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Thread: 88 Bird V8 "miss"

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    88 Bird V8 "miss"

    My 5.0 88 Sport has a miss/hesitation just off idle. Cruising at 50 mph and lean into pedal to maintian speed you feel it. Seems to run strong if you hit pretty good (past the miss). 72K miles 4 spd AOD. Does it in park, 4th, or 3rd. Changed Plugs, cap, rotor, wires, IAC, EGR, PCV, coil, TPS (.98V), and advanced the timing (with plug out). I'm the original owner and the motor is unmodified. Any ideas to try/check next would be appreciated. Thanks Phil

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    Re: 88 Bird V8 "miss"

    Have you read the codes? I know that that vintage Ford has a hook-up for codes to read, both with key off and on. It seems like you have replaced all the obvious things. I think that is your next step.
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    Re: 88 Bird V8 "miss"

    Has the car ever had the fuel system cleaned? My 93 F150 5.0 had much the same symptoms and fuel injector and throttle body service cleared it up.

    It still gets 15 mpg though. Guess I shouldn't complain on a 4WD with 150k miles.
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