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Thread: Dual points distributor

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    Dual points distributor

    Has anyone run into a distributor with dual points in a 390? Is there an advantage or was this an aftermarket replacement for some reason? I'm not sure weather or not to upgrade with a Petronix set-up or weather to replace with original single point distributor.
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    Re: Dual points distributor

    I don't know for sure, but I would bet that the dual points would have been on a performance car of some sort. You should probably try to identify what kind of distributor it is. It would most likely be an Autolite or a Ford distributor, if it is original equipment. It might be worth more if it was in a high performance engine. If that is the case I would sell it and buy a regular distributor and go with the Pertronix setup. It has the advantage of being less obvious than other systems. I have one in my car and it works great. I doubt that the dual points would run better.
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