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    Next up: grille extensions and front park/turn lamps. The chrome-plated die cast trim panel gets bolted to the steel base plate, then the lamp is attached to the panel. The lamp housing attaches with studs, washers and nuts. I ran a tap through all the threaded holes to clean out all the excess copper and chrome plating from the threads. After assembling the lamp housing to the plate, it's on to the car: And repeat for the right side... Just SO cool.
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    Check out Rhode Island wiring. They might have the Harness. The will send a diagram with it and if you have any questions they will help. If not there are mopar suppliers that have them. What you have is a fire waiting to happen. Be safe .
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    1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe Original drive-train (6-cylinder & manual 3-on-the-tree), Black exterior (older repaint), Tan interior (seats recovered, rest is original). Car is a driver and driven but not perfect. Please reply directly to email below (preferred) or text with questions. Price is firm at $10,500. Located in Coralville, IA Lee Lautzenheiser lalautzenheiser@msn.com 319-333-4064 (text only please)
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    Ok so I made a little progress. After a trip to the lumber yard for more flashing tape and paint, as well as a trip to the Hardware store to pickup up more finish nails (I know there is a box of them somewhere but I can't find it) and caulk as well as to see if they stocked the same color (which they don't) I did buy a black primer. The green will cover that much better than over the white. I did manage to get all 4 doors installed and shimmed. Now I need to paint them, which masking will be a pain in the butt. but spraying them will look much cleaner. I think if I cut paper inserts for masking the windows on my paper cutter, that will make it go a bit faster, plus I can slide a piece of cardboard behind the weatherstrip to paint the jambs so no taping there. Now we just need the wind and humidity to die down so I can get it all done. Once they are painted, I'll finish flashing them. Here is that match on paint. I sprayed right over the green with it as well. That spray out is with no primer and the semi gloss or satin clear over it, I couldn't believe the match was that good. Wouldn't have happened if I had been trying to paint a car fender. Oh about another 130.00 in Materials. The only good thing is I take the long way to the hardware store, about 6 extra miles and use the Hudson, so I atleast get to drive it. She likes stretching her legs outside of town with those tall gears. The windows have grilles for them as well. I just haven't installed them yet.
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    Auburn that’s an intriguing question you ask. My opinion is that in an ideal world we would build them together quicker because we would be committed to each other, not to mention the several jobs that almost require two people to be reasonably done at all. But our world is not ideal. Life offers to us so many distractions to the extent that rare would be the time we would all be working together for any length of predictable time. I will say this though, when you and a talented friend are able to gang up on a project, it can be a very enjoyable time and it leaves you wishing for more of those moments. It may seem odd, but knowing I have friends here watching my project, inspires me to think creatively and hold the course.
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    An absolute must has to be running and hot....otherwise you will get a nasty slapping sounds on the valve train...I always put a tray under the engine and keep a magnet stick around....if your not experienced things tend to fly around and out of your hands....
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    Cut it all out throw it away or scrap it for the copper value, Buy a new wiring kit with instructions, the fire you save will be yours. Bob
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    Members 513 2,948 posts Report post x #53 Posted June 3 Perhaps if you moved the bathroom next to the bedroom she would consider your proposition, and maybe add a walk in shower. its called- on suite..............! lol
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    Also note above in the parts list, the High Speed Jets are not common in 4 to 6 Marvels yet the Marvel outside letter designation is common. So you could have the correct carb. or at least think you do but with the wrong jet. I'd bet there is more than one 6 running around (poorly) with a 4 cylinder jet but the correct letter housing. Thanks Marvel. The name Marvel reminds me of the sign on the way to work for Mr. Sparky the electrician chain. No thanks, but do you have the # for Mr. Safe-n-Licensed? Need to find the pic of the Model T Ford fire engine at the annual Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village with the sign, Same Day Service. Oh look, here comes the nurse with my pills . . .
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    (1) Post this to the Durant forum here---Flint was one of Billy Durants cars---'m sure the Durant Club includes it, and will be the best source of help/advice/sympathy... (2) A couple of my better old catalogs imply (strongly) that the 6E was unique to the Flint, quite unusual for Cont'l... (3) Place to start for parts etc Monte's Eqpmt, NW of Chicago, dealer in obsolete Cont'l parts. garradmoon@montes@flash.net (Garrad (Gerry/Jerry Moon) or montesequipment.com.. (4) I have no idea how this script shifted over to italics, or how to get it back.......
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    A few I've found recently
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    I think it would be good for someone contemplating buying a specific car yet never driven one, rent a similar car for a day and see if you still want one by the end of the day! I didn't read the fine print, this obviously assumes Hagerty offers a rental insurance policy to cover your car. Personally, I rarely have the occasion where a friend drives one of my cars, letting a stranger drive one doesn't work for me......
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    I might be tempted to rent something if the price is not ridiculous. But I certainly would not be renting out my car. I don't need to get it back trashed.
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    What an excellent looking Series 6-29A. Beautiful original looking colours. I see four things that are not stock but could be easily remedied. Anyone who buys this should know that my Series 6-30B has given me 59 years of excellent service on top of the 29 years of service that it gave my Grandfather. In the years that I have driven mine I have put 400,000+ miles on it and only been towed home once. In 99,000 miles my Grandfather was towed home once. I drive many miles at night and/or on the highway, usually cruising at 50-55 mph. A very easy care and easy to drive vehicle. I hope the person that buys it wants to drive it, not just take it to local shows.
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    1929 Pontiac "Big Six" two-door sedan. Older restoration still in good order. Runs and drives well, no significant modifications. Good paint and chrome, nice interior, reasonably well detailed engine compartment. Could probably use tires, but it looks good on the blackwalls. Everything works except the fuel gauge and horn. Ready to enjoy entry-level hobby car. $14,900.
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    I would recommend buying a OEM harness from a Mopar supplier they ready available.
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    Rust prone heat riser tube was new for the 1924 6 cylinder. Better known as the Mark Shaw Peace (or was it pieces?) Pipe. Or the Pope Pipe, very Holy. Hey, I'm here all week folks. . . .and no cover charge. This looks just like my 1923 Marvel I have on my 6 and I see above Hugh has once again done the detective work. Thank you. Just like Delco with the starter/generators, the part numbers change almost every year with the Marvels. Now with that said, I believe the Marvels can and do interchange for 6s year to year (but don't quote me on that) but I would hope newer is better, and lots of changes to everything in 1924 on the whole car not just engine. Not so with the S/Gs interchanging year to year, Delco made sure of that, I think to sell more service parts under the guise of incremental improvement. Make sure to get that (correct) stamped 3 digit part number on the S/G by the tag when buying one. And as been mentioned many times here, most all of the Buick 4 and 6 parts for the entire car, not just the engine do not interchange. So far I know the clutch discs interchange 6 to 4.
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    Installed two Four Seasons 35490 motors: perfect! Summit Racing took all of 1.5 days shipping and the shipping was 1/3 of RockAuto. I wish I could buy all of my parts from Summit.
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    If it helps. you could rotate the fuel pump inlet on the pump to suit. Just undo the screws, rotate and refit.
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    Lets try it this way.
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    I have streaks of 14 in a row (83-97) and am currently on a streak of 15 (03- current). and I was at Richmond in 2000 so this will be my 31st National Meet
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    Installed the fender "bulls-eye" ornaments. It was interesting... These are current reproduction parts. One of them dropped into position perfectly; the other was too large to fit into the base. I tried one of the original Buick parts I have; it fit perfectly. I had to grind off the chrome plating and some of the copper plating at the bottom of the emblem shaft to get the emblem to fit into the base. Once I got the emblem to fit into the base, I painted and sealed the base to protect the surfaces. Another case for OEM parts over reproduction parts... BUT, they sure look good! The eyebrow moldings are on. These are fun to install... Then on to the grille. More bling! The grille still has to be adjusted to fit "square" to the rest of the front end components. I also started working on the headliner insulation today. Measure, cut, glue, repeat. Those little bumps in the narrower piece are there because I made the first piece a little too wide. I still need to trim it around the molding retainer nuts.
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    Thanks for posting your progress photos. I had a lot of woodwork in my truck. I used white oak. It worked out good since all my cuts were fairly simple and straight. They called it “composite construction”. It would have resembled a woody if if was not covered by sheet metal. The history of these trucks is part of the adventure.