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    As someone involved with the tours at Allentown, we tried to have both bus tours and some self-driving tours. For the covered bridge tours we tried a posting for sharing tours, but no one every filed out cards indicating a willingness to take some visitors without cars, especially our international visitors, an opportunity, These bus tours we predicated on the distances travelled from Allentown. I was not aware of any real complaints, other than one bus getting a bit lost and delayed. As you, Jack, opened this door, welcoming comments at the National Meet Committee, perhaps we can get some comments on this forum to see what everyone thinks. I know everything costs more these days, and now gas prices are rising almost daily, but I feel these trips most surely filling a need, especially the seem to be filling up each year. So, HOW ABOUT IT EVERYONE, DO YOU THING BUS TRIP ARE USEFUL IF WE HAVE THE PROPER VENUE? Personally, I think self-driving trips should be sought out and directed, much as is now done by the BDE, PWD and Reatta and other groups. But, as always, there are some factors, such a s a few volunteers to organize the travel and seeking discounts just for showing up with a Buick. I believe we had that in Allentown at AOW Museum and the smaller Hudson (?) museum. So lets hear some comments from forum uses so we have some sort of sample, please so Jack can determine and the NMC can determine how to proceed.
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    Hi James, I am one of the technical advisors for TC America, the exclusive club for these cars. I have also been a Chrysler product mechanic since 1959, so I do know a little about these and all the other 'K' car platform cars and all the rest between the 1950s and up through the '90s. The TC was based on the Dodge Daytona 'G' body, however they are all just about the same. You are right about mechanical parts on the TC being closest to the 87-88 Daytona. That is mainly because they share the exact same rear disc brake system. Also the 2.2L engine in the 89 TC is the same as the Daytona 2.2 Turbo engine. Therefore parts such as these are rather easy to get, well, considering they are 30 years old. As for the body sheetmetal and such, that is exclusively TC specific. There are several sources for those parts as you will see coming your way, should you need anything like that. The instrumentation and electrical is pretty much Chrysler as well, except the 1/4 window motors and mechanism. The Tevis ABS brake system is unequal to the TC in the Chrysler line, though also used on several GM models back then as well as some foreign cars. If you follow the links you will see below this, you can read more about the history of the TC as well as a couple of projects I have been involved in with a couple of my personal TC automobiles. The red one is the only TC I own these days. Good luck with your TC and $1K is definitely a GREAT deal!
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    Jack, I already made the suggestion, and may not be at your meeting. So please pass this on this suggestion. Thanks,
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    I strongly advice that you look for a car with factory A/C (even if it doesn't work as you then could more easily convert it to Vintage Air). I am in the process of slowly converting my -63 that didn't have factory A/C to A/C and there are a number of parts that needs to be changed for A/C. Some of this is covered in the following: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/275740-flowkooler-water-pump-in-none-ac-questions-on-what-more-to-replace-when-doing-timing-chain/ Here is a shortlist what is needed for a -63, I guess it would be similar for a -65 although it is likely to be slightly different for the AC controls. Expect >$1000 only for this for the parts if you can find them: First for under the hood 401 425 Buick Nailhead Alternator & AC Brackets & AC 3 Groove Pulleys 63 - 66 two groove pulley for the alternator Water pump for A/C (stronger on A/C cars, I bought a FlowKooler for A/C) Fan shroud 20" dia fan with 5 blades Fan clutch "some cars like 63-64 Riviera and all 1965-66 401-425 with AC use a special head bolt that is about 1/4" longer on the front passenger side, the bolt goes through the ALT/AC compressor bracket and into the head. " The 2 Radiator Bracket Lower for AC Fan Shroud. The top radiator bracket mount for AC Fan Shroud You probably also need another radiator( 4 Rows ) Internal: AC LH Driver Side: the AC Dash Vent for this side and the Bezel AC RH Side Glove Box Dash Bezel Opening for AC + the AC Dash Vent for this side. Radio dash bezel AC vent + the AC Centre Vent. Internal heater-defroster control panel for AC with controls. The air vent knobs, the fasteners and the control cables that goes to the fresh air vents in the kick panel. This is different for AC compared to my none-AC where the vent controls are in the heater-defroster control panel. And then all the necessary modifications to get a Vintage Air installed... Good luck.
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    Stopped by BillAnderson’s on the way home. I counted 9 cars in his air conditioned barn. Nice. A hoist and 3 storage lifts and a fully appointed shop including a full bath. Stopped at at the lake on the way home too. 81 miles today.
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    This is the thread Ito which I was making reference,
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    My wife and I wanted a car to drive on prewar tours which are becoming popular in our area, Motor Muster at the Henry Ford, Gilmore and local clubs all have at least one. We have a prewar car but we wanted a faster, late thirties sedan, really a roadster but being on a fixed income, a sedan. I believed you couldn't be a proper gear head until you have had a Packard but then I found this 1939 Century was available. I've admired this car for over twenty years. This car was an early example for Ziebart rustproofing and was in one of their showrooms for decades, taken out for the occasional show. The fellow I purchased the '39 from drove the car 1,000 miles in the past 10 years. The car needed a lot of things to make it a touring car, I changed all of the fluids, scraped out the oil pan but mostly the wiring was in poor condition. It is not an original car, it has been repainted and reupholstered and the undercoating is excellent. Just finished changing the wiring harness and we have a nearby show in mind in two weeks. The photo is taken in front of my shop which was built in 1954. No more thoughts of getting a Packard, this is the car for me. Regards, Gary
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    87 F and a delightful day in Michigan. Down to Bakers in Milford, MI to see some buddies. Chuck Sharpe who has a Buick F and a big Model 17 and more Ford Ts than I can count. That’s his green T. And Bill Anderson retired from Buick and has several early 30s Chevys. A good number of the folks here either work at the Milford Proving Grounds or used to. I’m part of the latter.
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    Well you do not appear to have an 89 and sounds like it is a better value. What does it need ? Figure a grand if the AC is inop. $600 for decent tires.
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    Mark: This is a dilemma that the National Meet Committee and the host Chapter face with every National . Trying to establish a balance so that vendors taking the time , effort and expense to come to a National Meet , verses the demand for tours. The bus issue is another thing altogether. We have a lot of members that fly in to meets, and need transportation to tour venues. Often members can also drive their cars if there is sufficient room to park at the venue. Each National presents its own set of challenges and opportunities and all we can do is to look at them one at a time. The National Meet Committee meeting is open to all members, and we as a committee welcome suggestions.
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    Hey Brian: Skip the Coors Brewery and go a bit farther to Ft Collins and tour the New Belgium Brewery. Home of Fat Tire Beer. Great funky place, I. think. kids are allowed. I can check for you . The former taste room guy (just retired) is a friend. You know me - always know people in the right places.
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    Took the Roadmaster to the local C&C yesterday and parked next to a wonderful all original 51 Roadmaster. I had seen the car at other local shows but never got a chance to talk to the owner. It was originally an east coast car owned by a priest. On the way home I managed to run out of gas about 10 minutes from home. Still looks pretty good sitting on the side of the road though. Running out of gas caused it to vapor lock in the record heat we're having, 91 degrees yesterday, 20 above normal. Hope it cools off for the nationals in a couple of weeks. Scott
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    it's definitely at the bottom of my to do list...the VERY bottom
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    The CRT can turn some people on and turn other off.........Most are concerned about getting them repaired if they fail, there are places that fix them prices start at $100 The CRT is pretty interesting......you can get more information on the screen than on a conventional dash. I have owned two 1989's and after I purchased the first one I spent some time playing with the CRT. In the shade of the garage, (which also makes it easier to read) I hooked up a battery charger so I did not run the battery down and spent close to 2 hours going thru all the options and rat holes you can get to with the CRT. If you go deep enough, you can even bring up the VIN number of the car via the CRT. You will need a factory service manual to exercise the CRT to it fullest capabilities.
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    More an ignorant view of history. I was not aware GB got a lot of aid after the war in the way Germany did.
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    Hi All, We just returned from our Club President's weekend in he Hunter Valley wine region which is about 110 miles north of Sydney. My '36 is off the road for the moment for repairs so I had a chance to drive a '83 Riv and a '64 Electra....quite a deal different from my '36 Enjoy the few photos....the young lady in the last photo was quite taken with the 72 Riv and asked for a photo. The owner, one of our older members was quite excited! 2 and a 1/2 weeks until I fly to the State, Maine first stop to see an old friend and then back to Denver for the Nationals Cheers Paul
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    Managed to drive 128.6 miles round trip to a Car Show which had another '58 Special 4 door sedan AND a '58 Limited 4 door hardtop mixed in a 400 car show! Top down, 80 degrees, 65 miles per hour on the open road, full tank of high test, wife beside me in the front seat... and the other '58s... Does life get any better???
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    Last Wednesday I parked next to an awesome 70 GS Stage 1 convertible at the cruise in. Triple black car made mine look sick. Didn't see the owner but must have pissed him off as he disappeared shortly thereafter. I heard later that the car had been under restoration for 20 years. Meanwhile I've owned mine for 15 years in September, and put 25K on it. I wonder if he has as much fun with his as I've had with mine? Then Thursday nite I took the 56 to a Hemmings Cruise in. Unfortunately I left home too late and they did not let me in when I got there. So I parked on the hill across the street where they send the overflow. After a short while I left and just enjoyed the drive home. I didn't even take any pictures but I did get almost 100 miles on it. Today I took the Electra to the Buick Day shoot out, at the Lebanon Valley drag strip, which is 45 miles from where I live. The Buick shoot out was organized by the Northeast Chapter of the GSCA , whose principals are the same guys who run the BCA Performance Division. It was a small event for the Buicks with 18 racers and about another 10 cars for show. It was my first time at the drag races ever, and I must admit,,it was exciting. There were at least 90 other cars and motorcycles running today too, but I only watched the Buick powered cars, and instead manned a booth to promote the BCA, and our local Chapter. As coincidence would have it, my dream car ( almost) showed up for the display.
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    but did you replace it with a known good one. I went through all the fuel and electrical scenarios, including new coil, on a '54 once and finally tried a coil from another of my running 54's. Problem solved.
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    I attended the "Made in the USA" car show today at Lake Wheeler Park in Raleigh, NC. I was parked next to a beautiful 1968 Electra 225 convertible. The owner is in the same Buick club as me.
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    After three looong days and having to work Sunday (if it doesn't rain...) Decided to close shop about 4:30 and fire up the Special. Saturday there is an all day Car Show in Chatham, Ontario which will be about 60 miles one way and needed to check things before our early morning 6:30 departure. On the way home fuelled up with premium for the highway drive at 1.552 per L at a cost of 49.50 cdn. Naturally forgot to put chairs in the trunk so made the obligatory evening run back to the garage. My wife is coming since another wife is going her husband too. Of course it helps that parking is down town and the stores are open so life will be good for all...
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    I thought I'd update what I have been doing with my Chrysler over the winter. Well since I bought it last May I guess. I have been steadily improving the car to make it safe and touring ready. Tonight I am quite pleased with it as it seems to be running as good as ever. This winter I pulled and resealed the engine oil pan. I bought all new Coker radial tires. Full new exhaust and muffler. Resealed all wheel cylinders. All new rear brake lines from master cylinder back. New brake flex hoses. I honed and rebuilt the master cylinder. Set up the brakes. Installed seat belts. Repaired the radio. Replaced antenna. Full lube job, oil and filter. Last season I did the valve grind and valve set. A complete tune up. New fuel pump and filter. Dropped and restored the fuel tank. New 6V battery and cables. Tonight it purrs and drives the best, since I have owned it. What a car. Smooth like silk. The engine sings so quietly. The engine power is adequate and delivered so very smooth. The new radials so far are excellent. This car is a joy to drive. Tonight behind the wheel, it feels to me like it might have when it was new. I am ready for cruising season. This year I plan to drive further from town to car shows in my region. What a rewarding hobby this is. Too much fun. Thanks those here who offered tips. I'm sure I'll need more help again. Cheers folks. See you out there!