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    Installed my modified '89 salvage yard engine for the second time. This time around the block was decked .020" and in conjunction with the previously installed L27 pistons, piston to head clearance reduced to .035" for a true 9.54:1 compression ratio. Experimental Singh grooves in the heads and piston offset reversed. Aluminum L27 TPI intake manifold, modified to include an EGR system. This still includes the low boost turbocharger fed from the front manifold only. This engine was previously rebuilt/modified in the early 2000's. The reason it was pulled after 38k miles due to dropping oil pressure. I found the Cloyes replacement timing chain and the new style chain damper were a poor combination. The chain design is not as even on the top surface as the stock Morse chain and the new style damper is relieved underneath so as soon as the chain wears into it, the chain tilts/twists placing additional tension on the front cam bearing. JMO
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    Just be aware that there are a number of different part numbers for rear springs depending on the model you have. My Buick Master Chassis Parts Book lists 7 different part numbers for 1954 rear springs and 6 different numbers for 1955. Unfortunately, my parts book only goes through 1955 so I can't say anything conclusively for 1956 except that while other springs may fit, I would think your correct ride height will depend on your getting the correct springs for your particular year and model.
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    55 Century 48,900 miles. Never touched buckeye2
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    With the March 2016 software upgrade, one feature that was useful is no longer visible: The numbering of each posting within a thread. For example, in the past in long topics I have seen people refer to so-and-so's comment on "Post #59." Now, each posting isn't numbered, so those past references have no meaning. Those numbers were also helpful as mental bookmarks to remember where a specific posting was in a long, long topic. Can they be reinstated?
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    West coast cops. In the eastern states they are a little more calm. I haven't seen one all worked up and excited since I got stopped driving the Rolls-Royce with the license plates from a '58 Chevy on it. He was shakin so bad the doughnut sugar was off his shirt had footprints in it. I have YOM plates on the old cars. I take my wife out to special places for lunch and one weekend we were over in the next county with the '64 Riviera having the pizza slice special at a convenient store and gas station. We were sitting in the tall chairs in the "dining area" looking out over the Riviera. Their local patrol had U turned and come back angling in a few inches from my drivers door, blocking it. I told my wife "Watch this." They farted around on the radio for a few minutes, then sped away. She asked "What was that about?" I told her they just got a lesson in Year of Manufacture plates. I bet they choked on the New York State issued VIN, too. Funny thing, if I had turned my car 110 degrees and moved it 40 feet back it would have been in the spot where I bought it 37 years ago. It was backed up to the gully at the Texaco station used car lot that became a convenient store. I heard that "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". Does that work both ways? Bernie
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    West Michigan sells them look here!
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    yes its aftermarket. and I only have the one remote that I got from the previous owner. Since I'm the only driver of the car, I never bothered getting a second universal remote. It does lock and unlock both doors and trunk
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    Dual quads, IF PROPERLY SIZED AND CALIBRATED, and driven in a reasonably same manner, will get as good OR BETTER fuel economy than any other style of carburetion on a V-8. Have sold/set up dozens of dual quads that produced both more power AND better economy than what they replaced. Have replaced single 2-barrels, single 4-barrels, and tripower. The keys are (1) proper selection of carburetor size, (2) proper calibration of the carburetors FOR THE SPECIFIC APPLICATION, and (3) solid linkage NOT progressive. Jon.
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    I went and used google chrome for this website and everything works fine. thanks
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    Plymouth 33, my daily driver!
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    I've got you covered. Any and all condition, gotta run now but will email with what I've got. Uhhhh, with 14 parts cars in the pasture, as you can imagine, no parts needed but could sure as hell could use some green.
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    You can use Google Chrome as the search engine on aol, which improves it.
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    Rarely does a convertible victoria or convertible sedan look good with the top down, but this one looks good either way!!
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    Our friend Victor found a set of great Royale articles in the CCCA magazine. There was this picture of the convertible victoria with the top down which I had never seen before.
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    This is what it's all about, spoke with Ken Lane last night about Lexington's, to which he is knows a lot about. Ultimately he's a car guy, he loves them as much as I do. We spoke for a couple of hours and just had fun, didn't talk how much money can be made, but that we enjoyed the HOBBY. At the end of the conversation, I thought, this is what the forum is all about, bring people together to help one another with there cars. Pretty neat.
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    Carl, I tried to get a contact I have in Santa Barbara to come ad interview you. But he is on Easter Break out of town. Your story is newsworthy, lets get you on camera!
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    Saw the twig!! One thing about some synthetic oils, some more than others, is that an "ester-based" oil will liquefy sludge and help remove it. Esters are those sweet-smelling chemicals which we learned about in high school chemistry class. Back in the 1990s, Chevy/GM put out a TSB on "engine knock" upon cold starts. The TSB stated to do ONE oil change with Mobil 1 and then return to your normal oil. At the time, I thought "What???!! Why not just keep on using Mobil 1?" Later, in some non-related (to the TSB) posts on www.bobistheoilguy.com, it was mentioned that ester-based oils would liquefy and remove sludge from engine internals. That's when I realized what was REALLY happening with the Chevy small block oiling system parts, back then . . . somewhat similar to a high-mileage Buick 3.8L V-6, I suspect. Therefore, the one oil change with Mobil 1 was to clean out the internal oil passageways of the block and crankshaft. In another post on the oil website, I saw signals that Mobil 1 was, indeed, ester-based synthetic motor oil. BUT, when I was at a car expo and Motul had a booth there, I discussed the ester-based situation with the rep. The rep opened a bottle of oil and a very similar smell to that old chemistry class "ester" smell was there, significantly so. Be that as it may. Nice paint on the oil pan, Paul! NTX5467
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    What shape are the shift lever bushings in? If they are shot you could have a LOT of slop in the linkage.
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    Either the Rochesters or WCFB's would need the factory patch to eliminate the stalling on left-hand turns. If using dual carbs, the patch would need to be made on both carbs. Jon.
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    I have infinite respect for good police officers who do their jobs properly. But a lot of them are such idiots, and quite a few are so drunk on their power over regular citizens that psychiatric help is is order. I am totally not surprised at this incident. Sad, angry, shocked - but not surprised. And god forbid you try to protest while one of these idiots is ruining your day for no good reason other than their own incompetence. "If you complain, they're gonna get vicious / Kick in your teeth and charge you with assault" (MC5).
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    A bit of info on the wheels and tires. The fronts are 255/50ZR 17's and the rears are 295/45ZR 18's NITTO NT555 Extreme Performance. The wheels are Deltona Superior Series made by Colorado Customs. Nearly 12 inches of rubber on the ground at each rear wheel. Sure hope that 425 has enough in it to break them loose on occasion!!! Hub caps are one off designed for this car but won't be shown until the car is complete!!! Ya gotta stay tuned!!
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    In the late 80's I was coaching a high school girls softball team. All of a sudden a downpour opened up and we piled as many girls into my '63 that would fit. I turned the radio on and we listened to it while the girls parents came to pick them up. They all disagreed on the station we should be listening to. I told them that "if you snap your fingers while pointing at the radio, the station will automatically change." They thought I had a magic radio. Little did they know that I was switching stations with my foot when they'd snap their finger. I never did tell them it was me. They all thought my 25 year old car was "cooler" than their parent newer ones. Ed
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    1924 speedster is sold and now living in California. Two days of PB blaster, pressure washing, soaking and determination she's up and running. Not quite driving yet.
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    I keep a copy of the NC statute regarding YOM plates in each of my cars along with the registration.
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    Great day of singing and rejoicing. Praise the Lord !
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    So I got the motor pulled Saturday and it was what I feared. The bearings for pistons 7 & 8 spun. Not horribly, I believe the crank could be saved and generally everything internally looks okay. Of course, the best and most economical method is to search for a remanufactured engine (preferably with a warranty). I thank you all again (the service manuals off eBay are pretty incredible, $130 seemed high but well worth the piece of mind)Thank you all again.
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    I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter Weekend. I got to do a bit of work on the Wildcat after dinner tonight. I took the small piece off that the front fender mounts onto, by drilling out the spot welds, its' near the bottom of the body. During some clean up of the rust in the area, a couple of holes became obvious, one in the mount it self, and one in behind it on the body, level with the rocker panel. I have the small area cut out that is rusted, the surrounding area is still solid, and will make up the patches for them next. Then I'll clean it up with the sandblaster, and weld it back in place. Also, you can see one of the areas of the frame that has been repaired. That was quite a small area which was weak, at the bottom of the elbow area. It seemed to collect dirt and moisture, which I suspect is why it suffered. It was quite a complex little area to fix, due to the bends and such. The 1/8" plate does not bend too well! I had to make four pieces, and while holding everything with some strong magnets, got them tacked in, and then mig welded them in solid. Keith
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    I had a 450 SL. Beautiful car, but I had a rare lemon - factory casting issue in the engine block caused a bubble that over years finally became a pinhole leak into the block. Cost me a fortune (in the 80's) to find and fix the problem. I sold it at a time when it needed paint but I had no place to garage it. Didn't want to paint it and then leave it outside. I've toyed with the idea of getting another. The 500's are not nearly as attractive, and even the 560's weren't either, with the ugly wheels and trunk wart (3rd brake light). The later dashes weren't as attractive either. The R107 was the most masculine of all the SL's after the 300. And I'd like to rip the aftermarket chrome fender trim off every one of them and shove them someplace the culprits could feel it. Oh yeah, this is a prewar thread. Oops.
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    March 26, 2016 These inner fender covers were split and not saveable. It appears to be a grained vinyl sheet that was vacuum formed, then bonded to the inner panel. I'm not sure what I'm going to use to replicate them, but they had to come off in order to clean the inner panels. A heat gun, a small putty knife and one hour of scraping.... Here's the body shell at the media blast shop. They are using walnut husks to remove the coatings, then more aggressive glass media as needed for corrosion removal. Meanwhile, the rocker shafts arrived and the engine is almost ready for paint. Oil pump has been run and oil flow and pressure verified. Back in my garage, I've been working on the front suspension. New control arm shafts, control arm seals and bushings, new upper and lower ball joints and spring isolators should make this car drive like new. Spring installation was a challenge. I compressed the springs as far as possible, then used a 1.5T chain fall to pull the lower control arms into position. Took me a while to get the compressor fingers out of the springs after the spindles were bolted up. I used one of those twist-in coil expanders to spread the coils far enough to sneak the compressor fingers out of the spring. Next up: front brake assembly, then install the rear axle and torque tube assembly. Should have a rolling chassis in a few days.
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    I don't see where it's all that bad. 33 Nash Big Six 1120
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    First shakedown cruise to nearby farming town not long after the mural was completed on the no longer used grain silo near downtown Berthoud, Colorado.
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    I have a small collection of Lexington Sales brochures. I dont think they are that useful for mechanical knowledge, but they have some good pictures. I dont know if that would be something of interest to you.
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    One of my favorite 1930s cars...thanks, Alsancle for starting this thread. Here are some views of an unrestored Convertible that appeared at the 2015 Eyes On Design show here in Michigan...
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    It is not this one repainted is it? I thought there were only a few. I LOVE this one.
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    Before you pull the trigger on cheapy Chinese stuff at Harbor Freight, check out Eastwood's selection. It will be more money, but I think you'll be happier with the quality in the end.