcome to read the entire story. Just click the blue link to get there. I hope some folks enjoy the story and are encouraged to post their own story here on the AACA forum. Thanks! (Note: Photograph courtesy of Matt Ferrara Photography)
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    Been worried to go far recently as have oil leak from Torque ball seal, have parts now , but haven't had time to repair , so have been monitoring size of oil spill in car port and looked bad .. refilling gearbox not the simplest task unless on ramp as car needs to be level, not achievable with my jack . So went to friends garage yesterday , up on ramp 15 mins done, good news too only needed 1/2 pint amazed. Thought the worst. So with greater confidence took Ruby and wife to Town for coffee Saturday and up the coast Sunday for a swim and picnic on the beach . Roof down living the dream!!😁😁
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    1. First fuel stop in the Blue Mountains and then, 2. An overnight in the little town of Leeton where I met up with several 1920's members. 3. Break down in the outback. 4. In convoy. 5. Running in to more Buicks in Jerilderie. 6. Pre-run line up in Echuca, post war on the outside and pre-war on the inside lane. 7. Outside the Shepparton motor museum. 8. One of a kind Boat tail commissioned by Buick and built by Holden. 9. The oldest attendee. 10. Our Paddle Steamer for the run to a winery and dinner. 11. Yours truly in a little outback town. 12. Spanner man! makes sculptures out of old spanners. 13> Kangaroos and Buicks. 14: Show and shine in the historic paddle steamer port of Echuca. 15: Overnight stay in West Wyalong. 16. Outback cows on the road. 17. Country farm house. 18. on the road near Molong. 19. '36 Buicks!!!! And finally a short video. What Mad Max might have looked like if set in 1936! MAH04213.MP4
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    Great photos all! We are running out of good days this fall, and expecting several storms to roll through this week, so Sunday was likely the last nice day for awhile. Given the "on the road" insurance for the wagon will be expiring shortly, I decided to get it cleaned up and ready for a few months in storage. Once clean, I took the opportunity to burn some old fuel and run around looking for colorful autumn shots. These are all within the city limits of Vancouver...
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    Autumn 2016. Mark
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    I don't understand why guys name their cars at all. You would think they owned a boat.
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    Today I went with a group down to the Snake River. Made it just in time for the sunset. The tire tracks in the gravel may or may not be me... Also is anyone looking for a 1949 Buick Special? Minimal surface rust, paint OK, restore or rod. $5000 OBO.
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    Just around 200 miles in the Electra for the central New England Chapter show in Northampton Mass on Saturday. And 250 miles inn the GS to attend the same show as Phillip today. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.
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    Here she is fully dressed but in hand me down clothes and a bad medical history that includes warts, cancer, missing appendages and a bad heart transplant. In keeping with Girls on Buicks, this is the Minister of Finance posing in front of this medical wreck.
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    We are an immigrant family from Cuba. That will be my wife when she was a teenager and my father in law who passed few years ago.The pictures were taken in the mid 60's when they acquired their first car. She doesn't remember if she was learning to drive in this Buick and did not remember the color shade either. I showed her the paint chips for the year (looks like a 59, not sure) and she picked the Glacier Green color although Sierra Spruce was also very close. Who knows but at least I know this car was not my father's in law Oldsmobile.The pictures are very faded and she said they were taken off center so they could fit the whole car in the frame. I cropped them and enhanced them a bit.
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    My father in law sent us this video he found on YouTube of Hershey 1962. After watching it, I said to my husband, I wonder how many of these cars are still around today, 55 years later! Are they still going to car shows? Are they sitting in the garage collecting dust? Are they rotting into the ground? Were they (GASP) crushed?! Makes you wonder....
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    Tuesday Evening, October 17, 2017: Finish trimming headliner around front doors and windshield (Part 3) Tonight after work I worked on the headliner at the front of the car, namely around the doors and the windshield. First I got the headliner secured at the bows and in between the bows along the tack line, then carefully cut the excess. I think if there is any excess material it will show under the next welting that goes on. Then I finished trimming out the windshield. First I used a thin plastic tool to jam the headliner into the groove between the rubber window seals and the metal that surrounds them. If I got any puckers, I carefully started to make little cuts to ease the fabric. Making little slits helped the fabric slide into the groove easier. Same on the other side. This groove made an impression on the headliner, so what I did was.... Once the "line" was imprinted along the entire front, I pulled the entire front of the headliner back down. I added about 1/2" - 3/4" to that line and made my cut at that point. I sprayed a little headliner adhesive only to the metal that is above the rubber gaskets. Then starting at the center, I worked my way out to the drivers side, then over to the passenger's side with the thin tool and pushed the headliner back into that groove. Being it was only about 1/2" more material, it all just tucked away in the groove. So here are a few photos of it finished. I think with the adhesive in there it will stay put for a while. Plus the garnish molding has to go over it also. It came out nice and smooth. I kept checking the height of the staples and tacks holding the headliner on to the sides to be sure the next lace will cover everything. But the tacking strip is kind of narrow up there, so you really don't have much choice where to drive your tacks. Now that the front is in tight, I want to trim out the rear window tomorrow and install the package tray parts. Then I can install the sun visors and the dome lamp. See ya tomorrow! Gary
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    Here are a few pictures from yesterday's tour. The weather was not the greatest, but I was able to take a few at a Firefighter's Museum in Port Hope, quite close to a now long closed Uranium processing factory. The locals are fighting about contaminated soil, only mildly radioactive, but radioactive none the less. The quarters were really too close for many pictures of the fire trucks themselves, but there is this mid 30's Ford which was used at a (in)famous high security Federal Prison, one of the oldest in the country. This truck didn't have an driveline, just the fire fighting equipment, so that the inmates wouldn't be able to escape! Another nice Riv that was on tour, plus a '38 Nash with less than 10,000 original miles on it. The Nash was owned by a good friend of mine for about 20 years, and recently sold it another local collector, who is now driving it some. The brown car beside the Riv is quite a rare car, a '37 LaSalle 4 door convert, owned by the same man for many years. That gent is nearly 90, and still driving his vintage car. I wish that we all could be so lucky! Keith
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    I would say that usually the best way to turn $20,000.00 into $8,000.00 is to restore a car. Now there are exceptions, but usually buying a car to restore and make money by flipping it is a loosing proposition for the non professional. That said, like art, you buy a car because you like it, want it, and want to drive it as a statement of your personality. My view is that it is an item to enjoy. As I tell my wife, I don's smoke, rarely drink, no girlfriends, no airplanes, no quad runners, no boats, no snowmobiles, no motorcycles and I do not go to any professional sports games and don't gamble. I just own a few old cars.
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    Went to the gym and grocery shopping. Got home and pulled up in the front for a photo op.... viewing this batch of photos, all I can think is: "she's missing a visor" :-)
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    Saturday October 14, 2017: Headliner (I'll call this "Headliner Part One") Started to install the headliner today. I'm calling this part one because I needed to get it measured, centered, install listing wires, re-measure, mark center in the car, ........ I didn't want to make any final cuts in the fabric yet until I sleep on it and start fresh tomorrow. But here it is so far... Here's the headliner laid out on the kitchen table. Seven bows, front on the left side of this photo First thing I did was fold it in half exactly on the lines the LeBaron marked as center. There is a center at the front, the rear and around bow #3 in the middle. Once folded, I marked center on every listing so when I get it in the car I have a reference point to keep the fabric centered and hopefully won't pull to one side or another. In the car, I marked every roof bow Center. I then marked the roof in the back with centering marks as well. I removed the dome light but put the four screws in place so I can easily find them after the liner is installed. I also put screws in the front visors mounts and the rear shade button that holds the shade up. This may be unconventional, but BEFORE I put the listing wires in their sleeves, I actually lightly hung the headliner along the center lines I marked so I could measure each listing and mark where I had to cut to allow the listing wire to protrude. I went listing by listing, and marked them 1 through 7, Driver and Passenger. Now back on the table, I made the cut in the listings according to my marks. This is where the listing wire needs to exit. A few days ago I pulled all the original listing wires out of the old headliner and marked them 1-7 on the driver's side so I know how they go back. After marking them, I wire wheeled each one, primed them and gave them a coat of paint. I wrapped the end in electrical tape to hopefully ease them through the listing. I didn't want to catch the fabric anywhere. Slowly push each one through, keeping the material from bunching up as you go. All seven listing wires in place and the headliner is actually taking shape already. I folded it accordion style with #7 on the bottom, as that is the one to set in position first, then pull the whole mess towards you. Line up Center, pinch all around the wire so the spike doesn't poke through your headliner. While keeping it centered, spike it over the bows the whole time pulling it taught between the spikes. Here is #5 going in. Keep it centered and tight as you go. I'm pinching the listing wire to be sure the spike comes through only under the wire and no where else. Keep marching forward! So, I got all seven listing wires in place, and put one single tack on the edges to allow it to stretch tonight before I make final cuts tomorrow. Looking to the back. I didn't cut the rear window out yet.... Just want everything to settle and stretch a little. I need to sleep on it before making the final cuts. The front also needs to be trimmed out and pulled tight around the window without creating any ripples...... I think when the garnish goes in, it'll also give it a little "tug". So there is the first part of the headliner. Tomorrow I hope to trim it and tack it all neatly to the sides. Have a great night! Gary
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    How do you spell fuddy duddy? One word? Two words? Hyphenated?
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    I never refer to my automobiles as "she". I don't give names to my automobiles.
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    Gents, first attempt to shine up some cast aluminum rims. Red Riviera Bob
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    So he managed to ruin both a Cord and a Hupp before giving up.
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    Well, after not being able to drive the 25 since putting it away last fall, and a road construction and water main installation which started last march we were finally able to take it for spin before putting it away for the winter. It certainly was nice not to have to dodge pot holes!! Hope the weather holds out a little longer, although there is already snow in the upper elevations.
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    North Texas Region AACA had our Fall Tour this past weekend attended by some 15 or so cars. Met at a members' car barn in Waxahachie and via back roads and a few stops for food and car related venues, ended the day in Hillsboro for the evening. Cars and Coffee in Hillsboro on Sunday morning followed by a stop at location of the auction of the McPherson Collection held Saturday where many of the cars were still located awaiting to be picked up by buyers. From there, on to Palmer for lunch and the monthly club meeting.
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    This does look like a very good deal, but I feel that one buying leather for automotive use should be informed. He does state that it's "automotive" quality, so that's a plus. If you look at details, the leather hides being offered are stated as "1 mm" in thickness. This equates to a 2.5 ounce leather (2.5 ounce weight per square foot of leather), a VERY thin leather hide. This leather would be 2.5/64" thick. Also, be aware that there are a lot of different methods of processing leather hides. These are probably not top grain, but rather the cuts below the top.....a raw leather hide is thick and is cut into layers, so when you're buying a "hide", you're either buying the top cut (top grain) or one of the lower cuts, processed to have a finished side. My purpose of stating this is not to rain on anyone's parade, just remember the adage that you get what you pay for. The labor cost will be the same, whether it's an inexpensive hide or a more expensive hide, and you want to make sure the materials you use stand up to the intended purpose. The cost of the hides is usually a small percentage of the overall upholstery job.
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    Hi all, Just arrived back an hour ago from the Victorian Buick Clubs 50th Anniversary celebrations trip. Technology let me down (could not post photos on the road) but the Buick did not. 1750 trouble free miles in the '36. I will post a selections of photos when I get a little rest. Dodging cows. kangaroos, semi-trailers and "grey nomads" in their trailers and RVs. There were 85 cars in attendance with the oldest Buick attending a 1910 model and the newest a '78 Riv and everything in between. There were a total of 4 '36's, my South African Fisher and 3 Holden body models. More later......snore, Cheers Paul
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    I am also, I bought this 1950 Chevrolet from our own classifieds forum about 3 years ago, it runs like a watch! Nice powerglide car, don't have to move my left leg, a pleasure to drive! I am the third owner and it still wears the second family's vacation decals on the windows. I put my Dad's old 49 hood ornament on it.
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    On Saturday we had hat is likely the last tour of the season here. It was a bit shorter than I expected, at about 100 miles. We drove the Electra and it perfect all day! Keith
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    Due to Mother Nature, the leaves in my area are much less photogenic this year. Still, grabbed these today
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    I just received my 2 thimbles from Gregg Lange who has reproduced some Buick items. Marvel carb floats, Robe rails, Foot rest ends and such. They came out great! I bought 2 for my Master and Standard touring cars. These are specified for just about all open Buicks from 1912-1925. The originals were die cast and most crumbled away over the years. Gregg had them made in aluminum and brass. This is what I did to polish them up before I installed the one in the Master since there was still the hole in the board with a remnant of the original. I was able to chuck it up carefully in a 4 jaw chuck on my 10" South Bend lathe. Started with some filing, then #100 emery cloth, #240 down to # 600 W/D abrasive and some WD40. Final polish with some Simichrome polish. This took about a half hour. I cut out the linoleum covering the hole and had to use a 1/2 round file a bit to match the contour of the new part. I was able to use the original screw hole! Thank you Gregg for your service to the hobby!
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    Everyone, I deleted this this thread because the criticisms were becoming increasingly disrespectful and down right nasty, IMO. While all of us has an opinion about what others do to their vehicles, I think we should respect the owners decision to modify their cars in whatever way they wish and agree to disagree without being overly critical of the work. My two cents worth...
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    Naked; topless and bottemless. I'm ashamed of this behavior!
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    If forced to call them by name they are: Leaky, Squeaky, Rattles and P.O.S. I'll leave it to the reader to decide on the genders but they all use the bath room of their choice................Bob
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    Let me get in trouble, dig my own grave, shoot myself in the foot ----- needs a lot of attention, high maintenance, unpredictable --- (don't let my wife see this)
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    Here are photos from our long weekend in Hershey PA Cars n Coffee at the AACA Museum: https://photos.app.goo.gl/lfnu2hcfXI81qw5i2 AACA Museum: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UUmQxjRY2CjU3req1 Misc Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fN9A4OysGmIgcq0x1 Sotheby's Auction: https://photos.app.goo.gl/G6nEcq6QDIxDrxFg1 Show day!: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vFbUKuchHGQIYKvL2
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    Yours too Ben! You take awesome pictures in an area that piques my interest but I may never get to explore otherwise. Same with the others who post here. There is beauty everywhere and my thanks to all of you who share it here and elsewhere in the forums.
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    To set the record straight: ♦ There was not an early-1953 and a late-1953 Buick V8 four-barrel carburetor silencer/air cleaner assembly. ♦ The 1953 and the 1954 assemblies were the same except for the air cleaner cover lid.....the 1953 had 16 raised stiffener ribs whereas the 1954 air cleaner cover lid had 16 recessed stiffener ribs. ♦ Both 1953 and 1954 silencers were convex-shaped in the lower front. ♦ Both 1955 and 1956 silencers were concave-shaped in the lower front. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
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    I have there many times, and it is a really beautiful place. The event which my car for there for that day was one of their pre WWII themed days, and that is why the young lady is dressed the way she is. There were many photographs taken of my car, often with young women posing beside it. Plus there were several other pre WWII cars there as well. Thanks for the compliments. Like most of us I've had many cars, but I think that this one is the one which attracts the most female attention. Would of been nice when I was younger and single! Keith
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    Finishing engine bay details will post a picture to show difference when acquired. Car has been sitting a long time and started up right away. Have rebuilt carb, water pump and fuel pump installed but yet not connected. Just wanted to start to hear... little top end noise but quickly cleared with Marvel Mystery Oil ... works all the time
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    Sorry we missed y'all. We arrived Wednesday evening and the next morning parked the truck and trailer in the trailer parking and then walked not even half the fields. Friday we entered and parked in Brian's spot and set up an honor box and walked all day. The next day we drove the '38 onto the show field and walked that til around 4:00. It was good to have Brian as a guide, very knowledgeable of all the Buick vendor locations. ha, moving targets, indeed, I had quite a few recognize me from either my avatar here or the picture in the Bugle What's Happening on the Forum features I guess. Apparently the mustache is a giveaway. Was glad to hear some positive feedback on the monthly Bugle articles as I have been wondering if anyone even reads them Sounds like y'all were on the road quite a bit. Our toughest day was Sunday. From Hershey to Brian's in Charlotte, unload car, then to car wash to wash BA truck AND BA trailer, then to Bob's in Winston -Salem, then back to Brian's (in his Regal spots car) then I head home to Athens, in heavy rain. Two-thirds the way home my eyes start crossing so pull over on an exit, set my cell alarm for 45 minutes then on to the house arriving around 2:00 am to a tail waggin Elvis and hugs from Reet before falling in bed and sleeping till noon. Quite an adventure.
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