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Thread: trailer parking and car show

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    trailer parking and car show

    I have come to Hershey each year for the last 20 years but have never taken a car to show myself until this year. We are very excited to be showing a car this year. I have two questions? We will arrive on Tuesday and understand the trailer parking area is at the old pumpkin patch lot. Will there be security at the lot starting on Tuesday evening or will i need to park my trailer at the hotel for a few days? The other question I have is when is the best time to enter the show field to avoid the long lines? We have watched the car come into the show field but at times looks like they get bottled up a bit and have to wait for awhile to get in. Is it best to come early about 7:00 or wait until a little later? Thanks for the Hershey Region for all they do each year!

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    Re: trailer parking and car show

    I can answer the second part of your question--I am usually one of the first to arrive, usually by 6:30-6:45, before the sun comes up, exactly because I do not want to have to wait in line, risk the car overheating, etc. They do have staff on hand, and there are huge lights set up so that people may come in early and park if they so wish. I would recommend getting your packet at the Hershey Region Headquarters Tent at the south end of Chocolate Field North, any day Wednesday through Friday (I think the hours are 11 to 3, but may be wrong), instead of waiting for Saturday as you are ready to pull in. That way, I can pull in, get myself set up to do some final detailing on the car, and enjoy every minute of the best car show in the world.

    As for the trailer parking, I cannot speak from personal experience, so I will defer to the experts on that; however I can say that yes, the pumpkin patch lot is where you park the trailers.

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    Re: trailer parking and car show

    I would leave my car trailer at the hotel and drive it over on Saturday if you are close by. Also rember to bring a fire ex. and leave the windshield car out on top of the envelope you will need it to get to the show field with .I would get to the show field early like 7am. as judging starts at 10am.

    Hope this Helps

    Al Storrs

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    Re: trailer parking and car show

    Anyone know if there is enough trailer parking? I think I requested it on the registration form but the response I got didn't show it marked. I'am not sure if I forgot to check the box or if they ran out of space.

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