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    Here she is fully dressed but in hand me down clothes and a bad medical history that includes warts, cancer, missing appendages and a bad heart transplant. In keeping with Girls on Buicks, this is the Minister of Finance posing in front of this medical wreck.
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    It was a classic Aussie bush pub, recently but sensitively restored. After closing I was invited to join the staff for drinks and tray after tray of spicy ribs late into the night. I didn't wake up too well the next morning!
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    I made an assumption that only screws were used on the kick panels without digging through all the crud to check. The last screw along the door edge is about 1" above the floor. There is no apparent attachment along the bottom 6" section. Then about 1 1/2" up from floor and again about 3" before the firewall pad there is a 1/2" nail used. Picture attached. Sorry for the incomplete information. Bill
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    FIDDY FO - FITTY FO. I say tomato, you say tomato; let's call the whole thing off. The picture was of Emily Ratajkowski walking down the street wearing boots* and some DKNY lingerie, from one of their ad videos. She's walking a dog. Type her name in Google then click on the images tab. Compared to some of the "images," what she's wearing in that picture will make her look over dressed. Ed * Remember someone objected to the high heels, I was offering boots as an alternative. Then someone suggested putting her in the back seat. Nothing "suggestive there", right?
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    Gary, Here's a couple of pictures of the tired old kick panels in my '37 Special. As you can see, the screws do show. The top side is just cut straight across and not attached. I'm not sure if the edge at the firewall is even attached as it is concealed by the firewall pad. Hope this helps. I continue to be amazed by your progress. Your documentation of your restoration will be an enormous help to me in my own project. Bill
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    Naked; topless and bottemless. I'm ashamed of this behavior!
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    I did not have time to read the whole post so if you still need the pipe from the rocker to the heat, I have one off a 28 Master that looks like it is the same as yours. It is yours if you want to risk the postage. fred.rawling@live.com 562 644-4670 are the surest ways to contact me. Fred
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    There has been a lengthy thread here about building and furnishing our garages for auto repairs. This 1920s era photo is of the auto repair garage my wife's grandfather operated in PA in the town of Pine Dale in southern Schuylkill county. Note his attention to detail in storage and layout of his support equipment. The coal furnace is my personal favorite item. I guess he was not too worried about the fumes in the garage catching fire. The repair garage operated for many years on what would become PA Rt 61. Terry
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    My son and his fiancĂŠe made a very special request of me back in May of 2017. They asked me to chauffeur them in my '41 Buick Roadmaster sedan on their wedding day. I was thrilled to be given this opportunity. I was also quite anxious. My car is no beauty and it is on a constant repair and improvement schedule. A lot had to be done before the wedding date. I have chronicled the event on my WordPress blog and you are welcome to read the entire story. Just click the blue link to get there. I hope some folks enjoy the story and are encouraged to post their own story here on the AACA forum. Thanks! (Note: Photograph courtesy of Matt Ferrara Photography)
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    I have a complete 1956 Roadmaster 4 door hardtop power window change-over for sale. I suspect this also fits 1955 Roadmaster as well as Super but I do not know this for sure. Complete with wiring loom,switches,regulators and if needed/wanted nice western high desert quality chrome glass frames and channels(glass bad). Please send me a message as needed as I do not visit here every day. Cost is $295 without frames and $495 with frames plus shipping. PS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> will trade for Auburn parts 1931-1933 Thank you!!
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    Yes. That should be correct. If I understand the wiring diagram correctly, The "Batt" wire comes from the positive side of the amp meter and the "Gauge" wire goes to the positive side of the Fuel Gauge.
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    Jon would not be deceived, we have many overseas customers with a US address. Cheaper for them in the long run, and several items (if needed) can be shipped to this address and then forwarded all at once. We don't ship outside of the USA because of the cost. If I am going to get flak, much better to get flak for NOT shipping than for being a bandit (and I do not own any of the overseas carriers!). To date, we have customers from 59 countries! Just for the record, we have had a number of shipments where the cost of shipping EXCEEDED the cost of the repair kit! Again, I don't own the shippers. Even shipping to Canada for certain postal codes can exceed the price of the rebuilding kit. If you don't find the kit and/or choke, we make the kit and stock the choke. Maybe if Scotty ever fine-tunes teleportation, we can ship outside of the USA and Canada As for choke adjustment, this quote from the "articles" section of our website: "All chokes other than electric may be adjusted as follows: pick a time when the ambient temperature is between 65 and 70 degrees F. (68 degrees F. is the perfect temperature), and adjust the choke such that the choke plate on a cold engine just TOUCHES closed, with zero tension. The choke coil will then compensate for other temperatures" Jon.
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    My good friend and Michigander, member GLong, necessarily uses antifreeze in winter but drains it out every spring (saves for re-use), then runs water + anti-corrosion agent while there's no danger of freezing. He can skate a little because he was heated floors in his storage building. Anti-freeze does not lose it anti-freezing properties with age, but the anti-corrosive agents oxidize out with use and time. I've heard, but have not confirmed, that *low silicate* EG anti-freeze will minimize foaming, but may have to be special-ordered. Stude Light, that's an excellent mnemonic "No OATs"!! Thanks!
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    On the '39 the left post of the fuel gauge feeds the ignition negative wire and the positive wire comes from the right post of the ammeter (battery).
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    My 39 Roadmaster has a LeBaron Bonney kit, also. (Someone else installed it.) The kick panels have concealed fasteners. (See attached photo.) The passenger side also has a map pocket. My ignition switch is just like jvelde's. Thanks for your restoration documentation!
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    on Ebay.... I sure hope they are wrong about the straight 8... LOL https://www.ebay.com/itm/1955-Buick-Roadmaster-/152748735395?hash=item239088bba3:g:umUAAOSwa0VZ54PL&vxp=mtr pecifics Condition: Used Year: 1955 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 783059557 Mileage: 83,557 Transmission: Automatic Make: Buick Body Type: Sedan Model: Roadmaster Warranty: Unspecified Trim: -- Vehicle Title: Clear Engine: 322 Fireball V8 Options: -- Power Options: -- Exterior Color: Black Fuel Type: Gasoline Interior Color: -- For Sale By: Dealer Item description A strong running 322 Fireball Straight Eight with very smooth 2-speed dynaflow transmission will run at highway speeds with no difficulty. This car was repainted in the original black 30 years ago so it does have flaws but is in good condition for age and wear.
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    Gary, The ignition switch is a simple open/close switch. When it is "on" the two terminals are connected. When it is "off" the connection is broken physically. It does not matter which side you put the two wires on. The important thing is just to connect any accessories that you want to be controlled by the switch to be on the terminal that is not connected to the battery wire. If an accessory is connected to the same side as the battery wire, it will always be hot and you will need to remember to turn it off to avoid a dead battery. On my 1937 Century, the battery wire is connected to the terminal closest to the driver's side of the car and the radio is attached to the terminal on the passenger side of the switch so that the radio is turned off when you switch off the ignition.
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    whatever you do- insure the car before transport- regardless of how many millions of insurance the transporter tells you he carries..................
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    You really cant mess the wiring at the switch much. I think the "out" terminal of the switch is longer so you can add acessories that you want switched on along with the ignition. If you can tell which wire is from the battery, I'd attach that to the short terminal of the switch. When I opened the ignition switch to check it, I found that the plastic block had wear and there was some pitting of the contacts. I touched it on the belt sander to clean it up, and thus assembled it wrong the first time. I found that the switch from my parts car was worn the same.
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    Use hot water. That will cause the air inside to expand and slightly pressure the float making any bubbles more copious and visable. If the water is colder than the float the opposite will happen and it will inhale water instead of expelling air................................Bob
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    Not mine, wouldn't mind if it was though.. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/6333400633.html Selling my Buick Roadmaster this car is awesome. Original power windows and power seats. That work! This call has all the add ons from the factory including the factory tow hitch with the chrome cover rear airbags for towing and front dagmires the paint is in good condition and the engine runs extremely clean and smooth. No mechanical problems at all. Car is all original and would make a really cool daily driver. Please let me know if you are interested. The car is currently at my mom's house in Boise but I am happy to drive it up to shoreline where I live if there is enough interest please let me know if you have any questions. No flakes or tire kickers and no payment plans. For serious buyers only 42fiv 2 seven 3 5 one 79Please text or email for any questions Edited just now by MrEarl (see edit history) Lamar in Athens, Georgia BCA- 39474 1954 BUICK - THE BEAUTIFUL BUY 1954 Roadmaster 76R, 2 DR HT - DoraB 1954 Roadmaster 72R 4 DR - Buttercup 1954 Century 66R 2 DR HT 3 Speed - '54 Muscle aka Morning Glory 1954 Special 41D 4 DR Deluxe Sedan-The Blue Bird 1938 Special 44 2 DR Streamlined Sport Sedan (slant back) - Tugalo Gas An assortment of 14 '53,'54,'55,'56 parts cars No dog ever peed on a moving Buick BUICK is to drivin as soul food is to eatin It was never Just a Buick
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    Derek, If you decide to go with linoleum, I can provide all the details. Hugh
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    Must be tough being retired. Breakfast beer...it's been some time since I've seen that. 😜
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    I doubt they will find me. I should be invisible.
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    What is up with this lately? Why are these postings showing up, clearly attempting to market their product under the guise of asking member's opinions of LED headlights with no connection at all to vintage, classic or antique cars?
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    Everyone, I deleted this this thread because the criticisms were becoming increasingly disrespectful and down right nasty, IMO. While all of us has an opinion about what others do to their vehicles, I think we should respect the owners decision to modify their cars in whatever way they wish and agree to disagree without being overly critical of the work. My two cents worth...
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    You want the wire from the battery on the short terminal. The switch contact rotates around that contact, so I think it should always be in contact with that terminal and the other, longer, terminal be switched (If that makes sense). Also, the switch can be assembled incorrectly. Be sure the contact block is oriented so thet the rotating end of the sliding part is always in solid contact with the terminal. Here is what happened when I did it wrong - I had an intermittent where the engine would just quit for no reason. You can see the burned bit on the top of the left contact. This was wrong. Unfortunately, I dont remember exactly how I determined which is the correct way to orient the contact block I hope this makes sense.
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    Nice bones on that gal.
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    Me too Thriller, me too...
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    Appears I have been under a rock all my life if I haven't heard the term stink eye. Here's to yet Another educational moment from Google
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    Great piece. I don't want to muddy the waters here but I came across this early hood ornament that has a similar design to yours. It is called "Butterfly Girl" by Mady, French, 1920's. It could possibly lead you in the direction of the artist who made your ornament, or it could be a complete red herring.
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    A similar, but different, radiator mascot is on p. 15 of Great Cars and Grand Marques by Automobile Quarterly, 1976, in a 10 pg. chapter called ¨Mascots¨*. That one, from the Allen R. Thurn Collection is described: ``a very French and very stylized mascot from the late Twenties´´. It is shiny metal, and has a lass balanced on her right foot, her left knee bent, holding her long hair in her left hand, her right arm forward, and a bunched-up piece of cloth goes from her chest down her back to her left ankle. Not the same design, maybe not from the same maker, but one could be derivative of the other. *Based on an earlier AQ article by W.C. Williams, ¨Mascots, the Automobile´s Grand Afterthought¨, VOL 13, No. 3
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    We are an immigrant family from Cuba. That will be my wife when she was a teenager and my father in law who passed few years ago.The pictures were taken in the mid 60's when they acquired their first car. She doesn't remember if she was learning to drive in this Buick and did not remember the color shade either. I showed her the paint chips for the year (looks like a 59, not sure) and she picked the Glacier Green color although Sierra Spruce was also very close. Who knows but at least I know this car was not my father's in law Oldsmobile.The pictures are very faded and she said they were taken off center so they could fit the whole car in the frame. I cropped them and enhanced them a bit.
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    Got called by the machine shop today to come down and take some pictures. The rod bearings were slightly distorted out of round so they got scraped to fit the polished journals of the crank. The rings were filed to fit and the Ross Racing pistons were installed along with the crank and cam. Motor is looking good. The pistons were a perfect fit in the bore and the whole assembly turns nicely though stiff like it should. Kudos to Ross for the quality product they make. The valves will be fitted soon along with the new timing chain and timing chain cover. Then the oil pump, pump lines, and the oil pan will all be put back on. Making up a wood cradle so when it's done I can have it secured in it when I bring it home.
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    Cool display Doug, great minds must think alike but gotta admit yours is a much better match
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    Oh, what the heck. Might as well stick my neck out and see if I can lower my approval rating. Artistic endeavors are often fraught with perils of misunderstanding. Still, I can't think of a better way to waste tens of thousands of dollars than to take a bunch of extremely rare and valuable historic auto pieces and butcher them until nobody likes the result. If I were ten years younger, and wealthy, I would have loved to take the truly rare Hupp and work to restore it to the work of art it was. But that is me. The fact is, any hotrodder with a bit of artistic tendency, could take any of a thousand common empty shells of '30s/'40s/'50s cars, and make something as extreme or cartoonish as that thing. , Without destroying a piece of history. Foot, firmly in mouth, and facetiously, me.
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    I think you need to get off a 8.00 doller shake ,I agree with most your points, We open at 7 close at 7,Never close.Hearshy is changing no kidding
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    Thank you kind sir! I was thinking yesterday that even though it is now 40 years old, it still feels like a modern car in many respects, and I would happily daily drive it.... if I didn't live in a coastal rain forest!
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    Just around 200 miles in the Electra for the central New England Chapter show in Northampton Mass on Saturday. And 250 miles inn the GS to attend the same show as Phillip today. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.
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    Took the '75 Electra to the Lower Hudson Valley BCA annual picnic at Constitution Island in Cold Spring N.Y. Very historic location, part of West Point (USMA) directly across the Hudson River. 72 miles roundtrip. It ended up being a beautiful day with good friends. There were a few Oldsmobiles from our friends in the local OCA. The Electra now has 20,091 miles on it from 18,500 when I bought her 2 months ago.
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    Been worried to go far recently as have oil leak from Torque ball seal, have parts now , but haven't had time to repair , so have been monitoring size of oil spill in car port and looked bad .. refilling gearbox not the simplest task unless on ramp as car needs to be level, not achievable with my jack . So went to friends garage yesterday , up on ramp 15 mins done, good news too only needed 1/2 pint amazed. Thought the worst. So with greater confidence took Ruby and wife to Town for coffee Saturday and up the coast Sunday for a swim and picnic on the beach . Roof down living the dream!!😁😁
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    Went to the gym and grocery shopping. Got home and pulled up in the front for a photo op.... viewing this batch of photos, all I can think is: "she's missing a visor" :-)
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    Bought a few things.... Still nice and pliable Lights for the Buick Sales and Service show room Lights for the Buick Sales and Service Garage area This book is awesome V will try and scan and post later
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    Matt: So good to see that you are nearing completion. I did admirer your car at the Buick Anniversary meet last year. In your first photo of this post I see my 1925 Standard touring off to the right in the back round below the screen. Every so often someone posts a photo of the meet that has a hint of my car in it. Thanks: Larry
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    When I was 12 years old my father came to my little corner of the basement where I built my model cars and asked if I was still interested in automobiles. I replied in the affirmative. To which he stated it was about time I had a real one. About 2 weeks later I was sitting in the front seat of a 1938 Buick Century (maroon with a grayish brown interior). My dad really knew very little about cars but..... his war buddy owned an auto body shop (the old style where you fixed rather than replaced, shrinking metal and leading to perfection). My grandfather was an upholsterer, and my mom's brother built stock cars and rebuilt engines. I apprenticed to all. When I finished restoring the 38, dad bought me a 39. Wish I still had them. But there have been MANY others.
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    Late fall in these parts.