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Thread: HERSHEY Motorcycle numbers down again.

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    HERSHEY Motorcycle numbers down again.

    First, the GOOD news: Class 05H had a very nice turn out. (Thanks to the import motorcycle boom of the late 60's and '70's)

    The BAD news: Turn out in all other cycle classes was nearly non-exsistant. [ONE Whizzer, ZERO Cushmans, ZERO Vespas...]

    Hershey Region does not see the need to have closer cycle hauler parking for this meet. Can we please suggest that the National Board Members have a meet-and-discuss with the Hershey Region

    to help open up the race car hauler lot to INCLUDE the motorcycle haulers for the 2013 meet? There WAS room. (Cycle haulers are very small.) We are positive that this would increase the exhibitors in ALL the cycle classes.

    Thank you for this consideration.
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    Re: HERSHEY Motorcycle numbers down again.

    We will forward the suggestion.
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    Re: HERSHEY Motorcycle numbers down again.

    That's a great thought! I've often thought about adding a side car just to carry all the extra stuff needed. The car guys have trunks! We need to figure out how to bring in fire extinguisher, signage, easy-chairs, cleaning stuff, etc.
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