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Thread: Antique mall in Hershey ?

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    Antique mall in Hershey ?

    Did anyone have a chance to go to the Antique Mall at 322&743 last week? The last time I was there I notice that they had alot of auto related items.

    Al Storrs

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    Re: Antique mall in Hershey ?

    Hi Al:

    This is another reason I love the forums. I was unaware of the Antique Mall, but I did locate it on the internet. Will definitely get there next year. Thanks Al for bring this up.
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    Re: Antique mall in Hershey ?

    Geez0 now the secrets out! Crossroads antique mall is usually pretty good, and a lot of dealers there bring their auto stuff out just for Hershey week. They are usually open extended hours too, so after a hard day selling stuff, you've got a good place to spend your profits. There is also Zeiglers in the Country, an antique mall further out 743 just beyond the Universal Tire offices. All antique malls have their ups and downs but these two are decent. Now if you really want to get serious about antique hunting head east on the PA turnpike to Adamstown. You could spend an entire weekend there easily. I've never come home empty handed and usually make Adamstown Sunday Mornings entertainment following Hershey. See you there!
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    Re: Antique mall in Hershey ?

    puchase a nice Hershey Cholate baking pan this year, the price were more reasonable than in the past.
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