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    Flew into OKC about 9 pm on the 14th. Got to my storage unit late, past the 9 pm cut off line, to find the gate closed for the night. I jumped over the gate smiling at the camera and went straight to my unit. I rolled up the door and there she was. Last time she run was July 16th, and forgot to disconnect the battery before I left... She started right up, I pulled up to the gate, punched in my code and gate opened up for us. Stopped at the nearest Wally, got some coffee, food and a sleeping bag and I slept for two hrs. I hit the road at 1 am. Destination Boise, ID. My compression numbers back in June came low, 125 psi all across. Dry. The 4 qts of oil, in 1600 miles agree with the low numbers. Odometer shows now 170K miles. Dry as a bone. No engine noises, quiet lifters, white smoke at start up from the exhaust. The oil thing was a surprise to me, but I am glad I had bought a 5 gal 20W50 as a spare that night... She drove beautiful, we respected each other and got me home safe. Highest elevation I saw was 8900 ft. Got caught in a couple of huge rain storms, nothing but rain for 2 hrs, she did great. AM radio all the way. 91RON, nothing but a smooth ride start to finish. Beautiful country, risky trip, but it paid off at the end. Transport guys wanted $1000 to haul it. This was my third trip up to Boise this month. Tired, but both girls are home with me now.
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    After 6 years on the forum I finally get to post here, and while today is Monday, being labor day and I'm off work, I'm taking the liberty of calling it the weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way.... one 15 mile round trip down and hopefully many more to go!
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    Just got back from a week long trip to Geraldton, 310 miles north of here. Attended "Rally-west", the Western Australian national historic car rally. First time this year opened to newer vehicles, former years were veteran and vintage only (pre 1930). 140+ cars attended, was a great show and very well organised. Total miles driven just over 1000. Took a lazy 2 days up and straight home in a single stint. Travelled in our Electra with my parents in their very rare 1937 Chevrolet Master tourer (Holden body). First shots are a very friendly/curious emu at a fuel stop on the way and then some kangaroos hanging around our rooms early in the morning (note the joeys, one still in it's mothers pouch). Then our registration at Geraldton city later in the day. Next is the Day 1 drive to historic Greenough and nearby Walkaway, yes that is Spiderman in our car! I think he liked the drive, didn't say too much though. Visited a wind farm and a short dirt road trip to a local billabong (natural river pool).
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    Alright for the fair weather drivers. Joyce and I are on the Old Car Festival Dearborn-Lansing tour and took the '15 truck from Dearborn to Lansing today. We drove 111 miles in the truck. The last about 50 miles was in the rain that varied from a down pour to light rain. Here are some pictures arriving at the hotel. Come join us. There were 39 entries of pre-'15 cars on this experience. ps: The temperatures were in the 50's.
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    Well, after breaking an axle loading our 1913 Buick Model 31Touring Car , we took our little 1912 Buick Model 34 Roadster on the Skagit/Snohomish HCCA Tour in Idaho. The little car performed quite well for it’s first time on tour. Before this tour, it had only been driven around the neighborhood while I was trying to learn how to shift it without grinding the gears. Fortunately, the first day of the tour another HCCA member related a story about an old timer who showed him how to shift his 12 Buick. I tried it, and it worked perfectly. So with no shifting issues, we toured for more than 300 miles over steep terrain via switch-back roads. They named this tour “It’s Uphill from Jawbone Flats” with good reason. We only had one overheating issue that put our little car on the trailer just before lunch in Moscow ID on Tuesday morning. It cooled off on the way back to the hotel while we caught a short ride back with friends. I put about 2 gallons of water in the car and she started on the first pull, so we drove it for the rest of the tour. This was more of a hill climb endurance run than a standard HCCA tour, but we made it without any major problems. However, I do have a punch list to work on before the next tour: · Pin the windshield supports so they cannot let go & push the windshield onto the steering wheel when going fast into a headwind. · Replace the wine bottle in the acetylene generator with the biggest water bottle that will fit. · Put a complete tool roll in the trunk. (I didn’t have an open end wrench to fit the windshield fittings). · Adjust the detents for the shifter so I don’t need to manually move the spring levers in the shift gate when shifting down into first or reverse. · Replace the top rest that was lost somewhere down the road. Plenty to do….. Mark
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    Took the '37 Roadmaster Phaeton out for a drive this morning to visit a friend who is a genius at Classic and collectible vehicle upholstery. She turned 12,985 miles this morning, and drives and steers like a dream. I couldn't be happier with the way this Buick handles, especially considering her size, wheelbase, weight, etc. I have attached a couple of current photos taken this morning. Also attached are a couple of sneak peeks of a one-off dream car which is currently receiving a custom top - the one and only Dodge Granada which will likely soon be housed in a private collection here in Metairie, Louisiana which, among approximately 150 vehicles, includes the famed Buick Landau.
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    Rest of the shots from our Geraldton trip. 1929 La Salle that won entrants choice Day 3 car display day with the 5 Buick Owners Club cars lined up following the show. Day 4 stopped at an old railway siding with Murrays Skylark on the way to Mullewa for the spring wildflowers. This area is very well known for the abundance of wildflowers every spring season. 1926 Bentley parked next to the unique wreath flowers found here. Day 5 and my first ever ride in a veteran T, 1915. Back roads/tracks to visit a local members farm collection. Day 6 on the way home, parked beside Myrtle and Wattles in bloom.
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    I recently acquired a 1938 Buick Century Model 61 project car. The car was a good running, driving car until the previous owner died in 1993. Unfortunately the owner's family left the car outside in Massachusetts weather until last year. Last year, the guy who last worked on the car for the previous owner bought it to save it. I bought it from him recently and am going to try to save it. The drivetrain is in relatively good shape but the body is a bit of a disaster from the decades of weather exposure. Yesterday I bought a battery. Today I hooked up the battery and a temporary gas tank. I started her up and drove her up and down the driveway a bit today. I got all of the doors opened up and pulled the seats out of her and used a shop vac to clean about 4 or 5 more gallons of dust, rust, dirt, mouse nests and other debris from the interior. I used a garden hose to wash out the interior and left it out in the sun to dry out. It ran well until it ran long enough to empty my small temporary gas tank. After a quick refill, I let it run some more. While I don't have any good photos from today attached is a video showing the engine running. The idle is set high on purpose to be able to drive it because the accelerator linkage is currently missing. It starts from the carburetor linkage and even the horns work on the car. It has good oil pressure and the temperature gauge shows a steady 180 degrees. VID_20170819_092654348.mp4
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    I do fewer and fewer car shows every year.To me,many of these "shows" remind me of a Walmart parking lot. One day though,on our way home from a show ,we stopped at a grocery store with our '40 Packard coupe.A young father with his two preteen kids pulled up in front of me.I could see the boy,about 9,pointing excitedly at the car. As they were getting out of their SUV, I heard the dad say "why don't you ask the owner?". The youngster shyly came over and asked what it was and how old it was.I told him it was even older than his dad.He said WOW ! I let him sit in it and we had a nice visit.If we want there to be a future market for these old cars, we need to leave our "stuffed shirts" in the trunk. Jim
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    Hi All, The Club had a run to Joadja, which is a shale mining ghost town which operated between the 1870s to 1911, about 85 miles south of Sydney. It was a warm and sunny Autumn day and we had a good turn out. We toured the ruins and after lunch went Gin and Whiskey tasting. I couldn't convince the Kangaroos to have their picture taken with a Buick!....3 weeks to go to the 1200 mile round trip to the Victorian's 50th Anniversary event!
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    Today I put 150 miles on my 1937 Century. A friend's daughter was getting married and he asked me if I would drive the couple away from the church. The wedding was in a rural county a couple of counties away from my home so I got some Interstate time as well as some back country roads. The couple were nice and enjoyed the half hour ride from the church to the reception.
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    Took Goldie to the Hemmings Weekend in Lake George, NY this weekend. Participated in a tour up Prospect mountain on Friday and the open car cruise-in on Saturday. The concours show was today (Sunday) and I went in as a spectator to see the 1963 - 73 Rivieras in one of the 2017 featured classes. I have more pictures which I will post in the Hemmings Concours topic in the Riviera forum. ( http://forums.aaca.org/topic/284163-63-73-riviera-celebrated-at-2017-hemmings-concours-delegance/ ). This is the furthest I've driven Goldie and she ran beautifully. The only glitch today was the A/C clutch let out a horrible screech when I tried to turn on the air conditioner (have to look into that later this week). Had to roll down the windows instead, which was fine as it cooled down a bit once we got into the Adirondaks and trees provided some shade. The weather this weekend was beautiful -- but hot (mid 80's). It felt more like mid August than mid September! Oh, and Wayne said he liked Goldie, too! In fact, he says he needs to find himself a complete set: Riviera, Toronado & Eldorado!
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    Gentlemen, the poster of this car for sale has posted a nice, correct, interesting, and rather rare car for sale. While I don't know Auburns like many of the other cars I often comment on here, the post accurately defined the car, it's history, and hade more photos posted than the average barn find we see here. He also stated a current offer he had on the car locally, which seems like a fair and near to the correct sphere of what the car would sell for. He posted he is looking for a higher offer. None of this is beyond reason, and EVERY ONE here always tries to get their best return on their dollar. Very often I don't post my for sale stuff here because of pricing comments. Let's not push away people selling cars and parts that are relevant to our hobby and interest by posting comments that are in a broad sense negative to the post. I don't think any of the comments here have be rude or obstructive, and the entire post has been interesting to follow. Is the gentleman fishing for a higher price and a better offer? Sure, and I would do the same. If I owned the car I would have started at 28,500 and would not be embarrassed to use that as a starting point. As a seller I can always lower my asking price. I have friends who regularly go to the casino and drop ten grand in a weekend. What's the big deal if a true Auburn collector pays five to ten grand more than many of us here think the car is worth? Pre war unrestored and unmolsted open project cars are almost non exsistant. I rather start with a car like this that has had poor storage than a improperly done budget ametur restoration as a starting point. Let me assure you unmolested cars are much easier to do, and cost much less than many of the rolling and running 70's garage restorations I find myself looking at today. With a bit of luck, this car will end up with one of the known forum member as it's new owner, and maybe then we can have a thread of the restoration. Let's keep all the posts on this site positive and helpful, it's the best and most active hobby blog we have, and we should all try to further it along with positive experiences for all. Ed PS- has anyone here looked at the price of a 25 horse power John Deere lawn mower lately? Makes the Auburn barn find look like a bargain at any price!
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    Here is the tally for the 2 day trip. This is in the lot of The Henry Ford / Greenfield Village. You can see the oil flow meter of my truck in the lower left corner. The truck ran best about 30-32 MPH. The 36 was going down hill. Also pictured are some of the almost 40 cars that were with us on the trip including about 1/4 of the time in the rain.
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    Have had this a few years , I have a lot of history on it but looking for any additional info and pics of it .Thanks
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    My daily driver is the 38 Studebaker State Commander. My 4 legged friends loves the back seat and sticking her head out the window.
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    Wednesday evening Bear Mountain NY cruise in. Over 300 cars. Always a great turnout. Took the Electra for its first cruise in and my first time at this venue this year. Around 40 miles roundtrip.
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    Knowing that my '61 Desoto makes me more attractive, I tried using the car as a lure to see how much more successful I would be with the car. Chris
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    Time will tell if that is a brave or foolish statement. Ben
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    Hi all, The Buick Club of NSW recently attended one of Sydney's biggest classic car events at Eastern Creek Raceway with about 150 clubs and over 1500 car in attendance. Although it is not a Buick I had to include a photo of a beautiful V16 Caddy. Aside from the obligatory show and shine I managed to take the '36 for a burn around the track with a blistering 60 mile an hour down the straight! Of course I am appropriately dressed for such extreme driving as you can see. I have also included a video of the Buicks in attendance. Hopefully you can view it. Cheers Paul MAH03840.MP4
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    Absolutely perfect weather; could not have been more pleasant, though we are thinking of friends in Florida this weekend. Waxahachie, Texas in beautiful Gatzendaner Park, with a larger multi-make car show going on around us. I drove my 1948 model 76-S about 110 miles each way. We had BCA members from Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Tulsa, Ok;lahoma. Oldest car is a 1914 B-24..
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    After 9 LONG months, almost to the day I got hit, my Riv is back home. Guys did a great job;painted the whole car rather than just fixing the damage. He was actually able to just skin the quarter panel, because my car actually had better sheetmetal, especially around the wheel. No bracing or fenderwell damage at all. Body actually shifted on the frame, creasing the right side as well. A minimal pull, and all was square again.Apparently, thes cars are TOUGH. Had a somewhat bad experience with the vendor regarding the rechroming of the bumper he supplied, and ended up having the rechroming rechromed locally, since he refused to address the issue. So I was out 600 smackers getting that done, but my deductible was waived, so it worked out, I just learned to never do business with that particular vendor again. Beautiful job, and worth the wait. Bodyshop was pretty shorthanded AND busy most of the time, and it sure tried my patience, but it is just fantastic to have this wonderful car back in my garage again.
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    Hemmings Musclepalooza was postponed from Sunday to Monday. Instead of taking the FAST 73 GS to run Qualifying yesterday and having to go back Monday and sleeping over with nothing to do Sunday. I decided to only do 1 qualifier tomorrow and then the races. So yesterday I took the wife on a 200+ mile ride up the west coast of the Hudson river and the return ride down the East coast of the river. Stopped at West Point, Kingston, Saugerties, Olana, Rhinebeck, and Hyde Park. We took the Bear Mountain bridge West over the Hudson and the Rip Van Winkle Bridge back East over the Hudson. It was our first time in Saugerties and our first trip over the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Beautiful day for a scenic drive! The Electra now has a little over 19,700 miles from 18,500 when I bought it a little over a month ago. I did sign up for the AACA mileage award and making good progress. Looking forward to racing tomorrow at Lebanon Valley.
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    Hello friends, just wanted to share some pictures of houston. I was very fortunate. Some people had up to 8 feet of water! I was able to save my 1924 dodge. The people who have come to help with our city have been wonderful including Houstonians!
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    Tuesday, I drove my 1912 Model 34 Roadster to test it before the next Pre-1916 Tour in two weeks. It has been hard to shift, so I installed a temporary clutch brake that needed some testing. I had also straightened the drive shaft inside the torque tube to eliminate a wobble in the rear end. I had almost worked out the best timing for shifting it when the rear end started to wobble again. I found the drive shaft was bent and twisted this time. So I removed it and found the twist had revealed where it had been welded before. So now it is at the machine shop to be replicated with much stronger material. I just hope it it ready in time to re-install it and test it again before the tour.
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    My kids get along together, and there are always things that might go on that you don't want to tell Mom or Dad about. My daughter is the kind of person that can't keep things to herself very well, but my son is another story. He'd be the one to keep things to himself for years and years, but he is an honest guy. I try to see my children realistically, I know I wasn't perfect, so I don't expect them to be either. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. We drove just under 80 miles on the tour today, as there are many cars that are pre 1920, and can't travel as fast, so this was a "travel at your own pace" day. We drove through some great roads, two lane blacktop, a bit of gravel, and only in sections where there was road work going on. This is a very hilly part of the province, with lots of granite outcrops and road cut through them. Very fitting for the era of cars we're driving. The only other Buick was a 1916 McLaughlin(Buick), a six cylinder car. Personally I had never seen this car before, but the gent had it on the road since about 1987. This was the era when McLaughlin bought the running gear from Buick, but built their own bodies, similar to Buicks, but there were a number of differences. Quite a number of other cars too, the next newest was a '39 Chev. Here's a few pictures a couple through the windshield of our '41, and the other of the '16 McLaughlin. Keith
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    Today we drove the '41 Roadmaster to the town of Bancroft, Ont., about 3 1/2 hours from home. This is an interesting part of the province, lots of hills and scenic views. We drove 190 miles to the motel and then we will be touring tomorrow and part of Sun. Also, this is the first time our 17 year old son is home alone. I think that he is looking forward to a bit of independence, though his big sister will be in tomorrow to check up on him! Keith
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    I had the '56 Roadmaster out to the local Wed cruise night. A nice evening, but it got quite chilly as the sun started to go down. There was a '27 McLaughlin Buick, a local car for many years, that has rarely been seen in recent years, but it seems to be for sale now, though I didn't have a chance to speak with anyone about it. Also, one of my favourite cars, a V12 E type Jag, a '74 model, which was equipted with an automatic transmission, finished in a nice shade burgundy, and quite close to my '41, but just a bit lighter. A very striking combination, and though the interior looked original, and still in good shape, the paint work was absolutely stunning, and the Jag 12 nicely was detailed. One familiar underhood item was the GM A/C compressor. Keith
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    I closed the door and left them alone like this. Now I'm nervous.
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    I have a 1979 F250 I have tagged as a farm truck. So Sunday I had a load of "farm stuff" (aka car stuff and a 1954 outboard motor) I was taking down to my shop with my 4 1/2 year old daughter. The brakes felt weak at on stop/slowing roll and I came to quickly realize I must have lost a line (calipers and cylinders replaced this spring). If it was just me I would have driven back home but the risk was too high with my little one and my wife was working so I decided we'd walk the 2 and a half miles home. She was a trooper! I only had to carry her for short periods and then she was off walking again. Along the way I figured it was time to give her the talk. "Anna, did you know there was a time, not that long ago, when people didn't have cars?" She asked good questions and followed along pretty well for a little one. We talked about riding horses but how most people had to walk everywhere just like we were doing. I told her that's what old cars look so different, they were horse carriages with motors. She really enjoys going to the shows with me so it was fun to try and put things in perspective. Cars have always been modern in my life (born in 1983), but certainly the things one expected to go bad on a used car when I was first driving rarely fail today. She'll likely grow up in an age of self driving vehicles to some extent and old cars may be relegated to special tracks or a new form of moon-shining (ever see "Firebird 2015 AD"?) We replaced the line and just had to wait for mom to get home to bleed the truck. Anna wasn't quite strong enough to push the pedal, but she tried! It turned out to be an enjoyable day.
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    Wags and Wheels Car Show. County Animal Control free adoption day. 15 cats, 2 dogs and 1 ferret found a home!
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    Racked up 324 miles on the Happy car ( the GS) Sunday, traveling to the Yankee Chapter show. I did not take many photos of the trip or at the show either. I have documented the trip several years so it's old news. But I did get this one photo on the way over in the AM No, there are no mountains high enough in this area to be snow covered peaks. Luckily the show was way south of the Vermont Green Mountains! Turns out I never even got a picture of my own car at the show site, but here are a few others: Here is the class winner and Dealership award winner ( Sorry for the fuzzy photo) But I never saw a battery hold down like that! And, here is Philip Roitman with his ( practically) NEW Electra! This car is gorgeous! And the rest:
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    I drove the '15 truck to downtown Flint for the Back to the Bricks car show. The show took up all of downtown Flint and then some. The picture is of our truck in front of the GM Factory One today with other Buicks from the Buick club. Here is the website for the building. http://www.gmfactoryone.com/product/public/us/en/factory-one/home.html
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    Well, not to a car show, but I put the Estate Wagon to work over the past few weeks. All lumber trips, 1st to get some long 2x6's to replace some rotting trim around the garage doors, and the 2nd (pic below) for the installation of a long, but thankfully short, retaining wall for a planting bed running on an uphill slope on the edge of my property. About 150 lineal feet of 4x4's hauled (can't see the lumber lying flat on the deck in the car) and the Estate Wagon brought it all home easily! I wish the installation of the wall was as easy as the lumber haul!
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    Here I am driving around the Greenfield Village with my bride Joyce.
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    Yeah! The button faces away from traffic now. The check went out for a replacement fender today. $200 for the fender, media blasted for an extra $70, and $115 for shipping, pretty good deal. Since I have to take the bumper off, I have been thinking about replating it for a few years now. And I guess I could squirt the whole side of the car to get a good match. If I do that I should probably put new fur strips and channels in the door. Wouldn't want to scratch the new paint later. Well, the door gasket and roof rail weather strip could be replaced, too. Did I ever tell you about the time I got out a little lacquer thinner to clean the engine bay wires? Carried way? Me, never! Bernie
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    Not judged shows. The best trophy is a set of worn out tires.
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    Drove to the gym tonight, that minor adjustment made a big improvement! When I came out of the gym this note was on my Buick.
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    People and cars are OK, but 35 year old tree and fence not so much.
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    Well, yesterday I took my Electra up to the other end of town for coffee with the old farts. Around noon I got the brilliant idea to get before and during eclipse shots of the car. What a plan! So I pulled it onto the grass in a good spot. And waited for the darkness to descend while I watched from the porch. About all I saw was a shift in the starburst shine in the roof rail trim. Too far north. But I did remember I needed gas for the mower. Bernie