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    Just returned from a 700-mile three-day cruise with the "Cars of the Jet Age" group. Our silver '59 Electra is shown here with a few of the other cars at a retired Atlas Missile silo from the early 1960's. We were in a rural area of Washington state.
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    I drove 30 miles to the West Friendship Car Show hosted by the Howard County Living Farm Museum. Received a Top 40 of 150 or so cars participating.
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    The only Buick at the show. Drew quite a bit of attention. Was a bit overcast and chilly, but a great turnout.
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    Hello, here is the rest of the restoration. I finished this part, I painted with a phosphating paint, then painted with a primary paint and after I painted with anti-gravity on the lower part. I would then paint the piece completely in black at the same time as other pieces
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    Another visit to Henry Shane Museum in Metairie, Louisiana - less than one mile from home. In addition to the 1958 Century convertible, Mr. Shane aquired Bob Coker's Buick Landau. We visited on Saturday when the museum was open to the CCCA CARavan which drove their Full Classics from St. Louis, MO to Metairie, LA. After the museum visit, the group enjoyed a buffet at Andrea's Restaurant, and planned to visit the WWII Museum and Mardi Gras World the next day.
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    No long drive for me, but I did finally get the wagon out of storage, changed all the fluids and then a quick wash. Was able to cruise around town to complete some errands... feels like a modern car compared to the 67... not bad for a 40 year old car! The Electra is patiently waiting it's time in the sun, but I was able to polish it up and get her ready after winter a few weeks ago. We had a very snowy winter and a very wet spring up in the Pacific NW, so the cars are coming out a little later... it was very nice to work on the cars in a t-shirt and shorts.
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    Yesterday the Long Island Chapter of the BCA visited the Waterfront Garage in Roslyn, long island, NY to see the collection of Howard Kroplick. The last time we visited was in Nov. 2014. It was a very warm and sunny day, perfect blue skys and many people got a bit of a tan! A dozen Buicks were there and the oldest was a 1937 sedan. Howard was very gracious host and we were able to view his 1909 Alco race car, 1937 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron town car (built for Mrs. W.P. Chrysler), 1963 Mustang pre production experimental car , as well as his latest acquisition a 1948 Tucker. The great grandsons of Preston Tucker drove in from Pa. to be there with us; and several members of the Minute Man Chapter of BCA drove the 5 plus hours down from Mass. to be there as well. The local VW Club also attended, as did a beautifully restored 1941 Cadillac coupe, 1979(?) Cadillac station wagon and 1940 Chevy resto rod. Photos of the event will be posted on the Long Island Buick Club website in a few days as well on Howard Kroplick's Vanderbilt Cup Races website as well. I got my 1940 Roadmaster convertible sedan out and drove it to its first event of the season.
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    After changing the old stale gas in the tank, took her out around the neighbourhood and ended up at my old home. Went inside and told Mom (just like a kid - haha) come see what I have!
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    When I mentioned Home in the last video, I must explain. That is where I grew up and was living when I bought the Special in the summer of '72. I went inside to get mom to come and see I had the car back on the road again. She hasn't seen it for a long time and said she didn't remember it being so long. With tomorrow being our Holiday and a weekly car show at a local restaurant/pub, will be checking the fluids again, picking up my wife and driving the Special to her first car show in a looong time. Just before we do though, will be stopping here again with the top down and recreate this picture from 1984. The car looks about the same(?) but not sure the occupants will!?
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    Having a second Teen Hood (not childhood ) I drove her to school here 45 years ago.
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    I swear, it just followed me home! Sorry about the messy garage. That's where the daily drivers live. It's been under construction for a few months. Sure looks good tonight, though...
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    Looks its already catching women!
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    Hopefully they screwed up your credit card number as well, then you should be good to go.
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    Excellent assessment GregLar. Nail on head. I've probably read or listened to a 1000 opinions in the last 10 years on the original post topic from various antique motorized clubs. I read through all the responses here and when I read the above post, realized I didn't need to draft a reply because that sums it up precisely. While antique clubs need to be welcoming and understanding to younger folks, the bulk of the resources and activities need to be directed to the 50 and over group because that's where the low hanging fruit is to recruit and RETAIN current members.
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    While struggling to load the car, pinhead and Mr Earl were kicking rocks.... Ha ha ha jk... sorry about the ruts in your driveway
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    As seen at "Cuba Nostalgia" an exposition where all cuban things are celebrated as food, music, art to include 50's vintage vehicles that used to roam the island highways BC (Before Castro) the 57 ragtop is available 4sale if anybody is interested (have owner info) photos taken at Miami-Dade County Youth Fairgrounds. Will post more in Gallery later on.
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    I love the elephant ears on any model or any style 41 Buick. Beautiful car.
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    Just wanted to point out, it wasn't Dynaflash who I was referring to about abusing the car. It was another gentleman that passed by afterwards. He was more concerned about drag racing and doing burnouts than caring for it. I told him this is not the car for that. I have put too much time into it to see it trashed.
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    Drove her to a weekly car cruise-in night for the first time in 12 years. Not a big drive but didn't disappoint me with her performance. Drew a bit of interest because it hasn't been seen for awhile let alone being a 1958 Buick.
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    Trust all my Canadian Buick owners had a wonderful Holiday today, I know I did. After going to the garage, checked the fluids on the Special and proceeded to the gas station to top off the tank with some high-test and a little gas stable. Let the Sea Trials begin. Then I went home (my home) and picked up the wife to go for dinner at a place that holds a weekly car show. I'm in my glory with having my wife with me, having the car out for the first time in 12 years and..... watched as it drew a bit of a crowd & lots of questions most of the evening. I must mention, If you look in the back row on the right, my buddy drove his '66 Continental that he sooo generously offered to me various times when the Special was out of commission. Thanks Joe! Being this is a weekly local event and most car guys know each other, kind of expected the obvious question, "When did you get this?" Well, I was taken aback when I heard my wife answer one fellow "that her husband bought it when he was in High School." First time I think she was actually enjoying telling the story as she said the car was quite the hit on the ride home! Look at all those Mopar's and Chev's with their hoods up. Bring your Buick to these shows and see what happens...... As stated, a good day and luckily she (the car) got a 90% grade on this run as I have what I believe one plug or wire that seems to be dropping or weak but she fires right up, idles nice and once moving down the road levels out nicely. After the $135.00 50/50 number was drawn we cruised on home with no difficulties. After dropping my wife off I then headed back to the garage to put the car away and decided, as it was not out of the way, to capture a shot of the car at my old High School which I not only drove her to at that time but brought her back to my 10 year reunion. Sadly, just recently I saw the then Vice Principal had passed away who had to call over the public address system, "Would the owner of a red convertible please come to the Principles Office!" With over 1,200 students then, parking was limited and guess I had parked in his spot! Was a good excuse to skip French class that day. (no offence to those of French heritage Mon amie) A VERY Fulfilling Day!
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    Frank - mileage such as you are experiencing would certainly be frustrating. First - your question about a modern spread-bore using your manifold and air cleaner was answered by Ed (Rivnut). A misunderstanding that has confused many enthusiasts is the term "Quadrajet". GM occasionally referred to the 4GC carburetor (such as you have) as a quadrajet. However, carburetor now referred to by most as a quadrajet is the 4MV carburetor. The differences are quite obvious. The 4GC (produced from 1952 to 1966) has throttle bores which are either the same size, or very close to the same size) and is referred to as a square-bore carburetor. The 4MV (produced from 1965 to sometime in the 1980's) has throttle bores that are markedly different in size. The front (primary) bores are approximately 1 3/8 inch, and the back (secondary) bores are approximately 2 1/4 inch. Also, the size of the diameter of the air intake was increased. So there is no spread-bore carb that will fit your intake without using an adapter, AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE AN ADAPTER! Your 1963 Riviera could have come from the factory with either a Rochester 4GC or a Carter AFB (neither of which are currently being produced). Different enthusiasts prefer either the Carter or the Rochester but I will flat tell you that if you buy one of each that is professionally rebuilt, have a mechanic place either on the engine and let you drive, then place the other on the engine and let you drive; you won't really be able to tell if the mechanic actually changed the carbs. Both are great carbs. Jim Cannon suggested possibly switching to the ORIGINAL AFB. The AFB did gain a following among enthusiasts that modify their engines, as there are more re-calibration parts available for the AFB than for the 4GC, so re-calibration for a modified engine is much easier with the AFB. The new clones which look like AFB's will not fit your air cleaner; and more importantly, THEY WILL REQUIRE TOTAL RECALIBRATION TO WORK WELL ON A BUICK ENGINE!!! You can install an electric choke on an original AFB, but if you try to drive the car at an ambient of less than 40 degrees F. you better have the telephone number for the nearest tow truck! Lots of words above, but wanted to answer your questions. Now - suggestions: Find out WHY your mileage is so poor. As you mentioned, many possible causes, but for mileage that bad, I would first check that the automatic choke is completely opening. Once the engine is at normal operating temperature, the choke plate should be in the vertical position (completely open). Also, check your brakes for the possibility of a brake not completely releasing, and also check your tire pressure. You will get other suggestions on what to look for on the engine, but I would check the choke function FIRST. And (opinion) your Rochester or a correct ORIGINAL AFB either are far superior to any shiny new carburetor you can acquire for your Buick. Jon.
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    Turns out the #3 spark plug wire was where the #2 was supposed to be and vice versa... Believe it or not, car was running... Dash with out the veneer.
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    Good evening, I finally received my buick flag that I had ordered on the internet !
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    Remove the carbon on the upper cylinder with a scraper and scotchbrite. If you can easily catch a fingernail on a ridge (meaning the it is over 0.010 wear in the cylinder), then the block should be bored. If you own a ridge reamer, throw it away...if not then run! Proper installation of the tool requires a straight cylinder bore; most are out of round and tapered and will result over cutting and ruining the cylinder. Hopefully a hone will clean it up, but the bore should be carefully measured since in the past it may have had a ridge previously removed.
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    If you have ethanol in your gasoline it is possible that it is bad or that it has destroyed the diaphragm in your fuel pump. Obviously the engine is not getting fuel. All it is running on is the starting fluid. I personally would fill the float chambers with fresh gasoline and try to start the engine. If it starts it may run long enough to suck gas from the tank. If it only runs until the fuel in the carb is gone then your problem is between the tank and the carb. If you disconnect the fuel line at the pump you could blow back through the line to see if it was plugged. You could disconnect the line on the carb side of the pump and crank the engine over but this is/could be dangerous. You could have a fire in seconds. Back in 1960 I took a whole day to start a 53 special that had set for only three months (and that was when we had real gasoline). Good luck.
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    Looks like you are off to a good start. Hope it has a great ending!
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    Hmmm looks like it's time to end the project thread.... HA HA HA HA HA
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    "No Theft History" eh? That's a joke. You apparently didn't tell him what you paid for it! Congrats on passing the examination. So now you get to hold your breath for what, three years, to see if anyone files a theft claim. Good, go ahead and get her all fixed up and I'll be up to take her back.
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    Loving your "sentimental visits" posts Doug. What a gorgeous car!
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    That is a typical scammer message. If someone with zero posts on the forum sent you a PM offering to sell you something and wants payment through a non-secure payment method there is about a 99.99% chance it is a scam. Please click the report button on the Private Message so the moderators can see the message and ban the scammer.
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    That guy in Georgia sells clean cars! See yellow highlight...
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    no problem, learned some new dance steps. Like I said, I'll just name one of the potholes Matt and the other Mike. I've got a motorgrader coming, to whom shall I send the bill. Oh and thanks for the case of Yuengling, and Rita said she hates she missed y'all. The the first thing she said when she walked in and looked on the table "ahhh, the boys brought me some wine". Looking forward to hearing more about that pinhead. It was actually the first one I had ever seen and thought "Oh look, a little baby nailhead with headers" Not a lot has been discussed here about the 215 aluminum engines. Got a feeling that is about to change, just hope it is all good.
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    A lot of the board tracks BURNT to the ground. A wreck would happen, and gas/oil spilled setting the boards on fire. Some tracks took over a MILLION board feet of lumber, but was cheapest way to build a track. The 1910 Buick Bug car ran on a few board tracks. I have a wood model I built, I named it the SPLINTER SPECIAL. Some board tracks were banked over 40%, lots of motorcycles raced on board tracks, as did peddle bikes. I have a great photo of the Buick 1910 Bug along side two of the mini race cars, Dale in Indy
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    I am in complete agreement on the sometimes uneasy feeling, like being in a mineshaft w/creaky timbers from an old western. :)
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    Beutiful car , states what classic means in classic car!
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    The front bearing needs to be a 6207-2RS/NR. I am a bearing guy. I replaced my bearings when I rebuilt my '38' trans. The bearing needs to be ANY brand BUT Chinese. Even Russian are better. Get the bearings from a local bearing house. The 6207 bearing has a rubber seal on both sides (2RS). The bearing also has a snap ring grove (NR) that keeps the bearing in place. The snap ring is on the clutch side of the bearing. You remove the rubber seal from the transmission side of the bearing. This is how it gets lubricated. Don't worry about the grease inside the bearing. It will get washed into the 85W140 trans. lub. that will keep oil from going forward into the clutch area. Buick (bearing manufacturers did not have that type available) designed the bearing lubrication within that in mind. Long story short, use the '2RS' as it is The '6206' bearing is an 'open' type of bearing. You can see the balls from both sides. I owned a bearing house for 18+ years so I figure that means something :-)).
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    J, You need to call Ron Carp @ Carps Power Brake Supply in Upland, California Ph 909-985-0800. Ron rebuilt 4 wheel cylinders and Master cylinder on my '40 Buick LTD by inserting 304 stainless tube in each cylinder. This was 5 years ago and she still stops on a dime and NO DRIPS, = I'm a happy camper..... I thought the price was VERY reasonable. and I drove out to Ca. just to see him and personally thank him for a job well done ! Mike in Colorado
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    LOL. I recently was sitting in a chair beside my car at a Meet reading a magazine, when a gentleman I had never met came by and pointed to a part on it and said "You know that's incorrect, don't you?"....... "You're right", I replied and continued reading for a few moments. Happily, I think this caused him to rethink his approach, and we wound up having a good conversation.
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    Here is my version of 1939 Buick Special transmission bearing parts numbers on original bearings. Considering how difficult it is to get the transmission in and out or the car don't even try to clean up the old bearings but replace them while it's easy. The front bearing, the one with the baffle that goes toward the inside of the transmission, is not a sealed bearing but is specific to the installation. It also has a groove around the outside for a snap ring. Bob H
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    No they are the OReily numbers you need to feed them so you dont have to stand there with some inexperienced employee like I did till a competent one comes up and finds the numbers!
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    I had the same question a few years ago. See the replies to this thread: When I was in there I greased them just to be sure, installed new outer seals, and left the old inner seals thinking a little leaking from the inners can't hurt. It's been ok for 5 years so far.
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    I've got a Buick car order form dated June 10th, 1957 which would be near the end of the model year. It has Arctic Blue, Mariner Blue, Gulf Green, Hunter Green, Sylvan Grey, and Dusk Rose on it for Spring colors, but no Bittersweet. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/chipdisplay.cgi?year=1957&manuf=GM&smodel=Buick&info=yes&page=3 I also have one dated December 20th, 1956. No Bittersweet on it either. You can find a copy of it here: http://www.teambuick.com/reference/years/57/order_form.php
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    Getting more done every day. Made up the parcel shelf today and it's supports. Still have to cut the vertical board of the shelf to match the back of the seat frame. Have to rebuild my seat frame first. Put the seat adjuster in place and bolted the frame to it but it's just to twisted up to use as is for a guide to cut the shelf until it's repaired. Here are pictures of the adjusted landau bar mounts and the"massaged" rumble lid. Included a picture of the jig to bend the lid. The lines of the lid are now really good on all four sides. Also today's work. Lots of tedious things now. Hopefully the light is just down the tunnel.
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    Attached is a photo of a Studebaker rear end which shows the rear universal with its cover/sleeve removed. lf you remove this cover you should be able to bolt up the front universal/hub and then slide the rear one sideways into its slot and replace the sleeve. Hopefully the sleeve is not too tight and it will come off without too much trouble.
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    While im waiting for the master cylinder and fuel pump to get here I thought I'd take care of the important stuff
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    Just a quick update.. Got the new radiator today haven't installed it but it looks amazing.. They did misspell my name and leave off part of my address so it took a tad longer then it should have to arrive.
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    Garnet Red is a very nice color. Garnet Red above Antique Ivory was as very popular combination in 1957.