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    The last time I posted here, I had parked my car at a farm on the coast. There was this big scare that the winds were going to be as strong as some gust storm in the early 1960s that blew down the original barn, so I went to go get the car. It was only natural that the storm wasn't nearly as big as everyone thought it was going to be so now the car has been sitting out in the rain at home with me. That being said, my grandpa and I went out tonight and the only photo I snapped was at the bank at the end of our ride. I feel more connected to this car than the car I used to call "daily driver." I'm not sure if it's because of all the pain I've endured during its reconstruction or the sentimental value it holds to both myself and my grandfather, but the car has become an experience for me rather than a mode of transportation and I just feel out of place if I'm not driving it. On the plus side, it gets comparable gas mileage around town to my 2002 Jeep Liberty so no harm done I guess.
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    I was able to take out all 3 Buicks out this weekend before the winter weather came in to central PA. I did errands with the 1937 Friday evening. Then on Saturday took the 1925-25 Standard out for a couple of trips around town. While I have been sorting out the "new" Buick, I thought I would put down the top and see if the boot I had made for the 1925 Standard would fit. The boot fits the 1924-45 Master perfectly! I took her for a drive of several miles and she seems to run better each time out. Still have a lot of sorting out to do yet. But, this car wants to roll! 1
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    Absence makes the heart grow fonder...as another weekend passes and I cannot find the time to do one small thing with the Buick. Looking foward to next weekend.
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    Hello, I just bought and had shipped a 41 Buick Century Sedanette. Rust free and bondo free. I have been looking for quite a few years for an example like this one. Owned by a gentleman in the LA area who decided to sell after 25 or so years of ownership. I really like the car , but like a lot of old cars that have sat for some time (driven 800 miles in 22 years) it needs some TLC. Just a lot of "piddling". I will probably re-join the Buick club as I was a member some years ago when I owned a 59 Buick. I hope to get some info from this group over time and possibly help in aiding others in their quest of info. Many thanks in advance. Paul
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    Thank you so much! Pictures do hide a few sins but that's Ok, I'm not trying to sell anytime soon and have lived with it for some time. Going to try in vain to make the National next year (should things go well ).
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    The parking lot at school was pretty bare so I thought I would snap a few photos on Friday. Not the best looking Buick but it's my Buick.
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    Why thank you Chuck...retirement...never worked so hard in my life and can't figure out how I ever had time to work when I did.
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    I have attended many car shows with her, never wins any awards but sure gets lots of looks.
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    Received the latest Bugle today. Told the full story of the 50th Anniversary Meet. Wow! I can now say I was at the first Meet in Flint and the 50th also. Great job Pete!! Earl Beauchamp BCA #55
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    IMHO, headlights are a safety issue. If you're going to drive your car at night, put good lights on it. Generally speaking, that means replacing the original harness with a new, relay-based harness. Even with old sealed-beam lamps you'll get better illumination as the lamps will see higher voltage. If you take the next step and install upgraded lights as well, you'll have the same performance as a modern car. No, it won't be original. Neither is the deer that's wedged in your grill because you couldn't see it.
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    Thanks for posting. I really enjoy looking at these marvelous gas saving devices; I used to collect them, but quit a few years ago. I actually found one that really worked. If I ever find it again, I will post a picture. Visualize a cardboard box approximately 4 inches square by 1 inch deep, with all of the "hype" about gas savings, government suppressed, oil company suppressed, etc. on the box. Open up the box, and there it is.........a boot heel Another one is commonly available by the dozen at the local grocery. They come in both brown and white colors, for various driving conditions. Jon.
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    I think I remember judging this car at Hershey some years back. It lost points for missing side curtains.
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    That very unique car has a 1951/52 NewYorker front end with Imperial rear fenders and skirts. The doors are cut very short too. Very cool!
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    Shortly after we acquired our 46R, we ran across another 1956 46R at a show and he started talking headlights. He had one pebble background ('55-'59?) T3 and one stripe background ('60-'67?) T3. As I recall, he said the pebble background bulb was blown out, but he kept it in for originality. He was desperately looking for a pair of pebble T3s... Now, this was over 20 years ago, and we didn't have the internet like it is today, so I don't know if repros were available then like they are now. A few years back we pulled our working pebble background bulbs, put them on a shelf, and started running with modern halogens installed. NOBODY has ever said a word to us about our 'non-authentic' headlights. Not.Once.
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    Ed, thanks for the link to the '62 Invicta. Interesting read. I know it isn't for everyone but we have to remember that we are all getting older. If we are able to keep the younger generation interested they will build cars that they like. Unfortunately most of the younger crowd don't want to drive Grandpa's Buick. Cal.
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    It's the fact that restoration of these cars will cost several times what the finished cars would be worth. Those of us who are restoring these cars for fun already have a backlog of projects we need to finish before we die. The rest are in it for investment, having watched too many cable TV shows that "prove" how easy and profitable it is to flip cars.
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    I can help you with the sill plates. I have been making them for all Chrysler and De Soto Airflows since 1987. If you will send me a PM with your contact information, I can fill you in on the details. These are etched aluminum in the correct original pattern and made to order to fit. Best of luck with your project.
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    Thanks for the pictures and report. If I was independently wealthy looking for a project, I would have bought them all and started a junkyard! Of course actually making any money would be low on the priority because parting Buicks is not the most lucrative business. Hope the block isn't cracked on the 65 Riv GS
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    Happens to all of us. Ben
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    I too was having pics fail from my PC. Check the properties of the picture you are trying to download. Somehow my picture file, even when I copy and paste them from the memory card of my camera, sets them at 5340 x 4200 even at 5.1 megabites. I found a Re-Size Free program doing a Google search where you can set the size to 1280 x 1100 and that works for me so far. Computers! I think every auto upgrade for Windows is designed to eventually make computers obsolete given time.... I lost my Realtek speaker sound after one of these upgrades. Had to do a cleansing of that program and download a fix I found on the net. I'm in no way a computer geek (started too late) so find things not working after awhile very frustrating! My boys think I'm just too old.
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    Changing the subject ever so slightly I have only just been sent the attached photographs of another of my Lagonda Rapiers. With winter just around the corner for all those in the northern hemisphere you may enjoy this one of Helen and the Rapier on a very frosty morning. Bernie j.
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    For some years there was an MG A that consistently won the club concours. It over came the rule about being driven onto the show site by being driven on the starter motor. There was no problen with overcoming the friction in the motor as there were no con-rods or pistons. It did not suffer from oil leaks either as there was no oil in the sump. It took some years before anyone complained and actually checked it out. As you can guess I am not a big fan of car shows. Thank you for the nice compliment about the Rapier. Having just the one car to worry about has its advantages. It is a tough little car and very seldom gives me any grief. Again having stuck with it for so long I think we both have got to know each other. The one thing I am really carefull about is changing the oil and filter every 1,000 miles and greasing the chassis before every long trip. This even to the extent of seeking out a friendly (village) garage to do it when overseas. Usually they are happy to put the car onto their hoist and let me do the rest. Way back in 1984 I took it to the main Aston Martin - Lagonda "works" at Newport Pagnel, in England for its 50 year service. Once they had got over the surprise they were terrific, They had a foreman and two apprentices go all over the car. It cost a lot but how many people can say that they too have had a 50 year service done on their car at the "factory"? And one of the company executives took me to lunch at their village pub while I was waiting. Somewhere I should have some photographs of it up on a hoist inbetween two brand new Astons Bernie j.
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    Here was my insignificant laugh moment from earlier today. I was reading comments from an obviously biased story and this one gave me a laugh.
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    This is a 1 wire powermaster 150 amp alternator. When I bought it they asked if I wanted the optional welding kit!!!!!! I run a regular battery cable from the alternator to the battery.Apparently it's very popular with 4 wheelers who always break things. I'm running a vintage air unit along with an electric fan. I wanted plenty of juice so I can run all of that and have the headlights on when cruising Hot August Nights.
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    1963-1965 Riviera doors. Look how nice these are. The whole lot sold for $150.
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    Check out the CRESTON IOWA AUCTION thread above. There were several Corvairs, but likely rougher shape than your Dad's.
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    Here is a picture of your car circa November 1962. I think it was in Florida or down south at that time because I have pictures of it at an early AACA show in Florida.
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    Watch the video. It's self explanatory. In the video, the process is used to restore a really pitted hood ornament. The hood ornament is stripped, sanded, then resurfaced with body filler, primered, and prepped as if it were going to be painted. Then the process is applied. You'll need to watch it in person to actually see what can be done. As the Nike commercials say "just do it." Then find out who is doing it in your area.
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    Until the two-tone steering wheel was mentioned, I was wondering if the Corvair wasn't actually a red car with red interior, that someone did a low-budget changeover to white, perhaps when the seats needed recovered...but that two-tone wheel seems to make that unlikely. I would think that Corvair guys could tell you off the top of their heads if/where there is a code that definitively identifies the interior color? Barney Eaton seemed pretty certain that the metal portion of the door should be body color, which makes sense, but I always have a healthy skepticism about such things and am really hesitant to change anything unless I am absolutely certain it just "couldn't be". In any event, that interior would be very low on my list of things to "fix". It looks nice enough, and it looks original enough. In an NFL stadium full of people there might be one guy who would know that that interior might not be "correct". Purists care, but to take that car to where it satisfies a purist would cost many times what the car would be worth...better just to sort it out mechanically and enjoy it as it is for what it is.
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    Someone once said Lumina axles might fit the getrag. I had to piece my axles together from the g6 and reatta outer joints. not hard to do just hard to figure out a good combination.
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    Probably easiest with a stock 3800 would be a Getrag 282 used in the 86-88 Fiero 2.8, & 88-93 Lumina, and Grand Prix with 3.1 so quite common and could take the torque. GM later used a 284 Getrag that could take 300 lb-ft but are quite rare. Later Pontiac G6 used a six-speed F40. These are all for FWD installations. Were others (BW T-85) for RWD cars (Firebird 3800 and five speed).
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    I'm 2500 miles away from mine, and have been for years. I drive it when I can, fix it when I must. When we get a few days together, I drive it every place I go. Day, night, rain, country roads, or the big city -- doesn't matter. I've driven it through all of that before. The only concession I make is to keep it out of the salt and snow. I've had it for so long, I don't look at it like a classic car or a collector's item; it's more like an high school buddy that you see every so often. And as with that high school buddy, the relationship hasn't changed that much. I ain't selling.
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    Situation normal all fouled up! Just kidding for you folks wondering where snafu came from! Finally healed itself magically? Feel THE POWWWER! ALMOST LIKE AN ELECTION! DID I SPELL THAT RIGHT DONALD? HEE HEE!
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    Feel good moment? I get 'em every time I enter a local nursing home to visit and volunteer. All the smiles at my arrival immediately evaporate any of my petty worries.
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    My feel good moment was when my son graduated with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel Univ in Phila in June of this year. He did a five year program so he could do co-op job programs and make money to pay for school. During his first year he had to deal with the stress of school and getting that dreaded phone call that his dad was air lifted to the nearby UoP hospital after being hit head-on by a car while riding his motorcycle. The crash left me without a right leg and paralyzed from the waist down and of course out of work. He stepped up to the challenge, took on the added responsibilities as a RA in the dorms for the next four years to aid in paying for school and did two habitat for humanity work weeks when others were on spring break. One of his intern jobs was with Tesla in CA. This summer he accepted a full time job with them as a mech design engineer on Model 3 cars, his dream job for sure as he is a car nut like me. He had to move from PA to CA to persue his dream which is the only sad part of the story from a parent's view. I celebrate my ability to live to see and attend his graduation and his success in getting his dream job! Terry (I neglected to mention this is my only child so I was not favoring him over any other in the family.)
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    Back when I was "On The Road".... It even made the paper as it was the Clubs 40th Anniversary Tour.
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    Just came across one from 2013...oh, so long ago!
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    The only thing better then the Bugle issue is / was being at the event ! The Bugle made me feel as if I was there again. GREAT BUGLE !! One of the best I've seen since I joined the BCA in the early 70's (I think Sept 73 ). Hats off to everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill
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    Mighty fine job Pete, Cindy and all who contributed it. Turned immediately to page 71. What a rascally lookin group that is. Great write-up too JD!!! Now to kick back with a bowl of ice cream, watch the World Series and peruse the rest of this great magazine. Life can't get much better.
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    WOW cubed!!!! What an issue! Thanks to Cindy and Pete!
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    Agreed! A buyer looking at a stored car would understand that it hasn't been running. But display your good-looking Franklin all cleaned and polished, and in its glory, and suddenly people might see more value for the money. All the best to you on its sale, Steve.
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