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  2. Calendar Girl

    Tom, Yes, Yes. Congratulations! And Sept is my birth month. BTW, I won the bid on the '41 horn button on Ebay you alerted me too. Thank you. Keith
  3. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Really? the firewall cut out for the column is large enough to accommodate that much movement?
  4. 1958 Cadillac Convertible "Restoration Car"

    i know what a fully restored one looks like i have 3... if someone is interested they can contact me to many scams!
  5. Thanks Scott! I couldn't find pictures of 61-63's that showed that area well enough to confirm. John
  6. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Only underside work is to R&R the pitman arm...otherwise it comes out over the fender.
  7. any make or condition wanted contact
  8. 1923 Buick

    Mike, Not a lot out there on price guides for these older cars, as there are not a lot of sales. Here is NADA, and they only go back to 1926. This listing does not compensate for condition. Hugh
  9. 1958 Cadillac Convertible "Restoration Car"

    Here is what one fully restored can look like. Love your red interior! Location might help you too.
  10. Get some needle nose pliers. Grab each cable in turn and pull them out of the socket on the back side of the lever. The first one is the hardest because all three cables are working against spring pressure. Make sure that the color coding is intact so you know where to reinstall them.
  11. Volkswagen ad from 1956

    Volkswagen ad from 1956 View the full article
  12. Can someone who has done this tell me what you have to disassemble on the remote mirror lever in order to feed the the remote mirror cables out of the door when removing the door skin?
  13. 1923 Buick

    Mike, Your car is very unique, and it's all about finding the right buyer. The big attraction to your car are the woodspoke wheels and the 7 passenger seats. The distraction is the yellow interior. Have you considered going to an upholstery shop, or looking in an Eastwood catalog and thought of dying the interior brown? A cheap sprayer- I think even a $5 hand pump sprayer is all you need. I had a Porsche 944 and the entire carpeted section behind the rear glass was baked white from the sun. It used to be black. I bought black dye, sprayed it on and let it dry. Honestly, it looked like new. I was shocked. It was a permanent fix too. It didn't just rub off. You can try this on a test spot. Pull up the back seat and try it on a piece of the fabric. This is just an example of minimal work to maximize your return. Armoral the tires, buff up what paint you have, shine up everything else with chrome polish. You should polish it up like you are ready to take it to a parade. Better yet, find a kid who needs a little Christmas money and teach them how to put a little elbow grease into it. Take them for a ride at the end. They will never forget it. Options for selling - Ebay - Your most likely place to sell, but you have to ask more to cover the auction costs. Craigslist - A step down, but more people are using search engines that look at the entire "US market", so Craigslist is not restricted to local markets anymore. Personally I would start with a post on Craigslist. I think your $8K asking price is not too out of line. You can analyze the price to death. Most buyers don't. It is an emotional decision on the buyers side, and it will depend on what they saw for sale recently. You can always lower the price later, but again, its all about being patient. The right buyer will come along and negotiate a price as long as the car is advertised. By the way, I overpaid for my Buick too. I knew this, but I couldn't find another car that I liked better, and I was getting tired of looking. (Patience was running thin on my end). Hugh
  14. Ok! I've sent you details, please check your private messages.
  15. "One Shot" Chassis Lubricator info needed

    These systems were available until permanently lubed ball joints and tie rod ends came along, in about 1962. Newest one I saw was on a 58 Lincoln. It had black nylon or hard plastic, flexible tubes running everywhere to the front end joints and a vacuum operated pump that took a 6 ounce can of lubricant. You were supposed to buy a fresh can from your Lincoln dealer and have him pop it in when the old one ran dry. This is to say that you should be able to modernize the system with synthetic piping and keep using it. Heavy oil is a better lubricant than grease and if your system is working well you can give it a shot every couple hundred miles and save hand greasing 40 grease fittings every 1000 miles.
  16. Use a maximum bid of $50,000 if you want something on Ebay. If the final bid looks too high or manipulated, just refuse to buy it. On Ebay the buyer can do no wrong. Remember when a seller could leave feedback about a buyer? That changed, do whatever you want... if you are a buyer. Bernie
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  18. 1972 Buick riviera with rare Edelbrock b4b intake

    Beautiful car! Welcome to the forum. Hope to see more pics.
  19. Randall, if you really know you want it, you have to go high with about one minute left on the auction so there is no time for the other guy to change his bid. When I bought my car, it had factory door edge guards that were badly dented on both doors. They were original to the car and were on my original window sticker. I could not remove them without repainting the doors, because the paint was badly chipped underneath them from when they were installed. Lots of luck matching a 42 year old lacquer paint job....... I knew I just flat had to find some nos ones. I put the word out and some people claimed that the last NOS set was sold unceremoniously about fifteen years ago and lots of luck ever finding any. I was looking for some constantly, when someone on the forum who knew I was looking came across some on ebay that my search was not turning up for some reason due to the words I was entering. The current bid when I first looked at them was 300.00 and there were three other folks bidding on them. I calculated that it would take 600-800 dollars to buy them, and I absolutely knew I had to have them, so I waited till a minute and a half was left with the bidding at 300.00 and I put in a bid of 1200.00. I won the auction at 675.00, and the bidding history showed that another guy bid 670.00 at the last second but it wasn't enough and I won. Those parts completely transformed the looks of my car, and I've never heard of another set for sale and doubt that I ever will. I am eternally grateful to the guy that told me about them because my search never would have turned them up.
  20. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    I have everything I need to do that, if I can find where I put it all. BUT A, I need a place to be able to lift the car high enough to lower that whole unit out from under it. and B, that's such a big project that takes the car off the road for too long, I'm not real motivated to do it!
  21. Few Picts Fastened In Upper Hose w/ Clamps Tightened Down Lower Hoses & Elbow w/ Clamps Tightened Down
  22. When installing my Hose and Clamps i noticed that the NEW ones I got from TFS are thinner than the older set i got. Hose Clamps Side by Side Also noticed that they have totally different hardware. The NEW set on the left. Phillips drive hex head screws on left, round head slotted drive on right.Both are 10-24 The set on the left is approx .022" Thick and very flimsy where as when i tighten them up on the hose they distort badly, not even wrenching them down, can easily flex and bend with my fingers. the set on the right is approx .040" thick and a lot more sturdy, i can wrench these down and they do not distort. also the set on left is more of a zinc plated material, whereas the one on the right is a galvanized looking material.
  23. Installed my Hose, ended up getting a 36" piece of Dayton Wrapped Hose, looks great and is pliable. also got a New Elbow to be safe. Cut it into lengths i measure out for each section. Installed Some hose clamps that I got from TFS. looks like the old ones are different from the new ones i just received. Upper Hose Installed Lower Hoses & New Elbow Installed Clamps are NOT tightened yet
  24. any make or condition. contact
  25. Packard steering wheel

    Hope this will work for you. It's out of the 41-47 Clipper parts book.
  26. I am still not totally convinced... Please tell me who you checked with before posting. This may be true, but please identify who you checked with to convince me that you are being truthful.
  27. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Might as well add power steering while the steering shaft is pulled... might as well, might as well...might as well, might as well (sang Jerry Garcia)
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