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    Finn says Hi! Terry. Raw day here 18 miles south of Flint. 38F and steady rain. Buick has yet to be out. Dusty. Gilmore Museum gathering in Kalamazoo is a week away. I better get on the stick. Here is my cap. Never seen one exactly like it. The fill cap is now aluminum. Someone must have lost the original along the way. A pic of my Terry W. Centennial signs that grace my garage also.
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    Do not know if I can add to the conversation concerning measuring, here is a collection of caps which I have acquired and fit my '13 and '15, the same size and thread for all. The black cap is closest to original equipment and I use it the most often, especially if I am away from the car visiting museum for instance. The large Buick Motometer on the wings has an insert to correct the size, same for the Moore Semaphor on the lock-a-meter, which has been re nickeled. The dog bone has a 1915 Boyce meter made in Hamilton On. has a McLaughlin logo. Finally the flip top is the fanciest, original, lovely, finish. It had exterior threads which I cut off and internally turned to my size and 16 TPI. Hope this helps you see some of all the choices available Ronnie. Regards, Gary
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    Finished with phase two having sealed all trunk surfaces. Painted all metal surfaces under the trunk lid and the wooden back of the rear seat. The next step will be to sand and seal the lid for the small compartment behind the seat (I left the original burlap liner). I figured that it had been part of the car for almost 80 years and it was intact. Also, I need to replace the wooden luggage tray and figure out how to make a wooden cover for the tool compartment at the front of the trunk, then carpet with appropriate material. On a separate note, I received a bumper this morning after searching for the past two years. This bumper was already plated and I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg. My mission is to complete this car while still keeping to a reasonable budget. It can be done.
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    Here's a dog and a radiator. He won't tell us where he buried the bone.
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    out running around in the '39 yesterday and stopped by the Farmers Branch Rose Garden and Park. Took a few photos of the garden and the Buick while I was there.
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    I’m raising my hand. This was few weeks ago. Waiting for new battery
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    Today, was a low mileage day. We enjoyed a guided tour of the historic Dekalb County Courthouse. We got to go into some private areas behind the scenes to see the details of the construction of the stained glass dome and other interesting features from1911, including the elevator equipment that is still in use from that time period. We rounded up most of the group for a group photo outside of the courthouse. After a lunch downtown, folks were free to take their own choices of tours of local museums, such as the ACD Museum and the NATMUS museum. This evening we enjoyed our closing banquet at the host hotel. Tomorrow some will head home and others will be staying for the upcoming AACA Auburn Meet, Swap Meet, and RM Auction.
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    Or put on a new belt when the old one gets cracked, frayed or worn. I'm not a great believer in carrying spare parts. If the old one is dubious just put the new one on and be done with it. Also, you need to join the Auto Club and carry a cell phone. Advice I give to every old car owner.
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    One good thing with hijacking, more replies, means it goes to the top each time and keeps it fresh.
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    Kaiser / Frazer Porcelain Enamel Double Sided Service Sign. for sale.. It has the hoop. Price 3000.00 Pick up only.. Nick8086@hotmail.com
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    “Hey honey, lets go for a ride,” I said to my wife. I had finally goten my ‘51 Meadowbrook to not overheat and to travel at highway speeds for at least short distances without a problem. So I wanted to show her how it drove. She didn’t bring her phone or purse and we headed out. We drove 20 minutes with no problem so I got on the highway. We are driving and everything is good until I hear this strange ticking in the engine bay and the headlights dimmed. I looked at the gauges and the temp was pegged past hot and the battery was discharging. So we pulled off the highway to a convenience store and I got out. The belt had separated and fallen off. I put it back on and we started the 20 minute drive home. It was 9:05pm so no stores were open for a new belt. So we got half a mile and the battery started discharging again and the temp pegged. We pulled over and the belt had ripped more. So I tried a shoe lace since I had nothing in the car. That got another 1/10 mile. I tried some wire I had in the trunk. Another 1/10 mile. So I drove about 5 minutes and shut it off. Luckily these Dodge engines are so strong and it kept full power. If I didn’t have the gauges I wouldn’t have known there was a problem by how it was acting. Long story short, a little over an hour and several stops later we got home. Not my proudest moment driving the car but I’m still very impressed with how it handled. But it definitely speaks for having spare parts in the trunk.
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    Somebody added the hood ornament.......appears to be originally off of an 80's Riviera.
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    P.S. Here are some photos of the guys who didn't have initials on their sweaters to help match them up.
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    Thanks for posting the “fine print” Mike!
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    You had best put the work done after 6 beers back on the check list. Can't afford to have impaired judgement when on brakes.
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    I believe the 69's should be the same as well.
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    Today a confirmed real car that has all new wood will bring 300k less than one with factory wood. Provenance is EVERYTHING on these type of cars today. There are about 30 V-16 Roadsters around, half are new coachwork, some are bodies off of 8's and placed on 16's. The listing is correct, there are about 10 decent cars out there with good history. An in the era engine swap with incorrect numbers years ago was no big deal.........today, a car with a "story" will bring much less money. I think one of the 10 known good cars without a story will run seven figures, even if it needs work or a restoration. GOOD car are VERY hard to find today, at almost any price.
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    Chassis and a few remaining parts back from the powder coater. Can start putting it back together now
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    That's cool that she'll do that. My wife would rather stay home with our 3 dogs and 3 cats than go anywhere in an old car with me. Nice Plymouth by the way....
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    I looked at this auction car last year. This car had the wrong engine and a tired restoration that was in need of a redo. A significantly different type of car than the roadster being offered here. History is everything on a car like this. Authentic V-16 roadsters with bonafide histories are benchmark automobiles and are rarely offered for sale.
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    While you are under the hood replacing the fan belt check the rad hoses, heater hoses, fuel lines, vacuum lines in fact all rubber parts under the hood. There is a good chance they are softened and bulging or mummified and cracking. I have gone to town and replaced every rubber part under the hood of an old car, it is a lot of work but only needs to be done every 25 years.
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    I doubt the thin layer of powdercoat scraped off the brake drum by a brake lathe will do any damage to the lathe. It's made to grind iron, for Pete's sake. The powdercoating will come off in little crumbs that can be vacuumed up. It won't gum up the works unless you get it hot enough to melt, which won't happen here.
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    recently i received an email forward to me from the pontiac club office, it was about two 1953 pontiac chieftain deluxe sedans, that have been sitting outside for about ten years in new jersey, and i am the 1953 pontiac technical advisor for poci. so i contacted the person who emailed the club, his father had passed away four years ago, leaving the cars outside and some parts inside the garage, david and his mother wanted the cars and parts to go to pontiac people who could make use of them and they were asking for help. right away i became interested in the parts in the garage for my own restoration project, i found someone near new jersey who would buy the two sedans and remove them from the property, and david and i came to make a deal for all the parts in the garage. shipping parts from new jersey to missouri was something david wasn't prepared to handle, so he suggested that we meet in columbus, ohio and bring the parts to me there, so i got busy when i was home in between trips (long haul truck driver) in getting things sold to finance the trip and parts purchase, sold a 700R4 trans, two pontiac am/fm radios, and a gear vendors overdrive, i delivered the overdrive to it's new owner in greenfield, indiana on my way to meet david in columbus. the next day david and his wife met me in columbus and we moved the part into my trusty gmc yukon, i made it all the way home that day to home in missouri, almost 700 miles each way, getting home just after midnight. i am thrilled to now have a completely rechromed front bumper assembly with grill and wing guards, the same for the rear bumper assembly, and the completely rechromed radiator grill assembly for my chieftain custom catalina. my wife is thrilled that all this was done without taking money out of our regular monthly budget, big smile. in the last two weeks (besides running a load a freight to california and back) i have sold some of the parts i brought home that duplicate parts i already had, for almost what all the parts cost me. i will always be grateful to david, his wife, and his mother, for letting me have the parts. i may not see light at the end of the tunnel yet, but the tunnel just got a heck of a lot shorter.
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    Got a set from you some time ago. They are nice! Thanks
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    I searched a ton of sites daily and left tabs up when I was searching for my C1 when I finally ironed it out that I wanted a 58-60 found it on oldride.com. It had just been posted by a dealer no less who had it on consignment. It was a black numbers matching fuelie. It was a little out of my projected budget, but I pulled all the strings I could including putting the shipping on my credit card so I could pay for it next month. It worked out and I still am surprised I was able to buy what I thought was unobtainable. Diligence and patience will yield the right car and don't settle for something less than what you want. I have noticed a ton of C1's on Ebay as well as you could search CLAZ.org which picks up all the local traders from around the country. There is a site that eludes me at the Moment that also picks up all the hits on craigslist, that aren't covered by CLAZ.org. Ironically looking at that photo look at the difference in styling in 10 years time. The yellow car is a 48 Plymouth Convertible, and though the vette is a 60 it's 1958 Styling.