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  2. Chrome Headliner Molding 63-65

    These are sold. Thanks
  3. Hi, I use Mobil 600 weight steam cylinder oil. Purchased in a 5-gallon pail from a local distributor.
  4. Plymouth Bulletin Magazines by the boxful

    Very true. Some people send magazines by Media Mail but it's against the rules and a hassle if you get caught. One or two magazines per envelope can go First Class (up to 13oz). Sometimes you can get three or four magazines into a Priority Mail flat-rate envelope. Bulk quantities have to go Priority or Retail Ground (usually only a few cents cheaper than Priority and much slower).
  5. I'm also a so called "Retired" mecanic. I've NEVER had a problem loosening bolts when using "Red" Loctite. I don't know what the BIG problem is with using it PROPERLY.
  6. Treewax

    google "CROFTGATEUSA"
  7. 1948-50 Ford F1, F2, F3 truck Gauges

    Ebay gets the most exposure if you want to deal with it. I'm not sure how many may be on there for comparison or competition sake though.
  8. This morning I decided to remove the upholstery from the rear seat cushion. It is clear that there had been some rodent activity in the seat cushion at some time in the past. Before this morning, I was fairly certain that the seat covering was not original to the car and I did not think it is an authentic pattern for the car. After my disassembly, I am not quite as sure. It is possible that someone replaced only the outer covering on the seats without removing the original burlap, padding and other components, but I am convinced that a lot of what I disassembled this morning is original to the car. I even found part of a 1937 Fisher Body document embedded in the upholstery material. The back of the document looks like someone was using it as a notepad as there appears to be a list of items that are all crossed off, although I can't make out any of the words on the paper all these years later. I will let the photos tell the story. I would be happy for any experienced upholstery folks who have any comments to make explaining what I found in the upholstery. There are some small pieces of some type of green vinyl like material attached to the bottom of metal seat frame assembly. There is one pieces of denim material tied around the bottom of the seat assembly. There is a small metal identification tag attached to the bottom of the metal seat frame assembly.
  9. Just got back

    Ok, let me know. Only trouble is there is no Famous Dave's BBQ here in STL. Guess we'll need to find another lunch hangout. Plenty to chose from.
  10. " 1961 VW Beetle dim tail lights"

    Thanks will do
  11. Crossed the block without a bid. Guy was looking for 100k according to Carlisle. What a dreamer.
  12. " 1961 VW Beetle dim tail lights"

    Easy with a test light or VOM on each fuse. One side will always be hot from the main feed, but the other side will tell you if the fuse is good. Always a good idea in these circumstances to remove each fuse and clean the fuse panel contacts on both sides of each fuse. You'll solve it, Eddie, be patient and proceed step by step!
  13. Bumper - Weed brand

    I didn’t get it. I had a price in my mind that would leave enough meat on the bone for me to resell it but it ended up going for more than that so I passed. I appreciate all the information, though!
  14. Trailers

    The Travelodges' independent suspension (changed to a solid axle on the eBay offering) is wonderful, especially when you cross railroad tracks at a diagonal to the roadway, or encounter roadway imperfections. Travelodges had a tubular leading arm and a 1/4-elliptical trailing arm. Houdaille shocks were optional on the smallest Model C (13.5-ft "can") but standard on Models A (19 ft can) and B (16.5 ft can). The Nethercutt Collection's Model A was modified with a Pierce-arrow auto dropped solid front axle, apparently so they could use Pierce-Arrow auto wheels and hubcaps, and thus stands about 6 inches taller than a factory Model A. It also has interior period mods including a Servel refrigerator and high-gloss lacquered dark-finished woods. The wood finish is spectacular for photography and for 2 or 3 minutes, after which the glare gets too you.
  15. " 1961 VW Beetle dim tail lights"

    I going thru them slowly and just splice the damaged wires and connectors but only the turn signals are working for now and 1 brake light works and confirm if any of fuses are out my neighbor is a auto electric guy I downloaded The lighting plan and fuse layout I will post the outcome soon. Thanks
  16. " 1961 VW Beetle dim tail lights"

    Not necessary other than cleaning connections and replacing any damaged wire. Your 6V factory wiring has less resistance than smaller 12V wiring if it is in good condition. I mentioned this a week ago in an earlier post.
  17. Porcelain Exhaust manifolds

    Here is the recent previous thread, just a couple of months ago.
  18. Today
  19. " 1961 VW Beetle dim tail lights"

    Thanks I going to upgrade the electrical wiring to see if it fixes the problem
  20. 1948-50 Ford F1, F2, F3 truck Gauges

    It's been a while - no one interested? Can anyone recommend someplace else to post these?
  21. 37-38 Buicks Available Nationwide...

    As an important note, suggested by another member, I will happily provide contact info via private pm message to anyone interested. Thank you.
  22. 37-38 Buicks Available Nationwide...

    Hello Dave, Sorry to say no... Wish I could help, but only focused on 4 door sedans... I will still go over my notes though.
  23. I do not know the owners name, but this car was owned by the winner of the Best in Show Riviera at the most recent ROA meet held in Reno. That award winning Riviera was destroyed in the same California wild fires. The restoration on the picturned car had just been completed. 😢 The gentleman lost his home and everything in the fire.
  24. Bumper - Weed brand

    I saw an ad for Weed bumpers in a 1922 Motor World Wholesale describing Ford applications today. Last week I read something about a Paige equipped with Weed bumpers. The seller claimed it was a custom-built Paige, indicated by the Weed bumper. I´m seeing a lot of 20s/30s bumpers FS on ebay for $200-600, tending to be high end ones.
  25. 17-D45 clutch questions

    I have relined the clutch and transmission input shaft brake. I am now trying to work out the set up and adjustment for best clutch operation. My first question: The input shaft assembly moves bout 1/8" in the transmission bore. see 3796 and 3797. Is this movement normal and correct? The clutch pedal travel from floor board to pedal touching floor board is 5 3/4" This equates to about 3/4" of throwout bearing assembly travel. This travel can be limited, but it must travel enough to first take up slack in the throwout bearing, then release the cone disk from the fly wheel, then take up clearance from the adjuster face to the spring for the input shaft brake, and then finally seat the input shaft brake. The spring on the input shaft brake can take up some additional travel. When I disassembled the clutch, the throwout bearing had a lot of play before engaging to release the clutch. Is this normal?? see 3799 and 3800 How much travel is correct for clutch disengagement and how much travel should there be before engagement with the transmission input shaft brake? While there is an adjustment for the input shaft brake, with it set for maximum clearance, I only have about 1/8" clearance before brake application. This tranlates to about 1" of clutch pedal travel between clutch realease and brake application. This seems too small a range. I need some expert thoughts on this. Bob Engle
  26. Kissel Parts

    Ohh, I did that deal one time with my wife, I wanted to buy a car, she said fine, I get half that value to spend on what I want.....painful when car cost 150% of purchase price! Then I got in more trouble, was at a very wealthy fellow's house, eating a nice dinner with he and his wife and a couple of friends. I told the above story. Two years later, the fellow saw me at Hershey and was mad as hell at me, said "Do you have any idea how much you cost me with that comment about fifty percent to the wife?!?!?!"
  27. So I followed my GPS...

    We were on a trip a couple years ago headed north into Utah from Arizona. We were headed for Canyonlands National Park and the GPS had us turn off on a gravel road from the two lane paved road we were traveling. Not knowing any better, we followed the unpaved road for miles, assuming this was some sort of cut-off, but the road gradually narrowed and became less van friendly. About 15 miles off the paved road, we came to a wye with a large message board covered with glass. In the center was a prominent message that stated "if your GPS brought you here, it is dead wrong"! The fork to the right led to a ranger station, with the note it was Jeep access only, the left leg continued on to a couple of ranches. We had to turn around and travel back to the highway and resort to a paper map to find our way. The only thing we saw on this detour was a couple of jackrabbits, a road runner and a ranch/farm in the distance with a few scattered cattle. In retrospect it's amusing and apparently well known enough that someone was nice to post a warning, but it would be nice if it was 15ft from the highway.
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