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    Hugh L. and Larry D. are not the only ones having a 6-Cylinder Buick engine rebuilt. A serious health issue sidelined me for almost 5 months. And then there was the new roof that had to be done on the mudroom for the house. Now, I'm finally back to the 1916 D-45. I had the rear axle dropped early this Spring before the problem hit me. My son-in-law helped roll the axle assembly out from under the car Saturday morning. The transmission is next to be removed. The rear wheels will be removed and the axle and transmission will be going out to the John Deere Service Department for a high pressure cleaning. This car is really in remarkably good condition for being close to 103 years old. I hope to have the engine out by the middle of October and on its way to Davenport, Iowa for a total rebuild. All of the valve train components have been redone and waiting to go back on the rebuilt engine. I will post more photos as this progresses. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
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    First time on the road in 13 years!! Just got it fixed up and love it. Also just got a license and already have the old car bug stuck in me.
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    Friday September 28, 2018: Confirmation from LeBaron Bonney AND UPS! Finally...... The interior kit is on it's way!!! I received an e-mail from Mr. Scott Holbrook, President of LeBaron Bonney, at 1:45 this afternoon that my panel set is shipping TODAY! This was followed by a confirmation e-mail from UPS at 3:52 this afternoon with all the shipping details and a tracking number. UPS also confirmed delivery on Monday, October 1 by the end of the day. So.... after an eight month hiatus, I'll be back in business soon! Have a great weekend everyone! ** I'll be attending the NJ Concours d'Elegance at Bucks Mill Park in Colts Neck tomorrow (Sat, 9/29). The Buick was originally invited, but unfortunately because this rather long delay, I had to change my registration. I'll be bringing my 1914 Model "T". Thanks for hanging in there! I can't wait to install the interior and go for my maiden voyage. I hope it all goes well.
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    First come, first served. I say send the photos to the first guy since he asked first. Tell the second guy that he will have to wait for the first guy's response to you. It's the moral thing to do.
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    Before installing the vinyl cover on the left rear inner wheelhouse, I did a little body work to smooth out a few dents and battle scars. After another adventure with 57BuickJim, spray adhesive and heat gun! Shortly after Labor Day, I visited my friend Pat. He is building the seats and helping me with the door trim panels. The seat covers are looking great! He developed patterns for the door armrest covers and he sewed the parts while I was there. We were not able to build any of the main seat parts, but we determined what still needed to be done before we could install the covers on the frame & spring assemblies. When I got back home with the armrest covers, I started assembling the door trim panels. I began with the right, rear door. I installed the armrest base to the main panel with the original steel tabs and rivets where the tabs were broken or missing. Then I added a layer of batting and the trim cover Mocked up the armrest with the upper sub-assembly The right front door armrest had significant corrosion damage around the upper pull handle and the entire bottom perimeter area. I was not looking forward to all that welding repair, but on a recent visit to CARS (Chevrolet reproduction supplier) in Auburn Hills, MI, I noticed several armrest bases that looked a lot like the Caballero armrests. Surprise! 1955 Chevy Nomad front armrest bases are the SAME as the 58 Buick Century bases. The reproduction parts are made of ABS plastic, so I fabricated 3 retainer tabs to duplicate the original retaining tab designs. The molded armrest upper pad might need minor modification, but the contour and size is correct. I've also been working on the upper "C" pillar trim panels. These are steel substrates, covered with a thin layer of padding and a vinyl cover. Earlier this year, I installed the clock after having it refurbished and it only worked for a few minutes. I recently pulled the clock out of the dash and was surprised to see a piece of gasket material trapped under the clock's second hand. As I removed the clock from the car, the gasket dropped away from the second hand and the clock began to run. I dis-assembled the clock and found that the gasket between the housing and the lens had been glued in by the rebuilder, but it he had re-installed the pieces of the original, brittle gasket. I removed the gasket pieces, cleaned and re-painted the black bezel under the lens, made a new gasket and re-assembled the clock. It is back in the dash and working perfectly.
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    It is not the weekend yet, but yesterday was my birthday, so I am figuring Wednesday through Sunday is an appropriate block of time to celebrate. 1948-2018- there are a few people whom would be amazed I made it. The first image that comes to mind is the guy in the cloud of dust in the lighted bar parking lot angrily waving his crutch as I sped away in my '71 LTD convertible. I picked up a used windshield the next day for $30 and things were back to normal. An image that has always made me smile. (Edit: the image in the rear view mirror was the second time I buzzed him.) Yesterday was spotty rain and overcast. We took my '60 Electra along the Ontario Beach Parkway about 25 miles to a favorite spot, Nick's Seabreeze Inn, and had a late lunch of goodies from the anti pasta bar. Then home the long way, weaving along between the Lake and a series of ponds. Maybe a ride through the muckland today to another little place for lunch near Batavia. Over the past few years I have taken an interest in the glacial geology of the area. It fits in pretty well with back road rides in old cars.
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    Managed a Sunday cruise Downtown before heading over to Mom's and parked in the driveway just about the same spot I used to after I bought the SPECIAL the summer of '72.
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    My '57 Roadmaster Model 73 about 20 years ago on US 301 in eastern NC.
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    Had a little September 11th car show and BBQ at my work. Just starting to get cars in place. Had a nice little selection of old to new. 48 Willys in the background. Had a 66 MG, 1966 GT350, On the modern side a 2016 Charger Hellcat, BMW I8 and a brand new McClaren. Everybody loves the Roadmaster!
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    I'll put in my 2 cents... I am a first responder in our town and see auto accidents almost daily. As much as I love to drive my antique cars, and I put almost 1000 miles on my EMF this spring, I would NEVER use an antique car as a daily driver. There is something to be said for crumple zones, air bags, safety belts, etc. I used to be dead set against the use of seat belts and hardly ever used them. Now I've come to believe that those who use them walk away, those who don't get carried away... I have come upon accidents with roll overs and people trapped in cars the size of peanuts and with a little help, they walk away with minor injuries. God bless the crumple zone... Frank
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    Fortunately, I did not do mine with resale in mind. I did it to drive. I do. I did it to enjoy. I do. We often tell "new" folks to walk away if they are intending making money on a restoration. Rightly so. Couple years back, a daughter bought a NEW pickup. I expect if she liquidated it today, her losses would be at least half of what I have spent on my Buick. Just saying.
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    Just got home from a 6 day trip to Atlantic City and then the NE Buick races at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland. The '75 Electra ran flawlessly. We did some touring, went back to the Strasburg Pa. area and more. The car won a trophy at the car show part of the event as icing on the cake for my wifes birthday. 😊 The trip was 651 miles all together. The car now has 23238 miles.
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    Thought I'd take Irene ( and wife ) down to the local pub.
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    Rockauto.com has added our 1968 Riviera to their "Collector Series" of customer car magnets they include with parts orders. How cool is that?
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    Had my latest, and probably last, restoration out today for a picture taking trip and to get some real gas (non-ethanol) which was $3.799 here in beautiful downtown Sebring, FL at our ONLY gas station with it. Enjoy two of the pictures here.
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    Today was a fun day! I went to the Special to investigate the charging circuit today and thinking I had an NOS Voltage Regulator on the shelf at home dug into the garage and ... found nothing! Drove over to the Special garage and looked and looked and looked! Just like my new gas gauge, guess the "BLACK HOLE" syndrome is in play!!! Poked around with the car and after tapping the cover doesn't it show a charge so... Will be ordering a new voltage regulator Monday. Thinking the contacts are dirty or... Seeing that it was intermittent, took a drive Downtown and then went back to Mom's where the Corvair is parked in the garage. Tried to connect the Battery Disconnect and lets just say it was a disaster! Will be changing it out later but finally got things together! Firing her up again (battery was still fully charged thankfully) backed her out of the garage. Interesting situation here as the Special is parked in about the same spot when I bought her in 1972 and brought her home. So naturally had to capture this moment today. I drove the Corvair over to the Special garage to clean the tires and one thing let to another... Had a bottle of vinyl cleaner and decided to go at the original upholstery. Afterwards went to the Shell Station and filled up with High Test and then headed home to BBQ. As I pulled in my son pulled in with his car behind me. First time he has seen the car cleaned up after painting it (and Dad's passing) so asked if he wanted to go for a drive. One of those special moments... The wife and I drove her back to Mom's and my sister will find her looking like this when she comes here on Thursday.
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    Thanks for the tip fellas. I live in Washington about 164 miles away and picked it up today. It’s not a scam
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    billorn, This post clearly shows that you don't know much about me. I consider it a personal attack, which is a violation of the forum rules, and one that is quite off base at the same time. I certainly pay my own way and give a lot to those in need here in the US and overseas each and every year. The only people who will help subsidize anything at all for me will be insurance per a contract that I pay for. I actually had someone attempt to give me something just yesterday, but I would not accept it because I would prefer to go out and buy what I need than to take anything offered for free. I just got through shopping earlier today to replace those food items lost in the storm due to lack of electricity. The entire discussion is a bit off topic, and probably should have been removed by a moderator on day one, which is why I hesitated to even enter the discussion. I have a different perspective of government spending being a retired government employee who has seen a lot of examples of "good" and "wasteful" government expenditures over a 30 year career. I have never been an advocate for those with less money helping to subsidize any luxury item for anybody. I still feel that way. Those who think that electric cars are pollution free, never want to talk about the pollution involved in producing the electricity. I am not one that thinks that government can or should fix every problem. I don't think that government should use its finances for luxuries when there are still plenty of people who need help with basic needs. There are better uses of our tax dollars than helping people buy luxury cars. If a car is a good car, it should sell for whatever it takes to produce it, as well as provide a reasonable profit to the company. From everything that I have read, it does not appear that Tesla currently manages to sell cars in that manner. This is not the first stupid government program, and it won't be the last, but that does not mean that I should approve of it.
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    About 56 miles driving around Peninsula and cruise in over weekend,1949 56 C
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    They have figured out where you live Keiser31, They are coming to take you away Ha-Ha, They are coming to take you away.