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    First time she's moved under her own power since ~1994 (and the first time I've ever driven her). Proud moment! buick moving.mp4
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    Roberta, There is no local BCA chapter close to me, BUT I am on the board of directors for our region of the AACA. None of the positions are paid positions. Seems as though as our general membership numbers dwindle, it becomes harder to find people to fill positions within the board. Sometimes positions are just "filled" and the club suffers because the Dedication is not there. More times than not, people don't even listen or comprehend what is expected of them when they are accepting a position within the board. Thus the "Trickle Down Effect". Other board members get frustrated, things are said within the general memebership and we lose members. I will get off my soapbox with one last thing. The ones who seem to complain the most, NEVER are part of the solutions. They just quit! Matt
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    Sunday was one of those family / memory days. My Mom asked us all to come 'Home' for a dinner of ribs she wanted to do for us and decided to drive the Special. The reason for that was to recreate a picture that Mom had taken back in August 1984. While just about in the same spot..... Being some 33 years later..... I had to take a good look at this and ask myself, Who is that "Old Fart" behind the wheel? (meanwhile the car looks about the same....)
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    Well gang, they did not disappoint on the entertainment but they sure did reaffirm the constant lack of research shows like this do in regards to content. There were so many errors in the first part that I was screaming at the TV set! I especially liked the 1904 Curved Dash Olds being shown as a prototype by Edsel Ford of a car to replace the Model "T"!!! Researching facts is not that hard and the editing mixing up eras was hard to take.
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    Well said, Carl. Steve-V: I just sent an email to the President of the Chemung Valley Region who is a very good friend to the AACA. He is on the Library & Research Center committee The region is in Elmira, NY along the Southern Tier of NY State and about 45 miles or so west of Binghamton). Asked him to check out this thread for a possible assistance. Will let you know when I hear from him. One does not have to be a specialist of any one marque. If Steve simply wants overall condition or any very obvious alterations from original, etc., it is very easy for anyone to describe the condition. I did it twice over the years. One was a very poor condition large late 1970 Buick that was so deteriorated a blind man could tell it was ready for the crusher with very few parts that were reusable. The other was a mid-1950's Chevy that needed restoration but doable and the gent in Texas bought it based on my inspection as it was as advertised by the owner. Regards, Peter J.
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    Think I might have posted this before but do like it (from 1984). This one is 33 years later..... Not sure I like the guy behind the wheel!
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    Here are a few pictures from Sunday's tour. Mine was the only Buick on the tour, another gent had signed up with his '29, but his wife was seriously ill and could not make it to the tour.A few of the cars pictured, are two Pierce Arrows, the green sedan belonging to our tour leader and the yellow convert coupe which I had never seen before, and did not get to talk to the owner. A stunning looking car. A '22 Olds, with what is not very politically correctly called a "fat man steering wheel", it slides out of the way to allow for easier in and out of the car. A friend's '38 Chyrsler coupe is parked beside my '41 coupe, which he has only had about a month. Plus a '52 MG which had stopped in to look at all of the other old cars. A few cars on the tour were more than a 100 years old, several model T's, and a '15 Studebaker as well. Keith
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    Roberta, To answer your question regard other Cubs, I belong to a local Car Club here in Ontario that was founded in 1954. For it's early start a designated member made a news letter that was produced (on a Gestetner machine) and sent out about every two months with a budget from the treasury mostly for expenses and not being paid to do it. With the Club's objective to own and operate a Transportation Museum, eventually things evolved that we needed a Board of Directors (unpaid), a Curator (paid) and during summer months, paid help through a Provincial assistance program. The news letter soon became the responsibility of the Curator helping to keep members current on the many School Programs, Car activities, Special Events and on going developments of what is now over 100 acres of property with over 20 locally significant historic buildings moved to our property over the years, creating a Heritage Village besides our 25,000 square foot Museum. That person (Curator - non member) is paid for her all encompassing duties (including Editor) and does a great job. Our website is paid to a Company to maintain which has seen many challenges and changes but necessary in today's world to help sustain the Organization. The Membership Treasurer (elected) is unpaid being only responsible for dues which currently stands at about 100. Our Membership Secretary is an elected unpaid position. Being a Registered Tax Receipt Organisation, it takes this very basic structure to keep up with the ever changing Government rules and regulations plus the always present costs required to run the electricity, vehicle maintenance, building repairs, etc. and food costs when holding public events. This might not be your typical Car Club but has it's roots as such. The membership is what helps by volunteering at these events and naturally are unpaid. We also have a great Volunteer recruitment list from the General Public that are always desperately needed as members do get worn out. Hope this helps with the discussion. Doug
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    Nice to see it running! it is always the greatest feeling to drive your car for the first time. Keith
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    I'll watch until the first mention of the Tucker Convertible prototype then I'm out.
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    Steve-V, Don't pay attention to the small talk from small persons. I know very well why you don't advertize the make and model. If I wanted to negotiate a price on a car, I would not advertise it's location to the world either.
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    According to a well known, late (as in passed away), early car guy, cork needs no sealant nor sealing to work correctly. Cork is, by nature, a closed cell structure, and will work perfectly in gas tank floats with no other surface treatment. Those who say "it will fail" base the comment on 50 year old or more cork. I can tell you from personal experience, after 50 years, a LOT of things start to fail! 'nuff said.....
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    If someone sees what they think might be a deal they may not want to advertise the make model and location since it would be so easy to look it up. That is if you want someone to go look it over for you, not buy it out from under you.
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    After eight long months since my accident, this is where the shop has mine today. They want to redo a spot behind the tire; looks like a body line, so they have to take it down and reblock sand and repaint that section. Whole car still needs jambs painted, a cut and buff, and reassemble. Gettin closer; I am wanting to drive BAD.
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    New member here of this forum from Australia - having purchased this today. I have been a ROA Member for some time but have been inactive as I waited for the right car. Originally purchased by Rose Piper of Hollywood California, this car was imported to Australia in 2009. The car is mostly original, except for a repaint last year, which I am told was not really necessary, but the owner was fastidious. It has AC, recently restored, and cruise control, otherwise it has few options. He and the previous owners are collectors, though I intend to use this as a wedding car as well as for my photography business. It has 43,000 original miles. I have been looking for a first generation for over a decade and it happens this gentleman was selling his whole collection as he downsizes living arrangements. Lucky me!
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    General Pershing chased after Pancho Villa - not General Patton! They showed pictures of General Pershing & misidentified him as General Patton! WRONG AND INACCURATE! Patton was a very young child then and after WW1 Pershing mentored Patton. Pershing was the only 5 star General in charge of all USA military in WW1 -Pershing was my grandmother's cousin.
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    Rummaging around in the dresser is an easy way to find a solution to the antenna problem. The nylon breaths pretty good and won't scratch the finish. Any old clothes made from sheer fabrics will do. Just avoid cotton and wool. Bernie
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    As mentioned above, a factory service manual will be a wise investment. Most of the gremlins mentioned are probably normal operation, the radio and windows will work for a time after shutdown and is normal. They will stop as soon as the drivers door is opened. The fuel pump should not run with the key off and you may have a stuck fuel pump relay which is located in one of the fuse blocks on the sides of the console and seeing the passengers side cover missing may give a clue? Nice car.
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    Got the front apart. I forgot how simple old cars are to work on. A ratchet and 1/2 socket and a few hours and the front clip is off. Broke a few bolts but overall it came apart easy. Hoping to get the body off the frame this weekend.
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    Okay, fair enough! I AM moving very slowly on this. Something called "work" gets in the way of my hobbies!
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    Best deal on car covers IMO is ebay. I recently bought one by KONO covers that advertised as 20 layers whatever that means but it is just as good as the ones I see for well over $100. Its also somewhat reflective so the interior doesn't get too hot. But if you want custom fit, you're going to pay $$.
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    What a wonderful job you did. I saw the car there, but never would have realized what you had accomplished.
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