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Thread: Safe travel to all my AACA and BCA friends

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    Safe travel to all my AACA and BCA friends

    Just wanted to wish safe travel and hope that everyone arrives without problems to the meet. Hopefully I'll be able to meet so many of you sometime during the week. Matt
    Matt Whitaker
    1947 Buick 56C (used for parts on the Roadmasters) but still have her carcass
    1947 Buick 56C (waiting to go pick her up. Complete parts car)
    1947 Buick 76C
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    Re: Safe travel to all my AACA and BCA friends

    I leave for the Portlans Oregon Airport in 2-1/2 hours, then arrive Hershey Tuesday 10:30 AM,
    1. 42 Packard Seven passenger Limo

    42 Packard seven passenger sedan parts only, maybe an airport limo
    42 Packard formal, a basket case, restorable and complete.
    40 Packard 160 -127 inch, , some surface little rust restorable

    Wanted on rear deck Air Conditioner Vent to complete the 42 limo.

    Wanted one factory Air Conditioners

    Want 6 or 8 door Airport limo any year, any make pre WWII.

    we are reproducing the Air condioner trunk boxes

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    Re: Safe travel to all my AACA and BCA friends

    The friends I travel with are leaving at 4:00AM. I'm hoping to be on the road at 4:30. I do go faster than they do, so I should catch up to them where we stop for breakfast. We should get to hotel in Harrisburg about 4:30PM. I'm going to bed at 10:00, hope to get a few hours of sleep. I don't usually sleep very well the night before. Safe travel everyone!
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