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Thread: Trailer parking question

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    Trailer parking question

    Does anybody know when the trailers have to be gone from the parking area? Can we pick up trailers on Sunday? Is there 24 hr secuity? Never been to the show here before so there are some questions. Thanks, Doug

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    Re: Trailer parking question


    I am not sure about the security and you may have to check there, or try the phone, as most all "official" people are pprobably QUITE busy at this time.

    But you will find most trailers will be loaded on Saturday afternoon and gone, or at least gone to the hotel (pending space to park them) if they are attending the banquet.

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    Re: Trailer parking question

    Thanks John. I will check with somebody when I get there. Doug

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    Re: Trailer parking question

    many smaller vendor show cars and some pack up on Fridays night. I even talk with one that packed today saying he going to bring different items on Friday Saturday,
    1. 42 Packard Seven passenger Limo

    42 Packard seven passenger sedan parts only, maybe an airport limo
    42 Packard formal, a basket case, restorable and complete.
    40 Packard 160 -127 inch, , some surface little rust restorable

    Wanted on rear deck Air Conditioner Vent to complete the 42 limo.

    Wanted one factory Air Conditioners

    Want 6 or 8 door Airport limo any year, any make pre WWII.

    we are reproducing the Air condioner trunk boxes

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    Re: Trailer parking question

    I definitely liked parking at the old Pumpkin World better than the cow pasture at the edge of the creek, but it appeared you were "S.O.L." if you happened to arrive before or after the "7am to 4pm" window on Wednesday, when the place was fully locked-down. Not too much fun to deal with when, for instance, you've driven a long distance to get there, and need to unhook your trailer in the fading sunlight, to then be able to drive your tow vehicle over to your flea market space...
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