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Thread: Welcome to the new forum!

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    Welcome to the new forum!

    A forum dedicated to Thunderbirds 1958 and newer!
    Peter Gariepy
    Web Mechanic

    1903 Curved Dash Olds (Replica)
    1978 VW Bus

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    Cadillac & LaSalle Club of America (CLC)
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    Favorite quotes:
    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

    Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. ~ Plato

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. ~ Bertrand Russell

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    Re: Welcome to the new forum!

    thank you so much for this Peter..............
    1965 Dodge Dart Gt ragtop - PALE RIDER,
    1964 Dodge Dart Gt Ragtop custom - THE COPPERHEAD,
    1955 Packard Patrician - BLACK DUKE,
    1955 Packard Patrician - DUKE JUNIOR,
    1956 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer - THE PINK LADY,
    1956 Packard Clipper - THE CLIPPEROD
    1962 Dodge Dart 440 4dr sdn - ROOT BEER FLOAT

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    Re: Welcome to the new forum!

    Thanks for a much needed forum!!

    Cars: 1960 T-Bird convertible
    1963 Studebaker Avanti
    1992 Cadillac Allante

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    Re: Welcome to the new forum!

    I' glad to see this forum. I'm a newbie around here.

    1963 Thunderbird coupe
    1965 Thunderbird Landau (project)
    1975 Thunderbird (Bought it this week and waiting to ship)
    1997 Thunderbird

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