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    Anyone remember Gus and the Model Garage? There was a story there a long time ago about a customer who wondered why his dashboard glowed red when he started it. http://www.gus-stories.org/ Turned out the mounts isolated the engine, including the starter, from the ground. All the starting current was returning through the temperature gauge copper tube that was attached with a clamp to the back side of the dash board. I never did get through the High School assignment to read Homer or Dickens, but Gus; well, that was useful stuff. I still get chastised by my wife, the librarian. "You never read any novels." she says while I read a shop manual I picked up at a yard sale... for a car I don't even own. This evening I'll be reading about real world applications of quadratic equations. Bernie
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    Been forever since I posted.......i have re-painted all of the spots I burnt through the clear and applied three more coats of clear. I have ordered the new weatherstrip for under the hood and should have it Tuesday. New hydraulic cylinders are being ordered Monday. I have obligated myself to finish as much as possible because the 47' is now registered to attend Allentown 2016. It might not be finished, but will be there under its own power.
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    * It is sometimes ironic what inspires us. I was reviewing some old files & discovered a few articles I had written. Since then, along with re-writing some of those articles, I wrote an entry about a visit with my Nephew to Little Cubs Field (Freeport IL), which posted Friday, 09/11/2015 @ 10p US central. (My Niece will be featured in a post Monday, 09/14/2015 @ 10p US central.) A few other writing ideas have come to mind; just need to find a block of time to write; can’t be that hard, right!? Meantime, 2 of the revised writings revolve around (what else!?) cars. Respecting Others’ Vehicles is about 2 different instances I experienced regarding how strangers treat our cars:http://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/2015/09/07/daily-dose-mon-madness-34/ Finding Long Lost Friends is about the car that started my automotive love affair & my to search for it:http://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/2015/09/10/daily-dose-theory-thu-34/ Cort www.oldcarsstronghearts.compigValve, paceMaker, cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (awaiting new owner)"There's a place for memories" __ Gary Morris __ 'Don't Look Back'
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaNgYhvmtzA As publicity stunts go, this 1911 ascent up all 1,344 meters of Britain's highest peak in a Ford Model T takes some beating - fancy taking a Prius for a spin on the moon? The idea was to show that this 'affordable' assembly line American car could more than match the hand-crafted British models (note the American flag at the end of the film). Interestingly, the film starts at the snowy summit and seems to capture the tricky descent rather than the climb. Behind the wheel was Henry Alexander Jr, the son of Scotland's first Ford dealer, and between the 9th and the 13th of May, with much planning, the steady ascent was made. Looking at the churning tyres and the odd spot of dynamite along the way the prevailing thought is perhaps "You did it!... But please don't do it again." Don't forget to check out the website also http://www.fordmodelt.net Join the group on Facebook if you haven't already http://www.facebook.com/groups/modeltford/
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    Try your local airport. It is still used in some piston engines. Take a jug in case they only have it in bulk from a 45 gallon drum. Or, maybe your local auto supply can order it. Or try Ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VINTAGE-PENNZOIL-AIRCRAFT-Engine-OIL-SAE-70-The-Tough-Film-Cardboard-1-Quart-/262043245421 Or other online supplier. Try a web search.
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    Hope you take some pics at the cruise in and post!
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    Rosales, For some reason, that link was useless and just directed me back to the AACA Forums page. I apologize. Here's what I tried: Go to the bottom of the 'thread' page and hit the "More Reply Options" button. In the "Attach Files" area, hit the "Browse" button. This button takes me to my file folders and I just browse through them until I find a file (photo) I want to attach. In my files, I then select either "documents" or "pictures", then browse those files to find the desired file/photo. Highlight the selected photo. Hit the "Open" button. Hit the "Attach This File" button, and that should do it.The picture enclosed is of a rather large bear exiting my drive way. I hope this works, Grog
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    I know one of the "professionals" work. He is terrible. Bob Beck will hopefully chime in, since he has more first hand knowledge on fixing the unfixable.
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    If this doesn't make you smile, Jack, you dead Dave
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    A lot of people like patina, but to me, there is nothing like brand new paint. Cool machine by the way.
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    Spent the day at the Greenfield Village Old Car Festival. Gave rides all day to family and friends through the village on the '15 truck. Had a great time and getting ready to do it all over again tomorrow. Here is a picture of Joyce and I with our grandson Clay.
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    Inherited this from dear old Dad, he was in radio repair in the 50s and small engine repair later on. Don't know where you would find one today.
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    Cool video! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great time! Cort www.oldcarsstronghearts.com pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (awaiting new owner)"Your friends have shown a kink in the single life" __ The Raconteurs __ 'Steady As She Goes'
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    34-mile shakedown cruise with this '69 Electra that I've been working on since February of this year. First time out on the highway since engine rebuild/replacement, new paint, new chrome, new vinyl top, new headliner, new brakes, etc. The tires have flat spots from sitting so long in one place; belongs to a BCA member in Oklahoma City, and I will be returning it to him next week, but until then, it is mine to enjoy! Car was bought new in Oklahoma City, and has been in the same family since new. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
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    What I have noticed. A lot of old car guys are cheep as all H@&L on getting parts for their Million dollar Baby on e-Bay. Yup, Their gem is worth at least that if you ask them, but when it comes time to buy a part they won't spend a nickel. Their car is worth a mint but your part they need is not. Cheep S.O.B's. I must be a rare individual as I'm always willing to pay for what I need or want without a problem. And I'm Still at 100%. I've bought more than I sold. I guess I should re-think this as I have a friend that wants me to sell his stuff. And I have sold some of his. I try to be as honest as I can on condition, but that makes him upset. So what to do without loosing my Butt??? It is my account. I have no negatives in over 10 years of business. He wants to write up the descriptions and sugar coat the problems that these Items have. Not for me. Think I'll let him sell his own stuff as the little I make is not worth jeopardizing my account for. Dandy Dave!
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    I have a 401 rebuilt short block from a 1963 Le Sabre JR code S/N 4J35514 for sale. Included are a set of 1964 heads, a 1964 crankshaft, 4 bbl manifold, new camshaft from Summit, new rocker arms and rods, carburetor, starter, alternator, exhaust manifolds, air cleaner, oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, PS pump, vibration damper, distributer, valve covers, valley cover, Pan, Gasket Set, Spark plugs, and new motor mounts. $1500.00 OBO. Located in central California. PM me for pictures (too many to show here).
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    Oh how I wish I had disposable cash to buy just one. Hard for someone who lives week to week but still love the classics. Maybe one more, someday, before I die? Eric
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    IMO, any oil today is better than any oil that was available when the car was built. That said, I use Shell Rotella for my vehicles.