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Thread: Live from Hershey!!!!

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    Live from Hershey!!!!

    Ok no need to come, I bought all the good stuff. Just kidding. I did fill 3 of those Hagerty bags with NOS studebaker parts already and we were only here for less than 2 hours. It's a good start if I don't run out of money
    If you are thinking of coming, don't think any longer just jump in the car and head down.
    If you have any NOS studebaker parts fire me an email.
    Good luck to all members still coming. Hope you all find those ellusive parts you have been searching for, for years.

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    Re: Live from Hershey!!!!

    No Stude parts here but I do have a small cabinet to hold all those parts. Stop over and check it out GCB 7-8. Good luck in your search.
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    Re: Live from Hershey!!!!

    I have about 40 car magazines from early early 80s to 1990s that I am wanting to give away. They are mostly Popular Hot Rodding, Car Craft, and Super Chevy. Is there a vendor at Hershey they might take? If so a lot number (location) would be great. They are Free, I just would hate to throw aways. I'm heading to Hershey now and will have them in my trunk.

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    Re: Live from Hershey!!!!

    Bill was pleased to find a set of the visor arm & bracket assemblies for the Falcon Sprint. Bill also spotted, and I bought, two Auburn Boat-tailed speedsters to add to my collection of those. One was on a "dollar table", a white 1936 Hot Wheels car minus one headlight. The other is a wonderful find for the collection. A stunning Ertle model of a 1935 with a silver body and burgandy fenders, both sides of the hood open as well as the doors. The engine has a great deal of detail. It had been part of someone's collection that the vendor had purchased.
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