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    Discussions of BCA Club Business/Politics Folks, we have come to a 3 pronged fork in the ol’ Buick Highway in relation to the discussion of BCA Club Business and Politics. One would have had to have been hiding under a rock if they are not aware of the disruption and disturbance that a recent thread brought to our generally peaceful and friendly forum. I have always tried to allow discussions to ebb and flow unchallenged and unimpeded but feel that I may have been negligent in intervening in a few in the past. I would first like to say that contrary to some of yall’s perceptions that I have been biased and one-sided in my efforts to moderate some threads, I ask that you please believe me when I say I have tried my best not to be and to please put aside those perceptions and allow me the opportunity to try and move us out of the ugly quagmire that we are in. Back to the forks in the Buick Highway. The fork on the left is the fork we seem to be headed toward. It is full of potholes and dead man curves filled with more fomenting, stir the pot posts, back and forth bickering, hurt feelings, lost friendships and lost members. The center fork is one of a positive environment, civility, continued old friendships, helping one another with their cars and the making of new friends and very importantly, new members. It is a multi-lane road that all drivers, pre-war, post-war, modifieds, performance, Riviera’s, Reatta’s, and Opels can drive down at their own speed. It looks to be nicely paved with beautiful scenery, rolling hills and gentle curves. The fork on the right is one that I don’t think anyone would want to be forced down. It is filled with total censorship of any Club Business/Politics discussion and would involve potential loss of communication and informative discussions that are vital to our Clubs health and growth, and ends with us falling into a giant sink hole. SO folks, I have chosen to take the center fork and I hope you will all join me as we head down it. But take notice, I see quite a few regulatory signs down that peaceful roadway we will have to abide by if we are going to enjoy the ride. Those signs include No Nonfactual or Knowingly False or Inaccurate Comments, No Speculative or Conjectural Discussions aimed at stirring the pot, No Tempestuous Arguments, No Political Grandstanding (save it for the Bugle BOD candidate issue), No Personal Attacks, No Defamatory or Slanderous Assertions, No Provoking/Abusive Language, No Threatening, Harassing or Hateful comments. And be aware, enforcement will be stricter and those unwilling to comply with those posted signs or those who post discussions that a moderator considers as to having disturbed the order, dignity and harmony of this forum may find those posts removed and themselves left behind and standing on the side of the road. Nothing really new here, just some clarification of what you agreed to when you signed up here that I hope will make more clear the guidelines I will be using to keep the Buick Highway a more friendlier and peaceful place. Drive safely my friends.
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    So I'm not new to the boards but haven't posted much over the years as I was sans classic Buick until this year when we picked "Maxine", a 1972 Centurion convertible. I'm sure most of you know my dad, John DeFiore and his love of the Buick brand. I'm very glad to say he passed that love on to me and yesterday I got to pass a little on to my "nephews" at the Olcott Beach auto show. Lately there's been a bit of negativity on the boards so I thought I'd start this thread and just offer some hope for the future of the hobby by sharing this pictures. By the way that guy did a great job with that duster. So show your pictures of the next generation getting "hooked".
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    Interesting week at Pebble.............We took J-218 and did a total restoration and put it out in public for the first time in fifty years. There were a ridiculous amount of fantastic Duesenbergs on the field......too many to list........but we managed to do OK for a bunch of relative newcomers to the show circuit. (Disclosure- our restorer is one of the best!). First in class.........not too shabby, then we made it to the final three......yup, the 218 made it to the top three cars as PB. We came in seconed to the 2.9 Alfa, but I believe it’s the first time an American closed car made it to the final in about forty years. It’s as a good feeling and satisfying result after a LOT of work. I’m about to go to bed after an 19 hour day with a big smile on my face. Will post photos in a day or two. Ed
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    Well, I actually did this two years ago. I picked up this car in early September and dropped it off at my mechanic for the Manitoba vehicle inspection...and it hasn’t been in my possession since. A lot has been done, but the hardest was actually getting someone to replace the floors. It’s a shame so few body shops are interested in actual repair any more, especially rust...they just want the lucrative insurance work. So, to take a step back, Illustrious Bugle Editor Pete contacted me about this car since it was close...it was across the border, but not far. Enamoured with the car, I bought it without looking closely at things like rusted out floors. It was disappointing, but since the car was here, I may as well throw more money at it to get things done. I did get a pretty good deal on it initially, but it did take quite a bit to get it back. It is now almost ready to pass inspection with new floors and inner rockers. It should be coming home this week. The next question is where the devil will I put it? I presently have 8 vehicles in the city, one of which is derelict in the yard, and one is forced to park on the street under the trees full of pooping aphids. Something will need to head out to the country. That said, I need to order carpet and get that done. Honestly, this car is a bit rougher than pictures show (and than I remember), but as it is relatively unusual, I’m thrilled to have it and looking forward to finishing it off (like attaching trim) and enjoying it.
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    My girl paid me a surprise visit this weekend. We went up to Steptoe Butte to watch the sunset last night since she's never been. The smoke isn't too bad right now, but it was thick enough on the horizon to make the sun watchable. Right before it hit the horizon, it went from orange to an almost blood red and there was a visible corona around the sun.
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    A week ago on my Honeymoon in Victoria B.C. At the Craigdarroch Castle built in the 1890 best the wealthiest person on the west coast of Canada. Great house to tour, the inside is just amazing. Oh the car, 1953 Super convertible Matador Red. My parents took this trip in 1953 with the same car on their honeymoon.
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    This is a photo taken around 1956-57 of a family trip from Flint Michigan to the Black Hills of South Dakota, by way of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There were four adults and three children on the trip. It was my uncles Buick, and pictured are my Aunt and Cousin. It was the middle of July and no air conditioning! 😰 I can't remember how long it took, but we survived!
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    I should probably change the title of this thread to raise your hand when you drive an old Buick. But since we treat it that way already, here's a few shots at familiar surroundings, but with the new shoes, on the way to the last Hemmings Cruise in for the 2018 season... Where has this summer gone? An
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    I took my 1908 Model F Buick for a test run yesterday morning. The transmission had something stuck between the gears that prevented me from starting it for the last one & two cylinder tour last month. So I removed the transmission and found a stray stud that caused the problem. While I had the car apart, I found the bands were beginning to wear down to the rivets. So, I had the bands relined with oil resistant friction material bonded to the bands with epoxy. The test run went well and I re-adjusted the bands upon returning home. I ran the carburetor dry, & now it goes back on the jack stands and gets covered for the winter as there are no more one & two cylinder tours this year.
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    58 year old with routine service and minor cosmetic repair, 69.95 year old with major surgical restoration.
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    I don’t have photos on this device, but many of you have met my family over the years. I got my first Buick about the time I met my bride-to-be (actually, I’ve had the Wildcat longer than I’ve known her but just by a month or two). We went to a local car club event in Saskatoon to drive out to the Berry Barn, where Saskatoon berries and strawberries are grown along with a gift shop and restaurant. As we didn’t have a functional “old” car at that time, we rode shotgun...in the rumble seat of a Studebaker President (1931?). After that, she stated the old car hobby was fine, which set the stage for the following years. We joined the BCA in time to attend the 2003 celebration in Flint. I’d had hopes to drive the 1962 Special convertible down, but didn’t realize how much babysitting was involved in overseeing work to get done so it wasn’t ready. At any rate, we attended the event. At the time, our children were 3, 5, and 7. Since the youngest was too young to take in the children’s overnight event, he stayed with us and attended the Huey Lewis and the News concert. Since then, they have attended numerous national meets. I believe 2 of the three (now 22, 20, and 18) have the points to qualify as Senior Judges with the BCA. There have been many highlights along the way. In 2013, after getting her driver’s license about 3 months previous, Teresa drove the first Reatta the 1,000 miles to South Bend. We had registered before Suzanne had taken sick, so she stayed home...Teresa had Luke as navigator while Joseph was in the 1976 Century PCR with me. When we got back, she said she’d never be afraid of highway driving. She experienced a lot (border crossing, tolls, 75 mph speed limit, convoy). That was the year Mark Shaw trailered our new 1923 to the meet and that was the first time they saw it. They were enthusiastic in helping to push start it. In 2015, the boys were young enough and still in school at the time of the Springfield meet, so Teresa stayed home with them for the Springfield meet that Suzanne and I attended...to make it up to them, Suzanne and the kids attended the Heartland Regional in Wisconsin with the Rainier. 2009 in Colorado Springs had a shortage of judges, so Teresa made the jump from Junior Judge to help judge Reattas and Luke was shadowing the team judging the 1959s. That left Joseph alone, so the late great Dave Corbin showed him around the show field, answering questions and teaching the boy (then age 9). They both enjoyed their time together...now excuse me while I pull myself back together. RIP Dave. For the 2014 meet in Portland, Luke had his learner’s license. I was towing the 1954 with the truck, so Suzanne and the children shared driving duty with the Rainier. Luke tested his mettle driving through the mountains in Montana and came through with flying colours...even putting on extra miles as they turned back to get something forgotten at the hotel the previous night. Luke has taken to driving the Skyhawk this summer as well. The latest chapter has us working on our estate plan, so we’ve asked each of the children to independently provide us with a list of their preferred cars should something happen to us. We’ve amassed quite a collection. The unfortunate part to date is that none of them know how to work a clutch, but that will change in due course. The 1929 is almost ready to be on the road so that will provide a learning experience for us all. Over the last 15 years, our children have grown up around cars and in the BCA. It’s a bit of a dream to have a car show where we bring 5 Buicks together. It will be a project to go to the computer and pull together some relevant shots.
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    When I want to drive my new car I drive my new car, when I dive my old cars I want to feel like I am driving and old car! Everyone feels they need disc brakes, if they only drove the car while keeping a safe distance it would not be a concern. I have gotten tired of the "safety excuse" to modify a perfectly operating vintage car.
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    Finally got my 1940 “SSE” fired up yesterday. After a lot of backfire and screwing up the firing order twice, I got it to run barely. Realizing the distributor was way advanced I backed it off and it fired right away. Settled to a reasonable idle. Good oil pressure, loose alternator belt was only issue. Further timing and carbs adjustment will bring it into line.
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    This was shown at the banquet, you will see some people you know including you maybe!! https://vimeo.com/278360996
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    You are correct, please leave our cars in Canada. There are more cars in Florida than in all of Canada, look there. Tongue pressed firmly into cheek, Gary
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    Managed more than a few trips across town this weekend due to the fact I have the reconditioned gas tank on. What a treat to not be restricted to 38 miles on a portable gas can!!!!
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    Got out on some new old back roads today. Took a dirt road I had come across.
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    Today is the day she sees light again. Been tucked into a barn for approximately 10+ years as the former owner slowly lost the ability to work on it. Took the four flat tires off and filled them with enough Slime to make 'em solid! Got them aired up and onto the car this morning. Now I had to push it up onto the trailer for the short journey home. Took an hour, but handled great on the come along! No body roll at all! In the light I see the work ahead of me... she needs everything. However, this is why we do this. I'll post more photos later
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    Finished all the body work. Got it all apart and its paint time ! Here's a sneak peak 1st coat going on.
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    Well, I am certain I fall under the 20 point rule, so here goes nothing. I am a 46 year old who is smitten with anything Buick it would seem. Dad always had a LeSabre and I have always been drawn to the Buicks of pretty much every age. Currently I have a mostly restored 57 Estate Wagon that is sporting pink paint and it's .30 over 364 with fuel injection. (FiTech) Just a great car. This weekend I am bringing home a 1947 Model 56-C Super convertible. A bucket list car for me. Super excited to bring it back to life and make it my own.
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    I'm doing a bit of catching up here. We took the '56 Roadmaster to a cruise in on Tues evening, a nice group of about 130 cars. My new friend's '32 McLaughlin Buick was the "car of the week" this time, and a nice '65(?) Skylark was the only other Buick I saw there. The AMC Matador was not an uncommon car here in the 70's, but this is the first one I've seen in many, many years. I good friend of mine had one of these with the biggest engine available, a 401 cu in., and roared around in it till he smashed it up. He survived, but the car was total wreck. The rest just rusted to bits I suppose, like so many others of the era. It was a very hot day, and a warm night. and great to be driving along the road with the windows down. Kind of brought back memories from long ago. About 45 miles or so all told. Keith
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    Most of us on this site will encourage you to keep the original driveline. For any vintage vehicle, be aware of both the capabilities and limitations. Two of the limitations are speed and braking. Plan on 35-40 mph cruise (add 10-15) if you add an overdrive. You'll have 2-wheel brakes, as do my two oldest cars below. That limitation is that, although I can lock up the wheels, only two small tire patches work on the pavement; one must drive carefully. That said, your car is about to turn 96 years old and is a marvelous, instructive artifact that will give you and many members of the public much joy as it bears witness to what the industry produced in that period. I've driven my 1918 Pierce 3,700 miles since acquiring it in January 2016, and in the next five weeks I'll put another 1,200 miles on it on three tours. I tell everyone this car provides me and others "more smiles per mile" than any other car I've ever had. At very least, I urge you to defer any judgment to change it until you have this car properly sorted and experience what only an original car of this vintage can provide!
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    Not much of a drive, but the Wildcat saw the light of day today...it had to move in order to move two pace cars to the other shop...it’s all part of a plan to shift things around...I really am out of space...I need to get my act together and get serious about moving a couple of things out of my life.
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    Got the kids a new bunk bed -- an early 'Merry Christmas' to me!