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    Went 100 miles in the last 2 days. What a great Buick!
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    Well today was a good day. I had the 1915 truck out for a test drive getting ready to go to the ATHS (Antique Truck Historical Society) https://www.aths.org/ national meet this weekend. I had the generator off to fix an overcharging condition and was having trouble getting the timing right so I called my good friend Brian Heil to help me see the forest for the trees. It is great to know that an old Buick Engineer, now a GM "Global Propulsion Systems" engineer still makes house calls. It is great getting two GM engineers ( one retired and one still working) together to collaborate on an issue. The cost of the house call was a diet pepsi as he did it on his lunch hour. Just took about 15 minutes and was out for a ride. Looking for a great summer and show this weekend.
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    Just wanted to say it’s the start of summer, cruise ins, shows, picnics and the usual summer fun activities. But it is also a very special day to remember fallen friends, relatives, and unknown hero’s that served and gave the ultimate sacrifice. I’ve got 5 service buddies on the wall and an uncle in WWII I think about every year on this weekend. I wish they could have enjoyed the life and fun I have over these last 50 years!. God bless them all. Dave S
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    Being retired, the weekend for me consists of seven days ! The '25 coupe just made it's first 10 mile run for groceries. It never missed a beat.Probably it's longest run in at least 30 years. Jim
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    Some more aimless wandering this evening. It was a late start with some long shadows. Went down a few roads I've never traveled before. And found a peaceful spot for these few shots Long range forecast is for another rainy weekend coming up.
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    I got a jump on the weekend by taking The Aqua Zephyr out for a sunset cruise to the nearby town of Parkton, North Carolina. They have some cool old buildings that serve well as picture backdrops.
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    These rainy days are really adding up. I feel for those who need it and wish I could send it your way. But regardless of the weather the 56 went to an annual show at the Saratoga Auto Museum. This event normally draws several hundred cars. It would be surprising if it broke 100 altogether today. It's for all makes and models and there was a wide variety. But here's some I thought were special: But here was my personal favorite:
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    What did he do? Why, he did what I told him to LOL. Best part about working on an engine that does not run when you show up is you can screw it up even more an no one will know since it still doesn't run when you leave. Timing an older Buick is a pain. You have to remove the cap, remove the rotor, loosen the rotor jam screw, install the rotor, move the rotor (hopefully) in the correct direction you need, remove rotor, re-tighten the jam nut, install the rotor, install the cap and see if it starts, and then where are you with the timing light. We got it dead nuts the third try, or I should say Larry did, I just pointed at stuff. Now when they ask that joke: How many Michigan Engineers does it take to time a Buick, you know the answer. 2. Brian
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    For the most part I attribute it to older gents not understanding the internet or forums in particular. I skip a lot of threads because of that. Never ascribe to malice what you can attribute to incompetence.
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    My wife and I wanted a car to drive on prewar tours which are becoming popular in our area, Motor Muster at the Henry Ford, Gilmore and local clubs all have at least one. We have a prewar car but we wanted a faster, late thirties sedan, really a roadster but being on a fixed income, a sedan. I believed you couldn't be a proper gear head until you have had a Packard but then I found this 1939 Century was available. I've admired this car for over twenty years. This car was an early example for Ziebart rustproofing and was in one of their showrooms for decades, taken out for the occasional show. The fellow I purchased the '39 from drove the car 1,000 miles in the past 10 years. The car needed a lot of things to make it a touring car, I changed all of the fluids, scraped out the oil pan but mostly the wiring was in poor condition. It is not an original car, it has been repainted and reupholstered and the undercoating is excellent. Just finished changing the wiring harness and we have a nearby show in mind in two weeks. The photo is taken in front of my shop which was built in 1954. No more thoughts of getting a Packard, this is the car for me. Regards, Gary
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    Last Wednesday I parked next to an awesome 70 GS Stage 1 convertible at the cruise in. Triple black car made mine look sick. Didn't see the owner but must have pissed him off as he disappeared shortly thereafter. I heard later that the car had been under restoration for 20 years. Meanwhile I've owned mine for 15 years in September, and put 25K on it. I wonder if he has as much fun with his as I've had with mine? Then Thursday nite I took the 56 to a Hemmings Cruise in. Unfortunately I left home too late and they did not let me in when I got there. So I parked on the hill across the street where they send the overflow. After a short while I left and just enjoyed the drive home. I didn't even take any pictures but I did get almost 100 miles on it. Today I took the Electra to the Buick Day shoot out, at the Lebanon Valley drag strip, which is 45 miles from where I live. The Buick shoot out was organized by the Northeast Chapter of the GSCA , whose principals are the same guys who run the BCA Performance Division. It was a small event for the Buicks with 18 racers and about another 10 cars for show. It was my first time at the drag races ever, and I must admit,,it was exciting. There were at least 90 other cars and motorcycles running today too, but I only watched the Buick powered cars, and instead manned a booth to promote the BCA, and our local Chapter. As coincidence would have it, my dream car ( almost) showed up for the display.
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    This is not a rant. A rant is when I throw things, and that would break my computer. So this is just a friendly 'venting'. How many times have you clicked on a very short or obscure title only to find it's nothing you wish to look at? Why are so many subject titles short or obscure? This forum is free after all; a few more words would cost nothing. Yet titles such as: "Question", "Ford", "Value", "1930" are all too common on forums. Maybe some folks are deliberate in their obscurity so that more people will click on the post? I don't know, that seems like faulty thinking and a massive waste of peoples time. To make things worse, short and obscure titles make it difficult to do a search here. Effectively, when a search can't be done, the knowledge is lost...which is a further waste of peoples time. I'm now combating this by no longer clicking on short or obscure titles. There, that's better, I feel vented now
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    OK, I haven't played in awhile... and one of my most favorites of favorites
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    Here's one for thirsty thursday
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    I drove the '41 Roadmaster to a local cruise night, less than 15 miles round trip, but it was nice to get it out and drive a bit with it. I parked beside three Grand Nationals, and there was a nice Allante there that I hadn't seen before, plus a bunch of the "usual suspects", which was nice to talk so many other friends. This is kind of bittersweet for me as I'm just over a month away from my final move out of the big city to the country house. Keith
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    Took the Roadmaster to the local C&C yesterday and parked next to a wonderful all original 51 Roadmaster. I had seen the car at other local shows but never got a chance to talk to the owner. It was originally an east coast car owned by a priest. On the way home I managed to run out of gas about 10 minutes from home. Still looks pretty good sitting on the side of the road though. Running out of gas caused it to vapor lock in the record heat we're having, 91 degrees yesterday, 20 above normal. Hope it cools off for the nationals in a couple of weeks. Scott
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    Managed to drive 128.6 miles round trip to a Car Show which had another '58 Special 4 door sedan AND a '58 Limited 4 door hardtop mixed in a 400 car show! Top down, 80 degrees, 65 miles per hour on the open road, full tank of high test, wife beside me in the front seat... and the other '58s... Does life get any better???
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    I went to go see dad this last weekend. He just bought a new 12 foot boat so he's been bass fishing non stop. To be fair he hasn't owned a boat in some time. Regardless, after we were finished we made some stainless trim retainers from .033 sheet metal and #10-24 screws, same as original. I did the cutting and dimensioning and he did the TIG welding. I only got two of the 11 original clips back, so now I'm set for when the car comes out of the booth.
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    I guess it is close enough to the weekend being after 5 pm on Friday. I drove this one onto the trailer this evening. It looks better in photos than it does in person.
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    Today, after dinner I had some time to mess with parts car. My main concern was that the engine was seized. I removed the fan and put a breaker bar on the crankshaft. It took very little effort and the engine turned over with ease! I then removed the passenger's side valve cover to be sure all valves moved freely and weren't stuck.It looked as I expected. No surprise there. Turned the crank until each valve moved up and down. All valves moved freely. Nothing was sticking. I then removed the driver's side valve cover and did the same thing.All valves moved freely. Nothing stuck again! Good signs so far.I would love to see if I can get it started, but one thing at a time.
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    This showed up the day after I returned: Dash pad carton by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr New dash pad; it looks GREAT! dash pad wrapper by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr dash pad detail 1 by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr dash pad 1 by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr Here are a couple of pictures of the fenders and hood. The hood bumpers are in and all the re-plated fasteners look great. LH fender installed - fastener detail by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr 2018.05.17 hood hing detail LH by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr 2018.05.17 RH hood hinge detail by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr The hinge arms and bases are zinc phosphate plated, then oiled. Hood latch is bright zinc. 2018.05.17 hood latch detail by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr Still have some work to do; the fender moldings need some convincing to fit tightly to the fenders. 2018.05.17 RH fender - molding detail by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr When I tried to connect the battery, I got HUGE arcs and sparks. I found a short to ground on the positive power junction post and spent a couple of frustrating hours trying to track down the short. I was finding nearly 0 resistance on the wire that feeds +12V to the coil and the ballast resistor. Took me a while to realize that I had not isolated the points. DOH! AS soon as I stuck a piece of paper between the point contacts, that circuit checked okay. Re-checked the positive battery cable and found it had 0 ohm resistance to ground; a direct short. What I found was simple, but somewhat embarassing... Apparently, when I installed the positive battery cable to the junction block, I installed the junction block end "upside down", causing the edge of the junction block base to cut through the heat shrink insulation on the battery cable. You can see the 2 bright spots where the heat shrink tubing was cut. 20180519_093057 by 2manycars2littletime, on Flickr All I had to do was turn the cable over and the lug no longer touched the base of the power junction block. Easy fix, but I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner. Next: Brakes!
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    I have mine. Wanted one of these since I was about six years old, and saw pictures of the Midnight Blue one my Dad bought new at Krajenke Buick in Detroit. We took me home as a newborn in it, moved to Alabama in it, and he finally traded it in 1971 as a six year old used car with 90,000 miles and rusted rockers on a new 1971 LTD 2 door hardtop. But that Riv was IT for me, and always has been. It took 40 years of wanting one, and being in the right position at the right time to get this one, but I finally got lucky 2 1/2 years ago, and bought this. It has 66,000 miles and drives like a dream. All original except paint. Without a doubt, one of the BEST cars on the road, and a dream come true for me.
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