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  2. Is there a difference between taking pictures while you're driving than texting while you're driving?
  3. Mr. Willys got a bath today!

    Looks like that drivers side rear tire sat flat for a long time. Nice looking car, be careful with that rear tire.
  4. 54-56 muffler length

    When he cuts the hump, does it need to be welded back together or is it a slip fit collar that can be fastened with a clamp?
  5. The profiles are not too different. You have to know what you're looking for. I just bought a similar set of wheels for $60. One wheel had one spot of bad chrome and I needed to repaint the webs. I'd venture to say the tires are really old based on the white side wall width. If they're over 7 to 8 years old, they're junk no matter how good they look on the outside or how much tread they have on them. Read this entire article then Google for similar ones. So what you want to do is just buy the wheels, no tires no matter what the guy says. In the above link there's another link that will tell you how to read a tires age If these tires are even older, run don't walk, away from tnem. The center caps are a dead give away as to what they were designed to fit so you don't we t them anyway. Even if there's no pitting on the chrome, you should offer the guy quite a bit less than his asking price, like a lot less. If the tires are 5 or 6 years old you'll need to replace them soon anyway so keep that in mind. Tires are cheap when it comes to your life. If the tires are only 3 - 4 years old, it's not a bad deal. Center caps for a 65 are available from Mitch Romanowski at Mitch can match the correct retainers for the center hole on the wheel to the 65 cap. Good luck. There are lots of these wheels around, keep looking. Ec
  6. 1950 Buick 2 door hardtop

    Found another pic.
  7. Getrag 248 trans for sale

    It's for a Pontiac. Here is one for a TC or any other 2.2 / 2.5 FWD MOPAR.
  8. 1924-45 6 Cylinder Exhaust

    Don I would love to help but the manifolds were missing from my spare 24 engine. I see that 1924 #169989 and 1925 #187678 are different. My 1925 is 3 1/8" long. And the 1925 Standard is 3" So they should be close to work something up. Larry
  9. 1949 Buick Super Sedanette (56S)

    What a great experience being at the Kissimmee Friday & Saturday Night Cruise. Now I know for sure I live in the wrong country…
  10. 1950 Buick 2 door hardtop

    Fairly solid car. Had new floor pans put in. Trunk is solid. Frame is solid. Looks to be complete. Very little rust. We had it running and drove it around the parking lot before putting it in the shed. Good stainless. Good Pa title. Car is buried in the shed and hard to get pics of. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $6500. I am fairly close to Hershey and Carlisle and will hold to then with a deposit.
  11. Stevens 1921 roadster

    One of the factors that has a big influence on price is usability. I like cars from this era, however they have a serious usability problem. They are often cars that have a comfortable speed of around 45 MPH and the very limiting 2 wheel brakes. If a person lives in a quiet, rural part of North America the problem may be less of a concern. Most of us unfortunately don't live in a rural oasis as much as we might wish we do. The reality of diesel pick up trucks being driven like the fate of the western world hangs on whether the driver arrives somewhere on time. And millennials paying more attention to their hand held device than their hand held steering wheel make actually venturing out on the road in a 1921 nearly anything a bit dicey. I think this reality is probably the biggest thing holding prices on cars from this era down. Greg in Canada
  12. Can I reuse 1955 Packard 320 headbolts?

    Thanks everyone for your advice...I think I will inspect and re-use my bolts....and cross my fingers.
  13. 55 Century 66R Project

    I just had a birthday and realized that I'm old! I guess I better pick up the pace on the 55!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Speedster/race car trailer "Period stuff"

    Hello Mike, I forgot about your Franklin Pickup. Every time I see it I am just awe struck! I am just visioning a trailer with matching wheels and those wonderful tail lights. Best regards, Terry
  16. From Guys at anual Meeting

    What's a DFer? Cheers, Grog
  17. 1919 Canadian Ford???

    Thanks keiser31, now I have to try and remember the stories that I heard of who drove what. I should have notice the rear end myself, now I can blame it on old age as well as blonde.
  18. I am toying with the idea of driving it to the Denver meet. Its' not the best timing for us, as my son will be having exams that week for his last year of high school, and we don't want him to screw up, but it won't take the two of us to get him to class on time. Also, he usually likes to come to the BCA shows as well, but of course I'd have to take one of the bigger cars. I am not so fussy about driving such long distances solo any more, but I've started thinking that perhaps I could drive the Reatta down for the show. The other real issue, is that our final move to the new place is the end of the first week of July, so I don't know if I should take the week or so to go to Denver. Keith
  19. Took roll ID?

    They look like machine tools to me, such as an early milling machine or engine lathe
  20. I think the biggest headache in early car restoration is dismantling something that someone put together "permanently."
  21. Took roll ID?

    Yes. The Merit tools I saw were those, but I think the one in question may be from the automobile. I believe they were built from 1920 to 1922.
  22. Took roll ID?

    Merit was an unregistered brand used by Sears for their cheaper line of wrenches. Today's equivalent would be Companion brand.
  23. Friends who have attended in person say there is a good number of affordable cars too. It's just that the $5000 Studebaker sedan isn't considered hype-worthy, so the $100,000 cars tend to be televised. People who are on the fringes of the hobby, looking in from outside, often get the wrong impression from TV auctions and high-priced dealer ads. I always emphasize to people that the hobby is affordable, and that nice cars can be had for $5000 to $15,000. MANY, many times, I get the reaction, "Really? I had no idea!" Thank goodness this can be an affordable hobby. We need, however, to get the word out!
  24. 1920's or 30's radiator caps?

    I do see some 1926 Lincolns with that cap....whether it is correct for 1926 or not is not my area of expertise. Here is a 1926....
  25. 1960 MGA Restoration

    Glad to see that it all worked out. I think the car was trying to tell you that the backing plates were on the wrong sides. It looks like you would have had to pull the hubs anyway to change the backing plates around. Funny how things work. Keep positive and keep rolling.
  26. 54-56 muffler length

    Hunted for it in my pile of receipts but no joy. i recall the difference in overall length between the 55/56 was about an inch. The 56 system was a bolt in. Also, Marty did cut the tailpipe to save shipping and marked it allowing clocking it back into correct position. No maple trees or BFH needed to make his system fit. Jumped out of the box and under the car. Poof.
  27. 1960 MGA Restoration

    That chassis is looking BEAUTIFUL! Whatever you do, make certain you have the correct hubs on the correct sides. If not, they will unscrew the knockoffs and you will be left sitting in an intersection with no wheel....ask me how I know....
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